The Torah: A Mechanical Translation
By Jeff A. Benner
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OAK (fem. אלה / ey'lah) A species of tree with dense, hard, wood. A tough durable wood. | Strong's: #0424, #0427

OASIS (masc. מנוח / ma'no'ahh fem. מנוחה / me'nu'hhah) A location where there is freedom from activity or labor; a place for resting or lodging. | Strong's: #4494, #4496

OATH (fem. אלה / a'lah) Something corroborated by a vow. A binding agreement, including the curse for violating the oath. | Strong's: #0423

OBEDIENCE (fem. יקהה / ye'qa'hah) Submission to the will of another. | Strong's: #3349

OFFENSE (masc. פשע / pe'sha) The exceeding of due bounds or limits. | Strong's: #6588

OFFER.WILLINGLY(Verb) (נדב / n.d.b) To give from a willing heart. | Strong's: #5068

OFFERED.WILLINGLY (masc. נדב / na'dav) Given of one's free will without recompense. | Strong's: [Found in names only]

OFFERING (fem. תרומה / te'ru'mah) A donation presented to another. | Strong's: #8641

OFFERING.OF.RESTITUTION (masc. שלם / she'lem) Having all necessary parts, elements or steps. A state of being whole or full. Left unaltered and whole in its original functional state without removing or adding to it. To finish. A sacrifice or offering given to bring about peace. | Strong's: #8002

OFFSHOOT (masc. עקר / ey'qer) | Strong's: #6133

Og(Name) (masc. עוג / og) MT: BAKED.BREAD RMT: Baked bread (The meaning of the feminine Hebrew noun ???? | Strong's: #5747

OH (masc. אוי / oiy) A passionate cry of desire. | Strong's: #0188

Ohad(Name) (masc. אוהד / o'had) MT: SHOUTING RMT: Shouting | Strong's: #0161

OIL (masc. שמן / she'men) A semi-liquid, often oily and thick. Usually olive oil and used as a medicinal ointment. Also, meaning fat or rich. | Alt. Trans.: fat | Strong's: #8081, #8082

OINTMENT (fem. משחה / mash'hhah) An oil or other liquid that is smeared on an animal or person for healing or dedication. | Strong's: #4888

OINTMENT.MIXTURE (fem. מרקחת / mir'qa'hhat) A mixture of spices for an ointment or perfume. | Strong's: #4842

OLD.AGE (fem. זיקנה / ziq'nah) One up in years. | Strong's: #2209

OLIVE (masc. זית / za'yit) The fruit or the tree. The fruit of the olive is used for food and as a source of oil. | Strong's: #2132

OLIVINE (fem. פיטדה / pit'dah) Probably the Olivine, a green gemstone. The Septuagint uses the word topazios, but the Topaz was unknown at the time of the Exodus. Another possible meaning of this word is Chrysolite. | Strong's: #6357

Omar(Name) (masc. אומר / o'mar) MT: MATTER RMT: Matter | Strong's: #0201

OMER (masc. עומר / o'mer) A dry measure equal to one tenth of an ephah (about two liters). | Strong's: #6016(x2)

ON.ACCOUNT.OF (masc. גלל / ge'lal) A telling of what occurred previously. Thus used in Hebrew as a rolling back around. (Alwys prefixed with the letter ב) | Strong's: #1558

ON.FOOT (masc. רגלי / rag'li) A soldier, messenger or traveler who moves on foot. | Strong's: #7273

On(Name) (masc. און / on) MT: VIGOR RMT: Vigor | Strong's: #0204

Onam(Name) (masc. אונם / o'nam) MT: COMPLAINER RMT: Complainer | Strong's: #0208

Onan(Name) (masc. אונן / o'nan) MT: COMPLAINER RMT: Complainer | Strong's: #0209

ONE (עשתי / ash-tey) Existing, acting, or considered as a single unit, entity, or individual. | Strong's: #6249

ONE.HALF (fem. מחצית / ma'hha'tsit) A portion that is equal to the remainder. | Strong's: #4276

ONE.TENTH (masc. עשרון / i'sa'ron) An equal part of something divided into ten parts. | Strong's: #6241

ONION (masc. בצל / ba'tsal) A plant of the amaryllis family, having an edible, succulent, pungent bulb. | Strong's: #1211

ONLY (masc. רק / raq) A single instance or thing and nothing more or different. | Alt. Trans.: at all | Strong's: #7535

ONYCHA (fem. שחלת / she'hhey'let) An unknown spice. | Strong's: #7827

ONYX (masc. שוהם / sho'ham) Probably the Onyx, a form of quartz that may be of any color. The Septuagint uses beryllios (Beryl). Another possible translation is the Malachite. | Strong's: #7718

OPAL (masc. לשם / le'shem) Possibly the Opal, which may be found in a wide variety of colors. Other possible translates are Amber, Jacinth, Agate or Amethyst. | Strong's: #3958

OPEN.SPACE (masc. מיגרש / mig'rash fem. "מיגרשה " / mig'ra'shah) A place for grazing livestock, usually on the outskirts of a village or city. | Strong's: #4054

OPEN.UP(Verb) (פקח / p.q.hh) To make available or accessible. Open the eyes or ears to see or hear. | Strong's: #6491

OPEN(Verb) (פתח / p.t.hh) To open up as opening a gate or door; to have no confining barrier. | Alt. Trans.: engrave (when written in the piel [active intensive] form) | Strong's: #6603, #6605

