Dictionary of Hebrew Names in the Torah

Adah: ADORNMENT - Adornment Hebrew: עדה a-dah-masc. Strong's: #5711 [Concordance]

Adbe'el: MIST~&~in~MIGHTY.ONE - Mist in El Hebrew: אדבאל ad-be-eyl-masc. Strong's: #0110 [Concordance]

Admah: GROUND - Ground (Or Adamah,) Hebrew: אדמה ad-mah-fem. Strong's: #0126, #0128 [Concordance]

Adonai: LORD~s~me - My lords Hebrew: אדוני a-do-ni-masc. Strong's: #0136 [Concordance]

Adulam: WITNESS~&~and~SHEPHERD.STAFF - Witness and a shepherd staff Hebrew: עדולם a-du-lam-masc. Strong's: #5725, #5726 [Concordance]

Agag: I~will~OVERTOP - I will be overtop Hebrew: אגג a-gag-masc. Strong's: #0090 [Concordance]

Ahalivamah: TENT~of~&~PLATFORM - Tent of the platform Hebrew: אהליבמה a-ha-li-va-mah-masc. Strong's: #0173 [Concordance]

Ahaliyav: TENT~of~&~FATHER - Tent of father Hebrew: אהליאב a-ha-li-av-masc. Strong's: #0171 [Concordance]

Aharon: LIGHT.BRINGER - Light bringer (Uncertain meaning but related to the word for light.) Hebrew: אהרון a-ha-ron-masc. Strong's: #0175 [Concordance]

Ahhi'ezer: BROTHER~me~&~HELP - My brother is help Hebrew: אחיעזר a-hhi-e-zer-masc. Strong's: #0295 [Concordance]

Ahhihud: BROTHER~me~&~SPLENDOR - My brother is splendor Hebrew: אחיהוד a-hhi-hud-masc. Strong's: #0282 [Concordance]

Ahhiman: BROTHER~me~&~SHARE - My brother shares Hebrew: אחימן a-hhi-man-masc. Strong's: #0289 [Concordance]

Ahhira: BROTHER~me~&~DYSFUNCTIONAL - My brother is dysfunctional Hebrew: אחירע a-hhi-ra-masc. Strong's: #0299 [Concordance]

Ahhiram: BROTHER~me~&~RAISED - My brother raised Hebrew: אחירם a-hhi-ram-masc. Strong's: #0297, #0298 [Concordance]

Ahhiysamahh: BROTHER~me~&~he~did~SUPPORT(Verb) - My brother supports (May also mean "My brother of support.") Hebrew: אחיסמך a-hhi-sa-mak-masc. Strong's: #0294 [Concordance]

Ahhuzat: HOLDINGS - Holdings Hebrew: אחוזת a-hhu-zat-masc. Strong's: #0276 [Concordance]

Akad: DELICATE - Delicate (Can also mean spark.) Hebrew: אכד a-kad-masc. Strong's: #0390 [Concordance]

Akhbor: MOUSE - Mouse Hebrew: עכבור akh-bor-masc. Strong's: #5907 [Concordance]

Akhran: DISTURBED.ONE - Disturbed one Hebrew: עכרן akh-ran-masc. Strong's: #5918 [Concordance]

Almodad: MIGHTY.ONE~&~MEASURING - El of measuring (The origins of "modad" is uncertain.) Hebrew: אלמודד al-mo-dad-masc. Strong's: #0486 [Concordance]

Almon: OUT.OF.SIGHT - Out of sight Hebrew: עלמון al-mon-masc. Strong's: #5960, #5963 [Concordance]

Alon-Bakhut: GREAT.TREE~&~WEEPING - Great tree of weeping Hebrew: אלון-בכות a-lon ba-khut-masc. Strong's: #0439 [Concordance]

Alush: I~will~KNEAD(Verb) - I will knead Hebrew: אלוש a-lush-masc. Strong's: #0442 [Concordance]

Alwah: WICKEDNESS - Wickedness Hebrew: עלוה al-wah-masc. Strong's: #5933 [Concordance]

Alwan: LOFT - Loft Hebrew: עלון al-wan-masc. Strong's: #5935 [Concordance]

Amaleq: PEOPLE~&~GATHERED.UP - People gathered up Hebrew: עמלק a-me-leq-masc. Strong's: #6002, #6003 [Concordance]

Ami'eyl: PEOPLE~of~&~MIGHTY.ONE - Peaple of the mighty one Hebrew: עמיאל a-mi-eyl-masc. Strong's: #5988 [Concordance]

Amihud: PEOPLE~of~&~SPLENDOR - Peaple of splendor Hebrew: עמיהוד a-mi-hud-masc. Strong's: #5989 [Concordance]

Amishaddai: PEOPLE~of~&~BREAST~s~me - People of my breasts Hebrew: עמישדי a-mi-sha-dai-masc. Strong's: #5996 [Concordance]

Amiynadav: PEOPLE~me~&~OFFERED.WILLINGLY - My people offered willingly Hebrew: עמינדב a-mi-na-dav-masc. Strong's: #5992 [Concordance]

Amon: TRIBAL - Tribal Hebrew: עמון a-mon-masc. Strong's: #5983, #5984, #5985 [Concordance]

Amram: PEOPLE~&~RAISED - People raised Hebrew: עמרם am-ram-masc. Strong's: #6019 [Concordance]

Amraphel: SAYERFALL - Sayer of the fall (Can also mean "One that speaks of secrets", "Sayer of darkness" or "Fall of the sayer.") Hebrew: אמרפל am-ra-phel-masc. Strong's: #0569 [Concordance]

Anah: ANSWERED - Answered Hebrew: ענה a-nah-masc. Strong's: #6034 [Concordance]

Anam: AFFLICTION~&~WATER~s2 - Affliction of waters Hebrew: ענם a-nam-masc. Strong's: #6047 [Concordance]

Anaq: NECK.BAND - Neck band Hebrew: ענק a-naq-masc. Strong's: #6061, #6062 [Concordance]

Aner: YOUNG.BOY - Young boy (Meaning and origin are uncertain.) Hebrew: ענר a-ner-masc. Strong's: #6063 [Concordance]

Aqan: SHARP.SIGHTED - Sharp sighted Hebrew: עקן a-qan-masc. Strong's: #6130 [Concordance]

Ar: ENEMY - Enemy (May also mean "city.") Hebrew: ער ar-masc. Strong's: #6144 [Concordance]

Arad: WILD.DONKEY - Wild donkey Hebrew: ערד a-rad-masc. Strong's: #6166 [Concordance]

Aram: PALACE - Palace (From a root meaning a high place such as used for building palaces and forts.) Hebrew: ארם a-ram-masc. Strong's: #0758 [Concordance]

Aram-Nahara'im: PALACE~&~RIVER~s2 - Palace of two rivers Hebrew: ארם-נהרים a-ram na-ha-ra-yim-masc. Strong's: #0763 [Concordance]

Aran: I~will~SHOUT.ALOUD(Verb) - I will shout aloud Hebrew: ארן a-ran-masc. Strong's: #0765 [Concordance]

Araq: GNAWED - Gnawed Hebrew: ערק a-raq-masc. Strong's: #6208 [Concordance]

Ararat: HIGH.LAND - High land (Meaning uncertain, of foreign origin) Hebrew: אררט a-ra-rat-masc. Strong's: #0780 [Concordance]

Ard: I~will~GO.DOWN(Verb) - I will go down (Can also mean "I go down.") Hebrew: ארד ard-masc. Strong's: #0714 [Concordance]

Areliy: LION~&~MIGHTY.ONE~me - Lion of my El Hebrew: אראלי ar-ey-li-masc. Strong's: #0692 [Concordance]

Argov: I~will~CLOD - I will clod Hebrew: ארגוב ar-gov-masc. Strong's: #0709 [Concordance]

Arnon: I~will~SHOUT.ALOUD(Verb) - I will shout aloud Hebrew: ארנון ar-non-masc. Strong's: #0769 [Concordance]

Arodiy: ROAMING~me - My roaming Hebrew: ארודי a-ro-di-masc. Strong's: #0722 [Concordance]

Aro'eyr: UNPROTECTED - Unprotected Hebrew: ערוער ar-o-eyr-masc. Strong's: #6177 [Concordance]

Arpakhshad: I~will~DECLINE~&~BREAST - I declined the breast Hebrew: ארפכשד ar-pakh-shad-masc. Strong's: #0775 [Concordance]

Arwad: ROAMING - Roaming Hebrew: ארוד ar-wad-masc. Strong's: #0719, #0721 [Concordance]

Aryokh: LION.LIKE - Lion like (From a root meaning long.) Hebrew: אריוך a-ri-okh-masc. Strong's: #0746 [Concordance]

Ashbeyl: I~will~EXCHANGE(Verb) - I will exchange (Can also mean Fire of Bel.) Hebrew: אשבל ash-beyl-masc. Strong's: #0788 [Concordance]

Asher: HAPPY - Happy Hebrew: אשר a-sher-masc. Strong's: #0836 [Concordance]

Ashkanaz: FIRE~&~SPRINKLED - Fire sprinkled Hebrew: אשכנז ash-ke-naz-masc. Strong's: #0813 [Concordance]

Ashterot-Qar'nayim: YOUNG.SHEEP~s~&~HORN~s2 - Horns of young sheep (A plural name) Hebrew: עשתרות-קרנים ash-te-rot qar-na-yim-masc. Strong's: #6255 [Concordance]

Ashur: HAPPY - Happy Hebrew: אשור a-shur-masc. Strong's: #0804 [Concordance]

Asiyr: PRISONER - Prisoner Hebrew: אסיר a-sir-masc. Strong's: #0617 [Concordance]

Asnat: BELONGING.TO.NAT - Belonging to Nat (Of Egyptian origin) Hebrew: אסנת as-nat-masc. Strong's: #0621 [Concordance]

Asri'eyl: HAPPY(Verb)~me~&~MIGHTY.ONE - My happiness is the mighty one Hebrew: אסריאל as-ri-eyl-masc. Strong's: #0844, #0845 [Concordance]

Atariym: SITE~s - Site Hebrew: אתרים a-ta-riym-masc. Strong's: #0871 [Concordance]

Atarot: WREATH~s - Wreaths Hebrew: עטרות a-ta-rot-masc. Strong's: #5852 [Concordance]

Atsmon: ABUNDANT.ONE - Abundant one Hebrew: עצמון ats-mon-masc. Strong's: #6111 [Concordance]

Aveyl-Mitsrayim: MOURNING~&~STRAIT~s2 - Mourning of Mitsrayim Hebrew: אבל-מצרים a-veyl mits-ra-yim-masc. Strong's: #0067 [Concordance]

Avida: FATHER~me~&~he~did~KNOW(Verb) - My father knows Hebrew: אבידע a-viy-da-masc. Strong's: #0028 [Concordance]

Avidan: FATHER~me~&~MODERATOR - My father is a moderator (May also mean "father of a moderator," "father of Dan," or "My father is Dan.") Hebrew: אבידן a-vi-dan-masc. Strong's: #0027 [Concordance]

Avihha'il: FATHER~me~&~FORCE - My father is a force Hebrew: אביחיל a-vi-hha-yil-masc. Strong's: #0032 [Concordance]

Aviram: FATHER~me~&~RAISED - My father is raised Hebrew: אבירם a-vi-ram-masc. Strong's: #0048 [Concordance]

Aviyasaph: FATHER~me~&~he~did~GATHER(Verb) - My father gathers Hebrew: אביאסף a-vi-a-saph-masc. Strong's: #0023 [Concordance]

Aviyhu: FATHER~me~&~HE - He is my father Hebrew: אביהוא a-vi-hu-masc. Strong's: #0030 [Concordance]

Aviyma'el: FATHER~me~&~from~MIGHTY.ONE - My father is from El Hebrew: אבימאל a-vi-ma-eyl-masc. Strong's: #0039 [Concordance]

Aviymelekh: FATHER~me~&~KING - My father is king (Can also mean "Father of the king.") Hebrew: אבימלך a-viy-me-lekh-masc. Strong's: #0040 [Concordance]

Avraham: FATHER~&~LIFTED - Father lifted Hebrew: אברהם av-ra-ham-masc. Strong's: #0085 [Concordance]

Avram: FATHER~&~RAISED - Father raised Hebrew: אברם av-ram-masc. Strong's: #0087 [Concordance]

Awi: TWIST - Twist Hebrew: עוי a-wi-masc. Strong's: #5757, #5761 [Concordance]

Awit: RUINED.HEAP~s - Ruined heaps Hebrew: עיות a-wit-masc. Strong's: #5762 [Concordance]

Ay: RUINED.HEAP - Ruined heap Hebrew: עי ai-masc. Strong's: #5857 [Concordance]

Ayah: HAWK - Hawk Hebrew: איה ai-yah-masc. Strong's: #0345 [Concordance]

Azan: STRONG.ONE - Strong one Hebrew: עזן a-zan-masc. Strong's: #5821 [Concordance]

