Dictionary of Hebrew Words found in the Torah

ABDOMEN: The gut, the internal organs of the lower torso, the seat of the unconscious mind. Hebrew: מעה ma-ah-masc. Strong's: #4578 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ABHOR(Verb): To hate something that is disgusting. Hebrew: תעב t.ah.b-com. Strong's: #8581 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ABIDE(Verb): To dwell restfully and peacefully. Hebrew: נוה n.w.h-com. Strong's: #5115 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ABODE: The dwelling place of man (home), god (mountain) or animal (pasture or stable). Hebrew: נוה na-weh-masc. Strong's: #5116 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ABODE.OF.NINUS: Hebrew: נינוה-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ABOUNDING: Hebrew: שפע-masc. Strong's: #8228 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ABUNDANCE: An ample quantity of number (many) or plentiful supply of strength (great). Hebrew: רוב rov-masc. Alt. Trans.: many Strong's: #7230 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ABUNDANT: Great plenty or supply of numbers (many) or strength (great). One who is abundant in authority such as a master or teacher. Also, an archer as one abundant with arrows. Hebrew: רב rav-masc. רבה ra-bah-fem. Strong's: #7227, #7228 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ABUNDANT.ONE: Hebrew: עצמון ats-mon-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ACACIA: A thorny tree commonly found in the Near East. In its plural form can mean wood or boards from the tree. Hebrew: שטה shit-tah-fem. Strong's: #7848 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ACCEPT(Verb): To receive from the messenger what is given as a message. Hebrew: רצה r.ts.h-com. Strong's: #7521 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ACCUMULATE(Verb): To gather or pile up, especially little by little. Hebrew: רכש r.k.sh-com. Strong's: #7408 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ACQUIRED: What is obtained as one's own. Often used in the context of purchasing. Hebrew: מקנה miq-nah-fem. Strong's: #4736 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ACQUISITION: Something gained by purchase or exchange. Hebrew: משק me-sheq-masc. Strong's: #4943 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ACQUIT(Verb): To declare one innocent of a crime or oath. Hebrew: נקה n.q.h-com. Strong's: #5352 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ADD(Verb): To augment something by increasing it in amount or supply. Hebrew: יסף y.s.p-com. Alt. Trans.: more (when written in the participle form); again (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form) Strong's: #3254 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ADDER: An unknown species of viper, possibly an adder. Hebrew: שפיפון she-phi-phon-masc. Strong's: #8207 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ADHERE(Verb): To join or stick to someone or something. Hebrew: דבק d.b.q-com. Strong's: #1692 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ADMINISTRATION: The collective members from the tribe of Levi who administrate over the tent of meeting or the temple. Hebrew: כהונה ke-hu-nah-fem. Strong's: #3550 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ADMINISTRATOR: One who manages the affairs and activities of an organization. The administrators (often translated as "priest") of Israel are Levites who manage the Tent of Meeting, and later the Temple, as well as teach the people the teachings and directions of YHWH, and perform other duties, such as the inspection of people and structures for disease. Hebrew: כוהן ko-heyn-masc. Strong's: #3548 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ADORATION: To praise or to be boastful. Hebrew: תהילה te-hi-lah-fem. Strong's: #8416 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ADORN(Verb): To put on special ornaments or garments for a special office or event. (see Isaiah 61:10). Hebrew: כהן k.h.n-com. Strong's: #3547 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ADORNMENT: Hebrew: עדה od-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ADVANCE(Verb): To bring or move forward; to raise to a higher rank; to make progress. Hebrew: עתק ah.t.q-com. Strong's: #6275 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ADVICE: Hebrew: עוץ-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

AFFECTION: A moderate feeling or emotion. A tender attachment or fondness. Hebrew: אהבה a-ha-vah-fem. Strong's: #0160 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

AFFLICT(Verb): To oppress severely so as to cause persistent suffering or anguish in the sense of making dark; to be or make humbled. Hebrew: ענה ah.n.h-com. Strong's: #6031 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

AFFLICTION: The cause of persistent suffering, pain or distress. Hebrew: עני a-ni-masc. Strong's: #6040, #6041 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

AFLAME: Hebrew: חרחר-masc. Strong's: #2746 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

AFTER: A time to come beyond another event. Hebrew: אחר / אחרי a-hhar / a-hhar-iy-masc. Alt. Trans.: afterward; behind; behind (when prefixed with "from~") Strong's: #0310 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

AFTER.GROWTH: What spreads out by itself rather than sown. Hebrew: ספיח-masc. Strong's: #5599 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

AGATE: Probably the Agate, a variety of quartz that may be gray, light blue, orange, red or black in color. The Septuagint uses achates meaning Agate. Hebrew: שבו she-vo-fem. Strong's: #7618 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

AGE: The part of existence extending from the beginning to any given time; a period of time marked by a central figure or prominent feature. Hebrew: זוקן zo-qen-masc. Strong's: #2207 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

AGITATED: In a state of excitement or disturbance. (A word of uncertain meaning.) Hebrew: גתר-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

AGITATION: An object of terror that causes trembling. Hebrew: זועה / זעוה-fem. Strong's: #2113, #2189 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

AGONY: A state of being in emotional or physical turmoil or pain. Hebrew: חיל hhil-masc. חילה hhi-lah-fem. Strong's: #2427 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

AGREE(Verb): Two parties to be in concert or concurrence. Hebrew: אות a.w.t-com. Strong's: #0225 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ALL: The whole of a group. Hebrew: כול kol-masc. Alt. Trans.: any; every; among (when followed by the prefix "to~") Strong's: #3605 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ALL.AROUND: On all sides; enclose so as to surround; in rotation or succession. A circling or bordering about the edge. Hebrew: סביב sa-viv-masc. סביבה se-vi-vah-fem. Strong's: #5439 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ALLIED: To be a joined to another in contract. Hebrew: קהת qe-hat-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ALMOND: The nut or the tree. From the nut's shape like an open eye. Hebrew: שקד sha-qeyd-masc. Strong's: #8247 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ALOE: Any chiefly shrub belonging to the genus Aloe, of the lily family. The oils or the shrub. Hebrew: אהל-masc. Strong's: #0174 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ALONE: One who is separated from the group; solitary; desolate. Hebrew: בדד-masc. Strong's: #0910 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ALONGSIDE: To stand with, or next to, someone or something. Hebrew: עומת u-mat-fem. Strong's: #5980 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ALSO: In addition to. The idea of a gathering of objects or ideas. Hebrew: גם gam-masc. Alt. Trans.: and; both; should; since Strong's: #1571 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ALTAR: The place of sacrifice. Hebrew: מזבח miz-bey-ahh-masc. Strong's: #4196 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

AMBER: A fossil gum resin. Hebrew: בדולח be-du-lahh-masc. Strong's: #0916 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

AMBUSH: A laying down in wait for the purpose of attacking. Hebrew: צדיה-fem. Strong's: #6660 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

AMBUSH(Verb): To lay in wait of another to capture or do harm or injury. Hebrew: ארב a.r.b-com. Strong's: #0693 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

AMETHYST: Probably the Amethyst, a violet form of quartz. The Septuagint uses Amethystos. Hebrew: אחלמה ahh-la-mah-fem. Strong's: #0306 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

AMPLIFY(Verb): To expand, multiply or increase. Hebrew: דגה d.g.h-com. Strong's: #1711 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ANCIENT: Hebrew: עילם-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ANGER: Hebrew: כעש-masc. Strong's: #3708 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ANNOUNCE(Verb): To utter the words or instructions of Elohiym received through a vision or dream. Hebrew: נבא n.b.a-com. Strong's: #5012 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ANNOUNCER: One who utters the words or instructions of Elohiym that are received through a vision or dream. One gifted with more than ordinary spiritual and moral insight. Hebrew: נביא na-vi-masc. נביאה na-vi-ah-fem. Strong's: #5030, #5031 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ANNOYANCE: The act of disturbing or irritating. Something that is light in stature; considered worthless as compared with something of much greater value or importance. Hebrew: קללה qe-la-lah-fem. Strong's: #7045 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ANSWER(Verb): Something written or spoken in reply to a question. Hebrew: ענה ah.n.h-com. Strong's: #6030 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ANSWERED: Hebrew: ענה a-nah-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ANTELOPE: An unknown species of unclean animal. Hebrew: דישון-masc. Strong's: #1788 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ANYTHING: An indeterminate amount or thing. Hebrew: מאומה me-u-mah-fem. Strong's: #3972 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

APART.FROM: At a little distance; away from in space or time; holding different opinions. Hebrew: בילעדי bil-a-dey-masc. Strong's: #1107 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

APPAREL: Something that clothes or adorns. As forming to the image of the body. Hebrew: שימלה sim-lah-fem. Strong's: #8071 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

APPEARANCE: What is seen or is in sight. Hebrew: מראה mar-e-masc. Strong's: #4758 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

APPOINT(Verb): To arrange, fix or set in place, to determine a set place or time to meet. Hebrew: יעד y.ah.d-com. Strong's: #3259 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

APPOINTED: A person, place, thing or time that is fixed in place or time; an officially set time or place. Hebrew: מועד mo-eyd-masc. Alt. Trans.: appointment Strong's: #4150, #4151 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

APPOINTED.TIME: A fixed or officially set event, occasion or date. Hebrew: עת eyt-fem. Strong's: #6256 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

APPROACH(Verb): To come near or nearer to. Hebrew: אנה a.n.h-com. Alt. Trans.: delivers (when written in the piel [active intensive] form) Strong's: #0579 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ARCH: A curved object. The bowing of the back as when digging. Also any high arched or convex thing such as the eyebrow or the rim of a wheel. Hebrew: גב / גף gav / gaph-com. Strong's: #1354, #1610 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

AREA: An indefinite region or expanse; a particular part of a surface or body. A place. Hebrew: מקום ma-qom-masc. Strong's: #4725 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ARM: The human upper limb; associated with and representing power. Hebrew: זרוע ze-ro-a-fem. Strong's: #2220 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ARM.BAND: An insignia or emblem showing loyalty or ownership. Hebrew: כומז ku-maz-masc. Strong's: #3558 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ARM.FOR.BATTLE: To grab weapons in preparation for battle. Hebrew: חמש hh.m.sh-com. Strong's: #2571 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ARMAMENT: The arms and equipment of a soldier or military unit. From a root meaning "heavy" and often paralleled with other weapons. Figurative for power. Hebrew: כבוד ka-vod-masc. Strong's: #3519 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ARMLET: An ornament worn on the ankle or wrist that jingles when walking. Hebrew: אצעדה-fem. Strong's: #0685 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ARMY: A large organized group mustered together and armed for war or service. Hebrew: צבא tse-va-fem. Strong's: #6635 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

AROMA: A distinctive pervasive and usually pleasant or savory smell or odor. Hebrew: ריח ri-ahh-fem. Strong's: #7381 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

AROMATIC.SPICE: A spice that is pleasing to the nose. Hebrew: סם sam-masc. Strong's: #5561 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

AROUND.THE.CORNER: Hebrew: פינון-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ARRANGE(Verb): To set something in order or into a correct or suitable configuration, sequence or adjustment. Hebrew: ערך ah.r.k-com. Alt. Trans.: value, as in arranging a price (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form [see Leviticus 27]) Strong's: #6186 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ARRANGEMENT: Set in a row or in order according to rank or age. In parallel. Arranged items in juxtaposition. Hebrew: ערך ey-rekh-masc. Alt. Trans.: valuation (when used in context with make~ARRANGE [see Leviticus 27]) Strong's: #6187 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ARRIVE(Verb): To come to or bring to a destination. Hebrew: אתה a.t.h-com. Strong's: #0857 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ARROW: A missile weapon shot from a bow having a pointed head, slender shaft and feathers at the butt. Hebrew: חץ hheyts-masc. Strong's: #2671 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ASCENT: A place of straight or stepped incline. Hebrew: מעלה-masc. Strong's: #4608 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ASH: The solid residue left when material is thoroughly burned. Hebrew: אפר a-phar-masc. Strong's: #0665, #0666 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ASP: An unknown serpent, from its open mouth. Hebrew: פתן-masc. Strong's: #6620 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ASSEMBLE(Verb): To gather together a flock, herd or group of people. Hebrew: קהל q.h.l-com. Strong's: #6950, #7035 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ASSEMBLY: A large group, as a gathering of the flock of sheep to the shepherd. Hebrew: קהל qa-hal-masc. קהלה-fem. Strong's: #6951, #3862, #6952 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ASSIGN(Verb): To be devoted to something special, either for devotion or destruction. Hebrew: חרם hh.r.m-com. Strong's: #2763(x2) [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ASSIGNED: What is to be devoted to something special, either for devotion or destruction. Hebrew: חרם hhey-rem-masc. Strong's: #2764(x2) [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ASSOCIATION: A relationship between two persons, places or objects that connects them together. Hebrew: חברון hhev-ron-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ASTONISHMENT: In the sense of overfilled. Hebrew: תמהון-masc. Strong's: #8541 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

AT: A function word to indicate presence or occurrence, a goal of an implied or indicated action, etc. Commonly used as a grammatical tool to identify the direct object of a verb. Hebrew: את et-masc. Alt. Trans.: by; for; to; upon; with Strong's: #0853, #0854 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

AT.THAT.TIME: A specified moment or time. Hebrew: אז az-masc. Strong's: #0227 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

AT.THIS.POINT: To indicate a specific moment or place in time. Hebrew: הלום ha-lom-masc. Strong's: #1988 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ATONEMENT: An act of paying the price to release the debt or person. A covering over of transgression. Hebrew: כיפור ki-pur-masc. Strong's: #3725 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ATTACH(Verb): To bring one's self into an association with another. To have an attachment to another. Hebrew: חשק hh.sh.q-com. Strong's: #2836 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ATTACK(Verb): To be antagonistic or unfriendly to another. An action taken by an enemy. Hebrew: איב a.y.b-com. Strong's: #0340, #0341 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ATTACK.THE.REAR(Verb): To slap or strike the part in the back or behind. Hebrew: זנב z.n.b-com. Strong's: #2179 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

AUNT: The sister of one's father or mother. One who is loved. Hebrew: דודה do-dah-fem. Strong's: #1733 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

AVENGE(Verb): To take vengeance for or on behalf of another; to gain satisfaction for a wrong by punishing the wrongdoer; to pursue and kill one who has murdered. Hebrew: נקם n.q.m-com. Strong's: #5358 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

AWAKE(Verb): To bring sleep to an end; to not be in a state of sleeping. Hebrew: יקץ y.q.ts-com. Strong's: #3364 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

AWE: As shaking when in the presence of an awesome sight. Hebrew: פחד pa-hhad-masc. Strong's: #6343, #6344 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

AWL: A sharp pointed tool for piercing holes in leather or the skin. Hebrew: מרצע mar-tsey-a-masc. Strong's: #4836 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

