The Torah: A Mechanical Translation
By Jeff A. Benner
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Na'amah(Name) (fem. נעמה / na'a'mah) MT: DELIGHTFUL RMT: Sweetness | Strong's: #5279

Na'aman(Name) (masc. נעמן / na'a'man) MT: PLEASANTNESS RMT: Pleasantness | Strong's: #5283

Nadav(Name) (masc. נדב / na'dav) MT: he~did~OFFER.WILLINGLY(Verb) RMT: He offered willingly | Strong's: #5070

Nahhali'eyl(Name) (masc. נחליאל / na'hha'li'eyl) MT: WADI~of~&~MIGHTY.ONE RMT: Wadi of the mighty one | Strong's: #5160

Nahhat(Name) (masc. נחת / na'hhat) MT: QUIETNESS RMT: Quietness | Strong's: #5184

Nahhbi(Name) (masc. נחבי / nahh'bi) MT: WITHDRAWN RMT: Hidden | Strong's: #5147

Nahhor(Name) (masc. נחור / na'hhor) MT: SNORTING RMT: Snorting | Strong's: #5152

Nahhshon(Name) (masc. נחשון / nahh'shon) MT: PREDICTOR RMT: Predictor | Strong's: #5177

NAIL (masc. יתת / ya'tat) | Strong's: [Found in names only]

NAKED (masc. עירום / ey'rom) Without clothes. | Strong's: #5903

NAKEDNESS (fem. ערוה / er'wah) The state of being without clothing. Idiomatic for sexual relations. | Strong's: #6172

Naphish(Name) (masc. נפיש / na'phish) MT: DEEP.BREATH RMT: Deep breath | Strong's: #5305

Naphtali(Name) (masc. נפתלי / naph'ta'li) MT: WRESTLING~me RMT: My wrestling | Strong's: #5321

Naphtuhh(Name) (masc. נפתוח / naph'tu'ahh) MT: DOORWAY RMT: Doorway | Strong's: #5320

NARROW (masc. צר / tsar) Of slender width. A narrow, tight place or situation, a difficulty. An enemy or adversary as one who closes in with pressure. | Alt. Trans.: enemy | Strong's: #6862

NARROW.WAY (masc. משעול / mish'ol) A hollow in the land. | Strong's: #4934

Nataneyl(Name) (masc. נתנאל / na'tan'eyl) MT: >~GIVE(Verb)~&~MIGHTY.ONE RMT: The mighty one gave | Strong's: #5417

NATAPH (masc. נטף / na'taph) An unknown spice. | Strong's: #5198

NATION (masc. גוי / goy) A community of people of one or more nationalities and having a more or less defined territory and government. The people as the back, or body of the nation. | Strong's: #1471

NATIVE (masc. אזרח / ez'rahh) Born and raised in the Land. | Strong's: #0249

NATIVITY (masc. לוד / lud) | Strong's: [Found in names only]

NEAR (masc. קרוב / qa'rov) Close to; at or within a short distance from. Also, a kin, as a near relative. | Strong's: #7138

NECK (masc. עורף / o'reph) The part of a person that connects the head with the body. | Strong's: #6203

NECK.BAND (masc. ענק / a'naq) An ornamental chain, band or cord worn around the neck. | Strong's: #6060

NECKLACE (masc. רביד / ra'vid) A series of links worn as an ornament or insignia. | Strong's: #7242

NECROMANCER (masc. אוב / ov) One who communicates with the dead (see 1 Sam 28:8). Used once (Job 32:19) for "wineskin," possibly from the gurgling sound when poured. (It is unclear if the original meaning of this word is "necromancer" and "wineskin" is a derived meaning or the other way around.) | Strong's: #0178

NEEDY (masc. אביון / ev'yon) In a condition of need or want. | Strong's: #0034

NEIGHBOR (fem. עמית / a'miyt) | Strong's: #5997

Nemu'eyl(Name) (masc. נמואל / ne'mu'eyl) MT: SEA~&~MIGHTY.ONE RMT: Sea of the mighty one | Strong's: #5241

Nepheg(Name) (masc. נפג / ne'pheg) MT: SPROUT.UP RMT: Sprout up | Strong's: #5298

Nephilim(Name) (masc. נפילים / ne'phi'lim) MT: make~FALL(Verb)~ing(mp) RMT: Making fall | Strong's: #5303

NEST (masc. קן / qeyn) A bed or receptacle prepared by a bird for its eggs and young. The stall of an animal as a nest. | Strong's: #7064

NESTING (masc. קינן / qin'yan) | Strong's: [Found in names only]

NET (masc. סבך / שבך / se'vakh) An open-meshed fabric twisted, knotted, or woven at regular intervals. Also, a thicket as an interwoven network of thorns. | Strong's: #5442, #7638

NETTING (fem. רשת / re'shet) A sheet of meshed fabric, cord or metal. | Strong's: #7568