Azazeyl: STRONG~&~>~WAVER(Verb) - Strong waver Hebrew: עזאזל a-za-zeyl-masc. Strong's: #5799 [Concordance]

Azni: EAR~me - My ear Hebrew: אזני az-ni-masc. Strong's: #0241, #0244 [Concordance]

Ba'al: MASTER - Master Hebrew: בעל ba-al-masc. Strong's: #1168 [Concordance]

Ba'al-Hhanan: MASTER~&~BEAUTY - Master of beauty (Can also mean Ba'al is Beauty.) Hebrew: בעל-חנן ba-al hha-nan-masc. Strong's: #1177 [Concordance]

Ba'al-Pe'or: MASTER~&~OPENED.WIDE - Master of the wide open Hebrew: בעל-פעור ba-al pe-or-masc. Strong's: #1187 [Concordance]

Ba'al-Tsephon: MASTER~&~NORTH - Master of the north Hebrew: בעל-צפון ba-al tse-phon-masc. Strong's: #1189 [Concordance]

Balaq: he~did~LAY.WASTE(Verb) - He laid waste Hebrew: בלק ba-laq-masc. Strong's: #1111 [Concordance]

Bamot: PLATFORM~s - Platforms Hebrew: במות ba-mot-masc. Strong's: #1120 [Concordance]

Barneya: GRAIN~&~RATTLE - Grain rattles Hebrew: ברנע bar-ney-a-masc. Strong's: #6947 [Concordance]

Bashan: SHAME - Shame Hebrew: בשן ba-shan-masc. Strong's: #1316 [Concordance]

Basmat: FRAGRANCE - Fragrance Hebrew: בסמת bas-mat-fem. Strong's: #1315 [Concordance]

Bavel: MIXED.UP - Mixed up (From a root meaning "to mix up.") Hebrew: בבל ba-vel-masc. Strong's: #0894 [Concordance]

Bedad: ALONE - Alone Hebrew: בדד be-dad-masc. Strong's: #0911 [Concordance]

Be'eri: WELL~me - My well Hebrew: בארי be-ey-ri-masc. Strong's: #0882 [Concordance]

Be'er-Lahhiy-Ro'iy: WELL~&~to~LIVING~&~SEE(Verb)~ing(ms)~me - I see a well for life Hebrew: באר-לחי-רואי be-eyr la-hhai ro-iy-masc. Strong's: #0883 [Concordance]

Bekher: YOUNG.CAMEL - Young camel Hebrew: בכר be-kher-masc. Strong's: #1071 [Concordance]

Bela: SWALLOWED - Swallowed Hebrew: בלע be-la-fem. Strong's: #1106 [Concordance]

Beli'ya'al: UNAWARE~&~he~will~RISE.ABOVE(Verb) - The unaware will rise above Hebrew: בליעל be-li-ya-al-masc. Strong's: #1100 [Concordance]

Ben-Amiy: SON~&~PEOPLE~me - Son of my people Hebrew: בן-עמי ben a-miy-masc. Strong's: #1151 [Concordance]

Ben-Oni: SON~&~VIGOR~me - Son of my vigor Hebrew: בן-אוני ben o-niy-masc. Strong's: #1126 [Concordance]

Be'on: in~COHABITATION - In cohabitation Hebrew: בעון be-on-masc. Strong's: #1194 [Concordance]

Be'or: IGNITING - Igniting Hebrew: בעור be-or-masc. Strong's: #1160 [Concordance]

B'er: WELL - Well Hebrew: באר b'er-masc. Strong's: #0876 [Concordance]

Bera: in~DYSFUNCTIONAL - In dysfunction (Can also mean "With shouting", "Son of evil", "A well" or "Declaring.") Hebrew: ברע be-ra-masc. Strong's: #1298 [Concordance]

Bered: HAILSTONES - Hailstones Hebrew: ברד be-red-masc. Strong's: #1260 [Concordance]

Beri'ah: in~COMPANION - With a companion Hebrew: בריעה be-ri-ah-masc. Strong's: #1283 [Concordance]

B'er-Sheva: WELL~&~SEVEN - Seven wells Hebrew: באר-שבע be-er she-va-masc. Strong's: #0884 [Concordance]

Betsaleyl: in~SHADOW~&~MIGHTY.ONE - In the shadow of El Hebrew: בצלאל be-tsa-leyl-masc. Strong's: #1212 [Concordance]

Betser: PRECIOUS.METAL - Precious metal Hebrew: בצר be-tser-masc. Strong's: #1221 [Concordance]

Betu'el: HOUSE~them(m)~&~MIGHTY.ONE - Their house is El Hebrew: בתואל be-tu-eyl-masc. Strong's: #1328 [Concordance]

Beyt-El: HOUSE~&~MIGHTY.ONE - House of El Hebrew: בית-אל beyt eyl-masc. Strong's: #1008 [Concordance]

Beyt-Lehhem: HOUSE~&~BREAD - House of bread Hebrew: בית-לחם beyt le-hhem-masc. Strong's: #1035 [Concordance]

Bilam: NONE~&~PEOPLE - None of the people Hebrew: בילעם bil-am-masc. Strong's: #1109 [Concordance]

Bilhah: DISMAY - Dismay Hebrew: בילהה bil-hah-fem. Strong's: #1090 [Concordance]

Bilhan: DISMAY~them(f) - Their dismay Hebrew: בילהן bil-han-masc. Strong's: #1092 [Concordance]

Binyamin: SON~&~RIGHT.HAND - Son of the right hand Hebrew: בינימין bin-ya-min-masc. Strong's: #1144 [Concordance]

Birsha: in~LOST - With the lost Hebrew: ברשע bir-sha-masc. Strong's: #1306 [Concordance]

Botsrah: SHEEP.PEN - Sheep pen Hebrew: בוצרה bots-rah-masc. Strong's: #1224 [Concordance]

Buqi: VACANT - Vacant Hebrew: בוקי bu-qi-masc. Strong's: #1231 [Concordance]

Buz: DESPISED - Despised Hebrew: בוז buz-masc. Strong's: #0938 [Concordance]

Dameseq: BLOOD~&~SACK - Blood sack Hebrew: דמסק / דומשק / דרמשק dam-seq / du-me-seq / dar-me-seq-masc. Strong's: #1834 [Concordance]

Dan: MODERATOR - Moderator Hebrew: דן dan-masc. Strong's: #1835 [Concordance]

Daphqah: she~did~BEAT.OUT(Verb) - She beat out Hebrew: דפקה daph-qah-fem. Strong's: #1850 [Concordance]

Datan: LAWFUL - Two wells Hebrew: דתן da-tan-masc. Strong's: #1885 [Concordance]

Dedan: LOW.COUNTRY - Low country (From the root ??. Can also mean breasts or judge.) Hebrew: דדן / דדנה de-dan / de-da-neh-masc. Strong's: #1719 [Concordance]

De'u'eyl: they~did~KNOW(Verb)~&~MIGHTY.ONE - They knew the mighty one Hebrew: דעואל de-u-eyl-masc. Strong's: #1845 [Concordance]

Devorah: BEE - Bee Hebrew: דבורה de-vo-rah-fem. Strong's: #1683 [Concordance]

Di: SUFFICIENT - Sufficient Hebrew: די di-masc. Strong's: #1774 [Concordance]

Dibon: BROODING - Brooding Hebrew: דיבון di-bon-masc. Strong's: #1769 [Concordance]

Dinah: PLEA - Plea Hebrew: דינה di-nah-fem. Strong's: #1783 [Concordance]

Dinhavah: PLEA~&~GIFT.OFFERING - Plea offering Hebrew: דינהבה din-ha-vah-masc. Strong's: #1838 [Concordance]

Diqlah: PALM.GROVE - Palm grove (Meaning and origin are uncertain.) Hebrew: דיקלה diq-lah-masc. Strong's: #1853 [Concordance]

Dishan: THRESHER - Thresher Hebrew: דישן di-shan-masc. Strong's: #1789 [Concordance]

Dishon: THRESHER - Thresher Hebrew: דישון di-shon-masc. Strong's: #1787 [Concordance]

Divlatayim: CAKE~s2 - Two cakes Hebrew: דבלתים div-la-ta-yim-masc. Strong's: #2583 [Concordance]

Divriy: WORD~me - My word Hebrew: דברי div-riy-masc. Strong's: #1704 [Concordance]

Dodan: LOW.COUNTRY - Low country (From the root ??. Can also mean friendship, breast or judge.) Hebrew: דודן / רודן do-dan / ro-dan-masc. Strong's: #1721 [Concordance]

Dotan: LAWFUL - Two wells Hebrew: דותן do-tan-masc. Strong's: #1886 [Concordance]

Dumah: SILENCED - Silenced Hebrew: דומה du-mah-masc. Strong's: #1746 [Concordance]

Eden: PLEASURE - Pleasure Hebrew: עדן e-den-masc. Strong's: #5731 [Concordance]

Edom: RED - Red Hebrew: אדום e-dom-masc. Strong's: #0123, #0130 [Concordance]

Ed're'i: FORCE~me - My force Hebrew: אדרעי ed-re-i-masc. Strong's: #0154 [Concordance]

Ehyeh: I~will~EXIST(Verb) - I exist (Used only once, Exodus 3:14, where it is used as a proper name.) Hebrew: אהיה eh-yeh-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Concordance]

Elaley: MIGHTY.ONE~&~>~GO.UP(Verb) - The might one goes up Hebrew: אלעלא el-a-ley-masc. Strong's: #0500 [Concordance]

Elam: ANCIENT - Ancient Hebrew: עילם / עולם e-lam / o-lam-masc. Strong's: #5867 [Concordance]

Elasar: MIGHTY.ONE~&~NOBLE - El of the noble (Can also mean "Mighty one is chastiser" or "Revolting from mighty one.") Hebrew: אלסר el-la-sar-masc. Strong's: #0495 [Concordance]

Elazar: MIGHTY.ONE~&~he~did~HELP(Verb) - El helps Hebrew: אלעזר el-a-zar-masc. Strong's: #0499 [Concordance]

El-Beyt-El: MIGHTY.ONE~&~HOUSE~&~MIGHTY.ONE - El of Beyt El Hebrew: אל-בית-אל eyl beyt eyl-masc. Strong's: #0416 [Concordance]

Elda'ah: MIGHTY.ONE~&~he~did~KNOW(Verb) - El knows Hebrew: אלדעה el-da-ah-masc. Strong's: #0420 [Concordance]

Eldad: MIGHTY.ONE~&~TEAT - The mighty one is a teat Hebrew: אלדד el-dad-masc. Strong's: #0419 [Concordance]

El-Elohey-Yisra'el: MIGHTY.ONE~&~POWER~s~&~he~will~TURN.ASIDE(Verb)~&~MIGHTY.ONE - El of Elohiym of Yisra'el Hebrew: אל-אלהי-יסראל eyl e-lo-hey yis-ra-eyl-masc. Strong's: #0415 [Concordance]

Eli'av: MIGHTY.ONE~&~FATHER - The mighty one is father Hebrew: אליאב e-li-av-masc. Strong's: #0446 [Concordance]

Elidad: MIGHTY.ONE~me~&~TEAT - My mighty one is a teat Hebrew: אלידד e-li-dad-masc. Strong's: #0449 [Concordance]

Eli'ezer: MIGHTY.ONE~me~&~he~did~HELP(Verb) - My El helps (Can also mean "Mighty one of help.") Hebrew: אליעזר e-li-e-zer-masc. Strong's: #0461 [Concordance]

Eliphaz: MIGHTY.ONE~me~&~PURE.GOLD - My El is pure gold Hebrew: אליפז e-li-phaz-masc. Strong's: #0464 [Concordance]

Elishah: MIGHTY.ONE~me~&~EQUATED - My El resembles (Meaning of the word "shah" is uncertain.) Hebrew: אלישה e-li-shah-masc. Strong's: #0473 [Concordance]

Elishama: MIGHTY.ONE~me~&~he~did~HEAR(Verb) - My mighty one heard Hebrew: אלישמע e-li-sha-ma-masc. Strong's: #0476 [Concordance]

Elitsaphan: MIGHTY.ONE~me~&~he~did~CONCEAL(Verb) - My mighty one concealed Hebrew: אליצפן e-li-tsa-phan-masc. Strong's: #0469 [Concordance]

Elitsur: MIGHTY.ONE~me~&~BOULDER - My mighty one is a boulder Hebrew: אליצור e-li-tsur-masc. Strong's: #0468 [Concordance]

Eliysheva: MIGHTY.ONE~me~&~he~did~SWEAR(Verb) - My El swears Hebrew: אלישבע e-li-she-va-fem. Strong's: #0472 [Concordance]

Elohiym: POWER~s - Powers Hebrew: אלוהים e-lo-him-masc. Strong's: #0430 [Concordance]

Elqanah: MIGHTY.ONE~&~he~did~PURCHASE(Verb) - El purchased Hebrew: אלקנה el-qa-nah-masc. Strong's: #0511 [Concordance]