AX: An instrument with a bladed head on a handle or helve, used for hewing, cleaving, chopping, etc. Hebrew: גרזן-masc. Strong's: #1631 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BABIES: The young offspring of the parent or descendents of a patron. More than one child. Hebrew: טף taph-masc. Strong's: #2945 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BACK: The part of the body that is behind. To be in the rear of or behind something. Hebrew: אחור a-hhor-masc. Strong's: #0268 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BACK.OF.THE.NECK: The nape between the shoulders and the head. Hebrew: צואר tsa-war-masc. Strong's: #6677 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BACKBONE: Hebrew: עציון e-tsi-on-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BACKWARD: With the back foremost; in a reverse or contrary way; i.e. To walk backward in the sense of being after oneself. Hebrew: אחורנית a-hho-ra-niyt-fem. Strong's: #0322 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BAG: Hebrew: כיס-masc. Strong's: #3599 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BAKE(Verb): To cook using dry heat, especially in an oven. Hebrew: אפה a.p.h-com. Strong's: #0644 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BAKED: What is cooked in a dry heat such as an oven. Hebrew: מאפה-masc. Strong's: #3989 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BALANCE: A pair of scales used on a balance to weigh an object. Hebrew: מואזן-masc. Strong's: #3976 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BALD: Hebrew: קרח-masc. Strong's: #7142 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BALD.SPOT: Hebrew: קרחה / קרחא / קרחת qar-hhah / qar-ha / qa-ra-hhat-fem. Strong's: #7144, #7146 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BALDING: The top of the head void of any hair. Hebrew: קורח qo-rahh-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BALM: An aromatic preparation for a healing ointment. A salve rubbed and pressed into the skin. Hebrew: צרי tse-ri-masc. Strong's: #6875 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BAND: A gathering of men for attacking or raiding. Hebrew: גדוד ge-dud-masc. Strong's: #1416 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BAND(Verb): To gather or assemble together as a group for attacking or raiding. Hebrew: גדד g.d.d-com. Strong's: #1413 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BANKS: The banks of a river as a channel for the water. Hebrew: אשד-masc. Strong's: #0793 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BANNER: An ensign of cloth hung from a pole bearing the emblem of the family. Hebrew: דגל-masc. Strong's: #1714 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BANQUET: An elaborate meal often accompanied by a ceremony. Hebrew: משתה mish-teh-masc. Strong's: #4960 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BAR: The bent bar of the yoke that goes around the neck, also a branch that is used as pole. A slipping or wavering of the foot. Hebrew: מוט-masc. Strong's: #4132 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BARE.ONE: Hebrew: ערן ey-ran-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BARE.PLACE: A barren location. Hebrew: שפי-masc. Strong's: #8205 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BARE.SKIN: Hebrew: ער-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BARE.SPOT: A lack of hair on the front part of the head. Hebrew: גבח gi-bey-ahh-masc. גבחת ga-ba-hhat-fem. Strong's: #1371, #1372 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BARLEY: A grain, identified by its hairs, used as food, and for determining the month of Aviv. Hebrew: שעורה se-o-rah-fem. Strong's: #8184 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BARN: Hebrew: אסם-masc. Strong's: #0618 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BARREN: Incapable of bearing children. Childless in the sense of being naked of children. Hebrew: ערירי a-ri-ri-masc. Strong's: #6185 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BARRENNESS: Action or thought that is vain or for an improper purpose. Hebrew: און a-wen-masc. Strong's: #0205 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BARTER(Verb): To exchange an item or service for another. Hebrew: ערב ah.r.b-com. Strong's: #6148(x2) [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BASE: The bottom or foundation which provides support. A person's home or family as being a base. A species of gnat. Hebrew: כן keyn-masc. Strong's: #3653 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BASON: A vessel for holding water or other liquid. By extension, the lip of the bason and from this, the lip, or threshold, of a door. Hebrew: סף saph-masc. Strong's: #5592 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BASTARD: A person born of unmarried parents; an illegitimate child. Hebrew: ממזר-masc. Strong's: #4464 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BAT: Hebrew: עטלף-masc. Strong's: #5847 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BATHE(Verb): To cleanse by being immersed in, or washing with, water. Hebrew: רחץ r.hh.ts-com. Strong's: #7364 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BATTLE: A hostile encounter or engagement between opposing military forces. Hebrew: מלחמה mil-hha-mah-fem. Strong's: #4421 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE(Verb): To exist or have breath. That which exists has breath. In Hebrew thought the breath is the character of someone or something. Just as a man has character, so do objects. Hebrew: הוה h.w.h-com. Strong's: #1933 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.A.HARLOT(Verb): A woman who practices promiscuous sexual behavior, especially for hire. Hebrew: זנה z.n.h-com. Strong's: #2181 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.ABLE(Verb): To successfully prevail, overcome or endure. Hebrew: יכל y.k.l-com. Strong's: #3201 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.ABUNDANT(Verb): To be strong in might or numbers. From the abundant number of bones in the body. Hebrew: עצם ah.ts.m-com. Strong's: #6105 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.AFRAID(Verb): Having the feeling fear; filled with apprehension. Hebrew: יגר y.g.r-com. Strong's: #3025 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.ALMOND.SHAPED(Verb): An object that is in the form of an almond. Hebrew: שקד sh.q.d-com. Strong's: #8246 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.AMAZED(Verb): To be overwhelmed with surprise or sudden wonder; astonished greatly. Hebrew: חדה hh.d.h-com. Strong's: #2302 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.AN.IN-LAW(Verb): To have a relationship with another through marriage. Hebrew: חתן hh.t.n-com. Strong's: #2859 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.ANGRY(Verb): A strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence aroused by a wrong. Hebrew: כעס k.ah.s-com. Strong's: #3707 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.ASHAMED(Verb): Feeling shame, guilt or disgrace; to be dried up with shame. Hebrew: בוש b.w.sh-com. Alt. Trans.: refrained (when written in the piel [active intensive] form) Strong's: #0954 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.BITTER(Verb): Having a harsh, disagreeably acrid taste. One of the four basic taste sensations. Hebrew: מרר m.r.r-com. Alt. Trans.: provoke (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form) Strong's: #4843 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.BOLD(Verb): To be fearless and daring; courageous. Hebrew: עוז ah.w.z-com. Alt. Trans.: seek refuge (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form) Strong's: #5756 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.BRIGHT(Verb): Hebrew: יפע y.p.ah-com. Strong's: #3313 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.CHILDLESS(Verb): To be without children through miscarriage, barrenness or loss of children. Hebrew: שכל sh.k.l-com. Alt. Trans.: miscarry (when written in the piel [active intensive] form) Strong's: #7921 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.CLEAN(Verb): Free from dirt, pollution or immorality; unadulterated, pure. Hebrew: טהר t.h.r-com. Alt. Trans.: declare clean (when written in the piel [active intensive] form) Strong's: #2891 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.CRAFTY(Verb): The doing of a thing slyly or cunningly. Hebrew: נכל n.k.l-com. Strong's: #5230 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.DELIGHTFUL(Verb): One of the four basic taste sensations Hebrew: נעם n.ah.m-com. Strong's: #5276 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.DIRTY(Verb): Physically or morally impure; polluted, filthy. Hebrew: טמא t.m.a-com. Strong's: #2930, #2933 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.DISTINCT(Verb): To be clearly distinguished. To have a marked difference. To be prominent; separated out completely. Hebrew: פלה p.l.h-com. Strong's: #6395 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.DOUBLE(Verb): To have two identical pieces placed together. Also to bear twins as doubles. Hebrew: תאם t.a.m-com. Strong's: #8382 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.DRUNK(Verb): To be filled with intoxicating drink. Hebrew: שכר sh.k.r-com. Strong's: #7937 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.DYSFUNCTIONAL(Verb): Impaired or abnormal filling of purpose; to act wrongly by injuring or doing an evil action. Hebrew: רעע r.ah.ah-com. Strong's: #4827, #7489 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.EMINENT(Verb): To be large in size or stature. Hebrew: אדר a.d.r-com. Strong's: #0142 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.FACE.TO.FACE(Verb): To face another. Hebrew: נגד n.g.d-com. Alt. Trans.: tell (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form) Strong's: #5046 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.FAR(Verb): To be distant, a long way off. Hebrew: רחק r.hh.q-com. Strong's: #7368 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.FILTHY(Verb): To be polluted or dirty. Usually in the sense of immorality. Hebrew: חנף hh.n.p-com. Strong's: #2610 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.FIRSTBORN(Verb): To give birth to the first out of the womb or the first produce of the crops. Hebrew: בכר b.k.r-com. Strong's: #1069 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.FRUITFUL(Verb): Abundantly productive. Hebrew: פרא p.r.a-com. Strong's: #6500 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.GUILTY(Verb): To commit an offense, especially consciously. Hebrew: אשם a.sh.m-com. Strong's: #0816 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.HARD(Verb): To be difficult; not easily penetrated; not easily yielding to pressure. Hebrew: קשה q.sh.h-com. Strong's: #7185 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.HEAVY(Verb): To be great in weight, wealth or importance. Hebrew: כבד k.b.d-com. Alt. Trans.: honor (when written in the piel [active intensive] form) Strong's: #3513 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.HUNGRY(Verb): To have an urgent craving for food; famished. Hebrew: רעב r.ah.b-com. Strong's: #7456 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.IMPATIENT(Verb): Exhausted in strength, endurance, vigor or freshness. Hebrew: לאה l.a.h-com. Strong's: #3811 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.IN.MISERY(Verb): A state of suffering and want due to poverty or affliction. Hebrew: כאב k.a.b-com. Strong's: #3510 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.LESS(Verb): To be fewer or diminished in size or amount. Hebrew: מעט m.ah.t-com. Strong's: #4591 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.LOW(Verb): To be brought down low in poverty. Hebrew: מוך m.w.k-com. Strong's: #4134 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.NUMB(Verb): Devoid of sensation or emotion. Hebrew: פוג p.w.g-com. Strong's: #6313 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.OLD(Verb): To be of an advanced age. Hebrew: זקן z.q.n-com. Strong's: #2204 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.OUT.OF.SIGHT(Verb): To be hidden or obscured from vision; to be beyond the horizon; to be covered or unknown. Hebrew: עלם ah.l.m-com. Strong's: #5956 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.OVERSHADOWED(Verb): To be sunk down into a dark depth. Hebrew: צלל ts.l.l-com. Strong's: #6749, #6750, #6751 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.RED(Verb): To be ruddy. To have a dark reddish color. Hebrew: אדם a.d.m-com. Strong's: #0119 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.RICH(Verb): To have a large accumulation of resources, means, or funds. To be wealthy. Hebrew: עשר ah.sh.r-com. Strong's: #6238 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.SAD(Verb): To be in a state of depression. Hebrew: זעף z.ah.p-com. Strong's: #2196 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.SATISFIED(Verb): To be filled full or to overflowing; to have a complete amount. Hebrew: שבע sh.b.ah-com. Strong's: #7646 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.SICK(Verb): To be twisted through pain. Hebrew: חלה hh.l.h-com. Strong's: #2470 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.SILENT: To come to a standstill in speech or deed. To be quiet; refrain from speech or action. Hebrew: דמם d.m.m-com. Strong's: #1826 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.SKILLED(Verb): To be able to decide or discern between good and bad, right and wrong; to act correctly in thought and action. Hebrew: חכם hh.k.m-com. Strong's: #2449 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.SMALL(Verb): To have little size or slight dimensions; insignificant. Hebrew: קטן q.t.n-com. Strong's: #6994 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.SOFT(Verb): To be soft. Hebrew: רכך r.k.k-com. Strong's: #7401 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.SOUR(Verb): To be fermented by adding leaven to bread. Also, sour in taste, thought or action. Hebrew: חמץ hh.m.ts-com. Alt. Trans.: leaven (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form) Strong's: #2556 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.SQUARE(Verb): Any four sided object. Also, to go down on the hands and knees, to be on all fours. Hebrew: רבע r.b.ah-com. Strong's: #7250, #7251 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.STEADFAST(Verb): To walk on the right path without losing the way. Hebrew: צדק ts.d.q-com. Strong's: #6663 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.STRAIGHT(Verb): To be in a direct or correct line, path or thought. Hebrew: ישר y.sh.r-com. Strong's: #3474 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.STRANGE(Verb): To be separated out from others; to be scattered abroad. Hebrew: זור z.w.r-com. Strong's: #2114 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.STRONG(Verb): To be mentally astute, firm, obstinate or courageous. Having or marked by great physical, moral or intellectual power. Hebrew: אמץ a.m.ts-com. Strong's: #0553 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.STUBBORN(Verb): To turn away from the correct path toward another direction. Hebrew: סרר / שרר s.r.r-com. Strong's: #5637, #7786 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.SUPERFLUOUS(Verb): Hebrew: שרע s.r.ah-com. Strong's: #8311 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.THICK(Verb): To be thick. Thick. Hebrew: עבה ah.b.h-com. Strong's: #5666 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.THREEFOLD(Verb): Being three times as great or as many. Hebrew: שלש sh.l.sh-com. Strong's: #8027 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.UNMINDFUL(Verb): Hebrew: שיה sh.y.h-com. Strong's: #7876 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.WARM(Verb): To glow; project extreme heat. To be heated, either internally or externally, such as from the sun or a fire. Hebrew: חמם hh.m.m-com. Strong's: #2552 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.WHOLE(Verb): To be free of wound or injury, defect or impairment, disease or deformity; physically and mentally sound. Hebrew: תמם t.m.m-com. Strong's: #8552 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BE.ZEALOUS(Verb): To be filled with eagerness and ardent interest in pursuit of something. Hebrew: קנא q.n.a-com. Alt. Trans.: envious (when written in the piel [active intensive] form) Strong's: #7065 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BEARD: The hair that grows on a man's face. A long beard as a sign of old age and wisdom. An elder as a bearded one. Hebrew: זקן za-qeyn-masc. Alt. Trans.: elder (as one with a long beard) Strong's: #2205, #2206 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BEARDED.VULTURE: An unknown bird of prey. Hebrew: פרס-masc. Strong's: #6538 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BEAST: An animal as distinguished from man or a plant. A tall or large creature. Also representative of wealth, as one who is exalted. Hebrew: בהמה be-hey-mah-fem. Strong's: #0929, #0930 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BEAT(Verb): To strike repeatedly in a rhythm such as a drum. Hebrew: פעם p.ah.m-com. Strong's: #6470 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BEAT.OUT(Verb): To strike something with a sharp blow. Hebrew: דפק d.p.q-com. Strong's: #1849 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BEAT.SMALL(Verb): To crush or pound something into thin or small particles. Hebrew: דקק d.q.q-com. Strong's: #1854 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BEATEN.GRAIN: Wheat, rye or other seeds that are crushed to make meal. Hebrew: גרס-masc. Strong's: #1643 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BEATEN.WORK: To be shaped into a specific form by an outside force such as a hammer. Hebrew: מקשה miq-shah-fem. Strong's: #4749 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BEAUTIFUL: Generally pleasing. Possessing the qualities of loveliness or functionality. Hebrew: יפה ya-pheh-masc. Strong's: #3303, #3304 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BEAUTY: A person, place or thing that is graceful and precious; what is worth protecting. Hebrew: חן hheyn-masc. Strong's: #2580 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BED: A place for sleeping. Spread out sheet for sleeping. Hebrew: מטה mit-tah-fem. Strong's: #4296 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BEE: An insect that lives in an ordered colony and produces honey. Hebrew: דבורה-fem. Strong's: #1682 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BEFORE: What precedes another event. Hebrew: טרם te-rem-masc. Alt. Trans.: not yet Strong's: #2962 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BEHEAD(Verb): To sever the neck from the body. Also, to break the neck. Hebrew: ערף ah.r.p-com. Strong's: #6202 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BEING: A person or creature that has breath.The whole of an individual, god or animal including the body, mind, emotion, character and inner parts. Hebrew: נפש ne-phesh-fem. Alt. Trans.: everyone (when following the word "to~ ALL") Strong's: #5315 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BEING.LOW: Hebrew: מכי ma-khi-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BELITTLE(Verb): To regard or portray as less impressive or important; to be light in weight; to curse or despise in the sense of making light. Hebrew: קלל q.l.l-com. Strong's: #7043 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BELL: An instrument used to call to attention or to a warning. From its rhythmic ringing. Hebrew: פעמן pa-a-mon-masc. Strong's: #6472 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BELLY: The undersurface of an animal; the stomach and other digestive organs. Hebrew: גחון ga-hhon-masc. Strong's: #1512 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BELONGING: To acquire ownership or authority over, something or someone owned by another. Hebrew: פוט put-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BELONGING.TO.NAT: Hebrew: אסנת-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BEND.DOWN(Verb): To pay homage to another one by bowing low or getting on the knees with the face to the ground. Hebrew: שחה sh.hh.h-com. Strong's: #7812 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BEND.THE.KNEE: A kneeling down, often as a sign of respect to another. Hebrew: אברך av-reykh-masc. Strong's: #0086 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BENEATH: Below; in a lower place, position or state. As under a stretched out sheet. Hebrew: מטה mat-tah-masc. Strong's: #4295 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BENEFIT(Verb): To be of use, service or profit in order that one may benefit from it. Hebrew: סכן s.k.n-com. Alt. Trans.: in the habit (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form) Strong's: #5532, #5533 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BEQA: A dry weight measure equal to one-half shekel weight. Hebrew: בקע be-qa-masc. Strong's: #1235 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BESIDE: Being next to something. Hebrew: אצל e-tsel-masc. Strong's: #0681 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BEST: Excelling all others; most, largest; most productive or good, utility or satisfaction. Hebrew: מיטב may-tav-masc. Strong's: #4315 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BETROTH(Verb): A promise or contract of impending marriage. To request a woman for marriage. Hebrew: ארש a.r.sh-com. Strong's: #0781 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BETWEEN: In the time, space or interval that separates. Hebrew: בין beyn-masc. Strong's: #0996, #1143 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BIND(Verb): To make secure by tying; to confine, restrain or restrict as if with bonds. bind with a cord. Hebrew: עקד ah.q.d-com. Strong's: #6123 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BIND.UP(Verb): To tie something. The tying of the tongue, silence. Hebrew: אלם a.l.m-com. Strong's: #0481 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BINDER: Attached around something. Hebrew: חשוק hha-shuq-masc. Strong's: #2838 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BIRD: A creature distinguished by a body covering of feathers and wings as forelimbs. Hebrew: ציפור tsi-por-fem. Strong's: #6833 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BIRD.OF.PREY: A carnivorous bird that feeds on carrion or meat taken by hunting. Hebrew: עיט a-yit-masc. Strong's: #5861 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BIRTH: What is brought forth from the womb. Hebrew: שגר she-ger-fem. Strong's: #7698 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BIRTHED: What is given birth to; a baby human or animal that is brought from the womb into the open world. Hebrew: ילוד yi-lud-masc. Strong's: #3209 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BIRTHING: The act or process of bringing forth offspring from the womb. Total of the children born within an era. Hebrew: תולדה tol-dah-fem. Strong's: #8435 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BIRTHRIGHT: Rights, privileges or possessions to which a person is entitled by birth. The rights of the firstborn son (see Deut. 21:17). Also meaning the firstborn. Hebrew: בכורה be-kho-rah-fem. Strong's: #1062 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BITE(Verb): To seize especially with teeth or jaws; to sting, wound or pierce as with a fang. To give usury in the sense of a biting. Hebrew: נשך n.sh.k-com. Strong's: #5391 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BITTER: A difficult taste or experience. Hebrew: מר mar-masc. מרה ma-rah-fem. Strong's: #4751, #4752 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BITTER.HERBS: Edible plants, that when eaten brings tears to the eyes. Hebrew: ממרור mam-ror-masc. Strong's: #4472 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BITTERNESS: Having a harsh, disagreeably acrid taste. Hebrew: מרר ma-rar-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BLACK: A dark or darkened color; charcoal color. Hebrew: חום hhum-masc. Strong's: #2345 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BLACKISH: Hebrew: כוש-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BLANKET(Verb): To cover over. Hebrew: חפף hh.p.p-com. Strong's: #2653 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BLAST(Verb): To blow heavily. Hebrew: שדף sh.d.p-com. Strong's: #7710 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BLASTING: A strong devastating wind. Hebrew: שדפה-fem. Strong's: #7711(x2) [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BLAZE(Verb): Hebrew: להט l.h.t-com. Strong's: #3857 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BLAZING: To burn, flash or shine brightly. Also used for the magic of magicians. Hebrew: להט la-hat-masc. Strong's: #3858 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BLEMISH: Hebrew: מום m-um-masc. Strong's: #3971 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BLIND: A darkness of the eye. Hebrew: עור i-weyr-masc. Strong's: #5787 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BLIND(Verb): To become dark of site through blindness or the putting out of the eyes. Hebrew: עור ah.w.r-com. Strong's: #5786 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BLINDNESS: Hebrew: עורון ey-wa-ron-masc. עורת a-we-ret-fem. Strong's: #5788 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BLOOD: The red fluid that circulates through the body. Hebrew: דם dam-masc. Alt. Trans.: bloodshed (when in the plural form) Strong's: #1818 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BLOOM(Verb): Hebrew: צוץ ts.w.ts-com. Strong's: #6692 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BLOSSOM: The flower of a plant, especially of one producing an edible fruit. Hebrew: ציץ tsits-masc. ציצה tsi-tsah-fem. Strong's: #6731, #6733 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BLOW(Verb): To expel air from the mouth. Hebrew: נשף n.sh.p-com. Strong's: #5398 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BLOW.AWAY(Verb): To scatter something by blowing. Hebrew: פאה p.a.h-com. Strong's: #6284 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BLOWN: Hebrew: פואה-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BLUE: A color that is created with the use of a dye. Hebrew: תכלת te-khey-let-fem. Strong's: #8504 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BOARD: A plank of wood often used to wall off an area or restrict access. Hebrew: קרש qe-resh-masc. Strong's: #7175 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BOARDED.UP(Verb): To cover as a ceiling or to hide. Hebrew: ספן / שפן s.p.n-com. Strong's: #5603, #8226 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BODY: The physical form of a person or animal, either alive or dead; a corpse. Hebrew: גויה ge-vi-yah-fem. Strong's: #1472 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BOIL(Verb): To generate bubbles of vapor when heated; to cook a meat in water; to soften by boiling or ripening. Hebrew: בשל b.sh.l-com. Alt. Trans.: ripen (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form) Strong's: #1310 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BOILED: Meat or other edible that is cooked in water over a fire. Hebrew: בשל ba-sheyl-masc. Strong's: #1311 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BOILING.POT: Hebrew: מרחשת-fem. Strong's: #4802 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BOILS: A festering under the skin. Pits in the skin from disease. Hebrew: שחין she-hhin-masc. Strong's: #7822 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BOLDNESS: Knowing one's position or authority and standing in it. Strengthened and protected from danger. Hebrew: עוז oz-masc. Strong's: #5797 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BOND: Hebrew: איסר-masc. Strong's: #0632 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BONDWOMAN: A female slave. One who is bound to another. Hebrew: אמה a-mah-fem. Strong's: #0519 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BONE: The hard tissue of which the skeleton is chiefly composed. As a numerous amount. Hebrew: עצם e-tsem-masc. Strong's: #6106 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BONNET: A piece of cloth that is wound around the head as a decoration. Hebrew: פאר pe-eyr-masc. Strong's: #6287 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BOOTH: A temporary shelter; a small enclosure; dwelling place. Hebrew: סוכה su-kah-fem. Strong's: #5521 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BOOTY: As tongs for taking food. What is taken Hebrew: מלקוח-masc. Strong's: #4455 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BORDER: The outer edge of a region. Also the area within the borders. Hebrew: גבול ge-vul-masc. Strong's: #1366 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BORE.OUT(Verb): To form by making something hollow. Hebrew: נבב n.b.b-com. Strong's: #5014 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BORE.THROUGH(Verb): To pierce with a sharp object. Hebrew: רצע r.ts.ah-com. Strong's: #7527 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BORN: Brought forth, as if by birth. Hebrew: יליד-masc. Strong's: #3211 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BOSOM: The human chest, especially the front side. Hebrew: חיק / חוק / חק hheyq / hhuq / hheyq-masc. Strong's: #2436 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BOTTOM: Hebrew: קרקע-masc. Strong's: #7172 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BOTTOM.BASE: A supporting and level base of a building or structure which lies on or in the ground. Hebrew: יסוד ye-sod-masc. יסודה ye-so-dah-fem. Strong's: #3246, #3247, #3248, #4328 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BOUGH: Hebrew: ענף-masc. Strong's: #6057, #6058 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BOULDER: A large rock used as a weapon or a rock cliff used as a place of defense. Also flint, a very hard rock that when fractured forms a razor sharp edge and used for knives, spears or arrowheads. Hebrew: צור tsur-masc. Strong's: #6697 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BOUND(Verb): To be defined by a border. Hebrew: גבל g.b.l-com. Strong's: #1379 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BOUND.SHEAF: Stalks and ears of a cereal grass bound together. A sheaf of grain that is bound. Hebrew: אלום a-lum-masc. Strong's: #0485 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BOUND.UP(Verb): To be confined or hedged in together; to wait or to be held back in the sense of being bound up. Hebrew: קוה q.w.h-com. Strong's: #6960 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BOUNDARY: Marks the outer edge, the end, of a definite area or region. Idiomatically used for an entire region. Hebrew: מגבלה mig-be-let-fem. Strong's: #4020 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BOUNTY: Hebrew: תנובה-fem. Strong's: #8570 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BOW: A weapon made from a stiff branch to shoots arrows. A bow-shaped object such as a rainbow. Hebrew: קשת qe-shet-fem. Strong's: #7198, #7199 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BOW.THE.HEAD(Verb): To lower the head as a sign of respect. Hebrew: קדד q.d.d-com. Strong's: #6915 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BOWELS: The belly; the lower portion of the torso. Hebrew: רחם re-hhem-masc. Strong's: #7356, #7358 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BOWL: A concave vessel especially for holding liquids. As with high sides. Hebrew: גביע ga-vi-a-masc. Strong's: #1375 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BOX: A rigid rectangular receptacle often with a cover. Any box-shaped object. Hebrew: ארון a-ron-masc. Strong's: #0727 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BOY: A male child from birth to puberty. Hebrew: ילד ye-led-masc. Strong's: #3206 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BRACELET: An ornamental band or chain worn around the wrist. As the ends joined together. Hebrew: צמיד tsa-mid-masc. Strong's: #6781 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BRAID(Verb): To twist, entwine or weave several pieces together in parallel to become one. Hebrew: ארג a.r.g-com. Strong's: #0707 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BRAIDED.WORK: Articles of clothing made by weaving together fibers. Hebrew: שרד se-red-masc. Strong's: #8278, #8279 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BRAMBLE: A rough, prickly vine or shrub. Thorn. Hebrew: קוץ qots-masc. Strong's: #6975 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BRANCH: A branch used as a staff. Also, a tribe as a branch of the family. Hebrew: מטה ma-teh-masc. Strong's: #4294 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BRASS: From its shine. Hebrew: נחוש na-hhush-masc. נחושה na-hhu-shah-fem. Strong's: #5153, #5154 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BRAVERY: An act of defending one's property, convictions or beliefs. Control through physical strength. Hebrew: גבורה ge-vo-rah-fem. Strong's: #1369 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BRAWN: From the strength of the bones. Hebrew: עוצם-masc. עצומה-fem. Strong's: #6108, #6110 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BREACH: A broken, ruptured or torn condition or area; a gap as in a wall made by battering. Hebrew: פרץ pe-rets-masc. Strong's: #6556 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BREAD: Baked and leavened bread primarily made of flour or meal. Also food in general. Hebrew: לחם le-hhem-masc. Strong's: #3899, #3901 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BREAD.CAKE: A bread that is baked on hot stones. Hebrew: עוג og-masc. עוגה u-gah-fem. Strong's: #5692 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BREAD.MEAL: Meaning dubious. Hebrew: עריסה-fem. Strong's: #6182 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BREAK(Verb): To throw something on the ground and break it by trampling. Hebrew: פרר p.r.r-com. Strong's: #6565 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BREAK.DOWN(Verb): To demolish an elevated object; to tear down. Hebrew: נתץ n.t.ts-com. Strong's: #5422 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BREAK.OUT(Verb): To be spread out wide or widespread. Hebrew: פרץ p.r.ts-com. Strong's: #6555 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BREAST: Milk-producing glandular organs situated on the chest in the female; the fore part of the body between the neck and the abdomen. Also a goat-idol from the teats of the goat. Hebrew: שד shad-masc. Strong's: #7699, #7700 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BREASTPLATE: An ornamental plate worn by the High Priest that held stones representing the twelve tribes of Israel and the Urim and Thummim. Hebrew: חושן hho-shen-masc. Strong's: #2833 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BREATH: Air inhaled or exhaled. The breath of man or god. The essence of life. Hebrew: נשמה ne-shey-mah-fem. Strong's: #5397 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BREATHE.DEEPLY(Verb): To relax and breath in deeply to refresh oneself. To take a breather. Hebrew: נפש n.p.sh-com. Strong's: #5314 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BRIBE: To buy a favor or service that would be otherwise out of reach. Hebrew: שחד sha-hhad-masc. Strong's: #7810 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BRICK: A building material typically rectangular and of moist clay hardened by heat. Hebrew: לבנה le-vey-nah-fem. Strong's: #3840, #3843 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BRIDE.PRICE: A payment given by or in behalf of a prospective husband to the bride's family. Hebrew: מוהר mo-har-masc. Strong's: #4119 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BRIGHT: A radiating or reflective light. As cheerful. Hebrew: שפר she-pher-masc. Strong's: #8233 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BRIGHT.SPOT: A thin sac or cyst on the skin, containing watery matter or serum, as from a burn or other injury; a possible sign of leprosy. Hebrew: בהרת-fem. Strong's: #0934 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BRIMSTONE: A rock of sulfur that burns. Hebrew: גפרית gaph-rit-fem. Strong's: #1614 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BRING.FORTH(Verb): To issue out; to bring forth children, either by the woman who bears them or the man who fathers them. Hebrew: ילד y.l.d-com. Alt. Trans.: act as midwife (when written in the piel [active intensive] form) Strong's: #3205 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BROKEN: Something that is struck into fragments. Hebrew: דכא-masc. Strong's: #1793 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BROODING: A pining or fainting over something desired or lost. Hebrew: דאבון-masc. Strong's: #1671 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BROTHER: A male who has the same parents as another or shares one parent with another. One who stands between the enemy and the family, a protector. Hebrew: אח ahh-masc. Strong's: #0251, #1889(x2) [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BROTHER-IN-LAW: A male sibling of one's spouse. Hebrew: יבם-masc. Strong's: #2993 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BROUGHT.OUT: Driven away, expelled, or thrust away. Hebrew: גרש-masc. Strong's: #1645 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BRUISER: Hebrew: כית-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BUCK: The large males of a flock of sheep or heard of deer. By extension, anything of strength including a chief, pillar (as the strong support of a building), or oak tree (one of the strongest of the woods). Hebrew: איל a-yil-masc. Strong's: #0352, #0353, #0354 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BUCKET: A deep, cylindrical vessel, usually of wood or skin, for collecting, carrying, or holding water; pail. Hebrew: דלי de-liy-masc. Strong's: #1805 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BUD: The beginning of a flower that bursts from the plant. Hebrew: פרח pe-rahh-masc. Strong's: #6525 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BUDDING: To sprout flowers or blooms. To come into a fullness. Hebrew: גיבעול giv-ol-masc. Strong's: #1392 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BUILD(Verb): To construct a building or home with wood, stone or other material or a family with sons. Hebrew: בנה b.n.h-com. Strong's: #1129 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BUILD.UP(Verb): To raise the elevation of the bank of a river or a highway. To raise one up higher than others. Hebrew: סלל s.l.l-com. Strong's: #5549 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BULK: Being immense in size. Hebrew: תועפה-fem. Strong's: #8443 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BULL: A large male un-castrated bovine. Hebrew: פר par-masc. Strong's: #6499 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BULLOCK: A young bull. Also, insinuating strength. Hebrew: עגל ey-gel-masc. Strong's: #5695 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BULRUSH: A reed that grows in, or on the edge of, a pond or river. Hebrew: גומא go-me-masc. Strong's: #1573 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BUNCH: A group of men or things bound together. Hebrew: אגודה a-gu-dah-fem. Strong's: #0092 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BUNDLE(Verb): Hebrew: עמר ah.m.r-com. Strong's: #6014 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BURDEN: The heavy load carried in bondage. Hebrew: סבלה se-va-lah-fem. Strong's: #5450 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BURIAL.PLACE: The place of interment or deposit of a deceased body. Hebrew: קבורה qe-vu-rah-fem. Strong's: #6900 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BURN(Verb): To undergo rapid combustion or consume fuel in such a way as to give off heat, gases, and, usually, light; be on fire; have fierce anger Hebrew: בער b.ah.r-com. Alt. Trans.: ignite (when written in the piel [active intensive] form) Strong's: #1197 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BURN.BLACK(Verb): To char wood in a fire. A passion that burns for another. Hebrew: כמר k.m.r-com. Strong's: #3648 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BURN.INCENSE(Verb): To light a sacrifice or aromatic plant on fire creating smoke, often aromatic. Hebrew: קטר q.t.r-com. Strong's: #6999, #7000 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BURNING: Something that is aflame with fire. Hebrew: בערה be-ey-rah-fem. Strong's: #1200 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BURNT: Something that has been burned. Hebrew: גחם-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BURNT.OFFERING: The rising of smoke from a carcass placed in a fire. Hebrew: עולה / גולה o-lah / go-lah-fem. Strong's: #1473, #5930 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BURNT.VALLEY: Hebrew: געתם-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BURST.OUT(Verb): To be larger, fuller, or more crowded; to break out or break forth as a blooming flower or the wings of a bird. Hebrew: פרח p.r.hh-com. Strong's: #6524 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BURSTING: A sudden and forceful release or issuing out. Hebrew: פטר pe-ter-masc. פיטרה-fem. Strong's: #6363 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BURSTING.FORTH: To break, break open, or fly apart with sudden violence. Hebrew: גיחון-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BURY(Verb): To dispose of by depositing in the ground. Hebrew: קבר q.b.r-com. Strong's: #6912 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BUSINESS: The principal occupation of one's life. A service. Hebrew: מלאכה me-la-khah-fem. Strong's: #4399 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BUT: On the contrary. An outcome desired in the sense of joining. Hebrew: אולם u-lam-com. Strong's: #0199 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BUTCHER(Verb): One who slaughters animals or dresses their flesh. Hebrew: טבח t.b.hh-com. Strong's: #2873 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BUTTRESS: A support or prop. Wall or abutment built to support another wall on the outside, when very high or loaded with a heavy structure. Hebrew: מקצוע miq-tso-a-masc. Strong's: #4740 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

