The Torah: A Mechanical Translation
By Jeff A. Benner
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ULCER (fem. יבלת / ya'be'let) A flowing or seeping lesion. | Strong's: #2990

UNAWARE (masc. בלי / be'li) Without design, attention, preparation, or premeditation. | Alt. Trans.: not; nothing; lack of (when followed with the word "WITHOUT"); unknowingly (when followed by the word "DISCERNMENT") | Strong's: #1097

UNCIRCUMCISED (masc. ערל / a'reyl) A male with a foreskin. | Strong's: #6189

UNCLE (masc. דוד / dod) The brother of one's father or mother; one who is cherished by another. | Alt. Trans.: beloved | Strong's: #1730

UNCOVER(Verb) (ערה / ah.r.h) To remove the covering. | Strong's: #6168

UNDER (masc. תחת / ta'hhat) Beneath, below or underneath; a replacement, In the sense of being in place of something else. | Alt. Trans.: by; in place of; now; underneath; below (when prefixed with "from~"); how long (when attached to the word "WHEREVER"); single one (when followed by the word "UNIT"); because (when followed by the word "WHICH"); | Strong's: #8478

UNDERGARMENT (masc. מכנס / mikh'nas) Garment worn under another garment that is bundled up. | Strong's: #4370

UNDERSTAND(Verb) (בין / b.y.n) To grasp the meaning of; to have comprehension. | Strong's: #0995

UNDERSTANDING (fem. בינה / biy'nah) A comprehension of the construction of a structure or thought. | Strong's: #0998

UNDERWORLD (שאול / she-ol) The place of the dead. | Strong's: #7585

UNFILLED (masc. בוהו / bo'hu) Empty. As an empty box that needs to be filled. | Strong's: #0922

UNINHABITED (fem. גזרה / ge'zey'rah) A place barren of people; a place that is cut off. | Strong's: #1509

UNIQUE (masc. קדוש / qa'dosh) Someone or something that has, or has been given the quality of specialness, and has been separated from the rest for a special purpose. | Strong's: #6918

UNIT (masc. אחד / e'hhad fem. אחת / e'hhat) A unit within the whole, a unified group. A single quantity. | Alt. Trans.: another; first; one; other; | Strong's: #0259

UNITE(Verb) (יחד / y.hh.d) To put together to form a single unit. | Strong's: #3161

UNLEAVENED.BREAD (fem. מצה / mats'tsah) A hard and flat bread or cake made without yeast. | Strong's: #4682

UNLESS (masc. לולי / לולא / lu'ley) Except on the condition that. | Strong's: #3884

UNNATURAL.MIX (fem. תבל / te'vel) An action that lacks any results. | Strong's: #8397

UNPROTECTED (masc. ערוער / ar'o'er) | Strong's: #6176

UNSEASONED (masc. תפל / ta'pheyl) | Strong's: #8602

UNTIL (masc. עד / ad) The conclusion of a determinate period of time. Also, again; a repetition of time, either definite or indefinite; another time; once more. | Alt. Trans.: again; also; as far as; as well as; before; beyond; by; concerning; even; ever; for; unto; behalf (when prefixed with "in~"); still (when followed by the word "IN.THIS.WAY") | Strong's: #1157, #5703, #5704

UPHOLD(Verb) (תמך / t.m.k) To give support or to steady. | Strong's: #8551

UPON (masc. על / al) To be on or over in the sense of the yoke that is placed on the neck of the ox. | Alt. Trans.: about; above; according to; against; also; because; by; concerning; in; in addition; over; with; therefore (when followed by the word "SO"); why (when followed by the word "WHAT"); because (when followed by the word "WHICH") | Strong's: #5921

UPPER (masc. עליון / el'yon) Higher than the others. | Alt. Trans.: above (when followed by the word "UPON") | Strong's: #5945(x2)

UPPER.LEG (masc. שובל / sho'vel) The thigh muscle of the lower appendages. | Strong's: #7640

UPPER.LIP (masc. שפם / sa'pham) | Strong's: #8222

UPRISING (fem. משאת / ma'se'eyt) Violence in defiance of something. Something that is lifted up such as a burden, gift or flame. | Strong's: #4864

UPSIDE.DOWN (fem. תהפכה / tah'pu'khah) | Strong's: #8419

UPWARD (masc. מעל / ma'al) In a direction from lower to higher. | Alt. Trans.: above; high; top | Strong's: #4605

Ur(Name) (masc. אור / ur) MT: LIGHT RMT: Light | Strong's: #0218

Uriy(Name) (masc. אורי / u'ri) MT: LIGHT~me RMT: My light | Strong's: #0221

Uriym(Name) (masc. אורים / u'rim) MT: LIGHT~s RMT: Lights | Strong's: #0224

USURY (masc. נשך / ne'shek) The lending or practice of lending money at an exorbitant interest. | Strong's: #5392

UTENSIL (masc. כלי / ke'li) A container for carrying or storing various materials; an implement or weapon. | Strong's: #3627

Uts(Name) (masc. עוץ / uts) MT: ADVICE RMT: Advise | Strong's: #5780

UTTER(Verb) (בטה / To speak out words. | Strong's: #0981

UTTERANCE (masc. מבטא / miv'tah) Words that are spoken out. | Strong's: #4008

Uval(Name) (masc. עובל / u'val) MT: ROUNDED RMT: Rounded | Strong's: #5745

Uzal(Name) (masc. אוזל / u'zal) MT: I~will~BE.LAVISH(Verb)~ed(ms) RMT: I will be lavished | Strong's: #0187

Uziy'eyl(Name) (masc. עוזיאל / u'zi'eyl) MT: BOLDNESS~me~&~MIGHTY.ONE RMT: My boldness is El | Strong's: #5816