El-Ra'iy: MIGHTY.ONE~&~he~did~SEE(Verb)~me - El sees me Hebrew: אל-ראי el ra-iy-masc. Strong's: [Found in names only] [Concordance]

El'tsaphan: MIGHTY.ONE~&~he~did~CONCEAL(Verb) - El conceals Hebrew: אלצפן el-tsa-phan-masc. Strong's: #0469 [Concordance]

Elyasaph: MIGHTY.ONE~&~he~did~ADD(Verb) - The mighty one added Hebrew: אליסף el-ya-saph-masc. Strong's: #0460 [Concordance]

Elyon: UPPER - Upper Hebrew: עליון el-yon-masc. Strong's: #5945(x2) [Concordance]

Emor: SAYER - Sayer Hebrew: אמור e-mor-masc. Strong's: #0567 [Concordance]

Enosh: MAN - Man Hebrew: אנוש e-nosh-masc. Strong's: #0583 [Concordance]

Epher: POWDER - Powder Hebrew: עפר e-pher-masc. Strong's: #6081 [Concordance]

Ephrat: I~will~INTERPRET(Verb) - I will interpret Hebrew: אפרת eph-rat-masc. Strong's: #0672 [Concordance]

Ephrayim: ASH~s2 - Ashes (Can also mean "fruitful" or "double fruit.") Hebrew: אפרים eph-ra-yim-masc. Strong's: #0669 [Concordance]

Ephron: POWDERY - Powdery Hebrew: עפרון eph-ron-masc. Strong's: #6085 [Concordance]

Erekh: SLOW - Slow Hebrew: ארך e-rekh-masc. Strong's: #0751 [Concordance]

Esaw: DOING - Doing Hebrew: עסו e-saw-masc. Strong's: #6215 [Concordance]

Eseq: STRIFE - Strife Hebrew: עסק e-seq-masc. Strong's: #6230 [Concordance]

Eshban: I~will~GROW - I will grow Hebrew: אשבן esh-ban-masc. Strong's: #0790 [Concordance]

Eshkol: CLUSTER - Cluster Hebrew: אשכול esh-kol-masc. Strong's: #0812 [Concordance]

Etsbon: WORKING - Working Hebrew: אצבון ets-bon-masc. Strong's: #0675 [Concordance]

Etsi'on: BACKBONE - Backbone Hebrew: עציון e-tsi-on-masc. Strong's: #6100 [Concordance]

Ever: OTHER.SIDE - Other side Hebrew: עבר e-ver-masc. Strong's: #5677, #5680, #5681, #5682 [Concordance]

Evronah: CROSSING.ONE - Crossing one Hebrew: עברונה ev-ro-nah-fem. Strong's: #5684 [Concordance]

Ewi: YEARN~me - My yearning Hebrew: אוי e-wi-masc. Strong's: #0189 [Concordance]

Eyhhiy: BROTHER~me - My brother Hebrew: אחי a-hhi-masc. Strong's: #0278 [Concordance]

Eylah: OAK - Oak Hebrew: אלה ey-lah-masc. Strong's: #0425 [Concordance]

Eyliym: BUCK~s - Bucks Hebrew: אילים ey-lim-masc. Strong's: #0362 [Concordance]

Eylon: GREAT.TREE - Great tree Hebrew: אילון ey-lon-masc. Strong's: #0356 [Concordance]

Eylot: DOE~s - Does Hebrew: אילות ey-lot-fem. Strong's: #0359 [Concordance]

Eyl-Paran: BUCK~&~DECORATED - Decorated Buck (The word Eyl can also mean ram, hart, tree, lintel, oak, mighty or strength.) Hebrew: איל-פארן eyl pa-ran-masc. Strong's: #0364 [Concordance]

Eym: TERROR - Terror Hebrew: אים eym-masc. Strong's: #0368 [Concordance]

Eynan: HAVING.AN.EYE - Having an eye Hebrew: עינן ey-nan-masc. Strong's: #5851 [Concordance]

Eynayim: EYE~s2 - Two eyes Hebrew: עינים ey-na-yim-masc. Strong's: #5879 [Concordance]

Eyn-Mishpat: EYE~&~DECISION - Eye of decision (Can also mean "Spring of judgement.") Hebrew: עין-משפט eyn mish-pat-masc. Strong's: #5880 [Concordance]

Eyphah: MURKINESS - Murkiness Hebrew: עיפה ey-phah-masc. Strong's: #5891 [Concordance]

Eyr: BARE.SKIN - Bare skin Hebrew: ער eyr-masc. Strong's: #6147 [Concordance]

Eyran: BARE.ONE - Bare one (May also mean "enemy" or "city.") Hebrew: ערן ey-ran-masc. Strong's: #6197 [Concordance]

Eyriy: BARE.SKIN~me - My bare skin Hebrew: ערי ey-ri-masc. Strong's: #6179, #6180 [Concordance]

Eyshdat: FIRE~&~LAW - Fire Law Hebrew: אשדת eysh-dat-masc. Strong's: #0799+#1881 [Concordance]

Eytam: PLOWSHARE~them(m) - Their plowshare Hebrew: אתם ey-tam-masc. Strong's: #0864 [Concordance]

Eytser: he~did~STORE.UP(Verb) - He stored up Hebrew: אצר ey-tser-masc. Strong's: #0687 [Concordance]

Eyval: ROUND.STONE - Round stone Hebrew: עיבל ey-val-masc. Strong's: #5858 [Concordance]

Gad: FORTUNE - Fortune Hebrew: גד gad-masc. Strong's: #1410 [Concordance]

Gad'di'eyl: FORTUNE~me~&~MIGHTY.ONE - My fortune is the mighty one Hebrew: גדיאל gad-di-eyl-masc. Strong's: #1427 [Concordance]

Gad'diy: FORTUNE~me - My fortune Hebrew: גדי gad-diy-masc. Strong's: #1426 [Concordance]

Gahham: BURNT - Burnt Hebrew: גחם ga-hham-masc. Strong's: #1514 [Concordance]

Galeyd: MOUND~&~WITNESS - Mound of the witness Hebrew: גלעד gal-eyd-masc. Strong's: #1567 [Concordance]

Gamli'eyl: CAMEL~me~&~MIGHTY.ONE - My camel is the mighty one Hebrew: גמליאל gam-li-eyl-masc. Strong's: #1583 [Concordance]

Gatam: BURNT.VALLEY - Burnt Valley Hebrew: געתם ga-tam-masc. Strong's: #1609 [Concordance]

Gemali: CAMEL~me - My camel Hebrew: גמלי ge-ma-li-masc. Strong's: #1582 [Concordance]

Gera: SEED.OF.GRAIN - Seed of grain Hebrew: גרא gey-ra-masc. Strong's: #1617 [Concordance]

Gerar: CHEWED - Chewed Hebrew: גרר ge-rar-masc. Strong's: #1642 [Concordance]

Gerizim: CUTTING~s - Cuttings Hebrew: גרזים ge-ri-zim-masc. Strong's: #1630 [Concordance]

Gershom: EVICTED - Evicted Hebrew: גרשום ger-shom-masc. Strong's: #1647 [Concordance]

Gershon: EVICTED - Evicted Hebrew: גרשון ger-shon-masc. Strong's: #1648 [Concordance]

Geshur: CLINGING - Proud beholder Hebrew: גשור ge-shur-masc. Strong's: #1650, #1651 [Concordance]

Getar: AGITATED - Agitation (Can also mean "The vale of trial or searching.") Hebrew: גתר ge-ter-masc. Strong's: #1666 [Concordance]

Ge'u'eyl: !(ms)~RISE.UP(Verb)~&~MIGHTY.ONE - The mighty one will rise up Hebrew: גאואל ge-u-eyl-masc. Strong's: #1345 [Concordance]

Ghamorah: SUBMERSION - Submersion (Can also mean submersion.) Hebrew: עמורה gha-mo-rah-masc. Strong's: #6017 [Concordance]

Ghaza: GOAT - She goat Hebrew: עזה gha-za-masc. Strong's: #5804 [Concordance]

Ghir: CITY - City Hebrew: עיר ghir-masc. Strong's: #5893 [Concordance]

Gidgad: FORTUNES - Fortunes Hebrew: גידגד gid-gad-masc. Strong's: #2735 [Concordance]

Gidoni: HEWN.ONE~me - My hewn one Hebrew: גדעוני gid-o-ni-masc. Strong's: #1441 [Concordance]

Gil'ad: DANCING.AROUND~&~WITNESS - Dancing around the witness Hebrew: גילעד gil-ad-masc. Strong's: #1568 [Concordance]

Gilgal: ROLLING.THING - Rolling thing Hebrew: גילגל gil-gal-masc. Strong's: #1537 [Concordance]

Girgash: STRANGER~&~CLAYEY.SOIL - Stranger of clayey soil (Can also mean "dwelling on clay soil.") Hebrew: גירגש gir-gash-masc. Strong's: #1622 [Concordance]

Giyhhon: BURSTING.FORTH - Bursting forth Hebrew: גיחון gi-hhon-masc. Strong's: #1521 [Concordance]

Golan: BURNT.OFFERING~them(f) - Their burnt offerings Hebrew: גולן go-lan-masc. Strong's: #1474 [Concordance]

Gomer: CONCLUDED - Concluded Hebrew: גומר go-mer-masc. Strong's: #1586 [Concordance]

Goren-Ha'atad: FLOOR~&~the~BRAMBLE.THORN - Floor of the bramble thorn Hebrew: גורן-האטד goren ha'atad-masc. Strong's: #0329, #1637 [Concordance]

Goshen: DRAWING.NEAR - Drawing near Hebrew: גושן go-shen-masc. Strong's: #1657 [Concordance]

Goyim: NATION~s - Nations (A plural name) Hebrew: גוים go-yim-masc. Strong's: #1471 [Concordance]

Gudgodah: FORTUNES - Fortunes Hebrew: גודגודה gud-go-dah-fem. Strong's: #1412 [Concordance]

Guni: DEFENDER~me - My defender Hebrew: גוני gu-ni-masc. Strong's: #1476 [Concordance]

Hadad: the~TEAT - The teat Hebrew: הדד ha-dad-masc. Strong's: #1908 [Concordance]

Hadar: HONOR - Swell Hebrew: הדר ha-dar-masc. Strong's: #1924 [Concordance]

Hadoram: HONOR~them(m) - Their selling Hebrew: הדורם ha-do-ram-masc. Strong's: #1913 [Concordance]

Hagar: the~STRANGER - The stranger (Meaning and origin are uncertain.) Hebrew: הגר ha-gar-masc. Strong's: #1904 [Concordance]

Ham: ROARING - Roaring (From a root meaning the roar of the sea.) Hebrew: הם ham-masc. Strong's: #1990 [Concordance]

Haradah: TREMBLING - Trembling Hebrew: הרדה ha-ra-dah-fem. Strong's: #2732 [Concordance]

Haran: HILL.COUNTRY - Hill country Hebrew: הרן ha-ran-masc. Strong's: #2039 [Concordance]

Hayishmot: THERE.IS~&~DEATH - There is death Hebrew: הישמות ha-yish-mot-masc. Strong's: #1020 [Concordance]

Hevel: VANITY - Vanity Hebrew: הבל he-vel-masc. Strong's: #1893 [Concordance]

Heymam: CONFUSED - Confused Hebrew: הימם hey-mam-masc. Strong's: #1967 [Concordance]

Hhadad: he~did~PARTRIDGE - He entered the chamber Hebrew: חדד hha-dad-masc. Strong's: #2316 [Concordance]

Hhagi: FEAST~me - My feast Hebrew: חגי hha-gi-masc. Strong's: #2291 [Concordance]

Hhaglah: PARTRIDGE - Partridge Hebrew: חגלה hhag-lah-fem. Strong's: #2295 [Concordance]

Hham: FATHER-IN-LAW - Father in law Hebrew: חם hham-masc. Strong's: #2526 [Concordance]

Hhamat: SKIN.BAG - Skin bag (Can also mean heat, anger or wall.) Hebrew: חמת hha-mat-masc. Strong's: #2574, #2575, #2577 [Concordance]

Hhamor: DONKEY - Donkey Hebrew: חמור hha-mor-masc. Strong's: #2544 [Concordance]

Hhamul: PITIED - Pitied Hebrew: חמול hha-mul-masc. Strong's: #2538, #2539 [Concordance]

Hhani'eyl: BEAUTY~of~&~MIGHTY.ONE - Beauty of the mighty one Hebrew: חניאל hha-ni-eyl-masc. Strong's: #2592 [Concordance]

Hhanokh: DEVOTED - Devoted Hebrew: חנוך hha-nokh-masc. Strong's: #2585 [Concordance]

Hharan: FLAMING.WRATH - Burning wrath Hebrew: חרן hha-ran-masc. Strong's: #2771 [Concordance]

Hharmah: ASSIGNED - Perforated Hebrew: חרמה hhar-mah-fem. Strong's: #2767 [Concordance]

Hhashmonah: WEALTHY - Wealthy Hebrew: חשמונה hhash-mo-nah-fem. Strong's: #2832 [Concordance]