BY: In proximity to. The sense of standing with another. Hebrew: עימד i-mad-masc. Alt. Trans.: with Strong's: #5978 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CALAMITY: A disaster. Hebrew: איד eyd-masc. Strong's: #0343 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CALCULATE(Verb): To comprehend and carefully consider a path or course of action; to determine by deduction or practical judgment; Hebrew: שכל s.k.l-com. Strong's: #7919 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CALL.OUT(Verb): To raise one's voice or speak loudly and with urgency; to give, a name; to meet in the sense of being called to a meeting; to have an encounter by chance; to read in the sense of calling out words. Hebrew: קרא q.r.a-com. Strong's: #7121 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CAMEL: Either of two ruminant mammals used as draft animals in the desert. The produce of the fields were tied in large bundles and transported on camels. (Also related in meaning to the original parent root גם as one who gathers at the watering hole) Hebrew: גמל ga-mal-com. Strong's: #1581 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CAMP: A place suitable for or used as the location of a camp. The inhabitants of a camp. Hebrew: מחנה me-hha-neh-masc. Strong's: #4264 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CAMP(Verb): To erect temporary shelters (as tents) together; to stop for the night and pitch the tents. Hebrew: חנה hh.n.h-com. Strong's: #2583 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CANOPY: The covering of a temporary shelter. Hebrew: מסך ma-sak-masc. Strong's: #4539 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CAPTAIN: A military leader; the commander of a unit or a body of troops. The leader of a family, tribe or people as one who carries the burdens of the people. Hebrew: נשיא na-si-masc. Strong's: #5387 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CAPTIVE: A person who is enslaved or dominated. Hebrew: שבי she-vi-masc. שביה-fem. Strong's: #7628, #7633 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CAPTIVITY: The state or period of being held, imprisoned, enslaved, or confined. Hebrew: שבות / שבית she-vut / she-viyt-fem. Strong's: #7622 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CAPTURE(Verb): The act of catching, winning, or gaining control by force, stratagem, or guile; to take one away from his homeland as an involuntary prisoner. Hebrew: שבה sh.b.h-com. Strong's: #7617 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CARAVAN: A traveling company that follows a prescribed path. Hebrew: אורחה-fem. Strong's: #0736 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CARNELIAN: Probably the Carnelian, a reddish brown gemstone. The Hebrew word is from a root meaning red or reddish. Another possible translation is Jasper. Hebrew: אודם o-dem-fem. Strong's: #0124 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CARRY(Verb): To transfer from one place to another; to transport as by vehicle. Hebrew: סבל s.b.l-com. Strong's: #5445 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CART: A heavy, two-wheeled vehicle, animal-drawn, used for transporting freight or for farming. Hebrew: עגלה a-ga-lah-fem. Strong's: #5699 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CARTILAGE: Translucent elastic tissue that lines the joints of the bony skeleton. Hebrew: גרם ge-rem-masc. Strong's: #1634 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CARVE(Verb): Hebrew: חטב hh.t.b-com. Strong's: #2404 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CASSIA: The tree, wood or spice which is used in anointing oils and perfumes. Hebrew: קידה qi-dah-fem. Strong's: #6916 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CAST.AWAY(Verb): To throw or hurl. Hebrew: געל g.ah.l-com. Strong's: #1602 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CAST.DOWN(Verb): To ruin or break into pieces by throwing or pulling down. Hebrew: הרס h.r.s-com. Strong's: #2040 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CAST.IMAGE: A molten metal that is poured in a cast to form images. Hebrew: מסכה ma-sey-khah-fem. Strong's: #4541 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CAST.OFF(Verb): To remove with force and intention. Hebrew: נשל n.sh.l-com. Strong's: #5394 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CAST.OUT(Verb): To forcefully drive away, expel, or thrust away. Hebrew: גרש g.r.sh-com. Strong's: #1644 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CATARACT: The clouding color of the eyes that appear as a mixture. Hebrew: תבלול-masc. Strong's: #8400 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CATTLE: Domesticated bovine animals. Strong beasts used to break the soil with plows. Hebrew: בקר / בעיר ba-qar / be-iyr-masc. Strong's: #1165, #1241 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CAULDRON: A large kettle or boiler, of copper or other metal. A smelting pot. Hebrew: כיור ki-or-masc. Strong's: #3595 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CAUSING.TO.OVERLOOK: Hebrew: מנשה-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CAVE: A natural underground chamber or series of chambers that open to the surface. A hole in the rock. Hebrew: מכרה me-khey-rah-fem. Strong's: #4380, #4631 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CEASE(Verb): To come to an end; to die out; to stop an activity for the purpose of rest or celebration. Hebrew: שבת sh.b.t-com. Strong's: #7673 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CEASING: A stopping of work or activity; An activity curtailed before completion. The seventh day of the week (often transliterated as Sabbath) when all business ceases for rest and celebration. Hebrew: שבת sha-bat-fem. Strong's: #7674, #7676 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CEDAR: A coniferous tree from the cyprus family having wide, spreading branches. The wood or tree or something made it. Hebrew: ארז-masc. Strong's: #0730 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CENTER: The middle of something. Hebrew: חצות hha-tsot-fem. Strong's: #2676 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CEREAL: Relating to grain or plants that produce it. A plentiful crop. Hebrew: דגן da-gan-masc. Strong's: #1715 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CHAIN: A strand of linked metal loops. Hebrew: שרשרה shar-she-rah-fem. Strong's: #8331, #8333 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CHAMBER: A bedroom; a natural or artificial enclosed space or cavity. Place surrounded by walls. An inner place as hidden or secret. Hebrew: חדר hhe-der-masc. Strong's: #2315 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CHAMELEON: An unclean animal of unknown species that is known for its strength. Hebrew: כוח ko-ahh-masc. Strong's: #3581(x2) [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CHANGE(Verb): To make different in some particular; to make radically different; exchange one thing for another. To repeat in the sense of a second time. Hebrew: שנה sh.n.h-com. Alt. Trans.: repeat (when written in the niphil [passive] form) Strong's: #8132, #8138 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CHARGE: A person or thing committed to the care of another. What is given to be watched over and protected. Hebrew: משמרת mish-me-ret-fem. Strong's: #4931 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CHARIOT: A light, two-wheeled battle vehicle for one or two persons, usually drawn by two horses and driven from a standing position. Hebrew: מרכבה mer-ka-vah-fem. Strong's: #4818 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CHEESE: A food consisting of the coagulated, compressed and usually ripened curd of milk separated from the whey. Hebrew: חמאה / חמה hhem-ah / hhey-mah-fem. Strong's: #2529 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CHERISH(Verb): To fervently love something. Hebrew: חבב hh.b.b-com. Strong's: #2245 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CHERISHED: One held or treated as dear; feel love for. Hebrew: ידיד-masc. Strong's: #3039 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CHEST: The breast containing heart. What is prominently visible. The breast of an animal used for a sacrifice. Hebrew: חזה hha-zeh-masc. Strong's: #2373 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CHESTNUT: Probably the chestnut tree but uncertain. Hebrew: ערמון er-mon-masc. Strong's: #6196 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CHEW(Verb): To mash food with the teeth for the purpose of digesting. Hebrew: גרר g.r.r-com. Strong's: #1641 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CHEWED: What has been mashed with the teeth for the purpose of digesting. Hebrew: גרר-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CHICK: A young bird that has burst out of the egg. Hebrew: אפרח-masc. Strong's: #0667 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CHIEF: Accorded highest rank or office; of greatest importance, significance, or influence. The military commander of a thousand men. One who is yoked to another to lead and teach. Hebrew: אלוף a-luph-masc. Strong's: #0441 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CHILD: A young person, especially between infancy and youth. Hebrew: ולד wa-lad-masc. Strong's: #2056 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CHILD.OF.THE.SUN: A word of Egyptian origins. Hebrew: רעמסס ra-me-seys-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CHIMNEY: A vertical structure in a building and enclosing a flue or flues that carry off smoke. A hole in the roof where smoke escapes. Hebrew: ארובה a-ru-bah-fem. Strong's: #0699 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CHOICE.FRUIT: Having qualities that appeal to a cultivated taste. As plucked from the tree or vine. Hebrew: זימרה zim-rah-fem. Strong's: #2173 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CHOICE.VINE: The best of the vine, the best grapes. Hebrew: שורק so-reyq-masc. שורקה-fem. Strong's: #8321 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CHOICE.VINEYARD: Hebrew: משרקה-fem. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CHOOSE(Verb): To select freely and after consideration. Hebrew: בחר b.hh.r-com. Strong's: #0977 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CHOSEN: Someone or something that is the object of choice or of divine favor. Hebrew: מבחר miv-hhar-masc. Strong's: #4005 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CINNAMON: A spice from the bark of a small evergreen tree. The essential oil is of great price. Hebrew: קנמון qi-na-mon-masc. Strong's: #7076 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CIRCUIT: A going around in a circle. To return to a starting point in the sense of going full circle. Hebrew: תקופה te-qu-phah-fem. Alt. Trans.: end Strong's: #8622 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CIRCUMCISION: The removal of the front part of the male sexual organ. Hebrew: מולה mu-lah-fem. Strong's: #4139 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CISTERN: An artificial reservoir for storing water. A hole or well as dug out. Hebrew: כור / בור kor / bor-masc. Strong's: #0953, #2352, #2356, #3564 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CITY: An inhabited place of greater size, population, or importance than a town or village. Usually protected by a wall. Hebrew: עיר ir-masc. Strong's: #5892 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CITY.OF.JUSTICE: A word of Egyptian origins. Hebrew: פיתום pi-tom-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CLAN: A group of persons of common ancestry. A group of people joined together by certain convictions or common affiliation. Hebrew: משפחה mish-pa-hhah-fem. Strong's: #4940 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CLASP(Verb): Hebrew: שפק s.p.q-com. Strong's: #5606 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CLAY: An item made of baked and hardened clay such as a tile or pot. Skin irritations are treated by applying clay to the irritation and left to dry. Hebrew: חרס / חרש / חרסה hhe-res / hhe-res / hhar-sah-masc. חרסית hhar-sit-fem. Strong's: #2775, #2777, #2789 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CLAYEY.SOIL: Ground that consists of hydrated silicates of aluminum: used for making bricks, pottery, etc. Hebrew: גש-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CLEAN: Someone or something that is free of impurities or is not mixed with any other matter. Hebrew: טהור ta-hor-masc. טהורה ta-ho-rah-fem. Strong's: #2889, #2890 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CLEANLINESS: The act of being free from dirt or immorality. Free from foreign elements. Hebrew: טוהר to-har-masc. Strong's: #2892 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CLEANSING: Hebrew: טהרה-fem. Strong's: #2893 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CLEAVE(Verb): To split in two as the hoofs of a clean animal. Hebrew: פרס p.r.s-com. Strong's: #6536 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CLEAVE.OPEN(Verb): To divide by or as if by a cutting blow; to separate into distinct parts; to break, cut or divide something in half. Hebrew: בקע b.q.ah-com. Strong's: #1234 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CLEFT: Hebrew: פיסגה pis-gah-fem. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CLIFF: A high rock, cliff or towering rock, as a place of defense. Hebrew: סלע-masc. Strong's: #5553 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CLING(Verb): To grab hold of someone or something that is secure and safe. Hebrew: בטח b.t.hh-com. Strong's: #0982 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CLINGING: Being joined to someone or something. Hebrew: גשור ge-shur-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CLOAK: A loose outer garment worn over other clothes both by men and women. Hebrew: מעיל me-il-masc. Strong's: #4598 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CLOD: A lump or mass, especially of earth or clay. Hebrew: רגב r.g.b-com. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CLOSE(Verb): To draw together to close or shut. Hebrew: קפץ q.p.ts-com. Strong's: #7092 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CLOTHING: Garments in general. Hebrew: לבוש le-vush-masc. Strong's: #3830 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CLOUD: A visible mass of particles of water or ice in the form of fog, mist, or haze suspended usually at a considerable height in the air. Hebrew: ענן a-nan-masc. עננה-fem. Strong's: #6051, #6053 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CLUSTER: A number of similar things growing together or of things or persons collected or grouped closely together. A cluster of grapes from the vine or flowers from the plant. Hebrew: אשכול esh-kol-masc. Strong's: #0811 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COAL: The dim light before the rising of the sun. As dark in color. Hebrew: שחור-fem. Alt. Trans.: black as coal Strong's: #7838, #7815 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COAT: An outer garment varying in length and style; the external growth on an animal. Hebrew: סות sut-masc. Strong's: #5497 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COHABITATION: A place of residence. An abode. Hebrew: עון on-masc. עונה o-nah-fem. Strong's: #5772 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COLD: A condition of low temperature. Hebrew: קר qar-masc. Strong's: #7119, #7120 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COLLAR: The hole in the middle of a rectangular garment for the head to pass through. An area reinforced around the neck opening. Hebrew: תחרא tahh-ra-masc. Strong's: #8473 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COLLECT(Verb): To gather up straw, stubble or sticks. Hebrew: קשש q.sh.sh-com. Strong's: #7197 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COLLECTION: An accumulation of objects or material. A collection of water (a pool, pond or sea) or horses (herd). Hebrew: מקוה miq-weh-masc. Strong's: #4723 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COLT: A young male horse; a young untried person. As dark in color. Hebrew: עייר ai-yir-com. Strong's: #5895 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COME(Verb): To move toward something; approach; enter. This can be understood as to come or to go. Hebrew: בוא b.w.a-com. Alt. Trans.: bring (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form) Strong's: #0935 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COME.NEAR(Verb): To come close by or near to. Hebrew: קרב q.r.b-com. Alt. Trans.: be brought near (when written in the niphil [passive] form); bring near (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form) Strong's: #7126 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COME.TO.AN.END(Verb): To cease. Conclude. Hebrew: אפס a.p.s-com. Strong's: #0656 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COME.UP(Verb): To rise up, as the sun does at the horizon. Hebrew: זרח z.r.hh-com. Strong's: #2224 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COMFORT(Verb): Consolation in time of trouble or worry; to give solace in time of difficulty or sorrow. Hebrew: נחם n.hh.m-com. Alt. Trans.: repent (when written in the niphil [passive] form) Strong's: #5162 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COMMIT(Verb): Hebrew: מסר m.s.r-com. Strong's: #4560 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COMMIT.ADULTERY(Verb): To perform voluntary violation of the marriage bed. Hebrew: נאף n.a.p-com. Strong's: #5003 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COMMUNITY: A unified body of individuals; a group of people bound together. Hebrew: לאום la-um-masc. Strong's: #3816 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COMPANION: One that accompanies another in the sense of a close companion or friend. Hebrew: רע / ריע rey-a / rey-ya-masc. Strong's: #7453 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COMPANY: A group of persons or things for carrying on a project or undertaking; a group with a common testimony. May also mean a witness or testimony. Hebrew: עדה ey-dah-fem. Alt. Trans.: witness Strong's: #5712, #5713 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COMPASSIONATE: Being sympathetic, and understanding. A protecting from harm. Hebrew: רחום ra-hhum-masc. Strong's: #7349 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COMPEL(Verb): To drive or urge forcefully or irresistibly. A pressing into an action or narrow place. Hebrew: אוץ a.w.ts-com. Strong's: #0213 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COMPLAIN(Verb): To grumble over ones undesired circumstances. Hebrew: אנן a.n.n-com. Strong's: #0596 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COMPLAINER: One who grumbles over his undesired circumstances. Hebrew: אונן-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COMPLETENESS: Something that has been finished or made whole. A state of being complete. Hebrew: שלום sha-lom-masc. Strong's: #7965 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COMPLETION: The act or process of completing. This can be in a positive sense or negative, such as in a failure. Hebrew: כלה ka-lah-fem. Strong's: #3617 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COMPOUND(Verb): The combining of two or more ingredients to achieve the desired substance. Hebrew: רקח r.q.hh-com. Strong's: #7543 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CONCEAL(Verb): To hide to prevent discovery. Hebrew: צפן ts.p.n-com. Strong's: #6845 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CONCEIVE(Verb): To become pregnant with young. Hebrew: הרה h.r.h-com. Strong's: #2029 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CONCERNING: Regarding. Marked interest or regard usually arising through a personal tie or relationship. A turning over and bringing together of a thought. Hebrew: אודות o-dot-fem. Alt. Trans.: on account of (when following the word "UPON") Strong's: #0182 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CONCLUDED: Hebrew: גומר-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CONCLUSION: To come to an end. The end of a time period or place or the end of something. The border of a country as its edges. Hebrew: קץ qeyts-masc. Alt. Trans.: after (when prefixed with "from~") Strong's: #7093 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CONCUBINE: Cohabitation of persons not legally married; a woman living in a socially recognized state of being a mistress. Hebrew: פילגש-fem. Strong's: #6370 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CONFERENCE: A special occasion as a temporary ceasing of normal activity. Hebrew: עצרה-fem. Strong's: #6116 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CONFIDENCE: Advice given in secret as a result of consultation. Hebrew: סוד sod-masc. Strong's: #5475 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CONFIDENT(Verb): Always used in a negative sense such as foolish confidence. Hebrew: כסל / סכל k.s.l / s.k.l-com. Strong's: #3688, #5528 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CONFIDENT.ONE: Hebrew: כיסלון kis-lon-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CONFUSE(Verb): To cause trouble and turmoil by the sound of a great noise such as with trumpets. Hebrew: המם h.m.m-com. Strong's: #2000 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CONFUSED: The state of being in trouble or in turmoil. Hebrew: הימם-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CONFUSION: To bring to ruin; to make indistinct; to fail to differentiate from an often similar or related other. A barren place. Vanity as a state of waste. Hebrew: תוהו to-hu-masc. Strong's: #8414 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CONJURE(Verb): To call or bring into existence. Hebrew: ענן ah.n.n-com. Strong's: #6049 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CONSENT(Verb): To give approval; to be in concord in opinion or sentiment; agreement as to action or opinion; to be willing to go somewhere or do something. Hebrew: אבה a.b.h-com. Strong's: #0014 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CONSIDERED.UNCIRCUMCISED(Verb): To be uncircumcised. Hebrew: ערל ah.r.l-com. Strong's: #6188 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CONSISTENCY: Agreement or harmony of parts or features; showing steady conformity to character, profession, belief, or custom. Hebrew: איתן ey-tan-masc. Strong's: #0386 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CONSORT(Verb): To be attached to a husband or wife; to be espoused. Hebrew: חרף hh.r.p-com. Strong's: #2778 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CONSUME(Verb): To eat or drink; with the lips. Hebrew: ספה s.p.h-com. Strong's: #5595 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CONSUMPTION: A disease making one thin. Hebrew: שחפת-fem. Strong's: #7829 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CONTENTION: An act or instance of striving or struggling against great difficulty or opposition. Hebrew: מריבה me-ri-vah-fem. Strong's: #4808 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CONTINUALLY: Happening without interruption or cessation; continuous in time. Hebrew: תמיד ta-mid-masc. Strong's: #8548 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CONTINUE: Maintain the action, to forge ahead with intention. Hebrew: נון nun-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CONTINUOUS: Hebrew: מטרד-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CONTRARY: To be in opposition. Hebrew: קרי-masc. Strong's: #7147 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CONTRIBUTION: What is given or supplied in common with others. Hebrew: מתנה mat-nah-fem. Strong's: #4979 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CONVERT(Verb): Hebrew: מור m.w.r-com. Strong's: #4171 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CONVICT(Verb): To find or prove to be guilty. Hebrew: יכח y.k.hh-com. Strong's: #3198 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COOKED: A food that is heated in or over a fire to heat it or make it edible. Hebrew: תופין tu-pheyn-masc. Strong's: #8601 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COPPER: A malleable, ductile, metallic element having a characteristic reddish-brown color. A precious metal. Hebrew: נחושת ne-hho-shet-fem. Strong's: #5178 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COPULATE(Verb): Hebrew: שגל sh.g.l-com. Strong's: #7693 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COPULATION: Hebrew: שכובת-fem. Strong's: #7903 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CORD: A long slender flexible material made of several strands woven or twisted together. Made of twisted fibers. Hebrew: פתיל pa-til-masc. Strong's: #6616 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CORIANDER: A class of plants with seeds which are in the form of the size of a peppercorn. They are used medicinally and as a spice. Likened to the manna in its form and color. Hebrew: גד gad-masc. Strong's: #1407 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CORMORANT: An unknown bird. Hebrew: שלך-masc. Strong's: #7994 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CORNER: The point where two lines meet. Hebrew: פינה pin-nah-fem. Strong's: #6438 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CORNER.POST: The strongest point from where the rest of the structure is built from. As scraped out with a plane. Hebrew: מקוצעה me-quts-ah-fem. Strong's: #4742 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CORPSE: A dead body. Hebrew: פגר pe-ger-masc. Strong's: #6297 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CORRECT(Verb): To make a preferred change in direction through instruction or chastisement. Hebrew: יסר y.s.r-com. Strong's: #3256 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CORRUPTION: Hebrew: משחת-masc. Strong's: #4893 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COUCH: An article of furniture for sitting or reclining. Hebrew: יצוע ya-tsu-a-masc. Strong's: #3326 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COUNSEL: Advice given in the sense of being the firm support of the community. Hebrew: עצה-fem. Strong's: #6098 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COUNT(Verb): To find the total number of units. Also to give an account on record. Hebrew: ספר s.p.r-com. Alt. Trans.: recount; recounted (when written in the piel [active intensive] form) Strong's: #5608 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COUNTRY.OF.TWO.RIVERS: Hebrew: שינער-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COUPLE: A pair or group that are bound together. Hebrew: חבר-masc. Strong's: #2267, #2270, #2271 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COUPLE(Verb): To bind by joining together. Hebrew: חבר hh.b.r-com. Strong's: #2266 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COUPLING: To bring together as a unit. Hebrew: חוברת hho-be-ret-fem. Strong's: #2279 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COURAGEOUS: Having or characterized by mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear or difficulty. Hebrew: גיבור gi-bor-masc. Strong's: #1368 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COURTYARD: The grounds of a building or group of buildings. Villages outside of the larger cities, as "the yard of the city. " A courtyard as outside the house. Hebrew: חצר hha-tser-masc. Strong's: #2691 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COVENANT: A solemn and binding agreement between two or more parties especially for the performance of some action. Often instituted through a sacrifice. Hebrew: ברית be-rit-fem. Strong's: #1285 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COVER(Verb): To afford protection or security; to hide from sight or knowledge; to cover over as with a lid; to figuratively cover over an error or failure. Hebrew: כפר k.p.r-com. Strong's: #3722 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COVER.OVER(Verb): To prevent disclosure or recognition of; to place out of sight; to completely cover over or hide. Hebrew: כשה k.s.h-com. Strong's: #3680, #3780 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COVERED: Something laid over something for concealment or protection. Hebrew: צב-masc. Strong's: #6632(x2) [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COVERING: Something that covers or conceals. A covering such as pitch or a monetary covering such as a bribe or ransom. A "village" as a covering. Hebrew: כופר ko-pher-masc. Strong's: #3723, #3724 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