OPENED.WIDE (masc. פעור / pe'or) | Strong's: [Found in names only]

OPENING (masc. פתח / pe'tahh) Something that is open, as an entrance or opening of a tent, house or city. | Strong's: #6607, #6608

Ophir(Name) (masc. אופיר / o'phir) MT: REDUCED.TO.ASHES RMT: Reduced to ashes (From a root meaning ashes, dust or powder.) | Strong's: #0211

OPINION (masc. דע / da) To possess an intimate knowledge. An intimacy with a person, idea or concept. | Strong's: #1843

OPPONENT (masc. שטן / sa'tan) One who is on the opposing side of an action or thought; an adversary. | Strong's: #7854

OPPOSITE (masc. נגד / ne'ged) Something in front of; on the other side; in the presence of. | Alt. Trans.: before; in the face of | Strong's: #5048

OPPOSITION (fem. שטנה / sit'nah) | Strong's: #7855

OPPRESS(Verb) (עשק / To press into or on another through force or deceit. | Strong's: #6231

OPPRESSION (masc. עושק / o'sheq) The act of pressing into or on another through force or deceit. | Strong's: #6233

OR (masc. או / o) An alternative or optional desire. | Alt. Trans.: whether | Strong's: #0176

ORDINARY (masc. חל / hhal) A place, person or thing that is not set apart for a specific function. | Strong's: #2455

ORIGIN (fem. ראשית / rey'shit) The first or beginning; the best or most important; the source. | Strong's: #7225

ORNAMENT (fem. מגדנה / mig'da'nah) Something that lends grace and beauty. Precious ornaments probably with gems. | Strong's: #4030

ORNAMENTAL.RING (masc. נזם / ne'zem) A circular band worn as an adornment on the ear, nose or other part of the body. | Strong's: #5141

ORPHAN (masc. יתום / ya'tom) Having no mother or father. | Strong's: #3490

ORYX (masc. תאו / t'o) An unknown animal. | Strong's: #8377

OSPREY (fem. עזניה / az'niy'yah) An unknown bird of prey. | Strong's: #5822

OTHER (masc. אחר / a'hhar) One that remains or follows after another. | Alt. Trans.: another | Strong's: #0312

OTHER.SIDE (masc. עבר / ey'ver) As being across from this side. | Strong's: #5676

OTHERWISE (masc. פן / peyn) In a different manner or way. | Strong's: #6435

OUT.OF.SIGHT (masc. עלמון / al'mon) | Strong's: [Found in names only]

OUTCRY (fem. שועה / shaw'ah) An expression of need, or help or injustice. A loud wail from distress. | Strong's: #7775

OUTER (masc. קיצון / qi'tson) The furthest from the center. The end. | Strong's: #7020

OUTER.COVERING (masc. כסוי / k'su'iy) | Strong's: #3681

OUTER.GARMENT (fem. שלמה / sal'mah) Garments worn over top of other garments. | Strong's: #8008

OUTER.RIM (masc. כרכוב / kar'kov) The out edge of something. | Strong's: #3749

OUTSIDE (masc. חוץ / hhuts) A place or region beyond an enclosure or barrier. | Strong's: #2351

OVEN (masc. תנור / ta'nur) A chamber used for baking, heating or drying. As a lamp for cooking. | Strong's: #8574

OVERCOME(Verb) (גבר / g.b.r) To get the better of. Be successful in strength or authority. | Strong's: #1396

OVERHANG (masc. סרח / se'rahh) The part that extends out. What is left over. A remnant or residue. | Strong's: #5629

OVERHANG(Verb) (סרח / s.r.hh) To proceed beyond any given or supposed limit or measure. To extend beyond proper bounds. To be superfluous. | Strong's: #5628

OVERLAY(Verb) (צפה / ts.p.h) To cover with a different material, usually with gold. | Strong's: #6823

OVERLOOK(Verb) (נשא / נשה / / To unintentionaly look past, forget. | Strong's: #5382

OVERSEER (masc. פקיד / pa'qid fem. פקידות / pe'qiy'dot) One who carefully watches over; a superintendent. | Strong's: #6488, #6496

OVERSIGHT (fem. פקודה / pe'qu'dah) A watching over; the function of the overseer. | Strong's: #6486

OVERTAKE(Verb) (נסג / n.s.g) To catch up with; to remove in the sense of taking over; to take hold; to acquire wealth | Alt. Trans.: Reach (especially when speaking of the hand reaching out to grab something) | Strong's: #5253, #5381

OVERTHROWING (fem. מהפכה / mah'pey'khah) | Strong's: #4114

OVERTHROWN (masc. ריסה / ri'sah) To ruin or break into pieces by throwing or pulling down. | Strong's: [Found in names only]

OVERTOP (הגג / h.g.g) The covering of a dwelling place. | Strong's: [Found in names only]

OVERTURN(Verb) (הפך / h.p.k) To turn something over or upside down, as if pouring out its contents. | Strong's: #2015

OVERTURNING (fem. הפכה / ha'phey'khah) The act of turning something over. | Strong's: #2018

Ovot(Name) (fem. אובות / o'vot) MT: NECROMANCER~s RMT: Wineskins | Strong's: #0088

OWL (fem. יענה / ya'a'nah) An unknown bird. | Strong's: #3284

OWNER (masc. גביר / ge'vir) Possessor of an article or property. | Strong's: #1376

OX (masc. שור / shor) A domestic bovine animal used for pulling heavy loads. | Strong's: #7794