Hhatsar: COURTYARD - Courtyard Hebrew: חצר hha-tsar-masc. Strong's: #2704 [Concordance]

Hhatsariym: COURTYARD~s - Courtyards Hebrew: חצרים hha-tsa-riym-masc. Strong's: #2699 [Concordance]

Hhatsarmawet: COURTYARD~&~DEATH - Yard of death Hebrew: חצרמות hha-tsa-ma-wet-masc. Strong's: #2700 [Concordance]

Hhatsarot: COURTYARD~s - Courtyards Hebrew: חצרות hha-tsa-rot-masc. Strong's: #2698 [Concordance]

Hhats'tson-Tamar: DIVIDING~&~DATE.PALM - Dividing the date palm Hebrew: חצצון-תמר hhats-tson ta-mar-masc. Strong's: #2688 [Concordance]

Hhawah: TOWN - Town Hebrew: חוה hha-wah-fem. Strong's: #2332 [Concordance]

Hhawilah: TWIST.AROUND - Twist around (May have the meaning of "suffers pain" from the idea of twisting.) Hebrew: חוילה hha-wi-lah-fem. Strong's: #2341 [Concordance]

Hhawot: TOWN~s - Towns Hebrew: חות hha-wot-fem. Strong's: #2334 [Concordance]

Hhazo: LOOK.INTO~him - Look into him Hebrew: חזו hha-zo-masc. Strong's: #2375 [Concordance]

Hheleq: DISTRIBUTION - Portion Hebrew: חלק hhe-leq-masc. Strong's: #2507, #2516 [Concordance]

Hhemdan: DESIRED - Desired Hebrew: חמדן hhem-dan-masc. Strong's: #2533 [Concordance]

Hhermon: PERFORATED.ONE - Perforated one Hebrew: חרמון hher-mon-masc. Strong's: #2768 [Concordance]

Hheshbon: REASON - Reason Hebrew: חשבון hhesh-bon-masc. Strong's: #2809 [Concordance]

Hhet: TREMBLING.IN.FEAR - Trembling in fear Hebrew: חת hhet-masc. Strong's: #2845, #2850 [Concordance]

Hhetsron: SURROUNDED.BY.A.WALL - Surrounded by a wall Hebrew: חצרון hhets-ron-masc. Strong's: #2696 [Concordance]

Hhever: COUPLE - Couple Hebrew: חבר hhe-ver-masc. Strong's: #2268 [Concordance]

Hhevron: ASSOCIATION - Association Hebrew: חברון hhev-ron-masc. Strong's: #2275, #2276 [Concordance]

Hheylon: WINDOW - Window Hebrew: חלון hhey-lon-masc. Strong's: #2497 [Concordance]

Hheypher: DUG.OUT.WELL - Dug out well Hebrew: חפר hhey-pher-masc. Strong's: #2660 [Concordance]

Hhideqel: RAPID - Rapid Hebrew: חידקל hhi-de-qel-masc. Strong's: #2313 [Concordance]

Hhirot: CISTERN~s - Cisterns Hebrew: חירות hhi-rot-fem. Strong's: #6367 [Concordance]

Hhiw: TOWN - Town Hebrew: חיו hhiw-masc. Strong's: #2340 [Concordance]

Hhiyrah: NOBILITY - Nobility Hebrew: חירה hhi-rah-masc. Strong's: #2437 [Concordance]

Hhor: CISTERN - Cistern Hebrew: חור hhor-masc. Strong's: #2752 [Concordance]

Hhorev: PARCHING.HEAT - Parching heat Hebrew: חורב hho-rev-masc. Strong's: #2722 [Concordance]

Hhoriy: CISTERN~me - My cistern Hebrew: חורי hho-ri-masc. Strong's: #2753 [Concordance]

Hhovah: WITHDRAWING - Hiding place (From a root meaning bosom as a place of refuge.) Hebrew: חובה hho-vah-fem. Strong's: #2327 [Concordance]

Hhovav: CHERISH(Verb)~ing(ms) - Cherishing Hebrew: חובב hho-vav-masc. Strong's: #2246 [Concordance]

Hhul: SAND - Sand Hebrew: חול hhul-masc. Strong's: #2343 [Concordance]

Hhupham: SHORE~them(m) - Their shore Hebrew: חופם hhu-pham-masc. Strong's: #2349 [Concordance]

Hhupim: SHORE~s - Shores Hebrew: חופים hhu-pim-masc. Strong's: #2650 [Concordance]

Hhur: CISTERN - Cistern Hebrew: חור hhur-masc. Strong's: #2354 [Concordance]

Hhush: HASTY - Hasty Hebrew: חוש hhush-masc. Strong's: #2366 [Concordance]

Hhusham: HASTILY - Hastily Hebrew: חושם hhu-sham-masc. Strong's: #2367 [Concordance]

Hhutsot: OUTSIDE~s - Outsides Hebrew: חוצות hhu-tsot-masc. Strong's: #7155 [Concordance]

Hor: HILL - Hill Hebrew: הור hor-masc. Strong's: #2023 [Concordance]

Hosheya: !(ms)~make~RESCUE(Verb) - Rescue Hebrew: הושע ho-shey-a-masc. Strong's: #1954 [Concordance]

I'ezer: ISLAND~&~HELP - An Island is help Hebrew: איעזר i-e-zer-masc. Strong's: #0372, #0373 [Concordance]

Irad: FLEET - Fleet Hebrew: עירד i-rad-masc. Strong's: #5897 [Concordance]

Iyim: PILE.OF.RUINS~s - Pile of ruins Hebrew: עיים i-yim-masc. Strong's: #5863 [Concordance]

Iyram: CITY~them(m) - Their city Hebrew: עירם i-ram-masc. Strong's: #5902 [Concordance]

Iytamar: ISLAND~&~DATE.PALM - Island of the date palm Hebrew: איתמר it-mar-masc. Strong's: #0385 [Concordance]

Kalahh: FULL.AGE - Full age Hebrew: כלח ka-lahh-masc. Strong's: #3625 [Concordance]

Kaleyv: DOG - Dog (May also mean "like a heart.") Hebrew: כלב ka-leyv-masc. Strong's: #3612 [Concordance]

Kalneh: FORTRESS.OF.ANU - Fortress of Anu Hebrew: כלנה kal-neh-masc. Strong's: #3641 [Concordance]

Kaphtor: KNOB - Knob Hebrew: כפתור kaph-tor-masc. Strong's: #3731, #3732 [Concordance]

Karmi: VINEYARD~me - My vineyard Hebrew: כרמי kar-mi-masc. Strong's: #3756 [Concordance]

Kasluhh: FORTIFIED - Fortified (Can also mean "hopes of life." ) Hebrew: כסלוח kas-luhh-masc. Strong's: #3695 [Concordance]

Kazbi: LIE~me - My lie Hebrew: כזבי kaz-bi-fem. Strong's: #3579 [Concordance]

Kedarla'omer: FIGHTING~&~to~the~SHEAF - Fighting for the sheaf Hebrew: כדרלעומר ke-dar-la-o-mer-masc. Strong's: #3540 [Concordance]

Kemosh: SUBDUER - Subduer Hebrew: כמוש ke-mosh-masc. Strong's: #3645 [Concordance]

Kena'an: LOWERED - Lowered Hebrew: כנען ke-na-an-masc. Strong's: #3667, #3669 [Concordance]

Keran: LYRE - Lyre Hebrew: כרן ke-ran-masc. Strong's: #3763 [Concordance]

Kesed: INCREASING - Increasing (Appears to be the prefix ? meaning "like" and the root ?? meaning "level field" - "like a level field.") Hebrew: כסד ke-sed-masc. Strong's: #3777, #3778 [Concordance]

Keziv: LIE - Lie Hebrew: כזיב ke-ziv-masc. Strong's: #3580 [Concordance]

Kineret: HARP - Harp Hebrew: כנרת ki-ne-ret-fem. Strong's: #3672 [Concordance]

Kislon: CONFIDENT.ONE - Confident one Hebrew: כיסלון kis-lon-masc. Strong's: #3692 [Concordance]

Kit: BRUISER - Bruiser (Can also mean breaking or bruising.) Hebrew: כית kit-masc. Strong's: #3794 [Concordance]

Kush: BLACKISH - Black Hebrew: כוש kush-masc. Strong's: #3568, #3569, #3571 [Concordance]

La'eyl: to~MIGHTY.ONE - Belonging to the Mighty One Hebrew: לאל la-eyl-masc. Strong's: #3815 [Concordance]

Lamekh: DESPAIRING - Despairing (Can also mean "suffering." ) Hebrew: למך la-mekh-masc. Strong's: #3929 [Concordance]

Lavan: WHITE - White Hebrew: לבן la-van-masc. Strong's: #3837 [Concordance]

Le'ah: IMPATIENT - Weary Hebrew: לאה ley-ah-fem. Strong's: #3812 [Concordance]

Lehav: GLIMMER - Glimmer Hebrew: להב le-hav-masc. Strong's: #3853 [Concordance]

Lesha: CRACK.OPEN - Crack open Hebrew: לשע le-sha-masc. Strong's: #3962 [Concordance]

Letush: SHARPENED - Sharpened Hebrew: לטוש le-tush-masc. Strong's: #3912 [Concordance]

Le'um: COMMUNITY - Community Hebrew: לאום le-um-masc. Strong's: #3817 [Concordance]

Levanon: WHITE.ONE - White one Hebrew: לבנון le-va-non-masc. Strong's: #3844 [Concordance]

Lewi: JOINING~me - My joining Hebrew: לוי le-wi-masc. Strong's: #3878, #3881 [Concordance]

Livnah: BRICK - Bruick (May also mean "White" or "Moon.") Hebrew: לבנה liv-nah-fem. Strong's: #3841 [Concordance]

Liyvniy: WHITE~me - My white Hebrew: ליבני liv-ni-masc. Strong's: #3845 [Concordance]

Lot: TIGHTLY.WRAPPED - Tightly wrapped Hebrew: לוט lot-masc. Strong's: #3876 [Concordance]

Lotan: WRAPPER - Wrapper Hebrew: לוטן lo-tan-masc. Strong's: #3877 [Concordance]

Lud: NATIVITY - Nativity (Can also mean nativity or generation.) Hebrew: לוד lud-masc. Strong's: #3865, #3866 [Concordance]

Luz: HAZEL - Hazel Hebrew: לוז luz-masc. Strong's: #3870 [Concordance]

Ma'akhah: FIRMLY.PRESSED - Firmly pressed Hebrew: מעכה ma-a-khah-masc. Strong's: #4601 [Concordance]

Madai: LONG.GARMENT~s~me - My long garments (Can also mean measure, judging, habit or covering.) Hebrew: מדי ma-dai-masc. Strong's: #4074 [Concordance]

Magdi'eyl: PRECIOUS~&~MIGHTY.ONE - Precious is El Hebrew: מגדיאל mag-di-eyl-masc. Strong's: #4025 [Concordance]

Magog: ROOFING - Roofing Hebrew: מגוג ma-gog-masc. Strong's: #4031 [Concordance]

Mahalalel: SHINE~&~MIGHTY.ONE - Shining of El Hebrew: מהללאל ma-ha-la-lel-masc. Strong's: #4111 [Concordance]

Mahhalat: SICKENED - Sickened Hebrew: מחלת ma-hha-lat-masc. Strong's: #4257, #4258 [Concordance]

Mahhanayim: CAMP~s2 - Two campsites Hebrew: מחנים ma-hha-na-yim-masc. Strong's: #4266 [Concordance]

Mahhlah: SICKNESS - Sickness Hebrew: מחלה mahh-lah-fem. Strong's: #4244 [Concordance]

Mahh'liy: SICKNESS~me - My Sickness Hebrew: מחלי mahh-li-masc. Strong's: #4249 [Concordance]

Mahn: SHARE - Share (The bread-like substance provided to the Israelites while in the wilderness. The actual meaning of this word is uncertain, but can mean "stringed instrument," "from," or "portion." In the Greek Septuagint this word is written as 'man' in the book of Exodus and 'manna' in Numbers and Deuteronomy, where the standard transliteration of "manna" comes from.) Hebrew: מן mahn-masc. Strong's: #4478 [Concordance]

Makhi: BEING.LOW - Being low Hebrew: מכי ma-khi-masc. Strong's: #4352 [Concordance]

Makhir: PRICE - Price Hebrew: מכיר ma-khir-masc. Strong's: #4353 [Concordance]

Makhpelah: DOUBLED - Doubled Hebrew: מכפלה makh-pe-lah-masc. Strong's: #4375 [Concordance]

Malki'el: KING~me~&~MIGHTY.ONE - My king is El Hebrew: מלכיאל mal-ki-eyl-masc. Strong's: #4439 [Concordance]

Malkiy-Tsedeq: KING~me~&~STEADFAST - My king is corrected (Can also mean "My king is Tsedeq" or "My king is righteousness.") Hebrew: מלכי-צדק mal-ki tse-deq-masc. Strong's: #4442 [Concordance]