COW: The mature female of cattle. Hebrew: פרה pa-rah-fem. Strong's: #6510 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CRACK(Verb): To break open, apart or into pieces. Hebrew: שבר sh.b.r-com. Alt. Trans.: shatter; shattered (when written in the piel [active intensive] form) Strong's: #7665 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CRACK.OPEN: Hebrew: לשע-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CRAFTINESS: Hebrew: נכל-masc. Strong's: #5231 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CRAFTSMAN: One who is skilled in the art of engraving wood, stone or metal. Hebrew: חורש-masc. Strong's: #2794 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CRASH(Verb): To break violently and noisily. Hebrew: שאה sh.a.h-com. Strong's: #7582, #7583 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CRAVE(Verb): To have a strong or inward desire for something. Hebrew: חמד hh.m.d-com. Strong's: #2530 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CRAVING(Verb): A great desire or longing. Hebrew: כסף k.s.p-com. Strong's: #3700 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CREMATE(Verb): To reduce a dead body, or other object, to ashes by burning. Hebrew: סרף / שרף s.r.p-com. Strong's: #5635, #8313 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CREMATING: The act of burning a dead body to ashes. Hebrew: שרפה se-rey-phah-fem. Strong's: #8316 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CROCODILE: A large creature that lives in the seas and rivers (see Genesis 1:21, Psalm 74:13, Isaiah 27:1, Ezekiel 29:3, Ezekiel 32:2) and the land (see Psalm 91:13, Isaiah 13:22, Isaiah 34:13, Isaiah 43:20, Jeremiah 51:37). Hebrew: תן / תנין tan / ta-nin-masc. Strong's: #8565, #8577 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CROOKED: Hebrew: עיקש-masc. Strong's: #6141 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CROP: The alimentary canal of a bird. Hebrew: מוראה-fem. Strong's: #4760 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CROP.OFF(Verb): Hebrew: קטף q.t.p-com. Strong's: #6998 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CROPLAND: A level field for growing crops. Hebrew: שדמה she-dey-mah-fem. Strong's: #7709, #8309 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CROSS.OVER(Verb): To pass from one side to the other; to go across a river or through a land; to transgress in the sense of crossing over. Hebrew: עבר ah.b.r-com. Alt. Trans.: on account of 'or' in order that (when written in the passive participle and prefixed with the prefix "in~") Strong's: #5668, #5674 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CROSSING: A place or structure as on a street or over a river where pedestrians or vehicles pass from one side to the other. In the river for crossing. Hebrew: מעבר ma-a-var-masc. Strong's: #4569 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CROSSING.ONE: One who passes over or through. Hebrew: עברון ev-ron-masc. עברונה ev-ro-nah-fem. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CRUEL: Hebrew: אכזר-masc. Strong's: #0393 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CRUMBLE(Verb): Hebrew: פתת p.t.t-com. Strong's: #6626 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CRUMBLED: In the sense of being rubbed. Meaning dubious. Hebrew: מרוח-masc. Strong's: #4790 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CRUSH(Verb): To reduce to particles by pounding or grinding. Crush something to pieces. An oppression or struggle as crushing. Hebrew: רצץ / רשש r.ts.ts / r.ah.ah-com. Strong's: #7465, #7533, #7567 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CRUSHED: Pressed or squeezed with a force that destroys or deforms. Also a plague. Hebrew: מכה-fem. Strong's: #4347 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CRY: To utter loudly; to shout; to shed tears, often noisily. A loud crying or calling out. Hebrew: צעקה tse-a-qah-fem. Strong's: #6818 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CRY.OUT(Verb): To cry or call out loudly. Hebrew: צעק ts.ah.q-com. Strong's: #6817 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CUCUMBER: A hard vegetable. Hebrew: קשוא-fem. Strong's: #7180 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CUD: The portion of food that a ruminant returns from the first stomach to the mouth to chew a second time. Hebrew: גרה ge-rah-fem. Strong's: #1625 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CUP: A vessel for holding liquids, usually for drinking. Hebrew: כוס kos-fem. Strong's: #3563(x2) [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CUPPED.HAND: The bowl shape of the palm. Hebrew: חופן hho-phen-masc. Strong's: #2651 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CURDLE(Verb): To change into curd; coagulate; congeal. To spoil; turn sour. Hebrew: קפא q.p.a-com. Strong's: #7087 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CUSTODY: Immediate charge and control exercised by a person or authority. A careful watching over as an office, guard or prison. Hebrew: משמר mish-mar-masc. Strong's: #4929 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CUSTOM: A usage or practice common to many or to a particular place or class or habitual with an individual. Hebrew: חוק hhuq-masc. חוקה hhu-qah-fem. Strong's: #2706, #2708 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CUT(Verb): To penetrate with a sharp edged instrument. Hebrew: כרת k.r.t-com. Strong's: #3772 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CUT.DOWN(Verb): To bring down usually by slicing, hacking or chopping. Hebrew: גדע g.d.ah-com. Strong's: #1438 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CUT.IN.TWO(Verb): To sever into two pieces or parts. Hebrew: בתר b.t.r-com. Strong's: #1334 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CUT.OFF(Verb): To discontinue or terminate. To sever the tip or end. Hebrew: נמל n.m.l-com. Strong's: #5243 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CUT.PIECE: A sacrificial animal that has been cut into pieces. Hebrew: בתר be-ter-masc. Strong's: #1335 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CUT.SHARPLY(Verb): To divide or slice with a sharp instrument such as a potsherd or iron blade. To make a decision in the sense of dividing between two choices. To be diligent in the sense of a sharp action. Hebrew: חרץ hh.r.ts-com. Strong's: #2742, #2782 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CUTTING: Something cut, cut off, or cut out. Hebrew: גרן ge-rez-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

CYMBAL: An instrument that vibrates when shaken. Hebrew: צילצל-masc. Strong's: #6767(x2) [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DAMAGE(Verb): To bring to ruin by destruction; to destroy through disfigurement or corruption. Hebrew: שחת sh.hh.t-com. Alt. Trans.: destroy (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form) Strong's: #7843 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DAMAGING: To completely destroy with force. To tear or bring down. Hebrew: משחית mash-hhit-masc. Strong's: #4889 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DANCE: Twisting, skipping, or leaping with joy. To rejoice in expression of thanksgiving for religious worship or festivity. Hebrew: מחולה me-hho-lah-fem. Strong's: #4246 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DARK: Devoid or partially devoid of light; not receiving, reflecting, transmitting, producing or radiating light. As the darkness of a moonless night. Hebrew: חשכה hha-shey-khah-fem. Strong's: #2824, #2825 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DARKEN(Verb): To be deprived of light. To be dark as night. Hebrew: חשך hh.sh.k-com. Strong's: #2821 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DARKNESS: The state of being dark. As the darkness of a moonless night. Hebrew: חושך hho-shekh-masc. Strong's: #2822 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DASH.TO.PIECES(Verb): To shatter into pieces by force. Hebrew: רעץ r.ah.ts-com. Strong's: #7492 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DATE.PALM: The tree that produces the date. An erect tree as a pillar. Hebrew: תמר ta-mar-masc. Strong's: #8558 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DAUGHTER: A female having the relation of a child to parent. A village that resides outside of the city walls; as "the daughter of the city." Hebrew: בת bat-fem. Strong's: #1323 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DAUGHTER-IN-LAW: The wife of one's son. Bride of the son, as brought into the camp, in the sense of making the man complete. Hebrew: כללה kal-lah-fem. Strong's: #3618 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DAWN: To begin to grow light as the sun rises in the east. The place of the rising sun. Hebrew: שחר sha-hhar-masc. Strong's: #7837 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DAY: The time of light between one dusk and the next one. Usually in the context of daylight hours but may also refer to the entire day or even a season. Hebrew: יום yom-masc. Alt. Trans.: today (when prefixed with "the~"); daily (when prefixed with "to~ the~", or when the word is doubled) Strong's: #3117 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DAYTIME: The time of the day when the sun is shining. Hebrew: יומם yo-mam-masc. Strong's: #3119 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DEAD.BODY: The remains of a creature or person that has lost its life. Hebrew: נבלה-fem. Strong's: #5038 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DEAL.DECEITFULLY(Verb): To give as one's portion by a false impression. Hebrew: התל h.t.l-com. Strong's: #2048 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DEAL.FALSELY(Verb): Hebrew: שקר sh.q.r-com. Strong's: #8266 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DEATH: A permanent cessation of all vital functions; the end of life. Hebrew: מות mot-masc. Strong's: #4192, #4194 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DECEIT: The act or practice of not being honest. Hebrew: מרמה mir-mah-fem. Strong's: #4820 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DECEIVE(Verb): To cause to accept as true or valid; what is false or invalid; to trick. Can also mean usury in the sense of a deception. The participle form may mean creditor in the sense of imposition. Hebrew: נשא n.sh.a-com. Strong's: #5377, #5378, #5383 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DECIDE(Verb): To make a determination in a dispute or wrong doing; to judge. Hebrew: שפט sh.p.t-com. Strong's: #8199 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DECISION: A pronounced opinion. Hebrew: משפט mish-pat-masc. Strong's: #4941 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DECLARE(Verb): To make a formal proclamation. Often used for the words of God. Hebrew: נאם n.a.m-com. Strong's: #5001, #5002 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DECLINE: Hebrew: רפך r.p.k-com. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DECORATE(Verb): To apply ornamentation to show distinguishment or distinction. To stand out; being seen in a good light. To boast, in the sense of decorating the self with words. Hebrew: פאר p.a.r-com. Strong's: #6286 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DECORATED: Hebrew: פארן-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DECORATION: Ornamentation that shows position, distinguishment or distinction. Hebrew: תפארה / תפארת tiph-a-rah / tiph-e-ret-fem. Strong's: #8597 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DECORATIVE.BAND: An adornment with designs used to decorate or tie an article of clothing. Hebrew: חשב hhey-shev-masc. Strong's: #2805 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DEDICATE(Verb): To set something apart for a special purpose. Hebrew: נזר n.z.r-com. Strong's: #5144 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DEDICATED: Devoted to the worship of God. Hebrew: נזיר na-zir-masc. Strong's: #5139 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DEDICATION: The act of being set apart for a special purpose. Also a crown of authority as a sign of dedication. Hebrew: נזר ne-zer-masc. Alt. Trans.: crown Strong's: #5145 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DEED: The work or task that is performed in order to produce something. Hebrew: פועל-masc. Strong's: #6467 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DEEP.BLACK: The black of night or the pupil of the eye. In the sense of charring from a fire. Hebrew: אישון-masc. Strong's: #0380 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DEEP.BREATH: Hebrew: נפיש ne-phish-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DEEP.SEA: Extending far from some surface or area; in difficulty or distress. Deep and tumultuous water. A subterranean body of water. Hebrew: תהום te-hom-fem. Strong's: #8415 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DEFEAT: Overcome or weakened by an outside force. Hebrew: חלושה hha-lu-shah-fem. Strong's: #2476 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DEFENDER: To ward off an attack on another. (A word of uncertain meaning.) Hebrew: גון-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DEFIANCE: Hebrew: תנואה-fem. Strong's: #8569 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DEFILED: A polluted or tainted reputation; what is made common or fouled. Hebrew: חלל hha-lal-masc. חללה hha-la-lah-fem. Strong's: #2491 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DEFORM(Verb): To be physically deformed in some manner which is usually covered. Hebrew: קלט q.l.t-com. Strong's: #7038 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DELAY(Verb): To stop, detain or hinder for a time. Hebrew: אחר a.hh.r-com. Strong's: #0309 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DELICACY: The quality or state of being luxurious. Flavorful meat. Hebrew: מטעם mat-am-masc. Strong's: #4303 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DELICATE: Fragile; easily damaged; frail (A word of uncertain meaning) Hebrew: אכד-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DELIGHT(Verb): To desire something out of pleasure or necessity; to have a high degree of gratification. Hebrew: חפץ hh.p.ts-com. Strong's: #2654 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DELIGHTFUL: Hebrew: נעמה-fem. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DELIVER(Verb): To set free; to take and hand over to or leave for another. Hebrew: נצל n.ts.l-com. Strong's: #5337 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DELIVER.UP(Verb): To hand over to another. (A denominative verb of מגן-a shield) Hebrew: מגן m.g.n-com. Strong's: #4042 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DEMISE: Termination of existence or operation. (A word of uncertain meaning.) Hebrew: דובא do-ve-masc. Strong's: #1679 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DENY(Verb): To disclaim connection with or responsibility for. Withhold something from another or self as in a lie or submission. Hebrew: כחש k.hh.sh-com. Alt. Trans.: lie (when written in the piel [active intensive] form) Strong's: #3584 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DEPART(Verb): To go astray from the correct path and become lost; to act against a law or teaching as one who has gone astray. Hebrew: רשע r.sh.ah-com. Alt. Trans.: convict (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form) Strong's: #7561 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DEPART.EARLY(Verb): Literally, to put a load on the shoulder to go away or leave early. Hebrew: שכם sh.k.m-com. Strong's: #7925 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DEPOSIT: The act of making a gift or a free contribution. What is brought to another as a gift. Hebrew: מינחה min-hhah-fem. Strong's: #4503 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DEPOSIT(Verb): To place, especially for safekeeping or as a pledge; to be laid down; to sit down to rest or remain in place. Hebrew: ינח y.n.hh-com. Strong's: #3240 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DEPOSITED: Valuables placed for safekeeping. Produce or other stores that are watched over. Hebrew: פקדון piq-don-masc. Strong's: #6487 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DEPRESSION: What is of a concave shape such as a saddle or pasture in a valley. Also, may mean the sheep of the pasture. Hebrew: כר car-masc. Strong's: #3733 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DEPTH: The bottom of a deep body of water. Hebrew: מצולה me-tso-lah-fem. Strong's: #4688 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DERIDE(Verb): Hebrew: נאץ n.a.ts-com. Strong's: #5006 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DERISION: To talk in a low quiet voice. Hebrew: שימצה shim-tsah-fem. Strong's: #8103 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DESCENDER: Hebrew: ירדן-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DESERT: An expanse of land often barren of vegetation and people. Hebrew: ערבה-fem. Strong's: #6160 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DESERT.REGION: Hebrew: תימא-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DESIRABLE: Hebrew: תירס-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DESIRE: What is good or bad, that is lusted after. Hebrew: אוה a-wat-fem. Strong's: #0185 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DESIRED: Something that is craved. Hebrew: חמדן-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DESOLATE: Vacant or void of required sources for life. Hebrew: שממה she-ma-mah-fem. Strong's: #8047, #8077 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DESOLATE(Verb): To be devoid of inhabitants or visitors. Hebrew: שמם sh.m.m-com. Strong's: #8074 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DESOLATE.WILDERNESS: A desolate place. Hebrew: ישימון-masc. Strong's: #3452 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DESPAIRING: Hebrew: למך-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DESPISE(Verb): To look down on with contempt or aversion. Hebrew: בוז b.w.z-com. Strong's: #0936 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DESTROY(Verb): To bring to ruin a structure, existence, or condition. Hebrew: שמד sh.m.d-com. Strong's: #8045 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DESTRUCTION: Hebrew: קטב-masc. Strong's: #6986 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DETEST(Verb): To detest that which is filthy. Hebrew: שקץ sh.q.ts-com. Strong's: #8262 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DEVOTE(Verb): To set aside for or assign to a specific function, task, or purpose. Hebrew: חנך hh.n.k-com. Strong's: #2596 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DEVOTED: Immersed in activity for a specific task. Hebrew: חנוך hha-nokh-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DEVOTION: Reserved for a specific use or purpose. Hebrew: חנוכה-fem. Strong's: #2598 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DEVOUR(Verb): Hebrew: חסל hh.s.l-com. Strong's: #2628 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DEW: Moisture condensed on the surfaces of cool bodies or objects, especially at night. Hebrew: טל tal-masc. Strong's: #2919 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DIE(Verb): To pass from physical life; to pass out of existence; to come to an end through death. Hebrew: מות m.w.t-com. Alt. Trans.: kill (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form) Strong's: #4191 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DIG(Verb): To break or loosen earth with an instrument or tool. To bargain in the sense of digging. Hebrew: כרה k.r.h-com. Strong's: #3738, #3739 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DIG.OUT(Verb): To dig something out of the ground. To dig into something as if searching. To confuse in the sense of being dug out. Hebrew: חפר hh.p.r-com. Strong's: #2658, #2659 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DIM(Verb): Emitting a limited or insufficient amount of light; seen indistinctly or without clear outlines or details.. To be dark in the eyes or knowledge. Hebrew: כהה k.h.h-com. Strong's: #3543 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DIMINISH(Verb): To make less or cause to appear less; to lessen the authority, dignity, or reputation of. Be lacking or to decrease. Hebrew: חסר hh.s.r-com. Strong's: #2637 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DIMNESS: Hebrew: כהה-masc. Strong's: #3544 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DIP(Verb): To plunge or immerse momentarily or partially, as under the surface of a liquid, to moisten, cool, or coat. Hebrew: טבל t.b.l-com. Strong's: #2881 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DIRECT(Verb): To cause to turn, move, or point undeviatingly or to follow a straight course; give instructions or orders for a path to be taken. Hebrew: צוה ts.w.h-com. Strong's: #6680 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DIRECTIVE: The direction to go. Serving or intended to guide, govern, or influence; serving to point direction. Hebrew: מצוה mits-wah-fem. Strong's: #4687 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DIRTY: What is morally or physically impure; dirty, filthy. Hebrew: טמא ta-mey-masc. טמאה ta-mey-ah-fem. Strong's: #2931, #2932 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DISCERNMENT: The quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure. An intimacy with a person, idea or concept. Knowledge. Hebrew: דעת da-at-fem. Strong's: #1847 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DISCHARGE: The issue of the sexual organs. Hebrew: זוב-masc. Strong's: #2101 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DISCIPLINE: Knowledge, information or example imparted to provide guidance, correction and discipline. Hebrew: מוסר mu-sar-masc. mo-sey-rah Strong's: #4561, #4148 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DISDAIN(Verb): A feeling of contempt for what is beneath one; to look with scorn on; to treat something as spoiled or no longer of value. Hebrew: בזה b.z.h-com. Strong's: #0959 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DISEASE: An incorrectly functioning organ, part, structure, or system of the body that brings on an illness. Hebrew: מדוה mad-weh-masc. Strong's: #4064 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DISGRACE: A scorn, taunting or reproach as a piercing. Hebrew: חרפה hher-pah-fem. Strong's: #2781 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DISGUSTING: Something highly distasteful that arouses marked aversion in one. Hebrew: תועבה to-ey-vah-fem. Strong's: #8441 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DISLOCATE(Verb): To put out of place; to displace, as to dislocate a joint. Beheading by severing the neck.. Hebrew: יקע y.q.ah-com. Alt. Trans.: hang (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form) Strong's: #3363 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DISMAY: Sudden trouble, terror or ruin. Hebrew: בהלה-fem. Strong's: #0928 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DISOBEY(Verb): To neglect or refuse to obey; to rebel against. Hebrew: מרה m.r.h-com. Strong's: #4784 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DISPERSE(Verb): To separate or remove to a distance apart from each other; to diffuse or cause to break into different parts. Hebrew: זרה z.r.h-com. Strong's: #2219 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DISPUTE: Bitter, sometimes violent conflict or dissension. Hebrew: ריב riv-masc. Strong's: #7379 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DISPUTE(Verb): To engage in argument; to dispute or chide another in harassment or trial. Hebrew: ריב / רוב r.y.b / r.w.b-com. Strong's: #7378 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DISSOLVE(Verb): To loose the bonds of something. To make something disappear. Hebrew: מוג m.w.g-com. Strong's: #4127 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DISTANCE: Separation in space or time. A distant place or time. Hebrew: רחוק ra-hhoq-masc. רחוקה re-hho-qah-fem. Strong's: #7350 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DISTANT: A far off place as hidden beyond the horizon. A far off time as hidden from the present; the distant past or future. A place or time that cannot be perceived. Hebrew: עולם o-lam-masc. Strong's: #5769 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DISTRACTED: Hebrew: פון pun-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DISTRACTED.ONE: Hebrew: פונון pu-non-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DISTRESS(Verb): The state of being in great trouble, great physical or mental strain and stress. To be in pain from grief or heavy toil. Hebrew: עצב ah.ts.b-com. Strong's: #6087 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DISTRESSING.PAIN: Resulting from grief or heavy toil. This word can also mean an idol or image. Hebrew: עצב e-tsev-masc. Strong's: #6089, #6091, #6092 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DISTRIBUTE(Verb): To divide and mete out according to a plan among the appropriate recipients. Hebrew: חלק hh.l.q-com. Strong's: #2505 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DISTRIBUTION: An individual's part or share of something. The portions dispersed out. Hebrew: חלק hhey-leq-masc. Strong's: #2506 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DISTURB(Verb): To interfere with; to destroy tranquility; to throw into disorder. Agitate or trouble, as when stirring water. Hebrew: עכר ah.k.r-com. Strong's: #5916 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DISTURBED.ONE: Hebrew: עכרן akh-ran-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DIVE(Verb): To plunge, fall, or descend through the air or water. Hebrew: דאה d.a.h-com. Strong's: #1675 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DIVERSE.KIND: Something produced by the forbidden practice of crossing together different kinds, such as crossbreeding cattle and the mixing of wool and linen. (This noun is always written in the double plural form.) Hebrew: כילא-masc. Strong's: #3610 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DIVIDE(Verb): To separate into two or more parts, areas or groups. To divide in half. Hebrew: חצה hh.ts.h-com. Strong's: #2673 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DIVIDE.APART(Verb): To separate. Hebrew: פרד p.r.d-com. Strong's: #6504 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DIVIDE.INTO.PIECES(Verb): To sever or part into sections To distribute or to bestow in parts or shares. Hebrew: נתח n.t.hh-com. Strong's: #5408 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DIVIDED.PART: A part of a whole that was split and separated. Hebrew: גזר ge-zer-masc. Strong's: #1506 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DIVIDING: A separating into parts. Hebrew: חצצון-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DIVINATION: Hebrew: קסם-masc. Strong's: #7081 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DIVINE(Verb): To practice divination. Hebrew: קסם q.s.m-com. Strong's: #7080 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DIVINER: Hebrew: נחשון-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DIVORCE: As cut off from the husband. Hebrew: כריתות-fem. Strong's: #3748 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DO(Verb): To bring to pass; to bring about; to act or make. Hebrew: עשה ah.sh.h-com. Alt. Trans.: make; use Strong's: #6213 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DO.NOT: The negative of an alternative choice. To be without; to not be. Hebrew: אל al-masc. Strong's: #0408 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DO.THE.MARRIAGE.DUTY(Verb): To perform the duty of the brother-in-law. When a brother dies, it is his brother's responsibility to marry his sister-in-law to provide his brother a child there-by, exalting the woman to her responsibility of bringing a child for her dead husband. Hebrew: יבם y.b.m-com. Strong's: #2992 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DO.WELL(Verb): To do something necessary; to be good, in the sense of being "functional." Hebrew: יטב y.t.b-com. Alt. Trans.: go well Strong's: #3190 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DOE: The adult female fallow deer. Hebrew: אילה ay-ya-lah-fem. Strong's: #0355 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DOG: An unclean four-footed animal. Also meaning contempt or reproach. Hebrew: כלב ke-lev-masc. Strong's: #3611 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DOING: Hebrew: עסו a-sah-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DOMINATE(Verb): To govern or prevail over as a magistrate; to be in ultimate control; to establish order. Hebrew: שטר sh.t.r-com. Strong's: #7860 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DONATION: Something given to another in devotion. Hebrew: קורבן-masc. Strong's: #7133 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DONKEY: A male ass. Hebrew: חמור hha-mor-masc. Strong's: #2543, #2565 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DOOR: A means of access; usually a swinging or sliding barrier by which an entry is closed and opened. Hebrew: דלת de-let-fem. Strong's: #1817 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DOORPOST: The vertical supporting frame or post around a door or gate. Hebrew: מזוזה me-zu-zah-fem. Strong's: #4201 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DOORWAY: Hebrew: נפתוח-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DOUBLE: To make twice as great or as many. As a second or a multiple of two. Hebrew: משנה mish-neh-masc. Strong's: #4932 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DOUBLE.OVER(Verb): To bend at the waist or middle. Hebrew: כפל k.p.l-com. Strong's: #3717 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DOUBLED: Hebrew: מכפלה-fem. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DOUGH: A mass of flour and water that rises when yeast is added and is then baked into bread or cakes. Hebrew: בצק ba-tseyq-masc. Strong's: #1217 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DOVE: Any of numerous species of birds, especially a small wild one. Hebrew: יונה yo-nah-fem. Strong's: #3123 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DOWRY: The money, goods, or estate that a woman brings to her husband in marriage. Hebrew: זבד zey-ved-masc. Strong's: #2065 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DRAIN(Verb): To squeeze out by wringing. Hebrew: מצה m.ts.h-com. Strong's: #4680 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DRAW(Verb): To pull up or out of a receptacle or place; to draw or pull something out; to prolong in the sense of drawing out time; to draw out a sound from a horn. Hebrew: משך m.sh.k-com. Strong's: #4900 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DRAW.AWAY(Verb): To draw out or away as a bowstring or to draw a cord to its breaking point. Hebrew: נתק n.t.q-com. Strong's: #5423 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DRAW.NEAR(Verb): To bring close to another. Hebrew: נגש n.g.sh-com. Strong's: #5066 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DRAW.OUT(Verb): To empty. To arm oneself by unsheathing a sword in the sense of emptying the scabbard. Acting in vain; empty-handed. Hebrew: רוק r.w.q-com. Strong's: #7324 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DRAW.UP(Verb): To bale up. To lift the bucket out of the well for drawing water. Hebrew: דלה d.l.h-com. Strong's: #1802 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DRAW.WATER(Verb): To bringing up water from a well, usually using a rope and a bucket. Hebrew: שאב sh.a.b-com. Strong's: #7579 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DRAWING.NEAR: To come or be brought close. Hebrew: גושן go-shen-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DRAWN.OUT: Hebrew: מש-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DREAD: Great fear, especially in the face of impending evil. Hebrew: חיתה hhi-tah-fem. Strong's: #2847 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DREAM: A series of thoughts, images or emotions occurring during sleep. Hebrew: חלום hha-lom-masc. Strong's: #2472 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DRIED.OUT: A dry or desolate place. Barren or uncultivated land. Also a dry land. Hebrew: חרבה hhar-bah-fem. Strong's: #2720, #2723, #2724 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DRILL(Verb): To run into or through as with a pointed weapon or tool; pierce a hole through. Hebrew: חלל hh.l.l-com. Alt. Trans.: begin, in the sense of pressing in (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form); defile (when written in the hiphil [active causative], piel [active intensive] or niphil [passive] form) Strong's: #2490 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DRINK(Verb): To swallow liquid, whether of man or of the land. Hebrew: שקה sh.q.h-com. Strong's: #8248 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DRINKING: The act of swallowing water or other liquid. The drinking of the land in the sense of its being watered or irrigated. Hebrew: משקה mash-qeh-masc. Strong's: #4945 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DRIVE(Verb): To set or keep in motion; to press or force into an activity, course, or direction. Hebrew: נהג n.h.g-com. Strong's: #5090 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DRIVE.OUT(Verb): To forcefully send someone or something out or away; to drive an axe through wood. Hebrew: נדח n.d.hh-com. Strong's: #5080 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DROP.DOWN(Verb): To pour down, pour out to the ground or into a vessel. To pour out anger to another. Hebrew: נתך n.t.k-com. Strong's: #5413 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DROVE: A group of animals driven or moving in a body. Hebrew: עדר ey-der-masc. Strong's: #5739 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DROWN(Verb): To sink down. Hebrew: שקע sh.q.ah-com. Strong's: #8257 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DRUNKARD: Hebrew: סבא-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DRY: Void of water or moisture. Hebrew: יבש ya-veysh-masc. יבשה ye-vey-shah-fem. Strong's: #3002 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DRY(Verb): To dry foods, grains and meats, to preserve them. Dried foods are carried by the shepherd. To be light in stature, worthless. Hebrew: קלה q.l.h-com. Strong's: #7033, #7034 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DRY.GROUND: Land that has become parched or void of water. Hebrew: יבשה ya-ba-shah-fem. Strong's: #3004 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DRY.LAND: An area void of moisture or water. Hebrew: יבשת ya-be-shet-fem. Strong's: #3006 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DRY.OUT(Verb): To be withered, ashamed or confused. Hebrew: יבש y.b.sh-com. Strong's: #3001 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DRY.UP(Verb): To be a dry wasteland; to be laid waste and made desolate. Hebrew: חרב hh.r.b-com. Strong's: #2717 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DUG.OUT.WELL: Hebrew: חפר hhe-pher-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DULL.RED: The color of blood and wine. Hebrew: חכלילי hhakh-li-li-masc. Strong's: #2447 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DUNG: The excrement of animals or humans. Manure or refuse. Hebrew: פרש pe-resh-masc. Strong's: #6569 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DUST: Fine particles of earth or other material that are easily disturbed to create a cloud. Hebrew: אבק a-vaq-masc. Strong's: #0080 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DWELL(Verb): To remain for a time; to live as a resident; to stay or sit in one location for an indeterminate duration. Hebrew: שכן sh.k.n-com. Strong's: #7931 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DWELLER: The resident of a region. Also a habitation, the place of residence. Hebrew: שכן she-khen-masc. Strong's: #7933, #7934 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DWELLING: A place of habitation or residence. Hebrew: משכן mish-kan-masc. Strong's: #4908 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

