The Torah: A Mechanical Translation
By Jeff A. Benner
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Ma'akhah(Name) (masc. מעכה / ma'a'khah) MT: FIRMLY.PRESSED RMT: Firmly pressed | Strong's: #4601

Madai(Name) (masc. מדי / ma'dai) MT: LONG.GARMENT~s~me RMT: My long garments (Can also mean measure, judging, habit or covering.) | Strong's: #4074

MADNESS (masc. שיגעון / shiy'ga'on) | Strong's: #7697

Magdi'eyl(Name) (masc. מגדיאל / mag'di'eyl) MT: PRECIOUS~&~MIGHTY.ONE RMT: Precious is El | Strong's: #4025

MAGGOT (fem. רימה / ri'mah) The larvae of flies. | Strong's: #7415

MAGICIAN (masc. חרטום / hhar'tom) A person skilled in divination. | Strong's: #2748

MAGNIFICENCE (masc. גודל / go'del) An increase in size power or authority. | Strong's: #1433

MAGNIFIED (masc. גדל / ga'deyl) An increased significance or size. | Strong's: #1432

MAGNIFY(Verb) (גדל / g.d.l) To increase in size or one's position of honor. | Strong's: #1431

Magog(Name) (masc. מגוג / ma'gog) MT: ROOFING RMT: Roofing | Strong's: #4031

Mahalalel(Name) (masc. מהללאל / ma'ha'la'lel) MT: SHINE~&~MIGHTY.ONE RMT: Shining of El | Strong's: #4111

Mahhalat(Name) (masc. מחלת / ma'hha'lat) MT: SICKENED RMT: Sickened | Strong's: #4257, #4258

Mahhanayim(Name) (masc. מחנים / ma'hha'na'yim) MT: CAMP~s2 RMT: Two campsites | Strong's: #4266

Mahhlah(Name) (fem. מחלה / mahh'lah) MT: SICKNESS RMT: Sickness | Strong's: #4244

Mahh'liy(Name) (masc. מחלי / mahh'li) MT: SICKNESS~me RMT: My Sickness | Strong's: #4249

Mahn(Name) (masc. מן / mahn) MT: SHARE RMT: Share (The bread-like substance provided to the Israelites while in the wilderness. The actual meaning of this word is uncertain, but can mean "stringed instrument," "from," or "portion." In the Greek Septuagint this word is written as 'man' in the book of Exodus and 'manna' in Numbers and Deuteronomy, where the standard transliteration of "manna" comes from.) | Strong's: #4478

MAID (fem. שיפחה / shiph'hhah) An unmarried young woman. | Strong's: #8198

MAJESTY (masc. גאון / ga'on) Elevated to a higher position. Supreme greatness or authority. | Strong's: #1347

MAKE.A.PLEDGE(Verb) (עבט / ah.b.t) | Alt. Trans.: Lend (when written in the hiphil [causative] form) | Strong's: #5670

MAKE.A.VOW(Verb) (נדר / n.d.r) To promise solemnly; to make an agreement where one promises an action if the other reciprocates with another action. | Strong's: #5087

MAKE.BALD(Verb) (קרח / q.r.hh) To shave the hair of the head to make bald. | Strong's: #7139

MAKE.BRICKS(Verb) (לבן / l.b.n) To shape moist clay or earth into blocks for construction purposes. | Alt. Trans.: Be white (when written in the hiphil [causative] form, from the color of the bricks) | Strong's: #3835

MAKE.FAT(Verb) (דשן / To make or become large with fat tissue. | Alt. Trans.: remove the fat (when written in the piel [active intensive] form) | Strong's: #1878

MAKE.HASTE(Verb) (עוש / חוש / / To quickly prepare. | Strong's: #2363, #5789

MAKE.RESTITUTION(Verb) (שלם / sh.l.m) To restore or make right through action, payment or restoration to a rightful owner. | Strong's: #7999

MAKE(Verb) (פעל / p.ah.l) To perform a task of physical labor to produce something. | Strong's: #6466, #6468

Makhi(Name) (masc. מכי / ma'khi) MT: BEING.LOW RMT: Being low | Strong's: #4352

Makhir(Name) (masc. מכיר / ma'khir) MT: PRICE RMT: Price | Strong's: #4353

Makhpelah(Name) (masc. מכפלה / makh'pe'lah) MT: DOUBLED RMT: Doubled | Strong's: #4375

MALE (masc. זכר / za'khar) Being the gender who begets offspring. One who acts and speaks for the family. | Strong's: #2145

MALE.GOAT (masc. עתוד / a'tud) A male member of a flock of goats. | Strong's: #6259(x2), #6260

MALE.KID (masc. גדי / ge'di) A young goat. | Strong's: #1423

Malki'el(Name) (masc. מלכיאל / mal'ki'eyl) MT: KING~me~&~MIGHTY.ONE RMT: My king is El | Strong's: #4439

Malkiy-Tsedeq(Name) (masc. מלכי-צדק / mal'ki tse'deq) MT: KING~me~&~STEADFAST RMT: My king is steadfast (Can also mean "My king is Tsedeq" or "My king is righteousness.") | Strong's: #4442

Mamre(Name) (masc. ממרא / mam'rey) MT: FLAPPING.WING RMT: Fatness (From a root meaning bitter. Can also mean rebellious.) | Strong's: #4471