Mamre: FLAPPING.WING - Fatness (From a root meaning bitter. Can also mean rebellious.) Hebrew: ממרא mam-rey-masc. Strong's: #4471 [Concordance]

Manahhat: OASIS - Oasis Hebrew: מנחת ma-na-hhat-masc. Strong's: #4506 [Concordance]

Maqheylot: PASTURE~s - Pastures Hebrew: מקהלות maq-hey-lot-fem. Strong's: #4722 [Concordance]

Marah: BITTER - Bitter Hebrew: מרה ma-rah-fem. Strong's: #4785 [Concordance]

Masa: LOAD - Load Hebrew: מסא ma-sa-masc. Strong's: #4854 [Concordance]

Masah: TRIAL - Trial Hebrew: מסה ma-sah-fem. Strong's: #4532 [Concordance]

Mash: DRAWN.OUT - Drawn out Hebrew: מש mash-masc. Strong's: #4851 [Concordance]

Masreyqah: CHOICE.VINEYARD - Choice vineyard Hebrew: מסרקה mas-rey-qah-masc. Strong's: #4957 [Concordance]

Matanah: CONTRIBUTION - Contribution Hebrew: מתנה ma-ta-nah-fem. Strong's: #4980 [Concordance]

Matreyd: CONTINUOUS - Continuous Hebrew: מטרד mat-reyd-masc. Strong's: #4308 [Concordance]

Medan: DISCORD - Discord Hebrew: מדן me-dan-masc. Strong's: #4091 [Concordance]

Meheytaveyl: FAVORED~&~MIGHTY.ONE - Favored of El Hebrew: מהיטבאל me-hey-tav-eyl-masc. Strong's: #4105 [Concordance]

Mehhuya'el: BATTERING.RAM~&~MIGHTY.ONE - El is a battering ram Hebrew: מחויאל me-huu-ya-eyl-masc. Strong's: #4232 [Concordance]

Menasheh: CAUSING.TO.OVERLOOK - Causing to overlook Hebrew: מנשה me-na-sheh-masc. Strong's: #4519 [Concordance]

Me'on: HABITATION - Habitation Hebrew: מעון me-on-masc. Strong's: #1186 [Concordance]

Merari: BITTERNESS~me - My bitterness Hebrew: מררי me-ra-ri-masc. Strong's: #4847 [Concordance]

Meriyvah: CONTENTION - Contention Hebrew: מריבה me-ri-vah-fem. Strong's: #4809 [Concordance]

Mesha: TUMULTUOUS - Tumultuous Hebrew: משא mey-sha-masc. Strong's: #4852 [Concordance]

Meshek: ACQUIRING - Acquiring Hebrew: משך me-shek-masc. Strong's: #4902 [Concordance]

Metusha'el: DEATH~him~&~he~did~ENQUIRE(Verb) - His death he enquired (Can also mean "Their death asks.") Hebrew: מתושאל me-tu-sha-eyl-masc. Strong's: #4967 [Concordance]

Metushelahh: DEATH~him~&~he~did~SEND(Verb) - His death sends (Can also be "Their death sends.") Hebrew: מתושלח me-tu-sha-lahh-masc. Strong's: #4968 [Concordance]

Meydad: THROWING - Throwing Hebrew: מידד mey-dad-masc. Strong's: #4312 [Concordance]

Meydva: WATER~&~DEMISE - Water of demise Hebrew: מידבא meyd-va-masc. Strong's: #4311 [Concordance]

Mey-Zahav: WATER~s2GOLD - Waters of God Hebrew: מי-זהב mey za-hav-masc. Strong's: #4314 [Concordance]

Mid'yan: QUARREL - Quarrel Hebrew: מידין mid-yan-masc. Strong's: #4080 [Concordance]

Migdal-Eyder: TOWER~&~DROVE - Tower of the drove Hebrew: מגדל-עדר mig-dal ey-der-masc. Strong's: #4029 [Concordance]

Migdol: TOWER - Tower Hebrew: מגדול mig-dol-masc. Strong's: #4024 [Concordance]

Mika'eyl: WHO~&~like~MIGHTY.ONE - Who is like the mighty one Hebrew: מיכאל mi-ka-eyl-masc. Strong's: #4317 [Concordance]

Milkah: QUEEN - Queen Hebrew: מלכה mil-kah-fem. Strong's: #4435 [Concordance]

Mir'yam: BITTER~&~SEA - Bitter sea (Can also mean "rebellion.") Hebrew: מירים mir-yam-fem. Strong's: #4813 [Concordance]

Mishma: HEARING - Hearing Hebrew: משמע mish-ma-masc. Strong's: #4927 [Concordance]

Mitqah: SWEETNESS - Sweetness Hebrew: מתקה mit-qah-fem. Strong's: #4989 [Concordance]

Mitspah: WATCHTOWER - Watchtower Hebrew: מצפה mits-pah-masc. Strong's: #4708, #4709 [Concordance]

Mits'rayim: STRAIT~s2 - Two straits (A double plural name) Hebrew: מצרים mits-ra-yim-fem. Strong's: #4713, #4714 [Concordance]

Mivsam: SPICE.PLACE - Spice place Hebrew: מבסם miv-sam-masc. Strong's: #4017 [Concordance]

Mivtsar: FENCE - Fence Hebrew: מבצר miv-tsar-masc. Strong's: #4014 [Concordance]

Miysha'eyl: WHO~&~he~did~ENQUIRE(Verb) - Who enquired Hebrew: מישאל mi-sha-eyl-masc. Strong's: #4332 [Concordance]

Miz'zah: SUCKED.OUT - Burnt (Or may mean fear.) Hebrew: מזה miz-zah-masc. Strong's: #4199 [Concordance]

Mo'av: THAT.ONE~&~FATHER - That one is father Hebrew: מואב mo-av-masc. Strong's: #4124 [Concordance]

Molekh: REIGN(Verb)~ing(ms) - Reigning Hebrew: מולך mo-lekh-masc. Strong's: #4432 [Concordance]

Moreh: THROW(Verb)~ing(ms) - Teacher (Can also mean rain.) Hebrew: מורה mo-reh-masc. Strong's: #4176 [Concordance]

Moriyah: THROW(Verb)~ing(ms)~me~&~EXISTING - Yah is my teacher (Can also mean seen of Yah, chosen of Yah, seeing Yah) Hebrew: מוריה mo-ri-yah-masc. Strong's: #4179 [Concordance]

Moseyrah: STRAP - Strap Hebrew: מוסרה mo-sey-rah-fem. Strong's: #4149 [Concordance]

Mosheh: PLUCKED.OUT - Plucked out Hebrew: מושה mo-sheh-masc. Strong's: #4872 [Concordance]

Mupim: SNAKE~s - Snakes Hebrew: מופים mu-qim-masc. Strong's: #4649 [Concordance]

Mushiy: MOVING~me - My moving Hebrew: מושי mu-shi-masc. Strong's: #4187 [Concordance]

Na'amah: DELIGHTFUL - Sweetness Hebrew: נעמה na-a-mah-fem. Strong's: #5279 [Concordance]

Na'aman: PLEASANTNESS - Pleasantness Hebrew: נעמן na-a-man-masc. Strong's: #5283 [Concordance]

Nadav: he~did~OFFER.WILLINGLY(Verb) - He offered willingly Hebrew: נדב na-dav-masc. Strong's: #5070 [Concordance]

Nahhali'eyl: WADI~of~&~MIGHTY.ONE - Wadi of the mighty one Hebrew: נחליאל na-hha-li-eyl-masc. Strong's: #5160 [Concordance]

Nahhat: QUIETNESS - Quietness Hebrew: נחת na-hhat-masc. Strong's: #5184 [Concordance]

Nahhbi: WITHDRAWN - Hidden Hebrew: נחבי nahh-bi-masc. Strong's: #5147 [Concordance]

Nahhor: SNORTING - Snorting Hebrew: נחור na-hhor-masc. Strong's: #5152 [Concordance]

Nahhshon: DIVINER - Diviner Hebrew: נחשון nahh-shon-masc. Strong's: #5177 [Concordance]

Naphish: DEEP.BREATH - Deep breath Hebrew: נפיש na-phish-masc. Strong's: #5305 [Concordance]

Naphtali: WRESTLING~me - My wrestling Hebrew: נפתלי naph-ta-li-masc. Strong's: #5321 [Concordance]

Naphtuhh: DOORWAY - Doorway Hebrew: נפתוח naph-tu-ahh-masc. Strong's: #5320 [Concordance]

Nataneyl: >~GIVE(Verb)~&~MIGHTY.ONE - The mighty one gave Hebrew: נתנאל na-tan-eyl-masc. Strong's: #5417 [Concordance]

Negev: PARCHED - Parched (The name of the desert region in the southern part of the land of Israel. ) Hebrew: נגב ne-gev-masc. Strong's: #5045 [Concordance]

Nemu'eyl: SEA~&~MIGHTY.ONE - Sea of the mighty one Hebrew: נמואל ne-mu-eyl-masc. Strong's: #5241 [Concordance]

Nepheg: SPROUT.UP - Sprout up Hebrew: נפג ne-pheg-masc. Strong's: #5298 [Concordance]

Nephilim: make~FALL(Verb)~ing(mp) - Making fall Hebrew: נפילים ne-phi-lim-masc. Strong's: #5303 [Concordance]

Nevayot: FLOURISHED~s - Flourishings (A plural name) Hebrew: נביות ne-va-yot-masc. Strong's: #5032 [Concordance]

Nevo: FLOURISHED~him - His flourishing Hebrew: נבו ne-vo-masc. Strong's: #5015 [Concordance]

Nimrah: LEOPARD - Leopard Hebrew: נמרה nim-rah-fem. Strong's: #1039 [Concordance]

Nimrod: REBELLING - Rebelling Hebrew: נימרוד nim-rod-masc. Strong's: #5248 [Concordance]

Ninweh: ABODE.OF.NINUS - Abode of Ninus (Can also mean handsome.) Hebrew: נינוה nin-weh-masc. Strong's: #5210 [Concordance]

No'ah: STAGGERING - Staggering Hebrew: נועה no-ah-fem. Strong's: #5270 [Concordance]

No'ahh: REST - Rest Hebrew: נוח no-ahh-masc. Strong's: #5146 [Concordance]

Nod: NODDING - Nodding Hebrew: נוד nod-masc. Strong's: #5113 [Concordance]

Nophahh: EXHALE(Verb)~ing(ms) - Exhaling Hebrew: נופח no-phahh-masc. Strong's: #5302 [Concordance]

Novahh: BARK(Verb)~ing(ms) - Barking Hebrew: נובח no-vahh-masc. Strong's: #5025 [Concordance]

Nun: CONTINUE - Continue Hebrew: נון nun-masc. Strong's: #5126 [Concordance]

Og: BREAD.CAKE - Bread cake Hebrew: עוג og-masc. Strong's: #5747 [Concordance]

Ohad: SHOUTING - Shouting Hebrew: אוהד o-had-masc. Strong's: #0161 [Concordance]

Omar: MATTER - Matter Hebrew: אומר o-mar-masc. Strong's: #0201 [Concordance]

On: VIGOR - Vigor Hebrew: און on-masc. Strong's: #0204 [Concordance]

Onam: COMPLAINER - Complainer Hebrew: אונם o-nam-masc. Strong's: #0208 [Concordance]

Onan: COMPLAINER - Complainer Hebrew: אונן o-nan-masc. Strong's: #0209 [Concordance]

Ophir: REDUCED.TO.ASHES - Reduced to ashes (From a root meaning ashes, dust or powder.) Hebrew: אופיר o-phir-masc. Strong's: #0211 [Concordance]

Ovot: NECROMANCER~s - Wineskins Hebrew: אובות o-vot-fem. Strong's: #0088 [Concordance]

Padan: SUET - Suet Hebrew: פדן pa-dan-masc. Strong's: #6307 [Concordance]

Padan-Aram: SUET~&~PALACE - Suet of the palace Hebrew: פדן-ארם pa-dan a-ram-masc. Strong's: #6307 [Concordance]

Pagi'eyl: ENCOUNTER~of~&~MIGHTY.ONE - Encounger of the mighty one Hebrew: פגעיאל pag-i-eyl-masc. Strong's: #6295 [Concordance]

Palti: ESCAPING~me - My escaping Hebrew: פלטי pal-ti-masc. Strong's: #6406 [Concordance]

Palti'eyl: ESCAPING~me~&~MIGHTY.ONE - My escaping of the might one Hebrew: פלטיאל pal-ti-eyl-masc. Strong's: #6409 [Concordance]

Palu: PERFORMING - Performing Hebrew: פלוא pa-lu-masc. Strong's: #6396 [Concordance]

Paran: DECORATED - Decorated Hebrew: פארן pa-ran-masc. Strong's: #6290 [Concordance]

Parnakh: FRAGILE - Fragile Hebrew: פרנך par-nakh-masc. Strong's: #6535 [Concordance]