DYSFUNCTIONAL: Impaired or abnormal action other than that for which a person or thing is intended. Something that does not function within its intended purpose. Hebrew: רע ra-com. Strong's: #7451, #7455 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EAGLE: An unknown bird, but probably a hawk or eagle. Hebrew: נשר ne-sher-masc. Strong's: #5404 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EAR: The organ of hearing on each side of the head. Hebrew: אוזן o-zen-fem. Strong's: #0241 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EAR.OF.GRAIN: The cluster of seeds found on grass crops. Hebrew: שיבול / שיבולת / סבלת shi-bol / si-bo-let / si-bo-let-masc. שיבולת-fem. Strong's: #5451, #7641 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EARED.OWL: An unknown bird. Hebrew: ינשוף-masc. Strong's: #3244 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EARTHENWARE: A hollow box formed out of brick or clay for cooking. Hebrew: כיר-masc. Strong's: #3600 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EAST: The general direction of sunrise. As in front when facing the rising sun. Also, the ancient past. Hebrew: קדם qe-dem-masc. Strong's: #6924 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EAST.WIND: The wind that comes from the east. Toward the east as the origin of the east wind. Hebrew: קדים qa-dim-masc. Strong's: #6921 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EASTWARD: Toward the east. Before another space or time; as the east is in front when facing the rising sun. Hebrew: קידמה qid-mah-fem. Strong's: #6926 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EAT(Verb): To consume food; to destroy. A devouring of a fire. Hebrew: אכל a.k.l-com. Strong's: #0398 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EDGE: The border or boundary of an object or a region. The thin cutting edge of a blade. Hebrew: פאה pey-ah-fem. Strong's: #6285 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EDGING: Furnished with a border or trim. Added to a garment for ornamentation. Hebrew: גבלות gav-lut-fem. Strong's: #1383 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EGG: The roundish reproductive body produced by the female bird. Hebrew: ביצה-fem. Strong's: #1000 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EIGHT: A cardinal number eight. May represent fullness from its connection to root meaning fat or rich. Hebrew: שמונה she-mo-nah-masc. שמונה she-mo-neh-fem. Alt. Trans.: eighty (when in the plural form) Strong's: #8083, #8084 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EIGHTH: An ordinal number. Hebrew: שמיני she-mi-ni-masc. Strong's: #8066 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ELEVATED: Hebrew: ראומה-fem. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ELEVATION: The height to which something is raised. Hebrew: שאת se-eyt-fem. Strong's: #7613 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EMBER: A small live piece of coal, wood, etc., as in a dying fire. Hebrew: גחל-fem. Strong's: #1513 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EMBRACE(Verb): To clasp in the arms; to cherish or love; to take in or include in a larger group or whole. Hebrew: חבק hh.b.q-com. Strong's: #2263 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EMBROIDER(Verb): To decorate with ornamental and colorful needlework. Hebrew: רקם r.q.m-com. Strong's: #7551 [Lexicon] [Concordance]


EMERALD: Possibly the Emerald, a green variety of Beryl. The Hebrew word is from a root meaning to flash or shimmer, while the Septuagint uses Smaragdos meaning a green stone. Other possible translations are Beryl or Quartz. Hebrew: ברקת ba-re-qet-fem. Strong's: #1304 [Lexicon] [Concordance]


EMINENT: What exerts power and status. Someone or something that is wide in authority or majesty. Hebrew: אדיר a-dir-masc. Strong's: #0117, #0155 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EMPIRE: The area under the control of a king; a kingdom. Hebrew: מלכות-fem. Strong's: #4438 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EMPTINESS: Lack of contents which should be present. Void of contents or purpose. Hebrew: ריקם rey-qam-masc. Strong's: #7387 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EMPTY: The lack of intelligence or significance in an action. An action or thought with no positive results. To empty by pouring out. Hebrew: ריק riyq-masc. Strong's: #7385, #7386 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ENCIRCLE(Verb): To go around to enclose or go about. Hebrew: נקף n.q.p-com. Strong's: #5362 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ENCOMPASS(Verb): Hebrew: ענק ah.n.q-com. Strong's: #6059 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ENCOUNTER(Verb): To meet or come in contact with another person. A meeting between two hostile factions; to engage in conflict with. Hebrew: פגש p.g.sh-com. Strong's: #6298 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

END: A final point that marks the extent of something. The latter time as coming after everything else. Hebrew: אחרית a-hha-rit-fem. Strong's: #0319 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ENDOW(Verb): To furnish with a dower or payment for a bride. Pay the price for a bride. Give a natural gift. Hebrew: זבד z.b.d-com. Strong's: #2064 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ENGRAVE(Verb): To mark, scratch, or scrape. To chisel or cut figures, letters, or devices on stone or metal. Hebrew: חרת hh.r.t-com. Strong's: #2801 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ENGRAVER: A sculptor or carver who engraves wood, stone or metal. Hebrew: חרש hhe-resh-masc. Strong's: #2791, #2796 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ENGRAVING: A scratching or carving in stone, metal or wood. Hebrew: חרושת hha-ro-shet-fem. Strong's: #2799 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ENGRAVING.TOOL: A tool making markings or inscriptions by carving on stone, metal or wood. A stylus for inscribing a clay tablet. Hebrew: חרט hhe-ret-masc. Strong's: #2747 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ENQUIRE(Verb): To ask about; to search into; to seek to understand what is not known. Hebrew: שאל sh.a.l-com. Alt. Trans.: grant (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form) Strong's: #7592 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ENRAGE(Verb): To be extremely angry; to be indignant. Hebrew: זעם z.ah.m-com. Strong's: #2194 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ENSNARE(Verb): Hebrew: נקש n.q.sh-com. Strong's: #5367 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ENTANGLED(Verb): Twisted together or interwoven in a confused manner. Involved. Hebrew: בוך b.w.k-com. Strong's: #0943 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ENTIRELY: A state of being complete. All of it. No missing parts; complete by including everything. Hebrew: כליל ka-lil-masc. Strong's: #3632 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ENTRANCE: A place of entering. Once (Zechariah 8:7) used for the west as the place where the sun enters the underworld. Hebrew: מבוא ma-vo-masc. Strong's: #3996 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ENTRYWAY: A passage for affording entrance. (A word of undertain meaning) Hebrew: זוז-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ENTWINE(Verb): To twist together or around; to become twisted. Hebrew: פתל p.t.l-com. Strong's: #6617 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ENWRAP(Verb): To tightly wrap something up. Hebrew: עטה ah.t.h-com. Strong's: #5844 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EPHOD: An apron-like vestment having two shoulder straps and ornamental attachments for securing the breastplate, worn with a waistband by the high priest. Hebrew: אפוד e-phod-masc. אפודה e-phu-dah-fem. Strong's: #0642, #0646 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EPIDEMIC: A wide spread disease effecting man or animal. A pestilence. Hebrew: דבר de-ver-masc. Strong's: #1698 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EQUAL: Hebrew: שוה-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EQUATED: Hebrew: שה-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ERR(Verb): Hebrew: שגג sh.g.g-com. Strong's: #7683 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ERROR: Hebrew: שגגה-fem. Strong's: #7684 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ERUPTION: A disease of the skin which breaks open drawing out liquid. Hebrew: נתק-masc. Strong's: #5424 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ESCAPED: A getting away, especially from confinement. A person or animal that has gotten away. Hebrew: פליט pa-lit-masc. פליטה pe-ley-tah-fem. Strong's: #6412, #6413 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ESTIMATE(Verb): To make an approximate count or reckoning. Hebrew: כסס k.s.s-com. Strong's: #3699 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EUNUCH: A castrated man. As eunuchs were used as officers, may also mean an officer. Hebrew: סריס sa-ris-masc. Strong's: #5631 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EVENING: The latter part and close of the day and the early part of the night. Dark of the evening or dark-skinned people. Hebrew: ערב e-rev-masc. Strong's: #6153 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EVENT: Hebrew: קרה-masc. Strong's: #7137 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EVICTED: To be removed or thrown from with force. To dispossess, exile, dismiss. Hebrew: גרשון ger-shon-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EVIDENCE: That which proves or disproves something; something that makes plain or clear; an indication or sign. Hebrew: עדות ey-dut-fem. Strong's: #5715 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EWE: A female sheep. Hebrew: רחל ra-hheyl-fem. Strong's: #7353 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EXAMINE(Verb): To intently search or seek for details. Hebrew: חקר hh.q.r-com. Strong's: #2713 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EXCEED(Verb): Running over, filled beyond capacity. Hebrew: עדף ah.d.p-com. Strong's: #5736 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EXCEPT: With the exclusion of from the whole. The whole with the exception of one or more. Hebrew: בילתי bil-ti-masc. Alt. Trans.: not; by not (when prefixed with "to~") Strong's: #1115 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EXCHANGE: Hebrew: תמורה-fem. Strong's: #8545 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EXCHANGE(Verb): The act of giving or taking one thing in return for another. To buy or sell produce, usually grain. Bartering. Hebrew: שבר sh.b.r-com. Strong's: #7666 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EXHALE(Verb): To give out a breath. To blow on a fire or the boiling water in a pot as an exhale. Hebrew: נפח n.p.hh-com. Strong's: #5301 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EXIST(Verb): To have real being whether material or spiritual; to have breath. Hebrew: היה h.y.h-com. Alt. Trans.: come to pass; is; what is needed (when used in the infinitive form and prefixed with "from~") Strong's: #1961 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EXISTING: Hebrew: יה yah-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EXPEL(Verb): To drive or force out or away; discharge or eject. Hebrew: הדף h.d.p-com. Strong's: #1920 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EXPERIENCED: Direct observation of or participation in events as a basis of knowledge. Something that is personally encountered, undergone or lived through in its use. Hebrew: חניך hha-nikh-masc. Strong's: #2593 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EXPIRE(Verb): To breathe one's last breath; the last breath of death. Hebrew: גוע g.w.ah-com. Strong's: #1478 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EXPLAIN(Verb): To provide a meaning. Hebrew: באר b.a.r-com. Strong's: #0874 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EXPOSE: To cause to be visible or open to public view. In the sense of uncovering. Hebrew: מחשוף mahh-soph-masc. Strong's: #4286 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EXTEND(Verb): To set up camp by stretching out the cover of the tent; to extend or stretch in length. Hebrew: נטה n.t.h-com. Alt. Trans.: turn away from (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form) Strong's: #5186 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EXTRACT(Verb): To pull out or toward. To draw weapons for battle. Hebrew: חלץ hh.l.ts-com. Strong's: #2502 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EXTREME.OLD.AGE: A full and long life. Hebrew: זקון za-qun-masc. Strong's: #2208 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EXTREMITY: The most distant end of a place or time; the end, corner or edge. Hebrew: קצה qa-tseh-masc. קצה qa-tsah-fem. Strong's: #7097, #7098 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EXUBERANT: Abounding in vitality; extremely joyful and vigorous. Hebrew: זרד ze-red-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EYE: The organ of sight or vision that tears when a person weeps. Also a spring that weeps water out of the ground. Hebrew: עין a-yin-fem. Strong's: #5869 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