Nevayot(Name) (masc. נביות / ne'va'yot) MT: FLOURISHED~s RMT: Flourishings | Strong's: #5032

NEVERTHELESS (masc. אבל / a'val) In spite of that. A flowing of certainty. | Strong's: #0061

Nevo(Name) (masc. נבו / ne'vo) MT: FLOURISHED~him RMT: His flourishing | Strong's: #5015

NEW (masc. חדש / hha'dash) Something that is new, renewed, restored or repaired. | Strong's: #2319

NEW.MOON (masc. חודש / hho'desh) The moon phase when the thin crescent first appears and is perceived as the renewal of the moon. The first day of the month. Also, a month as the interval between crescents. | Alt. Trans.: month | Strong's: #2320

NIGHT (masc. ליל / לילה / la'yil / lai'lah) The time from dusk to dawn. The hours associated with darkness and sleep. | Alt. Trans.: tonight (when prefixed with "the~") | Strong's: #3915

NIGHT.WATCH (fem. אשמורה / ash'mu'rah) An increment of time during the night when guards watch the area. | Strong's: #0821

NIGHTHAWK (masc. תחמס / tahh'mas) An unclean unknown species of bird. | Strong's: #8464

Nimrah(Name) (fem. נמרה / nim'rah) MT: LEOPARD RMT: Leopard | Strong's: #5247

Nimrod(Name) (masc. נימרוד / nim'rod) MT: REBELLING RMT: Rebelling | Strong's: #5248

NINE (masc. תשע / ti'sha fem. תשע / tey'sha) A cardinal number. The total number of hours in an ancient day or night. | Alt. Trans.: ninety (when written in the plural) | Strong's: #8672, #8673

NINTH (masc. תשיעי / t'shiy'iy) | Strong's: #8671

Ninweh(Name) (masc. נינוה / nin'weh) MT: ABODE.OF.NINUS RMT: Abode of Ninus (Can also mean handsome.) | Strong's: #5210

No'ah(Name) (fem. נועה / no'ah) MT: STAGGERING RMT: Staggering | Strong's: #5270

No'ahh(Name) (masc. נוח / no'ahh) MT: REST RMT: Rest | Strong's: #5146

NOBILITY (masc. חירה / hhiy'rah) | Strong's: [Found in names only]

NOBLE (masc. סר / שר / sar) Possessing outstanding qualities or properties. Of high birth or exalted rank. One who has authority. May also mean "heavy" from the weight of responsibility on one in authority. | Strong's: #5620, #8269

NOBLEWOMAN (fem. שרה / sa'rah) A female of authority. | Strong's: #8282

Nod(Name) (masc. נוד / nod) MT: NODDING RMT: Nodding | Strong's: #5113

NOD(Verb) (נוד / n.w.d) A quick downward motion of the head. To shake or wag out of pity, sorrow or wandering. | Strong's: #5110

NODDING (masc. נוד / nod) | Strong's: #5112

NOMAD (masc. צי / tsiy) A member of a people or tribe that has no permanent abode but moves about from place to place, usually seasonally and often following a traditional route or circuit according to the state of the pasturage or food supply. Also a ship as a nomad of the sea. | Strong's: #6716

NONE (masc. בל / bal) Not any, no part. | Strong's: #1077

Nophahh(Name) (masc. נופח / no'phahh) MT: EXHALE(Verb)~ing(ms) RMT: Exhaling | Strong's: #5302

NORTH (fem. צפון / tsa'phon) The direction of the left hand when facing the rising sun. | Strong's: #6828

NOSE (masc. אף / aph) The organ bearing the nostrils on the anterior of the face. Also meaning anger from the flaring of the nostrils and the redness of the nose when angry. | Alt. Trans.: nostrils (when in the double plural form) | Strong's: #0639

NOSE.RING (masc. חח / חחי / hhahh / hha'hhiy) A round piece of jewelry, usually of a metal, that is pierced through the nose or lip. | Strong's: #2397

NOT (masc. לוא / לוה / lo) A function word to stand for the negative. As being without. | Alt. Trans.: cannot; no; nothing; un-; without; therefore (when preceded by the word "IF"); without (when prefixed with "in~") | Strong's: #3808

NOURISHMENT (masc. מאכל / ma'a'kal) Food; nutriment. For giving sustenance and making one whole. | Strong's: #3978

Novahh(Name) (masc. נובח / no'vahh) MT: BARK(Verb)~ing(ms) RMT: Barking | Strong's: #5025

NOW (masc. עתה / a'tah) At the present time or moment. | Strong's: #6258

NUDE (masc. ערום / a'rom) Without clothes. | Strong's: #6174

NUMBER (masc. מספר / mis'phar) A sum of units. Counting as a recording. | Strong's: #4557

NUMEROUS (masc. עצום / a'tsum) Involving more than one. | Strong's: #6099

Nun(Name) (masc. נון / nun) MT: CONTINUE RMT: Continue | Strong's: #5126