Paroh: GREAT.HOUSE - Great house Hebrew: פרעוה par-oh-masc. Strong's: #6547 [Concordance]

Patros: SOUTHERN.REGION - Southern region (Can also mean "persuasion of ruin.") Hebrew: פתרוס pat-ros-masc. Strong's: #6624, #6625 [Concordance]

Pa'u: SCREAMING - Screaming Hebrew: פעו / פעי pa-u / pa-iy-masc. Strong's: #6464 [Concordance]

Pedah'eyl: RANSOMED~&~MIGHTY.ONE - The mighty one ransomed Hebrew: פדהאל pe-dah-eyl-masc. Strong's: #6300 [Concordance]

Pedatsur: RANSOMED~&~BOULDER - Ransomed of the boulder Hebrew: פדהצור / פדה-צור pe-dah-tsur-masc. Strong's: #6301 [Concordance]

Peleg: TRIBUTARY - Tributary Hebrew: פלג pe-leg-masc. Strong's: #6389 [Concordance]

Peleshet: IMMIGRANT - Immigrant Hebrew: פלשת pe-le-shet-fem. Strong's: #6429, #6430 [Concordance]

Pelet: SWIFTNESS - Swiftness Hebrew: פלת pe-let-masc. Strong's: #6431 [Concordance]

Peni'el: FACE~s~&~MIGHTY.ONE - Face of El Hebrew: פניאל / פנואל pe-ni-eyl / pe-nu-eyl-masc. Strong's: #6439 [Concordance]

Pe'or: OPENED.WIDE - Opened wide Hebrew: פעור pe-or-masc. Strong's: #1187, #6465 [Concordance]

Perat: FRUITFULNESS - Fruitfulness Hebrew: פרת pe-rat-masc. Strong's: #6578 [Concordance]

Perets: BREACH - Breach Hebrew: פרץ pe-rets-masc. Strong's: #6557 [Concordance]

Perez: PEASANT - Peasant (Meaning one who dwells in a village.) Hebrew: פרז pe-rez-masc. Strong's: #6522 [Concordance]

Pesahh: HOPPING - Hopping (The day of deliverance from Egypt. Also the feast remembering this day and the lamb that is sacrificed for this feast.) Hebrew: פסח pe-sahh-masc. Strong's: #6453 [Concordance]

Petor: INTERPRETING - Interpreting Hebrew: פתור pe-tor-masc. Strong's: #6604 [Concordance]

Pikhol: MOUTH~&~ALL - Mouth of all Hebrew: פיכול pi-khol-masc. Strong's: #6369 [Concordance]

Pildash: FLAME.OF.FIRE - Flame of fire Hebrew: פילדש pil-dash-masc. Strong's: #6394 [Concordance]

Pinon: AROUND.THE.CORNER - Around the corner Hebrew: פינון pi-non-masc. Strong's: #6373 [Concordance]

Pisgah: CLEFT - Cleft Hebrew: פיסגה pis-gah-fem. Strong's: #6449 [Concordance]

Pishon: SCATTERED - Scattered Hebrew: פישון pi-shon-masc. Strong's: #6376 [Concordance]

Pitom: CITY.OF.JUSTICE - City of justice (Of Egyptian origin) Hebrew: פיתום pi-tom-masc. Strong's: #6619 [Concordance]

Piy-Hahhiyrot: MOUTH~&~the~CISTERN~s - Mouth of the cisterns Hebrew: פי-החירות pi ha-hhi-rot-masc. Strong's: #6367 [Concordance]

Piynhhas: MOUTH~&~SERPENT - Mouth of the serpent Hebrew: פינחס pin-hhas-masc. Strong's: #6372 [Concordance]

Potee-Phera: BELONGING~of~&~LONG.HAIR - Belonging of Phera (Of Egyptian origin) Hebrew: פוטי-פרע po-ti phe-ra-masc. Strong's: #6319 [Concordance]

Potiphar: BELONGING~of~&~BULL - Belonging of Phar Hebrew: פוטיפר po-ti-phar-masc. Strong's: #6318 [Concordance]

Pu'a: BLOWN - Dispersion Hebrew: פואה / פוה pu-ah-masc. Strong's: #6312 [Concordance]

Pu'ah: SPLENDID - Splendid Hebrew: פועה pu-ah-fem. Strong's: #6326 [Concordance]

Pun: DISTRACTED - Distracted Hebrew: פון pun-masc. Strong's: #6325 [Concordance]

Punon: DISTRACTED.ONE - Distracted one Hebrew: פונון pu-non-masc. Strong's: #6325 [Concordance]

Put: BELONGING - Belonging (Meaning and origin are uncertain.) Hebrew: פוט put-masc. Strong's: #6316 [Concordance]

Putiy'eyl: BELONGING~of~&~MIGHTY.ONE - Belonging of El Hebrew: פוטיאל pu-ti-eyl-masc. Strong's: #6317 [Concordance]

Qadesh: MALE.PROSTITUTE - Male prostitute Hebrew: קדש qa-desh-masc. Strong's: #6946 [Concordance]

Qadmon: EASTERN - Eastern (Can also mean "Easterner.") Hebrew: קדמון qad-mon-masc. Strong's: #6935 [Concordance]

Qayin: SPEARHEAD - Spearhead Hebrew: קין qa-yin-masc. Strong's: #7014, #7017, #8423 [Concordance]

Qedar: GRAY - Gray Hebrew: קדר qe-dar-masc. Strong's: #6938 [Concordance]

Qedeymot: PAST.TIME~s - Past times Hebrew: קדמות qe-dey-mot-masc. Strong's: #6932 [Concordance]

Qedmah: PAST.TIME - Past time Hebrew: קדמה qed-mah-masc. Strong's: #6929 [Concordance]

Qehat: ALLIED - Allied Hebrew: קהת qe-hat-masc. Strong's: #6955 [Concordance]

Qemu'el: !(ms)~RISE(Verb)~&~MIGHTY.ONE - Ell will rise Hebrew: קמואל qe-mu-eyl-masc. Strong's: #7055 [Concordance]

Qenat: PURCHASED - Purchased Hebrew: קנת qe-nat-masc. Strong's: #7079 [Concordance]

Qenaz: STALKER - Stalker Hebrew: קנז qe-naz-masc. Strong's: #7073, #7074 [Concordance]

Qeturah: BURN.INCENSE(Verb)~ed(fs) - Incense smoke Hebrew: קטורה qe-tu-rah-masc. Strong's: #6989 [Concordance]

Qeynan: NESTING - Nesting Hebrew: קינן qey-nan-masc. Strong's: #7018 [Concordance]

Qiryat-Arba: WALL~&~FOUR - Four walls Hebrew: קירית-ארבע qir-yat ar-ba-masc. Strong's: #7153 [Concordance]

Qiryatayim: METROPOLIS~s2 - Two metropolises Hebrew: קריתים qir-ya-ta-yim-masc. Strong's: #7156 [Concordance]

Qivrot-Hata'awah: GRAVE~sthe~YEARNING - Graves of the yearning Hebrew: קברות-התאוה qiv-rot ha-ta-a-wah-masc. Strong's: #6914 [Concordance]

Qorahh: BALDING - Balding Hebrew: קורח qo-rahh-masc. Strong's: #7141 [Concordance]

Rahhel: EWE - Ewe Hebrew: רחל ra-hheyl-fem. Strong's: #7354 [Concordance]

Ramah: MANE.OF.A.HORSE - Mane of a horse Hebrew: רעמה ra-mah-masc. Strong's: #7484 [Concordance]

Ra'meses: CHILD.OF.THE.SUN - Child of the sun (Of Egyptian origin) Hebrew: רעמסס ra-me-ses-masc. Strong's: #7486 [Concordance]

Ramot: CORAL~s - Corals Hebrew: ראמות ra-mot-fem. Strong's: #7216 [Concordance]

Rapha: DEAD - Dead Hebrew: רפא ra-pha-masc. Strong's: #7497 [Concordance]

Raphu: HEAL(Verb)~ed(ms) - Healed Hebrew: רפוא ra-phu-masc. Strong's: #7505 [Concordance]

Ravah: ABUNDANT - Abundant Hebrew: רבה ra-vah-fem. Strong's: #7237 [Concordance]

Rehhov: STREET - Street Hebrew: רחוב re-hhov-masc. Strong's: #7340 [Concordance]

Rehhovot: STREET~s - Streets (A plural name) Hebrew: רחובות re-hho-vot-masc. Strong's: #7344 [Concordance]

Rehhovot-Ghir: STREET~s~&~CITY - Streets of the city (A plural name) Hebrew: רחובות-עיר re-hho-vot ghir-masc. Strong's: #7344, #5892 [Concordance]

Rephiydiym: PILLAR.BASE - Bottom Hebrew: רפידים re-phi-dim-masc. Strong's: #7508 [Concordance]

Reqem: EMBROIDERY - Embroidery Hebrew: רקם re-qem-masc. Strong's: #7552 [Concordance]

Resen: HALTER - Halter Hebrew: רסן re-sen-masc. Strong's: #7449 [Concordance]

Re'u: COMPANION - Companion Hebrew: רעו re'u-masc. Strong's: #7466 [Concordance]

Re'u'eyl: COMPANION~&~MIGHTY.ONE - Companion of El Hebrew: רעואל re-u-eyl-masc. Strong's: #7467 [Concordance]

Re'umah: ELEVATED - Elevated Hebrew: ראומה re-u-mah-fem. Strong's: #7208 [Concordance]

Re'uven: !(ms)~SEE(Verb)~&~SON - See a son Hebrew: ראובן re-u-veyn-masc. Strong's: #7205 [Concordance]

Riphat: SPOKEN - Spoken (Can also mean remedy, medicine, release or pardon.) Hebrew: דיפת / ריפת di-phat / ri-phat-masc. Strong's: #7384 [Concordance]

Risah: OVERTHROWN - Overthrown Hebrew: ריסה ri-sah-masc. Strong's: #7446 [Concordance]

Ritmah: JUNIPER - Juniper Hebrew: רתמה rit-mah-fem. Strong's: #7575 [Concordance]

Rivlah: FRUITFUL - Fruitful Hebrew: ריבלה riv-lah-fem. Strong's: #7247 [Concordance]

Rivqah: FATTENING - Fattening Hebrew: ריבקה riv-qah-fem. Strong's: #7259 [Concordance]

Rosh: HEAD - Head Hebrew: רואש rosh-masc. Strong's: #7220 [Concordance]

Salkah: MIGRATION - Migration Hebrew: סלכה sal-kah-fem. Strong's: #5548 [Concordance]

Salu: COMPARE(Verb)~ed(ms) - Compared Hebrew: סלוא sa-lu-masc. Strong's: #5543 [Concordance]

Samlah: APPAREL - Apparel Hebrew: סמלה sam-lah-masc. Strong's: #8072 [Concordance]

Sarah: NOBLEWOMAN - Noblewoman Hebrew: סרה sa-rah-fem. Strong's: #8297 [Concordance]

Sarai: PRINCESS - Princess (From a root meaning to turn the head.) Hebrew: סרי sa-rai-fem. Strong's: #8283 [Concordance]

Savtah: GO.ABOUT - Go about Hebrew: סבתה / סבתא sav-tah-masc. Strong's: #5454 [Concordance]

Savtekha: HITTING - Hitting Hebrew: סבתכא sav-ke-kha-masc. Strong's: #5455 [Concordance]

Sedom: SCORCHING - Scorching (Can also mean "burning" or "cement." ) Hebrew: סדום se-dom-masc. Strong's: #5467 [Concordance]

Se'iyr: HAIRY.GOAT - Goat Hebrew: סעיר se-ir-masc. Strong's: #8165 [Concordance]

Senir: SNOW.MOUNTAIN - Snow mountain Hebrew: סניר se-nir-masc. Strong's: #8149 [Concordance]

Sephar: SCROLL - Scroll Hebrew: ספר se-phar-masc. Strong's: #5611 [Concordance]

Serahh: OVERHANG - Overhang Hebrew: סרח se-rahh-masc. Strong's: #8294 [Concordance]

Sered: BRAIDED.WORK - Braided work Hebrew: סרד se-red-masc. Strong's: #5624 [Concordance]

Serug: TWIG - Twig (From a root meaning to be intertwined.) Hebrew: סרוג se-rug-masc. Strong's: #8286 [Concordance]

Setur: HIDE(Verb)~ed(ms) - Hid Hebrew: סתור se-tur-masc. Strong's: #5639 [Concordance]

Seva: DRUNKARD - Drunkard Hebrew: סבא se-va-masc. Strong's: #5434 [Concordance]

Sevam: BALSAM - Balsam Hebrew: סבם se-vam-masc. Strong's: #7643 [Concordance]

Shaddai: BREAST~s~me - My breasts Hebrew: שדי shad-dai-masc. Strong's: #7706 [Concordance]

Shalem: OFFERING.OF.RESTITUTION - Complete Hebrew: שלם sha-lem-masc. Strong's: #8004 [Concordance]