EYPHAH: A dry standard of measure equal to 3 se'ahs or 10 omers. The same as the liquid measure bath which is about 9 imperial gallons or 40 liters. Hebrew: איפה ey-phah-fem. Strong's: #0374 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FACE: The anterior part of the human head; outward appearance. One present, in the sense of being in the face of another. Often used in the context of being before or in front of. (Always written in the plural form, but usually used as a singular noun) Hebrew: פנה pa-neh-masc. Alt. Trans.: before; in front of (when prefixed with "to~"); within (when suffixed with "~unto") Strong's: #3942, #6440 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FACE.TOWARD(Verb): To face another or meet face to face; to go before someone or something in space or time. Hebrew: קדם q.d.m-com. Strong's: #6923 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FADE(Verb): To degrade a person, action or object. To droop or pass away. To wither away as a leaf. To wear out of strength. To act unproductively. Hebrew: נבל n.b.l-com. Strong's: #5034 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FAIL(Verb): To miss the target, whether a literal target or a goal that is aimed for. Hebrew: חטא hh.t.a-com. Alt. Trans.: purge; bear the blame or purify (when written in the piel [active intensive] form); purify self (when written in the hitpa'el [reflexive] form Strong's: #2398 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FAILING: A complete destruction or inability to perform an action. Hebrew: כליון-masc. Strong's: #3631 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FAILURE: An act or condition of ignorant or imprudent deviation from a code of behavior. A missing of the target in the sense of making a mistake. The sacrifice, which by transference, becomes the sin. Hebrew: חטא hha-ta-masc. חטאה / חטאת hha-ta-a / hha-ta-at-fem. Strong's: #2399, #2400, #2401, #2403 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FAINT: From a blow to the loins. Hebrew: מורך-masc. Strong's: #4816 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FAINT(Verb): Lacking courage and spirit; weak, dizzy and likely to pass out. Lacking distinctness. Hebrew: להה l.h.h-com. Strong's: #3856 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FALCON: An unknown unclean bird. Hebrew: נץ nets-masc. Strong's: #5322(x2) [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FALL: Hebrew: פל pa-lal-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FALL(Verb): To leave an erect position suddenly and involuntarily; to descend freely by the force of gravity. Hebrew: נפל n.p.l-com. Strong's: #5307 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FALL.UPON(Verb): To suddenly and forcefully crash upon someone or something. Hebrew: שוף sh.w.p-com. Strong's: #7779 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FALLEN.GRAPE: As broken from the plant and scattered on the ground. Hebrew: פרט-masc. Strong's: #6528 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FALSE: A deliberate lie. An expression of a non-truth. Hebrew: שקר she-qer-masc. Strong's: #8267 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FALSENESS: Words or actions that are not true or are empty. A Deception. Lacking value and content. Hebrew: שוא shu-a-com. Strong's: #7723 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FAMILY.IDOL: A household idol of a god, possibly believed to have a healing power. Hebrew: תרף te-raph-masc. Strong's: #8655 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FAMINE: An extreme scarcity of food. Hebrew: רעבון ra-a-von-masc. Strong's: #7459 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FAR.BE.IT: Something least likely to happen. Hebrew: חלילה hha-li-lah-fem. Strong's: #2486 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FAR.END: The concluding part of an area or extremity. Also used for the conclusion of a thought; finally, however, but. Hebrew: אפס-masc. Alt. Trans.: in the end Strong's: #0657 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FASTEN(Verb): To be joined to another as in a yoke. Hebrew: צמד ts.m.d-com. Strong's: #6775 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FASTENER: An item for joining items together. Hebrew: דבק-masc. Strong's: #1694, #1695 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FAT: Animal tissue consisting of cells distended with greasy or oily matter; adipose tissue. The fat of an animal as the choicest part. Also milk; A white fatty liquid secreted by cows, sheep and goats, and used for food or as a source of butter, cheeses, yogurt, etc. Hebrew: חלב hhe-lev-masc. Alt. Trans.: milk Strong's: #2459, #2461 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FATHER: A man who has begotten a child. The provider and support to the household. The ancestor of a family line. The patron of a profession or art. Hebrew: אב av-masc. Strong's: #0001 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FATHER-IN-LAW: The father of ones wife or husband, father-in-law in the sense of passion Hebrew: חם hham-masc. Strong's: #2524 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FATNESS: An abundance of fat, food or ashes. Hebrew: דשן-masc. Strong's: #1879, #1880 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FATTEN(Verb): To make more substantial, fleshy or plump; to fill up. The filling of the earth in Genesis 1 with the sun, moon, plants and animals. The filling of man with breath and the image of God. To bring something about. Hebrew: ברא b.r.a-com. Strong's: #1254 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FATTENING: Hebrew: ריבקה-fem. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FAVORED: Hebrew: מהיטב ya-tav-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FEAR(Verb): To be afraid of; to have a strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger; the flowing, or quivering, of the gut from fear or awe; to dread what is terrible or revere what is respected. Hebrew: ירא y.r.a-com. Strong's: #3372 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FEARFUL: Having great respect; being in a state of awe or fear. Hebrew: ירא ya-rey-masc. Strong's: #3373 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FEARFULNESS: A great respect; a state of awe or fear. Hebrew: יראה yi-rah-fem. Strong's: #3374 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FEARING: To be in awe, a state of fear or apprehensive. Hebrew: מורא-masc. Strong's: #4172 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FEAST: A commemoration of a special event with dancing, rejoicing, and sharing of food. A ceremony of joy and thanksgiving. A festival with a magnificent meal which is shared with a number of guests. Hebrew: חג hhag-masc. Strong's: #2282 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FEATHER: The principle covering of birds. Hebrew: אברה-fem. Strong's: #0084 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FED.FAT: A member of the livestock that has been fed grains to fatten it for the slaughter. Hebrew: בריא ba-ri-masc. בריאה-fem. Alt. Trans.: fattening Strong's: #1277, #1278 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FEED(Verb): To give food to; to provide feed or pasture to the flock. Commonly used in the participle form meaning a feeder or shepherd. Hebrew: רעה r.ah.h-com. Strong's: #7462 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FEEDING.PLACE: A place of feeding or grazing. Hebrew: מרעה mir-eh-masc. Strong's: #4829 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FEEL(Verb): To handle or touch in order to examine, test or explore some quality. Reach out with the hand to touch. Hebrew: מוש m.w.sh-com. Strong's: #3237 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FEMALE: An individual that bears children. Designed with a hollow or groove into which a corresponding male part fits, as with a hole. Hebrew: נקבה na-qey-vah-fem. Strong's: #5347 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FEMALE.OWNER: A female master overseeing slaves or servants. Hebrew: גברת ge-ve-ret-fem. Strong's: #1404 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FEMALE.PROSTITUTE: One set aside for a special purpose. Hebrew: קדשה qe-dey-shah-fem. Strong's: #6948 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FENCE: A wall for enclosing in livestock or garden. Hebrew: גדר-masc. גדרה g-dey-rah-fem. Strong's: #1444, #1447, #1448 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FENCE: A walled place of protection and confinement. Hebrew: מבצר-masc. Strong's: #4013 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FENCE.AROUND(Verb): To surround with a wall of protection or covering. To encompass completely. Hebrew: שכך/סכך s.k.k-com. Strong's: #5526 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FENCE.IN(Verb): A barrier intended to protect, prevent escape or intrusion, or to mark a boundary; to gather together and confine for protection. Hebrew: בצר b.ts.r-com. Strong's: #1219 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FERRET: An unclean animal of unknown species. Probably a mammal whose sound is like a cry. Hebrew: אנקה-fem. Strong's: #0604 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FEVER: Hebrew: קדחת-fem. Strong's: #6920 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FEW: Small in number. Hebrew: מצער / מזער miz-ar / mits-ar-masc. Strong's: #4213, #4705 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FIELD: An open land area free of trees and buildings. A level plot of ground. Hebrew: שדה sa-deh-masc. Strong's: #7704 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FIFTH: An ordinal number. Hebrew: חמישי hha-mi-shi-masc. Strong's: #2549 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FIFTH.PART: A fifth portion of five equal amounts. Hebrew: חומש hho-mesh-masc. Strong's: #2569, #2570 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FIG: An oblong or pear-shaped fruit from a tree of the fichus genus. Hebrew: תאן te-eyn-fem. Strong's: #8384 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FIGHT(Verb): To make war; to battle as to destruction; to attempt to defeat, subdue, or destroy an enemy by blows or weapons. Hebrew: לחם l.hh.m-com. Alt. Trans.: wage war (when written in the niphil [passive] form) Strong's: #3898 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FIGHTING: Hebrew: כדר-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FIGURE: Hebrew: סמל-masc. Strong's: #5566 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FILL(Verb): To occupy to the full capacity. Hebrew: מלא m.l.a-com. Alt. Trans.: fulfill; set (the setting of stone) Strong's: #4390 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FILLING: An act or instance of filling; something used to fill a cavity, container, or depression. Hebrew: מלו me-lo-masc. Strong's: #4393 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FILTHINESS: A dirty, shameful, or detestable action, object or condition. Often used in the context of idols. Hebrew: שיקוץ-masc. Strong's: #8251 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FILTHY: Hebrew: שקץ-masc. Strong's: #8263 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FIN: The fins of a fish. Hebrew: סנפיר-masc. Strong's: #5579 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FIND(Verb): To come upon, often accidentally; to meet with; to discover and secure through searching. Hebrew: מצא m.ts.a-com. Alt. Trans.: reveal (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form) Strong's: #4672 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FINE(Verb): A financial penalty made for an offense or damages. Hebrew: ענש ah.n.sh-com. Strong's: #6064 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FINE.DUST: A pulverized powder. Also the clouds as a fine powder. Hebrew: שחק-masc. Strong's: #7834 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FINGER: The extension of the hand. Can be used to point. Hebrew: אצבע ets-ba-fem. Strong's: #0676 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FINGER.SPAN: The width of the fingers, often used as a measurement. Hebrew: זרת ze-ret-fem. Strong's: #2239 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FINISH(Verb): To bring to an end; terminate; to complete an action, event. Hebrew: כלה k.l.h-com. Alt. Trans.: bring to an end Strong's: #3615 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FIRE: The phenomenon of combustion manifested by heat, light and flame. Hebrew: אש eysh-fem. Strong's: #0784 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FIRE.OFFERING: A sacrifice that is placed in a fire as an offering. Hebrew: אישה i-sheh-masc. Strong's: #0801 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FIRE.PAN: A tray for carrying hot coals. Hebrew: מחתה mahh-tah-fem. Strong's: #4289 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FIRMLY.PRESSED: Hebrew: מעכה-fem. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FIRMNESS: Securely fixed in place. Hebrew: אמון ey-mun-masc. אמונה e-mu-nah-fem. Strong's: #0529, #0530 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FIRST: The head of a time or position. Hebrew: ריאשון ri-shon-masc. Strong's: #7223 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FIRST.RAIN: Hebrew: יורה-masc. Strong's: #3138 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FIRST.TIME: The point of time or space at which anything begins. Hebrew: תחילה te-hhiy-lah-fem. Strong's: #8462 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FIRSTBORN: The first offspring, usually a son, of a man or animal; the prominent one. Hebrew: בכור be-khor-masc. Strong's: #1060 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FIRSTBORN.FEMALE: The daughter that is born first; the prominent one. Hebrew: בכירה be-khi-rah-fem. Strong's: #1067 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FIRSTFRUIT: The first gathered fruits of a harvest; the first results of an undertaking. Hebrew: ביכור bi-khor-masc. Strong's: #1061 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FISH: An aquatic animal. Only fish with scales and fins are considered fit for food (clean). Hebrew: דג / דאג dag-masc. דגה da-gah-fem. Strong's: #1709, #1710 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FISSURE: A division, causing to become two pieces instead of one. A cleft or narrow chasm. Hebrew: נקרה nik-rah-fem. Strong's: #5366 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FIST: Clenched fingers into the palm of the hand. Hebrew: אגרוף eg-roph-masc. Strong's: #0106 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FIVE: A cardinal number, from the number of fingers on a hand. Hebrew: חמשה hha-mi-shah-masc. חמש hha-meysh-fem. Alt. Trans.: fifty (when written in the plural) Strong's: #2568, #2572 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FLAKE.OFF: To scale off particles from an object. Hebrew: חספס hh.s.p-com. Strong's: #2636 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FLAME.OF.FIRE: Hebrew: פילדש-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FLAMING: A visible fire, usually used in the sense of a fierce anger. Hebrew: חרי hha-ri-masc. Strong's: #2750 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FLAMING.WRATH: A fierce anger. Hebrew: חרון hha-ron-masc. Strong's: #2740 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FLANK: The hollow of the loins between the legs. Hebrew: ירכה yar-khah-fem. Strong's: #3411 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FLAPPING.WING: Hebrew: ממרא-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FLARE.UP(Verb): To become suddenly excited or angry; to break out suddenly. Burn with a fierce anger. Hebrew: חרה hh.r.h-com. Strong's: #2734 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FLASH: The bright light shining off the edge of a sword. The bright light of lightning. Hebrew: ברק ba-raq-masc. Strong's: #1300 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FLAT: As hammered out flat. Hebrew: ריקוע-masc. Strong's: #7555 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FLAVOR: The taste of a food or the perception of a person's behavior. Hebrew: טעם ta-am-masc. Strong's: #2940 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FLAX: A plant in which its fibers are used in manufacturing articles of clothing. Also used to make wicks, cords, and bands. Linseed, linseed oil, and oilcake are useful products of the same plant. Hebrew: פשתה pish-teh-fem. Strong's: #6593, #6594 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FLEE(Verb): To run away, often from danger or evil; to hurry toward a place of safety; to flee to any safe place such as a city or mountain. Hebrew: נוס n.w.s-com. Strong's: #5127 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FLEE.AWAY(Verb): To run away from. Hebrew: ברח b.r.hh-com. Alt. Trans.: reach (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form) Strong's: #1272 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FLEECE: The coat of wool that covers a sheep or a similar animal. Also, the grasses that are sheared off with a sickle in harvest. Hebrew: גז-masc. Strong's: #1488 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FLEEING: Hebrew: מנוסה-fem. Strong's: #4499 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FLEET: Hebrew: עירד-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FLESH: The soft parts of a human or animal, composed primarily of skeletal muscle. Skin and muscle or the whole of the person. Meat as food. Hebrew: בשר ba-sar-fem. Strong's: #1154, #1320 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FLINT: Possibly the flint, a form of quartz of a brown, gray or black color. Other possible translations are onyx and diamond. Hebrew: יהלום ya-ha-lom-masc. Strong's: #3095 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FLOAT(Verb): To rest or remain on the surface of a liquid; be buoyant. Hebrew: צוף z.w.p-com. Strong's: #6687 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FLOCKS: Groups of birds or animals assembled or herded together. Hebrew: צונה tso-neh-masc. צון / צאון tson-fem. Strong's: #6629, #6792 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FLOOD: To cover with an overwhelming quantity or volume of water. Hebrew: מבול ma-bul-masc. Strong's: #3999 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FLOOR: The level base of a room, barn or threshing floor. Hebrew: גורן go-ren-masc. Strong's: #1637 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FLOUR: Finely ground meal of grain used for making bread. Hebrew: סולת so-let-fem. Strong's: #5560 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FLOURISHED: Hebrew: נב-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FLOURISHING: A green plant bearing fruit. Also prosperous. Hebrew: רען-masc. Strong's: #7488 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FLOW(Verb): To stream or gush a liquid substance. To run like water. Hebrew: נזל n.z.l-com. Strong's: #5140 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FLOW.OUT(Verb): Hebrew: רור r.w.r-com. Strong's: #7325 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FLUSH(Verb): To flow over with copious amounts of water. Hebrew: שטף sh.t.p-com. Strong's: #7857 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FLUTTER(Verb): To flap the wings rapidly. To move with quick wavering or flapping motions. Shake as a bird in the nest. Hebrew: רחף r.hh.p-com. Strong's: #7363 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FLY(Verb): To move in or pass through the air with wings; to soar in the air. Hebrew: עוף ah.w.p-com. Strong's: #5774 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FLYER: A flying creature such as a bird or insect. Hebrew: עוף oph-masc. Strong's: #5775 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FOLLOWING: To go, proceed or come after. Being next in order or time. Subsequent to. As the river follows the path of its banks. Hebrew: תשוקה te-shu-qah-fem. Strong's: #8669 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FOLLY: Lack of good sense or prudence and foresight. In the sense of fading away. Hebrew: נבלה ne-va-lah-fem. Strong's: #5039 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FOOD: Something that nourishes, sustains, or supplies. For giving sustenance and making one whole. Hebrew: אכלה akh-lah-fem. Strong's: #0402 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FOODSTUFF: A substance that may be eaten for giving sustenance and making one whole. Hebrew: אוכל o-khel-masc. Strong's: #0400 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FOOL: A silly or stupid person (in the sense of fading away). Hebrew: נבל-masc. Strong's: #5036 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FOOLISH(Verb): To be without wisdom. Hebrew: יאל y.a.l-com. Strong's: #2973 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FOOT: The terminal part of the leg upon which the human, animal or object stands. Also euphemistically for the leg. Hebrew: רגל re-gel-fem. Alt. Trans.: times (when in the plural form) Strong's: #7272 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FOOTING: Ground or basis for a firm foundation. That which sustains a stable position. Hebrew: אדן e-den-masc. Strong's: #0134 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FOOTSTEP: A stroke of time as a rhythmic beating of time, one moment after the other. A moment in time. A foot or leg in the sense of stepping. Hebrew: פעם pa-am-fem. Alt. Trans.: foot; time; this time (when prefixed with "the~") Strong's: #6471 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FOR: An exchange for something else. Hebrew: חלף-masc. Strong's: #2500 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FORBID(Verb): Hebrew: נוא n.w.a-com. Strong's: #5106 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FORCE: The pressure exerted to make a piercing. Hebrew: חיל hha-yil-masc. Strong's: #2428 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FORCEFUL: A strong grip on something to refrain or support. Driven with force. Acting with power. Hebrew: חזק hha-zaq-masc. חזקה hha-za-qah-fem. Strong's: #2389, #2390, #2391 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FOREARM: A linear standard of measure equal to the length of the forearm. Hebrew: אמה am-mah-fem. Strong's: #0520 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FOREFRONT: In front of or at the head of, in space or time. Hebrew: מול mul-masc. Alt. Trans.: in place Strong's: #4136 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FOREHEAD: The part of the face which extends from the hair on the top of the head to the eyes. Impudence, confidence, or assurance. The seat of boldness of speech and actions. Hebrew: מצח mey-tsahh-masc. Strong's: #4696 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FOREIGN: Situated outside one's own country. Alien in character. A strange person, place or thing as being unrecognized. Hebrew: נכרי na-khri-masc. נכריה na-khri-yah-fem. Strong's: #5237 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FOREIGNER: A person belonging to or owing allegiance to a foreign country. Hebrew: נכר ney-khar-masc. Strong's: #5235, #5236 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FORESKIN: A fold of skin that covers the end of the penis. Hebrew: ערלה ar-lah-fem. Strong's: #6190 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FOREST: A dark place dense with trees. Hebrew: יער-masc. Strong's: #3264, #3293 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FORGET(Verb): To lose remembrance of; to cease remembering or noticing. Hebrew: שכח sh.k.hh-com. Strong's: #7911 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FORGIVE(Verb): To pardon; to overlook an offense and treat the offender as not guilty. Hebrew: סלח s.l.hh-com. Strong's: #5545 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FORK: An implement, or tool with multiple prongs or tines. Hebrew: מזלג maz-leyg-masc. מזלגה-fem. Strong's: #4207 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FORTIFIED: Hebrew: כסלוח-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FORTRESS.OF.ANU: Hebrew: כלנה-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FORTUNATE: Hebrew: שון shun-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FORTUNE: A store of material possessions. Hebrew: גד gad-masc. Strong's: #1409 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FORTUNES: Great wealth; ample stock of money, property, and the like. Hebrew: גדגד gid-gad-masc. גודגודה gud-go-dah-fem. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FOUL: Hebrew: פיגול-masc. Strong's: #6292 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FOUND(Verb): To lay a foundation of a house, place or plan. Hebrew: יסד y.s.d-com. Strong's: #3245 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FOUNDATION: A supporting and level base of a building or structure which lies on or in the ground. Hebrew: מוסד-masc. מוסדה-fem. Strong's: #4143, #4144, #4145, #4146 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FOUNTAIN: A spring that comes out of a hole in the ground. The source of water necessary for life in the wilderness. Hebrew: מקור-masc. Strong's: #4726 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FOUR: A cardinal number. Hebrew: ארבעה ar-ba-ah-masc. ארבע ar-ba-fem. Alt. Trans.: forty (when written in the plural) Strong's: #0702, #0705 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FOURTH: An ordinal number. Hebrew: רביעי re-vi-i-masc. Strong's: #7243 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FOURTH.GENERATION: A great-great grandchild, as a descendant of the fourth generation. Hebrew: ריבע ri-va-masc. Strong's: #7256 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FOURTH.PART: As fourth in the order. Hebrew: רובע-masc. Strong's: #7255 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FRAGILE: Hebrew: פרנך par-nakh-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FRAGMENT: A part broken off, detached, or incomplete. The removal of a piece resulting in a hole. Hebrew: פת pat-fem. Strong's: #6595 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FRAGRANCE: The pleasing aroma of a sweet smelling spice. Hebrew: בסמת-fem. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FRAGRANT.ONE: A person who has a pleasant scent or aroma. Hebrew: זיפרון ziph-ron-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FRAIL: Hebrew: רפה-masc. Strong's: #7504 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FRANKINCENSE: A resin or gum that is a residue from the bark of a particular ash or fir tree. Used as incense, perfume, or with an offering. Hebrew: לבונה le-vo-nah-fem. Strong's: #3828 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FREE: Released from bondage or burden of obligation. Emancipation. Hebrew: חפשי hhaph-shi-masc. Strong's: #2670 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FREE(Verb): To be free from a master or obligation. Hebrew: חפש hh.p.sh-com. Strong's: #2666 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FREE.FLOWING: To flow without hindrances. Hebrew: דרור de-ror-fem. Strong's: #1865 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FREEDOM: Hebrew: חופשה-fem. Strong's: #2668 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FREELY: Having no restrictions. A work or action that is performed without wages or without cause. Hebrew: חינם hhi-nam-masc. Strong's: #2600 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FREEWILL.OFFERING: A voluntary or spontaneous gift as an offering out of respect or devotion. Hebrew: נדבה ne-da-vah-fem. Strong's: #5071 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FRESH: Something that is fresh and moist. Hebrew: לשד-masc. Strong's: #3955 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FRESH.OIL: Hebrew: יצהר-masc. Strong's: #3323 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FRESH.WINE: Newly pressed wine as a desired possession. Hebrew: תירוש ti-rosh-masc. Strong's: #8492 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FRIEND: A female companion as one who is close. Hebrew: רעות re-ut-fem. Strong's: #7468 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FRINGE: A tassel or lock of hair as blossoms. Hebrew: ציצית tsi-tsit-fem. Strong's: #6734 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FROG: A four-legged amphibious animal. Hebrew: צפרדע tse-phar-dey-a-masc. Strong's: #6854 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FROM: A function word indicating a starting point or origin. (The short form "מ" is used as a prefix meaning "from") Hebrew: מן / מני min / miney-masc. Alt. Trans.: before (when prefixed with "to~") Strong's: #4480 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FRUIT.PRESS: The liquid that seeps out of the fruit and used in making oils and juices. Hebrew: דמע de-ma-masc. Strong's: #1831 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FRUITFUL: Bountiful of produce. (A noun of uncertain meaning.) Hebrew: ריבלה-fem. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FRUITFULNESS: Hebrew: פרת pa-tar-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FRY(Verb): Hebrew: רבך r.b.k-com. Strong's: #7246 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FULL: Containing as much or as many as is possible or normal. Hebrew: מלא ma-ley-masc. מלאה me-ley-ah-fem. Strong's: #4392 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FUNCTIONAL: Fulfilling the action for which a person or thing is specially fitted or used, or for which a thing exists. A functioning within its intended purpose. Hebrew: טוב tov-masc. טובה to-vah-fem. Strong's: #2896, #2898 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FURNACE: An enclosed structure in which heat is produced by burning wood inside. Hebrew: כיבשן kiv-shan-masc. Strong's: #3536 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FURTHER: At a distance beyond the present place or time. Hebrew: הלאה hal-ah-fem. Alt. Trans.: beyond (when prefixed with "from~") Strong's: #1973 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

FURY: Intense, disordered, and often destructive rage. An intense heat from anger. Hebrew: חמה hha-mah-fem. Strong's: #2534 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GALBANUM: An odoriferous resin used in incense. A choice ingredient used in the Temple incense or oil. Hebrew: חלבנה hhel-be-nah-fem. Strong's: #2464 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GALL: The bitter fluids of a serpent. Hebrew: מרורה-fem. Strong's: #4846 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GAME: Animals being pursued or taken in hunting. The produce of the hunt. Hebrew: צייד tsa-yid-masc. Strong's: #6718 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GARDEN: A plot of ground where crops are grown. A place for growing crops, and often surrounded by a rock wall or hedge to protect it from grazing animals. Hebrew: גן gan-com. Strong's: #1588 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GARLIC: From its strong odor. Hebrew: שום-masc. Strong's: #7762 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GARMENT: An article of clothing for covering. Hebrew: בגד be-ged-masc. Strong's: #0899 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GATE: The opening in a wall or fence through which livestock or people pass. Can be the gatekeeper. Hebrew: שער sha-ar-masc. Strong's: #8179 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GATHER(Verb): To bring together; to accumulate and place in readiness. Hebrew: אסף a.s.p-com. Strong's: #0622 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GATHER.FOOD(Verb): To bring together a nourishing substance that is eaten or drunk. Hebrew: אגר a.g.r-com. Strong's: #0103 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GATHER.TOGETHER(Verb): To come or bring into a group, mass or unit. Hebrew: קבץ q.b.ts-com. Strong's: #6908, #6910 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GATHERED.UP: Hebrew: לק laq-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GATHERING: That which has been brought together. [. Hebrew: אסיף a-siph-masc. Strong's: #0614 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GAZELLE: A small antelope. Hebrew: צבי-masc. צביה-fem. Strong's: #6643, #6646 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GENERATION: A body of living beings constituting a single step in the line of descent from an ancestor. Hebrew: דור dor-masc. Strong's: #1755 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GENITALS: The sexual organs. Hebrew: מבוש-masc. Strong's: #4016 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GENTLE: A characterstic trait of being meek or humble. Hebrew: ענו / עניו a-naw-masc. Strong's: #6035 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GERAH: A dry weight measure equal to a 20th part of a shekel. Hebrew: גרה ge-rah-fem. Strong's: #1626 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GIER-EAGLE: An unknown species of bird, possibly a type of carrion. Hebrew: רחם ra-hham-masc. רחם ra-hha-mah-fem. Strong's: #7360 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GIFT: To endow with some power, quality, or attribute; the act, power or right of giving. What is given. Hebrew: מתן ma-ten-masc. Strong's: #4976 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GIFT.OFFERING: A present. Hebrew: הב-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GIRD(Verb): To pull in closely to the body. To wrap around. To tie on the ephod. Hebrew: אפד a.p.d-com. Strong's: #0640 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GIRD.UP(Verb): To bind the loose portions of clothing into a belt or sash to prepare to go to war; to be bound with arms for war. Hebrew: חגר hh.g.r-com. Strong's: #2296 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GIRL: A young, unmarried woman. Hebrew: ילדה yal-dah-fem. Strong's: #3207 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GIVE(Verb): To make a present; to present a gift; to grant, allow or bestow by formal action. To place in its proper position. Hebrew: נתן n.t.n-com. Alt. Trans.: allow; made; make; place Strong's: #5414 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GIVE.A.TENTH(Verb): To tithe; a tenth part of something given voluntarily for the support of a religious establishment. Hebrew: עשר ah.s.r-com. Strong's: #6237 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GIVE.ADVICE(Verb): To assist another by providing wise counsel. Hebrew: יעץ y.ah.ts-com. Strong's: #3289 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GIVE.HONOR(Verb): To ascribe size or majesty to someone or something that is large in stature or position. To puff up. Hebrew: הדר h.d.r-com. Strong's: #1921 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GIVE.MILK(Verb): To provide nourishment to the young by the female. Hebrew: עול ah.w.l-com. Strong's: #5763 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GIVEN.THAT: Prone or disposed to according to what preceded. A reference to the previous or following context. Hebrew: כי ki-masc. Alt. Trans.: because; but; given; if; that; that; when; even though (when attached to the word "WHICH"); except, instead or unless (when followed by the word "IF"); since (when followed by the word "SO") Strong's: #3588 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GLEANINGS: Hebrew: לקט-masc. Strong's: #3951 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GLIMMERING: The flash of light from a fire or metal. Hebrew: להבה / להבת / לבה leh-ha-vah / le-he-vet / lab-bah-fem. Strong's: #3827, #3852 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GLISTENING: Emitting or reflecting light. From the glisten of olive oil. Something that shines brightly. Also, noon as the brightest part of the day. Hebrew: צוהר tso-har-fem. Alt. Trans.: noontime (when in the double plural form) Strong's: #6672 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GLORIOUS.REST: Hebrew: פענח-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GLUTTON(Verb): A person with a remarkably great desire or capacity for something. Hebrew: זלל z.l.l-com. Strong's: #2151 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GNAT: A small flying insect. Hebrew: כן keyn-masc. Strong's: #3654 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GNAW(Verb): To chew on something hard such as a bone. Hebrew: גרם g.r.m-com. Strong's: #1633 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GNAWED: Hebrew: ערק-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GO(Verb): To go back an forth as a whip. Hebrew: שוט sh.w.t-com. Strong's: #7751 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GO.ABOUT: Hebrew: סבתה sa-mal-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GO.AROUND(Verb): To circle completely around something. Hebrew: סבב s.b.b-com. Alt. Trans.: enclosed in (when written in the hophal [passive causative] form) Strong's: #5437 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GO.ASIDE(Verb): To turn aside or away. Hebrew: שטה s.t.h-com. Strong's: #7847 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GO.ASTRAY(Verb): Hebrew: שגה sh.g.h-com. Strong's: #7686 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GO.DOWN(Verb): To go or come lower from a higher place. Hebrew: ירד y.r.d-com. Alt. Trans.: come down; bring down (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form) Strong's: #3381 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GO.OUT(Verb): To go, come or issue forth. Hebrew: יצא y.ts.a-com. Alt. Trans.: bring out (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form) Strong's: #3318 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GO.RIGHT(Verb): To choose, turn or go to the right hand. Hebrew: ימן / אמן y.m.n / a.m.n-com. Strong's: #0541, #3231 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GO.UP(Verb): To go, come or bring higher. Hebrew: עלה ah.l.h-com. Alt. Trans.: bring up (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form) Strong's: #5927 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GOAT: A female domestic animal related to the sheep. Hebrew: עז eyz-fem. Strong's: #5795 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GOBLET: A cup for containing liquids. Hebrew: אגן a-nan-masc. Strong's: #0101 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GOING.OUT: Coming or issuing out, such as a spring or words from the mouth. Hebrew: מוצא-masc. Strong's: #4161 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GOINGS: Hebrew: תוצאה-fem. Strong's: #8444 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GOLD: A malleable yellow metallic element that is used especially in coins, jewelry, and dentures. A precious metal. Hebrew: זהב za-hav-masc. Strong's: #2091 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GOODS: Something that has economic utility or satisfies an economic want; personal property having intrinsic value but usually excluding money, securities and negotiable instruments. Hebrew: רכוש re-khush-masc. Strong's: #7399 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GOPHER: A tree or its wood of an unknown species. Hebrew: גופר go-pher-masc. Strong's: #1613 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GORE(Verb): To stab with the horns. Hebrew: נגח n.g.hh-com. Strong's: #5055 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GORER: An ox that is known to gore with the horns. Hebrew: נגח na-gahh-masc. Strong's: #5056 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GOVERNOR: An official elected or appointed to act as ruler, chief executive, or nominal head of a political unit. One who has dominion over another; also a rule or law as a master. Hebrew: שליט sha-lit-masc. Strong's: #7989 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GRAIN: A seed or fruit of a cereal grass. The grain and the field as a place for growing grain. Hebrew: בר bar-masc. Strong's: #1250 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GRAIN.FLOUR: Usually finely ground seeds of wheat. Hebrew: קמח qe-mahh-masc. Strong's: #7058 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GRAIN.SACK: A usually flexible container that may be closed for holding, storing, or carrying something; e.g. The mouth is spread apart to put something in or take something out. Hebrew: אמתחת am-ta-hhat-fem. Strong's: #0572 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GRAIN.SEEDS: A family of grasses used for food. (In the sense of being traded or sold) Hebrew: שבר she-ver-masc. Strong's: #7668 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GRAIN.STALK: The tall stem of cereal crops. Hebrew: קמה qa-mah-fem. Strong's: #7054 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GRAPE: A smooth-skinned juicy greenish white to deep red or purple berry grown on a vine and eaten dried or fresh as a fruit or fermented to produce wine. Hebrew: ענב ey-nav-masc. Strong's: #6025 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GRAPE.SKIN: The skin of the berry or fruit that grows in clusters on vines of the genus Vitis, Hebrew: זג-masc. Strong's: #2085 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GRAPEVINE: A woody vine that usually climbs by tendrils and produces fruits that are grapes. Hebrew: גפן ge-phen-masc. Strong's: #1612 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GRAPPLE(Verb): A hand-to-hand struggle. Rolling around in the dust when wrestling. Hebrew: אבק a.b.q-com. Strong's: #0079 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GRASP: A firm hold or grip. Hebrew: חוזק hho-zeq-masc. Strong's: #2392 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GRASP(Verb): To grab with the hands, to grab a handful. Hebrew: קמץ q.m.ts-com. Strong's: #7061 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GRASS: Herbage suitable or used for grazing animals. Young green sprouts. Hebrew: דשא de-she-masc. Strong's: #1877 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GRASSHOPPER: A species of insect with hind legs used for leaping and mouthparts that chew. Hebrew: חגב-masc. Strong's: #2284 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GRATE: An agricultural device, like a sieve, used to separate the grain form the stem. Hebrew: מכבר mikh-bar-masc. Strong's: #4345 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GRAVE: An excavation for the burial of a body. Hebrew: קבר qe-ver-masc. Strong's: #6913 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GRAY: Hebrew: קדר-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GRAY.HEADED: One who has gray hair from old age; an old man. Hebrew: שיבה si-vah-fem. Strong's: #7872 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GREAT: Something with increased size, power or authority. Hebrew: גדול ga-dol-masc. גדולה ge-do-lah-fem. Strong's: #1419 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GREAT.AMOUNT: Hebrew: תרבות-fem. Strong's: #8635 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GREAT.HOUSE: A word of Egyptian origins. Hebrew: פרעוה par-o-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GREAT.NUMBER: Hebrew: מרבית-fem. Strong's: #4768 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GREAT.TREE: A tree made of very dense, hard, wood. Hebrew: אילון ey-lon-masc. Strong's: #0436, #0437 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GREEN: A color somewhat less yellow than that of fresh growing grass and of that part of the spectrum between blue and yellow. The color of grasses and herbs as thin. Hebrew: ירק ye-req-masc. Strong's: #3418, #3419 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GREEN.GRAIN: Fresh young stalks of standing grain. Also the name of a month in the Hebrew calendar. Hebrew: אביב a-viv-masc. Strong's: #0024 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GREENISH: Hebrew: ירקרק-masc. Strong's: #3422 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GRIEF: Deep and poignant distress caused by or as if by bereavement. As an exchange. Hebrew: מורה mo-rah-fem. Strong's: #4786 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GRIND(Verb): To reduce to fine particles through abrasion. Hebrew: טחן t.hh.n-com. Strong's: #2912 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GROANING: To voice a deep, inarticulate sound, as of pain, grief, or displeasure. Hebrew: נאקה ne-a-qah-fem. Strong's: #5009 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GROPE(Verb): To feel about blindly or uncertainly in search of something. A groping around in the darkness to find something. Hebrew: משש m.sh.sh-com. Strong's: #4184, #4959 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GROUND: The surface of the earth. From its reddish color. Hebrew: אדמה a-da-mah-fem. Strong's: #0127 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GROUND.TO.PIECES(Verb): Something that is reduced to fragments. Hebrew: דוק d.w.q-com. Strong's: #1743 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GROUSE: A species of unclean bird. Hebrew: דוכיפת-fem. Strong's: #1744 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GROVE: An area of planted trees. Trees planted in a straight line. Hebrew: אשרה a-shey-rah-fem. Strong's: #0842 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GROW: Hebrew: שבן sh.b.n-com. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GROW.FAT(Verb): To be fat or full of oil. Hebrew: שמן sh.m.n-com. Strong's: #8080 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GUARD: Hebrew: שימרון-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GUIDE(Verb): One who leads or directs another in his way. Hebrew: נחה n.hh.h-com. Strong's: #5148 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GUILT: The fact of having committed a breach of conduct especially violating law and involving a penalty; the state of one who has committed an offense, especially consciously. Hebrew: אשם a-sham-masc. Strong's: #0817, #0818 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GUILTINESS: Hebrew: אשמה-fem. Strong's: #0819 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GULP(Verb): To drink plentifully; to swallow hurriedly or greedily or in one swallow. Hebrew: שתה sh.t.h-com. Strong's: #8354 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GUST(Verb): A sudden brief rush of wind. The strong blowing of a wind. The wind of a bird's wing when taking flight. Hebrew: נשב n.sh.b-com. Strong's: #5380 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