Sham'mah: DESOLATE - Desolate Hebrew: שממה sham-mah-masc. Strong's: #8048 [Concordance]

Shamu'a: HEAR(Verb)~ed(ms) - Heard Hebrew: שמוע sha-mu-a-masc. Strong's: #8051 [Concordance]

Shaphat: he~did~DECIDE(Verb) - He decided Hebrew: שפט sha-phat-masc. Strong's: #8202 [Concordance]

Shaphtan: JUDICIAL - Judicial Hebrew: שפטן shiph-tan-masc. Strong's: #8204 [Concordance]

Sha'ul: ENQUIRE(Verb)~ed(ms) - Enquired Hebrew: שאול sha-ul-masc. Strong's: #7586 [Concordance]

Shaweh: EQUAL - Resembling Hebrew: שוה sha-weh-masc. Strong's: #7740 [Concordance]

Shaweh-Qiryatayim: EQUAL~s~&~WALL~s - Resembling walls Hebrew: שוה-קיריתים sha-weh qir-ya-ta-yim-masc. Strong's: #7741 [Concordance]

Shedeyur: BREAST~s~&~LIGHT(Verb) - Breasts of light Hebrew: שדיאור she-dey-ur-masc. Strong's: #7707 [Concordance]

Shekhem: SHOULDER - Shoulder Hebrew: שכם she-khem-masc. Strong's: #7927, #7928 [Concordance]

Shelahh: PROJECTILE - Projectile Hebrew: שלח she-lahh-masc. Strong's: #7974 [Concordance]

Sheleph: PULLED.OUT - Pulled out Hebrew: שלף she-leph-masc. Strong's: #8026 [Concordance]

Shelumi'eyl: COMPLETENESS~of~&~MIGHTY.ONE - Completeness of the mighty one Hebrew: שלומיאל she-lu-mi-eyl-masc. Strong's: #8017 [Concordance]

Shem: TITLE - Title Hebrew: שם shem-masc. Strong's: #8035 [Concordance]

Shemever: TITLE~&~LONG.WINGED - Title of the long winged (Can also mean "lofty flight.") Hebrew: שמאבר shem-ey-ver-masc. Strong's: #8038 [Concordance]

Shemida: TITLE~me~&~OPINION - My title is an opinion Hebrew: שמידע she-mi-da-masc. Strong's: #8061, #8062 [Concordance]

Shemu'eyl: TITLE~him~&~MIGHTY.ONE - His title is the mighty one Hebrew: שמואל she-mu-eyl-masc. Strong's: #8050 [Concordance]

Shepham: SCRAPED.BARE - Scraped bare Hebrew: שפם she-pham-masc. Strong's: #8221 [Concordance]

Shepho: BARE.PLACE - Bare place Hebrew: שפו / שפי she-pho / she-phiy-masc. Strong's: #8195 [Concordance]

Sheshupham: ADDER - Adder Hebrew: שפופם she-phu-pham-masc. Strong's: #7781, #8197 [Concordance]

Shet: BUTTOCKS - Buttocks Hebrew: שת shet-masc. Strong's: #8352 [Concordance]

Sheva: SEVEN - Seven Hebrew: שבא she-va-masc. Strong's: #7614 [Concordance]

Sheylah: REQUEST - Request Hebrew: שלה shey-lah-masc. Strong's: #7956 [Concordance]

Sheyshai: LINEN~s~me - My linens Hebrew: ששי shey-shai-masc. Strong's: #8344 [Concordance]

Shilem: RECOMPENSE - Recompense Hebrew: שילם shi-lem-masc. Strong's: #8006 [Concordance]

Shimon: HEARER - Hearer Hebrew: שימעון shi-mon-masc. Strong's: #8095 [Concordance]

Shimron: GUARD - Guard Hebrew: שימרון shim-ron-masc. Strong's: #8110 [Concordance]

Shinar: COUNTRY.OF.TWO.RIVERS - Country of two rivers (Can also mean "sleeps") Hebrew: שינער shi-nar-masc. Strong's: #8152 [Concordance]

Shinav: TOOTH~&~FATHER - Tooth of father (Can also mean "Changing father" or "Splendour of father.") Hebrew: שינאב shi-nav-masc. Strong's: #8134 [Concordance]

Shiphrah: BRIGHTNESS - Brightness Hebrew: שיפרה shiph-rah-fem. Strong's: #8236 [Concordance]

Shitiym: ACACIA~s - Acacias Hebrew: שיטים shiy-tiym-masc. Strong's: #7851 [Concordance]

Shivah: SEVENFOLD - Sevenfold Hebrew: שיבעה shi-vah-masc. Strong's: #7656 [Concordance]

Shiymiy: REPORT~me - My report Hebrew: שימעי shi-mi-masc. Strong's: #8096 [Concordance]

Sh'lomiyt: OFFERING.OF.RESTITUTION~of - One of Shalem Hebrew: שלומית sh-lo-miyt-masc. Strong's: #8019 [Concordance]

Shophan: RABBIT - Rabbit Hebrew: שופן sho-phan-masc. Strong's: #5855 [Concordance]

Shoval: UPPER.LEG - Upper leg Hebrew: שובל sho-val-masc. Strong's: #7732 [Concordance]

Shu'a: SHOUTING.OUT - Shouting out Hebrew: שוע shu-ahh-masc. Strong's: #7770 [Concordance]

Shu'ahh: SINKING - Sinking Hebrew: שוח shu-ahh-masc. Strong's: #7744 [Concordance]

Shuhham: PIT.DIGGER - Pit digger Hebrew: שוחם shu-hham-masc. Strong's: #7748, #7749 [Concordance]

Shuni: FORTUNATE~of - One of Shun (May also mean "my sleep.") Hebrew: שוני shu-ni-masc. Strong's: #7764 [Concordance]

Shur: ROCK.WALL - Rock wall Hebrew: שור shur-masc. Strong's: #7793 [Concordance]

Shutelahh: SET.DOWN(Verb)~ed(ms)~&~MOIST - Moistness sat down Hebrew: שותלח shu-te-lahh-masc. Strong's: #7803, #8364 [Concordance]

Sidim: FIELD~s - Fields Hebrew: סידים si-dim-masc. Strong's: #7708 [Concordance]

Sihhon: MEDITATING.ONE - Meditating one Hebrew: סיחון si-hhon-masc. Strong's: #5511 [Concordance]

Sin: SHARP.THORN - Sharp thorn Hebrew: סין sin-masc. Strong's: #5513 [Concordance]

Sinai: SHARP.THORN~s~me - My sharp thorns Hebrew: סיני si-nai-masc. Strong's: #5514 [Concordance]

Si'on: HIGH.ONE - High one Hebrew: סיאון si-on-masc. Strong's: #7865 [Concordance]

Siryon: HARNESS - Harness Hebrew: סיריון sir-yon-masc. Strong's: #8303 [Concordance]

Sitnah: OPPOSITION - Opposition Hebrew: סטנה sit-nah-masc. Strong's: #7856 [Concordance]

Sitriy: PROTECTION~me - My protection Hebrew: סיתרי sit-ri-masc. Strong's: #5644 [Concordance]

Sodi: CONFIDENCE~me - My confidence Hebrew: סודי so-di-masc. Strong's: #5476 [Concordance]

Sukhot: BOOTH~s - Booths Hebrew: סוכות su-khot-masc. Strong's: #5523 [Concordance]

Suphah: WHIRLWIND - Whirlwind Hebrew: סופה su-phah-fem. Strong's: #5492 [Concordance]

Susiy: HORSE~s - My horse Hebrew: סוסי su-siy-masc. Strong's: #5485 [Concordance]

Tahhan: CAMPSITE - Camp Hebrew: תחן ta-hhan-masc. Strong's: #8465, #8470 [Concordance]

Tahhash: TAHHASH - Tahhash Hebrew: תחש ta-hhash-masc. Strong's: #8477 [Concordance]

Talmai: FURROW~s~me - My furrows Hebrew: תלמי tal-mai-masc. Strong's: #8526 [Concordance]

Tamar: DATE.PALM - Date palm Hebrew: תמר ta-mar-fem. Strong's: #8559 [Concordance]

Tarshish: TOPAZ - Topaz Hebrew: תרשיש tar-shish-masc. Strong's: #8659 [Concordance]

Taveyrah: KINDLED - Kindled Hebrew: תבערה tav-ey-rah-fem. Strong's: #8404 [Concordance]

Terahh: STATIONED - Stationed Hebrew: תרח te-rahh-masc. Strong's: #8646 [Concordance]

Tevahh: SLAUGHTERING - Slaughtering Hebrew: טבח te-vahh-masc. Strong's: #2875 [Concordance]

Teyma: DESERT.REGION - Desert region Hebrew: תימא tey-ma-masc. Strong's: #8485 [Concordance]

Teyman: SOUTH - South Hebrew: תימן tey-man-masc. Strong's: #8487, #8489 [Concordance]

Tidal: YOKE.BREAKER - Yoke breaker (Meaning and origin are uncertain.) Hebrew: תדעל ti-dal-masc. Strong's: #8413 [Concordance]

Timna: WITHHOLDING - Withholding Hebrew: תימנע tim-na-masc. Strong's: #8555 [Concordance]

Timnat: SOUTH - South Hebrew: תימנת tim-nat-masc. Strong's: #8553 [Concordance]

Tiras: DESIRABLE - Desirable (Meaning and origin are uncertain.) Hebrew: תירס ti-ras-masc. Strong's: #8494 [Concordance]

Tirtsah: you(ms)~will~ACCEPT(Verb) - You will accept Hebrew: תירצה tir-tsah-fem. Strong's: #8656 [Concordance]

Togarmah: you(ms)~will~GNAW(Verb)~her - You will gnaw her Hebrew: תוגרמה to-gar-mah-masc. Strong's: #8425 [Concordance]

Tola: KERMES - Kermes Hebrew: תולע to-la-masc. Strong's: #8439 [Concordance]

Tophel: UNSEASONED - Unseasoned Hebrew: תופל to-phel-masc. Strong's: #8603 [Concordance]

Tsalmonah: IMAGING - Imaging Hebrew: צלמונה tsal-mo-nah-fem. Strong's: #6758 [Concordance]

Tsaphnat-Paneyahh: TREASURY~&~GLORIOUS.REST - Treasury of the glorious rest Hebrew: צפנת-פענח tsaph-nat pa-ney-ahh-masc. Strong's: #6847 [Concordance]

Tsaphon: NORTH - North Hebrew: צפון tsa-phon-masc. Strong's: #6827 [Concordance]

Tsedad: MOUNTAINSIDE - Mountain side Hebrew: צדד tse-dad-masc. Strong's: #6657 [Concordance]

Tselaph'hhad: SHADOW~&~AWE - Shadow of awe Hebrew: צלפחד tse-laph-hhad-masc. Strong's: #6765 [Concordance]

Tsemar: WOOL - Wool Hebrew: צמר tse-mar-masc. Strong's: #6786 [Concordance]

Tsepho: WATCHMAN~him - His watchman Hebrew: צפו / צפי tse-pho / tse-phiy-masc. Strong's: #6825 [Concordance]

Tseviim: GAZELLE~s - Gazelle buck (A plural name) Hebrew: צביים / צבויים tse-vi-im / tse-vo-iym -masc. Strong's: #6636 [Concordance]

Tsidon: HUNTING - Hunting Hebrew: צידון tsi-don-masc. Strong's: #6721 [Concordance]

Tsilah: SHADOW - Shadow Hebrew: צילה tsi-lah-masc. Strong's: #6741 [Concordance]

Tsin: FLOCKS - Flocks Hebrew: צין tsin-masc. Strong's: #6790 [Concordance]

Tsiphyon: WATCHER - Watcher Hebrew: ציפיון tsiph-yon-fem. Strong's: #6837 [Concordance]

Tsipor: BIRD - Bird Hebrew: צפור tsi-por-masc. Strong's: #6834 [Concordance]

Tsiporah: BIRD - Bird Hebrew: ציפורה tsi-po-rah-fem. Strong's: #6855 [Concordance]

Tsiv'on: SPLASHED - Splashed Hebrew: ציבעון tsiv-on-masc. Strong's: #6649 [Concordance]

Tso'an: REMOVED - Removed Hebrew: צוען tso-an-masc. Strong's: #6814 [Concordance]

Tso'ar: TINY - Tiny (Meaning "insignificant.") Hebrew: צוער tsu-ar-masc. Strong's: #6820, #6686 [Concordance]

Tsohhar: REDDISH.GRAY - Reddish gray Hebrew: צוחר tso-hhar-masc. Strong's: #6714 [Concordance]

Tsophim: KEEP.WATCH(Verb)~ed(mp) - Kept watch Hebrew: צופים tso-phim-masc. Strong's: #6839 [Concordance]

Tsur: BOULDER - Boulder Hebrew: צור tsur-masc. Strong's: #6701 [Concordance]