GUZZLE(Verb): To drink greedily, continually, or habitually. A drinking of water as from a pond. Hebrew: גמא g.m.a-com. Strong's: #1572 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HABITATION: The dwelling place of a god (temple), man (home) or animal (den). Also a retreat. Hebrew: מעון / מעין ma-on / ma-iyn-masc. מעונה-fem. Strong's: #4583, #4585 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HAILSTONES: A precipitation in the form of irregular pellets or balls of ice. Hebrew: ברד ba-rad-masc. Strong's: #1259 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HAIR: The covering of filaments on a human head or the body of an animal. Hebrew: שער sey-ar-masc. שערה sa-ra-fem. Strong's: #8163(x2), #8181, #8185 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HAIR.FELL.OUT(Verb): A plucking or falling out of the hair on the head. Hebrew: מרט m.r.t-com. Strong's: #4803 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HAIRY.GOAT: A breed of goat with an unusual amount of hair. Hebrew: שעיר sa-ir-masc. שעiרה se-o-rah-fem. Strong's: #8163(x2), #8166 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HALF: An equal part of something divided into two pieces. Hebrew: חצי hha-tsi-masc. Alt. Trans.: middle Strong's: #2677 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HALF.THE.SPOILS: Hebrew: מחצה me-hhe-tsat-fem. Strong's: #4275 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HAMMER(Verb): To beat a malleable metal with a hammer to make thin sheets. Hebrew: רקע r.q.ah-com. Strong's: #7554 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HAND: The terminal, functional part of the forelimb. Hand with the ability to work, throw and give thanks. Also euphemistically for the arm. (Written as יך in error in 1 Samuel 4:13) Hebrew: יד yad-fem. Strong's: #3027, #3197 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HAND.OVER(Verb): Hebrew: ירט y.r.t-com. Strong's: #3399 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HAND.SPAN: A linear standard of measure that is equal to the span of the fingers of the hand. Hebrew: טפח te-phahh-masc. Strong's: #2947 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HANDFUL: As much of or as many as the hand can grasp. Hebrew: קומץ qo-mets-masc. Strong's: #7062 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HANG(Verb): To suspend with no support from below. Hebrew: תלה / תלא t.l.h / t.l.a-com. Strong's: #8511, #8518 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HAPPINESS: A state of well-being and contentment. One who is happy is one whose life is lived straightly. Hebrew: אושר o-sher-masc. Strong's: #0837 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HAPPY: A feeling of joy or satisfaction. Hebrew: אשר a-sheyr-masc. Strong's: #0835 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HAPPY(Verb): Enjoying well-being and contentment. One who is happy is one whose life is lived straightly. Hebrew: אשר a.sh.r-com. Strong's: #0833 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HARASS(Verb): To press into a tight place, an oppression. Hebrew: צוק ts.w.q-com. Strong's: #6693 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HARD: Not easily penetrated; resistant to stress; firm; lacking in responsiveness. Hebrew: קשה qa-sheh-fem. Strong's: #7186 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HARDSHIP: Privation; suffering; something that causes or entails suffering or privation. Hebrew: עיצבון i-tsa-von-masc. Strong's: #6093 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HARE: Hebrew: ארנבת-masc. Strong's: #0768 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HARM: Physical or mental damage; injury. The pain from the thorn. Hebrew: אסון a-son-masc. Strong's: #0611 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HARP: A stringed musical instrument that is plucked. Hebrew: כינור ki-nor-masc. Strong's: #3658 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HARVEST: The season for gathering agricultural crops. Time when the plants are severed from their roots to be used for seed or food. Hebrew: קציר qa-tsir-masc. Strong's: #7105 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HASTE: A swift movement or action. Hebrew: חיפזון hhi-pha-zon-masc. Strong's: #2649 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HASTEN(Verb): To be in a hurry to move or act. Hebrew: חפז hh.p.z-com. Strong's: #2648 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HASTILY: Hebrew: חושם-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HASTY: Hebrew: חוש-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HATE : Hebrew: שנאה-fem. Strong's: #8135 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HATE(Verb): Intense hostility and aversion, usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury; extreme dislike or antipathy. Hebrew: שנא s.n.a-com. Strong's: #8130 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HATED: Hebrew: שניא-masc. שניאה-fem. Strong's: #8146 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HAVE.COMPASSION(Verb): Literally to cradle in ones arms to protect or cherish. By extension to have or show sympathy or sorrow. Hebrew: רחם r.hh.m-com. Strong's: #7355 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HAVE.HORNS(Verb): One of a pair of bony processes that arise from the head of many animals, sometimes used as a wind instrument. The horn-shaped protrusions of the altar or a musical instrument. Hebrew: קרן q.r.n-com. Strong's: #7160 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HAVING.AN.EYE: Hebrew: עינן ey-nan-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HAWK: A bird of prey, probably the hawk, but possibly a kite or vulture. Hebrew: איה a-yah-fem. Strong's: #0344 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HAZEL: A light brown to strong yellowish brown color; small trees or shrubs bearing nuts enclosed in a leafy involucres. Hebrew: לוז luz-masc. Strong's: #3869 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HE: The male who is neither speaker nor hearer. Hebrew: הוא hu-masc. Alt. Trans.: it; that; this Strong's: #1931(x2) [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HE.GOAT: A male goat. Hebrew: תיש ta-yish-masc. Strong's: #8495 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HEAD: The top of the body. A person in authority or role of leader. Hebrew: ראש / ריש rosh / riysh-masc. Alt. Trans.: top; beginning; first; chief; best Strong's: #7218, #7389 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HEAD.OF.WHEAT: A conglomeration of grain seeds together. Hebrew: מלילה-fem. Strong's: #4425 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HEADDRESS: A bowl shaped covering for the head. A covering for protection. Hebrew: מגביעת mig-ba-at-fem. Strong's: #4021 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HEADREST: A support for the head. Place where the head is laid. Hebrew: מראשה me-ra-a-shah-fem. Strong's: #4763 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HEAL(Verb): To restore to health or wholeness. Hebrew: רפא / רפה r.p.a / r.p.h-com. Strong's: #7495 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HEAP: A large pile dirt or rubbish. Hebrew: נד neyd-masc. Strong's: #5067 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HEAR(Verb): To perceive or apprehend by the ear; to listen to with attention. To obey. Hebrew: שמע sh.m.ah-com. Strong's: #8085 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HEARER: One who listens. The one who acts upon what he has heard. Hebrew: שימעון shi-mon-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HEART: Literally, the vital organ which pumps blood, but, also seen as the seat of thought; the mind. Hebrew: לב / לבב leyv / ley-vav-masc. לבה liy-bah-fem. Strong's: #3820, #3824, #3826 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HEAT(Verb): Natural body warmth, as well as the time of estrous when animals mate. Conception from an animal's mating or through the heat of passion. Hebrew: יחם y.hh.m-com. Strong's: #3179 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HEAVINESS: A physical or spiritual weight. A sadness or burden. Hebrew: כבדות ke-vey-dut-fem. Strong's: #3517 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HEAVY: Having great weight. Something that is weighty. May also be grief or sadness in the sense of heaviness. Also, the liver as the heaviest of the organs. Hebrew: כבד ka-ved-fem. Alt. Trans.: heaviness; liver (as the heaviest organ in the body); many Strong's: #3515, #3516 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HEAVY.BURDEN: Hebrew: טורח-masc. Strong's: #2960 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HEEL: What is restrained when taking a step forward. Hebrew: עקב e-qev-masc. Strong's: #6119, #6120 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HEIFER: A young cow, especially one that has not had a calf. Hebrew: עגלה eg-lah-fem. Strong's: #5697 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HEIGHT: The highest part or most advanced point; the condition of being tall or high. Hebrew: קומה qo-mah-fem. Strong's: #6967 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HEIR: The continuation of a lineage through the son. Hebrew: נין niyn-masc. Strong's: #5209 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HELP: Providing assistance or relief to another. One who comes to assist with a trouble or burden. Hebrew: עזר e-zer-masc. עזרה / עזרת ez-rah / ez-rat-fem. Strong's: #5828, #5833 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HELP(Verb): To give assistance or support to. Hebrew: עזר ah.z.r-com. Strong's: #5826 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HELPLESS: Unable to care or provide for one's self; one who is weak, sick or poor. Hebrew: דל dal-masc. דלה dal-fem. Strong's: #1800, #1803 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HEM: The outer edge of a garment. Hebrew: שול shul-masc. Strong's: #7757 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HEMLOCK: An unknown bitter plant. Hebrew: לענה-fem. Strong's: #3939 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HERB: The grasses and plants of the field used for their medicinal, savory, or aromatic qualities. Hebrew: עשב ey-sev-fem. Strong's: #6211, #6212 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HERBAGE: A plant used as food for men and animals as grown in the yard. Hebrew: חציר hha-tsiyr-masc. Strong's: #2682 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HERE: In or at this place. Hebrew: פו / פא / פה po-masc. Strong's: #6311 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HERITAGE: Hebrew: ירושה-fem. Strong's: #3425 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HERON: A bird with a large beak (nose). Probably the heron. Hebrew: אנפה-fem. Strong's: #0601 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HEW(Verb): Hebrew: חצב hh.ts.b-com. Strong's: #2672 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HEWN.ONE: What has been brough down by slicing, hacking or chopping. Hebrew: גדעון gid-on-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HEWN.STONE: Rocks that are sheered or chipped to form flat sides or an object. Hebrew: גזית ga-zit-fem. Strong's: #1496 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HHOMER: A dry standard of measurement equal to 65 Imperial gallons. Hebrew: חומר hho-mer-masc. Strong's: #2563(x2) [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HIDE(Verb): To put out of sight; to conceal from view; to keep secret. Hide or conceal. Hebrew: סתר / שתר s.t.r-com. Strong's: #5641, #8368 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HIDING: A shelter or other place of hiding. Hebrew: שתר-masc. שיתרה-fem. Strong's: #5643 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HIGH: Advanced in height such as a wall or hill. Hebrew: גבוה ga-vo-ah-masc. Strong's: #1364 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HIGH.ONE: Hebrew: סיון si-on-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HIGH.PLACE: An elevated area as a place of defense. Hebrew: תקומה-fem. Strong's: #8617 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HIGHWAY: A road constructed above the surrounding area. Hebrew: מסילה-fem. Strong's: #4546 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HILL: An elevation of land such as a hill or mountain. Hebrew: הר / הרר har / harar-masc. Strong's: #2022 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HILL.COUNTRY: A region dominated by hills. Hebrew: הרן har-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HIP: The seat of confidence. In a foolish or proper manner. Hebrew: כסל / סכל ke-sel / se-kel-masc. Strong's: #3689, #5529, #5530 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HIRE(Verb): Payment for labor or personal services; to engage the personal service of another. Hebrew: שכר sh.k.r-com. Strong's: #7936 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HIRELING: One who is hired for service and receives compensation. Hebrew: שכיר se-khir-masc. Strong's: #7916 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HIT(Verb): To deliver a blow by action; to strike with the hand; to clap, kill or harm. Hebrew: נכה n.k.h-com. Alt. Trans.: Beat (when written in the pual [passive intensive] form); attack (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form) Strong's: #5221 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HITTING: Hebrew: סבתכא-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HIYN: A liquid measure equal to about 5 quarts (6 liters). Hebrew: הין hin-masc. Strong's: #1969 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HOARFROST: A covering of small ice crystals, formed from frozen water vapor. Hebrew: כפור ke-phor-masc. Strong's: #3713 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HOLD.A.FEAST(Verb): To commemorate a special event with dancing, rejoicing, and sharing of food.The act of performing a celebration. Hebrew: חגג hh.g.g-com. Strong's: #2287 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HOLD.A.GRUDGE(Verb): Be unwilling to give in or admit to. Hebrew: שטם s.t.m-com. Strong's: #7852 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HOLD.BACK(Verb): To hinder the progress or achievement of; restrain, as the banks of a river hold back the water. Hebrew: אפק a.p.q-com. Strong's: #0662 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HOLD.UP(Verb): To continue in the same condition without failing or losing effectiveness or force. Be a support or aid for strength or rest. Hebrew: סעד s.ah.d-com. Strong's: #5582 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HOLDINGS: Property that is held or owned. Hebrew: אחוזה a-hhu-zah-fem. Strong's: #0272 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HOLLOW.OUT(Verb): To pierce through creating a cavity. Hebrew: קבב q.b.b-com. Strong's: #6895 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HONEY: A sweet material elaborated out of the nectar of flowers in the honey sac of various bees. Also, dates as a thick, sticky and sweet food. Hebrew: דבש de-vash-masc. Strong's: #1706 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HONOR: Someone or something that has been enlarged in size, pride or majesty. Hebrew: הדר-masc. Strong's: #1925, #1926 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HOOD: A covering of the entire head and face. Hebrew: מסוה mas-weh-masc. Strong's: #4533 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HOOF: The hard covering of an animal's foot. Hebrew: פרסה par-sah-fem. Strong's: #6541 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HOOK: A straight piece of wood or metal that is bent at one end. Hebrew: קרס qe-res-masc. Strong's: #7165 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HOP(Verb): To jump from one position to another. Also, to be lame, as one who hops on one leg. Hebrew: פסח p.s.hh-com. Strong's: #6452 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HOPPING: The feast celebrating the "hopping" (usually called "Passover" but more literally means "hop over"). Hebrew: פסח pe-sahh-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HORDE: A large swarm of flies in the sense of a mixture. Also used for a large group of people. Hebrew: ערוב a-rov-masc. Strong's: #6157 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HORN: One of a pair of bony processes that arise from the head of many animals and used as a wind instrument. The horns of an animal or a musical instrument in the shape of a horn. Hebrew: קרן qe-ren-fem. Strong's: #7161 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HORNET: A flying insect with a stinger that is capable of causing serious injury or death to one that is stung. Hebrew: צירעה tsir-ah-fem. Strong's: #6880 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HORSE: A domesticated animal used as a beast of burden, a draft animal or for riding. Hebrew: סוס sus-masc. Strong's: #5483 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HORSEMAN: One that rides a horse. Hebrew: פרש pa-rash-masc. Strong's: #6571 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HOSTILITY: Conflict, opposition, or resistance; overt acts of warfare. Hebrew: איבה ey-vah-fem. Strong's: #0342 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HOT: Having a relatively high temperature; eager; passionate. Hebrew: חום / חם hhom / hham-masc. Strong's: #2525, #2527 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HOT.SPRING: A spring with water above body temperature. Hebrew: ימים yeymim-masc. Strong's: #3222 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HOUSE: The structure or the family, as a household that resides within the house. A housing. Within. Hebrew: בית beyt-masc. Alt. Trans.: inside Strong's: #1004 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HOW: In what way or manner; by what means. Hebrew: איככה / איכוה / איך eykh, eykhah, eykhakhah-masc. Strong's: #0349 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HOW.LONG: An unknown duration of time. Hebrew: מתי ma-tai-masc. Strong's: #4970 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HOWLING: Hebrew: ילל-masc. Strong's: #3214 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HUMAN: Of, relating to, or characteristic of man. The first man. All of mankind as the descendants of the first man. (Derived from a root meaning "blood" and "of reddish color.") Hebrew: אדם a-dam-masc. Strong's: #0120 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HUNCHBACK: A large lump of the back causing one to be bent over. Hebrew: גיבן-masc. Strong's: #1384 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HUNDRED: A specific number but also a large amount without any reference to a specific number. Hebrew: מאיה mey-ah-fem. Strong's: #3967 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HUNGER: A craving or urgent need for food. Hebrew: רעב ra-eyv-masc. Strong's: #7457, #7458 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HUNT(Verb): To attempt to find something with the intent to capture. Hunt in the sense of laying in ambush. Hebrew: צוד ts.w.d-com. Strong's: #6679 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HUNTER: One who searches for something. Lays in ambush. Hebrew: ציד tsa-yad-masc. Strong's: #6719 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HUNTING: The act of stalking and killing game for the purpose of providing food and skins. Hebrew: צידון tsa-yid-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HURL(Verb): To shoot, throw or cast to a great distance. Hebrew: טחה t.hh.h-com. Strong's: #2909 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HURRY(Verb): To carry or cause to go with haste. Hebrew: מהר m.h.r-com. Strong's: #4116, #4117 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HUT: As a cavity. Hebrew: קובה-fem. Strong's: #6898 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

HYSSOP: An aromatic herb whose twigs were used in ceremonial sprinkling. Hebrew: אזוב ey-zov-masc. Strong's: #0231 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

I: A person aware of possessing a personal identity in self-reference. Hebrew: אנוכי / אני a-ni, a-no-khi-com. Alt. Trans.: me Strong's: #0589, #0595 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

IBIS: An unknown animal. Hebrew: תנשמת-fem. Strong's: #8580 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ICE: Frozen water. Cold ice, frost or crystals. Hebrew: קרח qe-rahh-masc. Strong's: #7140 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

IDOL: The image of a god made from wood or stone that is revered. Hebrew: גלול-masc. Strong's: #1544 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

IF: Allowing that; on condition that. A desire to bind two ideas together. Hebrew: אים im-masc. Alt. Trans.: or; that; therefor (when followed by the word "NOT") Strong's: #0518 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

IGNITING: To set on fire. Hebrew: בעור-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ILL(Verb): To be of unsound physical or mental health; unwell; sick. Hebrew: דוה d.w.h-com. Strong's: #1738 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ILLNESS: Unhealthy condition; poor health; indisposition; sickness. Also a woman's cycle. Hebrew: דוה-masc. Strong's: #1739 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ILLUMINATE(Verb): To give off light; to shine. Hebrew: זהר z.h.r-com. Alt. Trans.: warn (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form, in the sense of bringing something to light) Strong's: #2094 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

IMAGE: A reproduction or imitation of the form of a person or thing. The form of something as a shadow of the original. Hebrew: צלם tse-lem-masc. Strong's: #6754 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

IMAGERY: The casting of an image. Hebrew: משכית mash-kiyt-fem. Strong's: #4906 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

IMAGINATION: A twisting together of thoughts. Hebrew: שרירות-fem. Strong's: #8307 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

IMAGING: A reproduction or imitation of the form of a person or thing. Hebrew: צלמונה tsal-mo-nah-fem. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

IMBIBE(Verb): To drink strong drink that can cause intoxication. Hebrew: סבא s.b.a-com. Strong's: #5433 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

IMITATE(Verb): To follow as a model, pattern or example. Hebrew: תעע t.ah.ah-com. Strong's: #8591 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

IMMIGRANT: Someone from outside of the homeland. Someone who migrated from another land or country. Hebrew: פלשת pe-le-shet-fem. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

IMPATIENT: Hebrew: לאה-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

IN.FRONT: Before or opposite to something. Hebrew: נוכח no-khahh-masc. Strong's: #5227 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

IN.LAW: One related by marriage. Hebrew: חתן hha-tan-masc. Strong's: #2860 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

IN.LINE: a number of things arranged in a row, especially a straight line. Hebrew: מערכת-fem. Strong's: #4635 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

IN.THIS.WAY: To do something in a certain manner; a reference to the previous or following context. Hebrew: כוה / ככה ko / ka-kah-masc. Alt. Trans.: that way; just like this (when prefixed with "like~") Strong's: #3541, #3602 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

INCENSE.SMOKE: Usually made of several spices and or fruits, etc. To emit a fragrance. Used at the altar as a sweet savor. Hebrew: קטורת / קטורה qe-to-ret / qe-to-rah-fem. Strong's: #6988, #7004 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

INCREASE(Verb): To become progressively greater; to multiply by the production of young; to be abundant of number, strength or authority. Hebrew: רבה r.b.h-com. Strong's: #7235 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

INCREASE.IN.NUMBER(Verb): To become progressively greater; to multiply by the production of young. Multiply. Also, meaning "to shoot" from the abundant arrows of the archer. Hebrew: רבב r.b.b-com. Strong's: #7231, #7232 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

INCREASING: Hebrew: כסד-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

INDEED: Without any question. Hebrew: אומנם um-nam-masc. Strong's: #0552 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

INFANT: As drawn out of the mother. Hebrew: שיליה-fem. Strong's: #7988 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

INFECT(Verb): To taint or contaminate with something that affects quality, character, or condition unfavorably. To be infected with leprosy, mildew or mold. Hebrew: צרע ts.r.ah-com. Strong's: #6879 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

INFECTION: A contaminated substance, such as a disease, mold or mildew, on the skin, cloth or a building. Hebrew: צרעת-fem. Strong's: #6883 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

INFIRMITY: A physical weakness or ailment. Hebrew: חלי-masc. Strong's: #2483 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

INFLAME(Verb): To excite to excessive or uncontrollable action or feeling. Hebrew: דלק d.l.q-com. Strong's: #1814 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

INFLAMMATION: Hebrew: דלקת-fem. Strong's: #1816 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

INHERIT(Verb): A passing down of properties, wealth or blessings to the offspring. Hebrew: נחל n.hh.l-com. Strong's: #5157 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

INHERITANCE: The acquisition of a possession from past generations. Hebrew: נחלה na-hha-lah-fem. Strong's: #5159 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

INNOCENCE: Freedom from guilt or sin through being unacquainted with evil. A state of innocence as an infant. Hebrew: נקיון na-qi-on-masc. Strong's: #5356 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

INNOCENT: Free from guilt or sin. A state of innocence as an infant. Hebrew: נקיא na-qi-masc. Strong's: #5355 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

INSCRIBE(Verb): To write, engrave or print as a lasting record. A decree or custom. Hebrew: חקק hh.q.q-com. Strong's: #2710 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

INSIDE: In the sense of being close or in the interior of. An approaching. Hebrew: קרב qe-rev-masc. Strong's: #7130, #7131 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

INSTALLATION: Placed in its proper and permanent position. Hebrew: מלוא mi-lu-masc. Strong's: #4394 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

INSTANT: As a wink of time. Hebrew: פתע-masc. Strong's: #6621 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

INTELLIGENCE: The ability to learn, reason, plan and build. Hebrew: תבון ta-vun-masc. תבונה te-vu-nah-fem. Strong's: #8394 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

INTERCEDE(Verb): To intervene between parties to reconcile differences. Supplicate on the behalf of another. Hebrew: עתר ah.t.r-com. Strong's: #6279 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

INTEREST: From usury. Hebrew: תרבית-fem. Strong's: #8636 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

INTERPRET(Verb): To explain or tell the meaning of. Hebrew: פתר p.t.r-com. Strong's: #6622 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

INTERPRETATION: The act or result of interpreting. Hebrew: פיתרון pit-ron-masc. Strong's: #6623 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

INTERPRETING: Hebrew: פתור pe-tor-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

INVADE(Verb): To enter for conquest or plunder. The slicing through of a band of men. Hebrew: גוד g.w.d-com. Strong's: #1464 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

INVENTION: A product of the imagination. Designing or planning of inventions or plans. Hebrew: מחשבה ma-hha-sha-vah-fem. Strong's: #4284 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

INVESTIGATE(Verb): To look or search for something. Hebrew: בקר b.q.r-com. Strong's: #1239 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

IRON: A heavy element frequently used in the making of weapons and tools. The most used of metals. Hebrew: ברזל bar-zel-masc. Strong's: #1270 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

IRRITATE(Verb): Hebrew: מאר m.a.r-com. Strong's: #3992 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ISLAND: A tract of land surrounded by water. Also a country in the sense of isolated. Hebrew: אי iy-masc. Strong's: #0336, #0339 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ISSUE(Verb): To flow out; to go, pass, or flow out; emerge. Hebrew: זוב z.w.b-com. Strong's: #2100 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ITCH: To have or feel a peculiar tingling or uneasy irritation of the skin that causes a desire to scratch the part affected. Hebrew: גרב-masc. Strong's: #1618 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

ITEM: A utensil or implement usually for carrying or storing various materials. Hebrew: כלי ke-li-masc. Strong's: #3627 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

JAR: A sudden and unexpected shake; a wide-mouthed container. Hebrew: כד kad-masc. Strong's: #3537 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

JASPER: Probably the Jasper which may be red, yellow or brown in color. The Septuagint uses laspis meaning Jasper. Other possible translations are Ruby, Hyacinth and Emerald. Hebrew: ישפה yash-phey-fem. Strong's: #3471 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

JAW: From the moist cheeks. Hebrew: לחי-masc. Strong's: #3895 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

JEWEL: A precious stone. Something of value. Hebrew: סגולה se-gu-lah-fem. Strong's: #5459 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

JOIN(Verb): To bind together. Hebrew: לוה l.w.h-com. Alt. Trans.: loan (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form) Strong's: #3867 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

JOINED.TOGETHER(Verb): Two becoming one purposely. Hebrew: שלב sh.l.b-com. Strong's: #7947 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

JOINING: The attachment of objects through binding together. Hebrew: לו law-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

JOINT: The point at which two opposing objects meet. Hebrew: מחברת mahh-be-ret-fem. Strong's: #4225 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

JOURNEY: The packing up of camp for the purpose of beginning a journey. Hebrew: מסע mas-sah-masc. Strong's: #4550, #4551 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

JOURNEY(Verb): To travel or pass from one place to another; to break camp and begin a journey. Hebrew: נסע n.s.ah-com. Strong's: #5265 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

JUBILEE: A special celebration every fifty years. Also, the jubilee horn of a ram that was used to announce the time of celebration. Hebrew: יובל yo-vel-masc. Strong's: #3104 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

JUDGE: One who presides over a dispute. Hebrew: פליל pa-lil-masc. Strong's: #6414 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

JUDGMENT: Reward for action, good or bad. An aspect of determining the outcome. Hebrew: שפט she-phet-masc. Strong's: #8201 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

JUDICIAL: Hebrew: שפטן shaph-tan-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

JUG: A vessel used for storage of water, grain, etc. Hebrew: קשה qa-sah-fem. Strong's: #7184 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

JUICE: As loosened from the fruit. Hebrew: משרה-fem. Strong's: #4952 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

JUMP(Verb): To rise suddenly or quickly. Hebrew: זנק z.n.q-com. Strong's: #2187 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

KEEP(Verb): To hold onto to preserve, protect or hold in reserve; to hold back. Hebrew: נטר n.t.r-com. Strong's: #5201 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

KEEP.BACK(Verb): To hold something back or restrain. Hebrew: חשך hh.s.k-com. Strong's: #2820 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

KEEP.SECRET(Verb): To refrain from disclosing information. Hebrew: כחד k.hh.d-com. Alt. Trans.: hide (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form) Strong's: #3582 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

KEEP.SILENT(Verb): To stand still and be silent. Hebrew: חרש hh.r.sh-com. Strong's: #2790(x2) [Lexicon] [Concordance]

KEEP.WATCH(Verb): To be on the look-out for danger or opportunity. Hebrew: צפה ts.p.h-com. Strong's: #6822 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

KERMES: The 'coccus ilicis,' a worm used for medicinal purposes as well as for making a crimson or scarlet dye. Hebrew: תולע to-la-masc. Alt. Trans.: crimson Strong's: #8438(x2) [Lexicon] [Concordance]

KERNEL: The seed of a grape. Hebrew: חרצן-masc. Strong's: #2785 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

KERUV: A supernatural creature, identified in other Semitic cultures as a winged lion, a Griffin. Hebrew: כרוב ke-ruv-masc. Strong's: #3742 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

KICK(Verb): To strike with the foot. Hebrew: בעט b.ah.t-com. Strong's: #1163 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

KIDNEY: An organ of the body. The seat of emotion in Hebraic thought. Hebrew: כליה kil-yah-fem. Strong's: #3629 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

KIKAR: A dry standard of measure. Usually rendered as "talent" in most translations, however the word talent is a transliteration of the Greek word talanton (a Greek coin) used in the Greek Septuagint for the Hebrew word "kikar." Hebrew: כיכר ki-kar-fem. Strong's: #3603(x2) [Lexicon] [Concordance]

KILL(Verb): To deprive of life; to slaughter. Hebrew: הרג h.r.g-com. Strong's: #2026 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

KILL.BY.STONING(Verb): To throw stones to execute. Hebrew: רגם r.g.m-com. Strong's: #7275 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

KIN: A person of close relation. Hebrew: שאר sha-ar-masc. שארה sha-a-rah-fem. Strong's: #7608 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

KIND: A category of creature that comes from its own kind as a firm rule. Hebrew: מין min-masc. Strong's: #4327 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

KIND.ONE: One who shows favor, mercy or compassion to another. Hebrew: חסיד-masc. Strong's: #2623 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

KINDLE(Verb): To kindle a fire. Hebrew: קדח q.d.hh-com. Strong's: #6919 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

KINDLED: To set fire to or ignite. Hebrew: תבערה tav-ey-rah-fem. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

KINDNESS: Of a sympathetic nature; quality or state of being sympathetic. In the sense of bowing the neck to another as a sign of kindness. Hebrew: חסד hhe-sed-masc. Strong's: #2617 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

KINDRED: A group of related individuals. Hebrew: מולדת mo-le-det-fem. Strong's: #4138 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

KING: The male ruler of a nation or city state. Hebrew: מלך me-lekh-masc. Strong's: #4428 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

KINGDOM: The area under the control of a king. Hebrew: ממלכה mam-la-khah-fem. Strong's: #4467 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

KISS(Verb): To touch together as when kissing with the lips or in battle with weapons. Hebrew: נשק n.sh.q-com. Strong's: #5401 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

KITE: An unknown bird of prey with a keen sense of sight. Hebrew: ראה-fem. Strong's: #7201 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

KNEAD(Verb): To work and press dough. Knead dough for bread. Hebrew: לוש l.w.sh-com. Strong's: #3888 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

KNEADING.BOWL: The vessel used for mixing bread dough. Hebrew: משארת mish-eret-fem. Strong's: #4863 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

KNEE: The joint between the femur and tibia of the leg. Hebrew: ברך be-rekh-masc. Strong's: #1290 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

KNEEL(Verb): To bend the knee, to kneel in homage or to kneel down to get a drink water. Hebrew: ברך b.r.k-com. Alt. Trans.: respect (when written in the piel [active intensive] form) Strong's: #1288 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

KNIFE: A cutting instrument consisting of a sharp blade and handle. What is used for preparing and eating food. Hebrew: מאכלת ma-a-ke-let-fem. Strong's: #3979 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

KNOB: An ornamental round lump or protuberance on the surface or at the end of something. Hebrew: כפתור kaph-tor-masc. Strong's: #3730 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

KNOCK(Verb): To strike violently or forcefully; to beat a tree to remove its fruit; to thresh. Hebrew: חבט hh.b.t-com. Strong's: #2251 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

KNOLL: A small round hill. Hebrew: גיבעה giv-ah-fem. Strong's: #1389 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

KNOW(Verb): To have an intimate and personal understanding; to have an intimate relationship with another person, usually sexual. Hebrew: ידע y.d.ah-com. Alt. Trans.: reveal self (when written in the hitpa'el [reflexive] form) Strong's: #3045 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

KNOWER: One with specific and special understanding. Hebrew: ידעני-masc. Strong's: #3049 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LABOR: To exert one's power of body or mind, especially with painful or strenuous effort. A labor that causes grief, pain or weariness. A laborer as one who toils. Hebrew: עמל a-mal-com. Strong's: #5999, #6001 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LACE: A cord or string used to draw the edges of shoes or a garment together, as twisted around the foot for attaching sandals. Hebrew: שרוך se-rokh-masc. Strong's: #8288 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LACKING: Being without; not having; wanting. Hebrew: מחסור-masc. Strong's: #4270 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LADDER: Used to raise up. A structure for climbing up or down. Hebrew: סולם su-lam-masc. Strong's: #5551 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LAME: As one who hops one leg. Hebrew: פיסח-masc. Strong's: #6455 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LAMENT(Verb): To mourn aloud; wail. Hebrew: ספד s.p.d-com. Strong's: #5594 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LAMENTING: The act of mourning. Hebrew: מספד mis-peyd-masc. Strong's: #4553 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LAMP: A container for an inflammable liquid, as oil, which is burned at a wick as a means of illumination. Hebrew: נר ner-masc. Strong's: #5216 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LAMPSTAND: A platform, sometimes elevated, for holding a lamp. Hebrew: מנורה me-no-rah-fem. Strong's: #4501 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LAND: The solid part of the earth's surface. The whole of the earth or a region. Hebrew: ארץ e-rets-fem. Strong's: #0776 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LAPIS.LAZULI: Probably the Lapis Lazuli which is similar to the color of the Sapphire. While the Hebrew word is saphiyr, the origin of the word Sapphire, the Sapphire was unknown until the Roman period. Hebrew: ספיר sa-phir-masc. Strong's: #5601 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LAST: In, to or toward the back. To be in back of, at the rear or following after something. Hebrew: אחרון a-hha-ron-masc. אחרונה a-hha-ro-nah-fem. Strong's: #0314 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LAST.NIGHT: The previous night or a time past. Hebrew: אמש e-mesh-masc. Strong's: #0570 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LATE: The latter part of the day, in the sense of night as being dark. The latter part of a season. At or near the end. Hebrew: אפיל a-phil-masc. Strong's: #0648 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LATE.RAIN: A late rain that causes a latter growth of crops. Hebrew: מלקוש-masc. Strong's: #4456 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LAUDANUM: An aromatic gum resin obtained from a tree and having a bitter slightly pungent taste. Hebrew: לוט lot-masc. Strong's: #3910 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LAUGH(Verb): To show mirth, joy, or scorn with a smile and chuckle or explosive sound. Hebrew: צחק ts.hh.q-com. Alt. Trans.: mock (when written in the piel [active intensive] form) Strong's: #6711 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LAUGHTER: The sound of mirth, joy, or scorn with a smile and chuckle or explosive sound. Hebrew: צחוק tse-hhoq-masc. Strong's: #6712 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LAWFUL: Pertaining to the law. (A word of uncertain meaning, but closely related in meaning to the parent root) Hebrew: דותן-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LAY.DOWN(Verb): To give up; to lie down for copulation, rest or sleep. Hebrew: שכב sh.k.b-com. Strong's: #7901 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LAY.IN.WAIT(Verb): To hide in ambush. Hebrew: צדה ts.d.h-com. Strong's: #6658 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LAYING.PLACE: The location one lays for rest or sleep. Hebrew: משכב mish-kav-masc. Strong's: #4904 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LEAD: A very heavy metal that is commonly melted and poured into casts to make statues or other objects. Hebrew: עופרת o-phe-ret-fem. Strong's: #5777 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LEAD(Verb): To guide on a way, especially by going in advance. The flock directed to the pasture at the end of the journey. Hebrew: נהל n.h.l-com. Strong's: #5095 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LEADER: One who is in charge or in command of others. Hebrew: אציל a-tsil-fem. Strong's: #0678 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LEAF: Foliage of a tree or plant. As high in the tree. Hebrew: עלה a-leh-masc. Strong's: #5929 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LEAN: Hebrew: רזה-masc. Strong's: #7330 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LEAN(Verb): To cast one's weight to one side for support. Lean on something for rest or support. Hebrew: שען sh.ah.n-com. Strong's: #8172 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LEAP(Verb): To spring forward from one position to another. Hebrew: נתר n.t.r-com. Strong's: #5425 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LEAPING.LOCUST: Hebrew: חרגול-masc. Strong's: #2728 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LEARN(Verb): To acquire knowledge or skill through instruction from one who is experienced. Hebrew: למד l.m.d-com. Alt. Trans.: teach (when written in the piel [active intensive] form) Strong's: #3925 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LEARNING: Teachings and instructions that are received in the sense of being taken. Hebrew: לקח-masc. Strong's: #3948 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LEAVE(Verb): To go away from; to neglect. Hebrew: עזב ah.z.b-com. Strong's: #5800, #5805 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LEAVE.BEHIND(Verb): To set aside; to retain or hold over to a future time or place; to leave a remainder. Hebrew: יתר y.t.r-com. Strong's: #3498 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LEAVE.IN.PLACE(Verb): To put or place something in a specific location. Hebrew: יצג y.ts.g-com. Alt. Trans.: present (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form) Strong's: #3322 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LEAVEN: The element that causes bread to rise, such as salt or yeast. Hebrew: שאור se-or-masc. Strong's: #7603 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LEAVENED.BREAD: Dough that has had leaven added to make a sour bread. Hebrew: חמץ hha-mets-masc. Strong's: #2557 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LEFT.HAND: To choose the left hand or path. Hebrew: שמאל / שמאלי / שמואל s.m.a-com. Strong's: #8040, #8041, #8042 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LEG: The appendage from the ankle to the hip and bends at the knee. Hebrew: כרע ka-ra-fem. Strong's: #3767 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LENGTH: A measured distance or dimension. Hebrew: אורך o-rekh-masc. Strong's: #0753 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LENTIL: A leguminous plant with flattened edible seeds. Hebrew: עדש a-dash-fem. Strong's: #5742 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LET.ALONE(Verb): To be left behind by those who leave. Hebrew: נטש n.t.sh-com. Strong's: #5203 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LEVEL.VALLEY: A depression in the earth's surface between ranges of mountains. Wide level valley as a division between mountains ranges. Hebrew: ביקעה biq-a-fem. Strong's: #1237 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LICK(Verb): Hebrew: לחך / לקק l.hh.q / l.q.q-com. Strong's: #3897, #3952 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LID: The cover of a box or other container. Hebrew: כפורת ka-po-ret-fem. Strong's: #3727 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LIE(Verb): To give a spoken word to deceive, cause failure or disappoint; Not functioning within its intended capacity Hebrew: כזב k.z.b-com. Strong's: #3576 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LIEUTENANT: A leader who is responsible for a group of thirty. Hebrew: שליש / שלוש sha-lish / sha-losh-masc. Strong's: #7991(x2) [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LIFT(Verb): Hebrew: רמם r.m.m-com. Strong's: #7426, #7318 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LIFT.HIGH(Verb): To be raised up in height; to be exalted. Hebrew: שגב s.g.b-com. Strong's: #7682 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LIFT.UP(Verb): To raise a burden or load and carry it; to break camp and begin a journey; to forgive in the sense of removing the offense. Hebrew: נסא / נשא n.s.a-com. Strong's: #4984, #5375 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LIFTED: Raised up in position or in exaltation. Hebrew: רהם ra-ham-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LIGHT: The illumination from the sun, moon, stars, fire, candle or other source. Hebrew: אור or-com. Strong's: #0216, #0217 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LIGHT(Verb): To shine with an intense light; be or give off light; to be bright. Hebrew: אור a.w.r-com. Alt. Trans.: shine Strong's: #0215 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LIGHT.BRINGER: One who carries light into the darkness. Hebrew: אהרון a-ha-ron-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LIGHTWEIGHT: Something that is light in weight or position (worthless). Hebrew: קלקל-masc. Strong's: #7052 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LIKENESS: Copy; resemblance. The quality or state of being like something or someone else. Hebrew: דמות da-mut-fem. Strong's: #1823 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LIME: A chalky white powder used for making plaster. Hebrew: שיד-masc. Strong's: #7875 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LIMP(Verb): To walk lamely, especially favoring one leg; to go unsteadily; to proceed with difficulty or slowly. From damage to the ridge of the hip. Hebrew: צלע ts.l.ah-com. Strong's: #6760 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LINEN: Fabric made of flax and noted for its strength, coolness and luster. A white cloth. Also, marble from its whiteness. Hebrew: שש / ששי sheysh / shey-shiy-masc. Strong's: #7893, #8336 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LINGER: To be slow in parting or in quitting something. Hebrew: מהה m.h.h-com. Strong's: #4102 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LINSEY-WOOLSEY: Hebrew: שעטנז-masc. Strong's: #8162 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LINTEL: A horizontal architectural member supporting the weight above an opening, as a window or a door. Hebrew: משקוף mash-qoph-masc. Strong's: #4947 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LION: A large carnivorous chiefly nocturnal cat. A feared animal. Hebrew: אריה / ארי ar-yeyh / a-riy-masc. Strong's: #0738 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LIONESS: A female lion. Hebrew: לביא la-vi-fem. Strong's: #3833 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LIP: The rim or edge of the mouth or other opening. Language, as spoken from the lips. Hebrew: שפה sa-phah-fem. Alt. Trans.: edge Strong's: #8193 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LIQUOR: An intoxicating drink. Hebrew: שכר shey-khar-masc. Strong's: #7941 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LITTLE.ONE: Small in size or extent. Something or someone that is smaller, younger or less significant. Hebrew: צעיר / צעור / זעיר tsa-ir / tsa-ur / za-iyr-masc. Strong's: #2191, #6810 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LITTLE.OWL: An unknown species of bird. Hebrew: כוס kos-fem. Strong's: #3563(x2) [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LIVE(Verb): To be alive and continue alive. Have life within. The revival of life gained from food or other necessity. Hebrew: חיה hh.y.h-com. Alt. Trans.: keep alive (when written in the piel [active intensive] form) Strong's: #2421, #2425 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LIVELY: Having the vigor of life. Hebrew: חיה hhay-eh-masc. Strong's: #2422 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LIVESTOCK: Animals kept or raised for use or pleasure. What is purchased or possessed. Hebrew: מקנה miq-neh-masc. Strong's: #4735 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LIVING: The quality that distinguishes a vital and functional being from a dead body; life. Literally the stomach. Used idiomatically of living creatures, especially in conjunction with land, ground or field. Hebrew: חי hhai-masc. חיה hhai-ah-fem. Alt. Trans.: life (when in the plural form); creature (as a living one) Strong's: #2416 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LIZARD: From the camouflaging capability of the lizard to hide. Hebrew: לטאה-fem. Strong's: #3911 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LO: To draw attention to something important. Hebrew: הא hey-masc. Strong's: #1887 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LOAD: Something that is lifted up and carried. The lifting up of the voice in song. Hebrew: משא ma-sa-masc. Strong's: #4853 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LOAD(Verb): That which is put on a person or pack animal to be carried. Hebrew: עמש ah.m.s-com. Strong's: #6006 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LOAN: Hebrew: משה-masc. משאה-fem. Strong's: #4859, #4874 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LOATHE(Verb): To dislike greatly and often with disgust. To be sickened as if pierced by a thorn. Hebrew: קוץ q.w.ts-com. Strong's: #6973 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LOBE: The extended point of the liver. Hebrew: יותרת yo-te-ret-fem. Strong's: #3508 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LOCUST: From its high jumping. Hebrew: סלעם-masc. Strong's: #5556 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LOG: A standard of measure. Hebrew: לג-masc. Strong's: #3849 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LOIN.WRAP: A sash or belt that encircles the waist. Hebrew: חגורה hha-go-rah-fem. Strong's: #2290 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LOINS: The pubic region; the generative organs. In the sense of the next generation being drawn out of the loins. Hebrew: חרץ hha-rats-fem. Strong's: #2504 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LONG.GARMENT: A piece of clothing of unusual length. Hebrew: מד-masc. Strong's: #4055 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LONG.HAIR: Hair of an unusual length. Hebrew: פרע-masc. Strong's: #6545 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LOOK: To ascertain by the use of one's eyes. Hebrew: הינה hi-ney-masc. Alt. Trans.: here; saw Strong's: #2009 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LOOK.DOWN(Verb): To look out and down as through a window. Hebrew: שקף sh.q.p-com. Strong's: #8259 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LOOK.FORTH: Hebrew: סכה s.k.h-com. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LOOK.INTO: To peer toward. Hebrew: חז-fem. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LOOK.UPON(Verb): Hebrew: שור sh.w.r-com. Strong's: #7789 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LOOK.WITH.RESPECT(Verb): To look upon with high regard. Hebrew: שעה sh.ah.h-com. Strong's: #8159 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LOOP: A circular object that is open in the middle. Hebrew: לולאה lu-lah-fem. Strong's: #3924 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LOOSE(Verb): To uncover, remove or let go. Such as to make naked by removing clothing. To uncover the head. Hebrew: פרע p.r.ah-com. Strong's: #6544 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LOOSEN(Verb): To make less tight; slacken or relax. To untie or remove. Hebrew: זחח z.hh.hh-com. Strong's: #2118 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LORD: The ruler as the foundation to the community or family. Hebrew: אדון a-don-masc. Strong's: #0113 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LOST: Departed from the correct path or way, either out of ignorance or revolt. Hebrew: רשע re-sha-masc. Strong's: #7562, #7563 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LOST.THING: An object that is missing or misplaced. Hebrew: אבדה a-vey-dah-fem. Strong's: #0009 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LOT: Colored stones that are thrown and read to determine a course of action or to make a decision. Hebrew: גורל-masc. Strong's: #1486 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LOUD.NOISE: A loud, confused, constant noise or sound Hebrew: רוע rey-a-masc. Strong's: #7452 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LOVE(Verb): To provide and protect that which is given as a privilege. An intimacy of action and emotion. Strong affection for another arising from personal ties. Hebrew: אהב a.h.b-com. Strong's: #0157 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LOW: Hebrew: שפל-masc. שפלה-fem. Strong's: #8216, #8217 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LOW.COUNTRY: A land that is below the general area. Hebrew: דדן de-dan-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LOWER(Verb): To be brought down low in humility or submission. Hebrew: כנע k.n.ah-com. Strong's: #3665 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LOWER.PART: The part beneath. A low place. Hebrew: תחתי tahh-ti-masc. Strong's: #8482 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LOWERED: Hebrew: כנען ke-na-an-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LOWLAND: A low place. Hebrew: שפלה-fem. Strong's: #8219 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LUMINARY: That which gives off light. Hebrew: מאור ma-or-masc. Strong's: #3974 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LYING.DOWN: A laying with another in copulation. Something spread out. Hebrew: שכבה she-kha-vah-fem. Strong's: #7902 [Lexicon] [Concordance]

LYRE: Hebrew: כרן-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Lexicon] [Concordance]