Tsuri'eyl: BOULDER~me~&~MIGHTY.ONE - My boulder is the mighty one (May also mean "Boulder of El.") Hebrew: צוריאל tsu'ri'eyl-masc. Strong's: #6700 [Concordance]

Tsurishaddai: BOULDER~me~&~BREAST~s~me - My boulder is my breasts (This name may also be written as Tsur of Shaddai) Hebrew: צורישדי / צורי-שדי tsu-ri-sha-dai-masc. Strong's: #6701 [Concordance]

Tumiym: FULL.STRENGTH~s - Full strengths Hebrew: תומים tu-mim-masc. Strong's: #8550 [Concordance]

Tuval: you(ms)~will~BRING(Verb) - You will bring Hebrew: תובל tu-val-masc. Strong's: #8422 [Concordance]

Tuval-Qayin: you(ms)~will~BRING(Verb)~&~SPEARHEAD - You will bring the spearhead Hebrew: תובל-קין tu-val qa-yin-masc. Strong's: #8423 [Concordance]

Ur: LIGHT - Light Hebrew: אור ur-masc. Strong's: #0218 [Concordance]

Uriy: LIGHT~me - My light Hebrew: אורי u-ri-masc. Strong's: #0221 [Concordance]

Uriym: LIGHT~s - Lights Hebrew: אורים u-rim-masc. Strong's: #0224 [Concordance]

Uts: ADVICE - Advise Hebrew: עוץ uts-masc. Strong's: #5780 [Concordance]

Uval: ROUNDED - Rounded Hebrew: עובל u-val-masc. Strong's: #5745 [Concordance]

Uzal: I~will~BE.LAVISH(Verb)~ed(ms) - I will be lavished Hebrew: אוזל u-zal-masc. Strong's: #0187 [Concordance]

Uziy'eyl: BOLDNESS~me~&~MIGHTY.ONE - My boldness is El Hebrew: עוזיאל u-zi-eyl-masc. Strong's: #5816 [Concordance]

Waheyv: and~GIFT.OFFERING - And a gift offering Hebrew: והב wa-heyv-masc. Strong's: #2052 [Concordance]

Waphsi: and~WRIST~me - And my wrist Hebrew: ופסי waph-si-masc. Strong's: #2058 [Concordance]

Ya'aqov: he~will~RESTRAIN(Verb) - He restrains Hebrew: יעקוב ya-a-qov-masc. Strong's: #3290 [Concordance]

Yaboq: he~will~EMPTY.OUT(Verb) - He will fail Hebrew: יבוק ya-boq-masc. Strong's: #2999 [Concordance]

Yagbahah: he~will~BE.HIGH(Verb)~her - He will be her highness Hebrew: יגבהה yag-ba-hah-fem. Strong's: #3011 [Concordance]

Yagli: he~will~REMOVE.THE.COVER(Verb) - He will remove the cover Hebrew: יגלי yag-li-masc. Strong's: #3020 [Concordance]

Yah: EXISTING - Existing (The actual pronunciation of this name is not certain but probably "Yah.") Hebrew: יה yah-masc. Strong's: #3050 [Concordance]

Yahats: STAMPED.DOWN - Stamped down Hebrew: יהץ ya-hats-masc. Strong's: #3096 [Concordance]

Yahh'le'el: he~will~STAY(Verb)~&~MIGHTY.ONE - El will stay Hebrew: יחלאל yahh-le-eyl-masc. Strong's: #3177, #3178 [Concordance]

Yahhtse'el: he~will~DIVIDE(Verb)~&~MIGHTY.ONE - El will divide Hebrew: יחצאל yahh-tse-eyl-masc. Strong's: #3183 [Concordance]

Ya'ir: he~will~make~LIGHT(Verb) - He will make light Hebrew: יאיר ya-ir-masc. Strong's: #2971 [Concordance]

Yakhin: he~will~PREPARE(Verb) - He will prepare Hebrew: יכין ya-khin-masc. Strong's: #3199 [Concordance]

Yalam: he~will~BE.OUT.OF.SIGHT(Verb) - He will be out of sight Hebrew: יעלם ya-lam-masc. Strong's: #3281 [Concordance]

Yamin: RIGHT.HAND - Right hand Hebrew: ימין ya-min-masc. Strong's: #3226 [Concordance]

Yaphet: WONDER - Wonder Hebrew: יפת ya-phat-masc. Strong's: #3315 [Concordance]

Yaq'shan: SNARER - Snarer Hebrew: יקשן yaq-shan-masc. Strong's: #3370 [Concordance]

Yaqtan: he~will~BE.SMALL(Verb) - He will be small Hebrew: יקטן yaq-tan-masc. Strong's: #3355 [Concordance]

Yarden: DESCENDER - Descender Hebrew: ירדן yar-den-masc. Strong's: #3383 [Concordance]

Yared: he~will~GO.DOWN(Verb) - He will go down Hebrew: ירד ya-red-masc. Strong's: #3382 [Concordance]

Yashuv: he~will~TURN.BACK(Verb) - He will turn back Hebrew: ישוב ya-shuv-masc. Strong's: #3437 [Concordance]

Yatvatah: WELLNESS~her - Her wellness Hebrew: יטבתה yat-va-tah-fem. Strong's: #3193 [Concordance]

Yaval: WATERCOURSE - Watercourse Hebrew: יבל ya-val-masc. Strong's: #2989 [Concordance]

Yawan: MIRE - Mire (Closely related to the Hebrew word yayin meaning wine.) Hebrew: יון ya-wan-masc. Strong's: #3120 [Concordance]

Yazeyr: he~will~HELP(Verb) - He will help Hebrew: יעזר ya-zeyr-masc. Strong's: #3270 [Concordance]

Yegar-Sa'haduta: AFRAID~&~RECORD - Afraid of the record Hebrew: יגר-סהדותא ye-gar sa-ha-du-ta-masc. Strong's: #3026 [Concordance]

Yehoshu'a: EXISTING~&~he~will~RESCUE(Verb) - Yah will rescue Hebrew: יהושוע ye-ho-shu-a-masc. Strong's: #3091 [Concordance]

Yehudah: THANKSGIVING - Thanksgiving Hebrew: יהודה ye-hu-dah-masc. Strong's: #3063 [Concordance]

Yehudit: THANKSGIVING - Thanksgiving Hebrew: יהודית ye-hu-dit-fem. Strong's: #3067 [Concordance]

Ye'ish: he~will~MAKE.HASTE(Verb) - He will hasten Hebrew: יעיש / יעוש ye-ish / ye-ush-masc. Strong's: #3274 [Concordance]

Yemu'el: DAY~&~MIGHTY.ONE - Day of El Hebrew: ימואל ye-mu-eyl-masc. Strong's: #3223 [Concordance]

Yephunah: he~will~be~TURN(Verb) - He will be turned Hebrew: יפונה ye-phu-nah-masc. Strong's: #3312 [Concordance]

Yerahh: MOON - Moon Hebrew: ירח ye-rahh-masc. Strong's: #3392 [Concordance]

Ye'rey'hho: MOON~him - His moon Hebrew: ירחו ye-rey-hho-masc. Strong's: #3405 [Concordance]

Yeshurun: STRAIGHT.ONE - Straight one Hebrew: ישורון ye-shu-run-masc. Strong's: #3484 [Concordance]

Yeter: REMAINDER - Remainder (Only used once Exodus 4:18 and may be a misspelling or alternative for the name Yitro.) Hebrew: יתר ye-ter-masc. Strong's: #3503 [Concordance]

Yetet: NAIL - Nail Hebrew: יתת ye-tet-masc. Strong's: #3509 [Concordance]

Yetser: THOUGHT - Thought Hebrew: יצר ye-tser-masc. Strong's: #3337 [Concordance]

Yetur: he~will~ROW(Verb) - He will row Hebrew: יטור ye-tur-masc. Strong's: #3195 [Concordance]

Yevus: he~will~TRAMPLE.DOWN(Verb) - He will trample down Hebrew: יבוס ye-vus-masc. Strong's: #2982, #2983 [Concordance]

YHWH: he~will~BE(Verb) - He is (The actual pronunciation of this name is not certain.) Hebrew: יהוה yhwh-masc. Strong's: #3068 [Concordance]

YHWH-Nisiy: he~will~BE(Verb)~&~STANDARD~me - Yhwh is my standard Hebrew: יהוה-ניסי yhwh ni-si-masc. Strong's: #3071 [Concordance]

YHWH-Yireh: he~will~BE(Verb)~&~he~will~SEE(Verb) - Yhwh will see Hebrew: יהוה-יראה yhwh yi-reh-masc. Strong's: #3070 [Concordance]

Yidlap: he~will~DRIP(Verb) - He will drip Hebrew: ידלף yid-lap-masc. Strong's: #3044 [Concordance]

Yigal: he~will~REDEEM(Verb) - He will redeem Hebrew: יגאל yig-al-masc. Strong's: #3008 [Concordance]

Yimnah: he~will~RECKON(Verb) - He will reckon Hebrew: ימנה yim-nah-masc. Strong's: #3232 [Concordance]

Yish'baq: he~will~LEAVE.ALONE(Verb) - He will leave alone Hebrew: ישבק yish-baq-masc. Strong's: #3435 [Concordance]

Yishma'el: he~will~HEAR(Verb)~&~MIGHTY.ONE - El will hear Hebrew: ישמעאל yish-ma-eyl-masc. Strong's: #3458 [Concordance]

Yishwah: he~will~EQUATE(Verb) - He will resemble Hebrew: ישוה yish-wah-masc. Strong's: #3438 [Concordance]

Yishwiy: he~will~EQUATE(Verb)~me - He will resemble me Hebrew: ישוי yish-wi-masc. Strong's: #3440, #3441 [Concordance]

Yiskah: he~will~LOOK.FORTH - He will look forth Hebrew: יסכה yis-kah-fem. Strong's: #3252 [Concordance]

Yisra'eyl: he~will~TURN.ASIDE(Verb)~&~MIGHTY.ONE - He turns El aside Hebrew: יסראל yis-ra-eyl-masc. Strong's: #3478 [Concordance]

Yis'sas'khar: THERE.IS~&~WAGE - There is a wage Hebrew: יססכר yeysh-sa-khar-masc. Strong's: #3485 [Concordance]

Yitran: RESERVER - Reserver Hebrew: יתרן yit-ran-masc. Strong's: #3506 [Concordance]

Yitro: REMAINDER~him - His remainder Hebrew: יתרו yit-ro-masc. Strong's: #3503 [Concordance]

Yits'har: he~will~PRESS.OUT.OIL(Verb) - He presses out oil Hebrew: יצהר yits-har-masc. Strong's: #3324 [Concordance]

Yits'hhaq: he~will~LAUGH(Verb) - He laughs Hebrew: יצחק yits-hhaq-masc. Strong's: #3327 [Concordance]

Yokheved: EXISTING~&~HEAVY - Yah is heavy Hebrew: יוכבד yo-khe-ved-fem. Strong's: #3115 [Concordance]

Yoseph: ADD(Verb)~ing(ms) - Adding Hebrew: יוסף yo-seph-masc. Strong's: #3130 [Concordance]

Yov: HOWLING - Howl Hebrew: יוב yov-masc. Strong's: #3102 [Concordance]

Yovav: HOWL(Verb)~ing(ms) - Howling Hebrew: יובב yo-vav-masc. Strong's: #3103 [Concordance]

Yuval: CREEK - Creek Hebrew: יובל yu-val-masc. Strong's: #3106 [Concordance]

Za'awan: TROUBLED - Troubled Hebrew: זעון za-a-wan-masc. Strong's: #2190 [Concordance]

Zakur: REMEMBER(Verb)~ed(ms) - Remembered Hebrew: זכור za-kur-masc. Strong's: #2139 [Concordance]

Zamzum: MISCHIEVOUS - Mischievous Hebrew: זמזום zam-zum-masc. Strong's: #2157 [Concordance]

Zerahh: RISING.SUN - Rising sun Hebrew: זרח ze-rahh-masc. Strong's: #2226, #2227 [Concordance]

Zered: EXUBERANT - Exuberant Hebrew: זרד ze-red-masc. Strong's: #2218 [Concordance]

Zevulun: RESIDENT - Resident Hebrew: זבולון ze-vu-lun-masc. Strong's: #2074 [Concordance]

Zikh'riy: MEMORY~me - My memorial Hebrew: זיכרי zikh-ri-masc. Strong's: #2147 [Concordance]

Zilpah: TRICKLING - Trickling Hebrew: זילפה zil-pah-fem. Strong's: #2153 [Concordance]

Zimran: MUSICIAN - Musician Hebrew: זימרן zim-ran-masc. Strong's: #2175 [Concordance]

Zimri: SINGER~me - My singer Hebrew: זימרי zim-ri-masc. Strong's: #2174 [Concordance]

Ziphron: FRAGRANT.ONE - Fragrant one Hebrew: זיפרון ziph-ron-masc. Strong's: #2202 [Concordance]

Zuz: ENTRYWAY - Entryway Hebrew: זוז zuz-masc. Strong's: #2104 [Concordance]