MAN (masc. איש / אנוש / iysh / e'nosh) An adult male human. (Often used to mean "each" in the sense of an individual.) | Alt. Trans.: each; one | Strong's: #0376, #0377, #0582

Manahhat(Name) (masc. מנחת / ma'na'hhat) MT: OASIS RMT: Oasis | Strong's: #4506

MANDRAKES (masc. דודי / du'dai) A plant boiled as an aphrodisiac. | Strong's: #1736

MANE.OF.A.HORSE (fem. רעמה / ra'mah) | Strong's: #7483

MANY (masc. מאוד / me'od) A large, but indefinite number. An abundance of things (every, many, much, great), actions (complete, wholly, strong, quick) or character (very). | Alt. Trans.: great; greatly; more; much; very, every | Strong's: #3966

Maqheylot(Name) (fem. מקהלות / maq'hey'lot) MT: PASTURE~s RMT: Pastures | Strong's: #4722

Marah(Name) (fem. מרה / ma'rah) MT: BITTER RMT: Bitter | Strong's: #4785

MARCH(Verb) (צעד / ts.ah.d) To move along steadily, usually with a rhythmic stride and in step with others. | Strong's: #6805

MARKER (fem. טוטפה / to'ta'phah) A mark or emblem used to identify a purpose. | Strong's: #2903

MARRY(Verb) (בעל / b.ah.l) To join as husband and wife. | Strong's: #1166

MARSH.GRASS (masc. אחו / a'hhu) The tall grasses that line a body of water as a wall. | Strong's: #0260

MARVEL(Verb) (תמה / t.m.h) Something that causes wonder or astonishment. To see or perceive a full sight, such as a wonder or miracle. | Strong's: #8539

Masa(Name) (masc. מסא / ma'sa) MT: LOAD RMT: Load | Strong's: #4854

Mash(Name) (masc. מש / mash) MT: DRAWN.OUT RMT: Drawn out | Strong's: #4851

Masreyqah(Name) (masc. מסרקה / mas'rey'qah) MT: CHOICE.VINEYARD RMT: Choice vineyard | Strong's: #4957

Mas'sah(Name) (fem. מסה / ma'sah) MT: TRIAL RMT: Trial | Strong's: #4532

MASTER (masc. בעל / ba'al) Having chief authority; a workman qualified to teach apprentices. | Strong's: #1167

Matanah(Name) (fem. מתנה / ma'ta'nah) MT: CONTRIBUTION RMT: Contribution | Strong's: #4980

MATERIAL (masc. קינין / qin'yan) Something owned, occupied or controlled. The goods and wealth acquired from the idea of acquiring materials for building a nest. | Strong's: #7075

Matreyd(Name) (masc. מטרד / mat'reyd) MT: CONTINUOUS RMT: Continuous | Strong's: #4308

MATTER (masc. אומר / o'mer) A word or utterance that is spoken about. | Strong's: #0562

MATTRESS (fem. "ערש " / e'res) | Strong's: #6210

MATURE (masc. תם / tam) Having completed natural growth and development. An upright and correct nature. | Strong's: #8535

MEASURE(Verb) (מדד / m.d.d) To determine the length of something by comparing it to a standard of measure. | Strong's: #4058

MEASURED.AMOUNT (masc. תוכן / to'khen) A calculated measurement of weight. | Strong's: #8506

MEASUREMENT (fem. מדה / mi'dah) A size or distance that is determined by comparing to a standard of measure. | Strong's: #4060

MEASURING (masc. מודד / mu'dad) | Strong's: [Found in names only]

MEAT (masc. מזון / ma'zon) Solid food as distinguished from drink; flesh; a meal. | Strong's: #4202

Medan(Name) (masc. מדן / me'dan) MT: DISCORD RMT: Discord | Strong's: #4091

MEDDLE(Verb) (גרה / g.r.h) To struggle with to gain control over. | Strong's: #1624

MEDITATE(Verb) (שוח / s.w.hh) To engage in contemplation. A sweeping away in thought. | Strong's: #7742

MEDITATING.ONE (masc. סיחון / si'hhon) | Strong's: [Found in names only]

MEET(Verb) (קרה / קרא / q.r.h / q.r.a) To come into the presence of; to go to meet another; to have a chance encounter. | Alt. Trans.: come to meet (when written in the niphal [passive] form) | Strong's: #7122, #7125, #7136

MEETING (masc. מקרא / miq'ra) To summon; to read. | Strong's: #4744

Meheytaveyl(Name) (masc. מהיטבאל / me'hey'tav'eyl) MT: FAVORED~&~MIGHTY.ONE RMT: Favored of El | Strong's: #4105

Mehhuya'el(Name) (masc. מחויאל / me'huu'ya'eyl) MT: BATTERING.RAM~&~MIGHTY.ONE RMT: El is a battering ram | Strong's: #4232

MELON (masc. אבטיח / a'va'tiy'ahh) A fruit that clings to the vine. | Strong's: #0020

MELT.AWAY(Verb) (מסס / m.s.s) To become liquefied by warmth or heat. Also, the dissolving of the heart through fear or discouragement. | Strong's: #4549

MEMORIAL (fem. אזכרה / az'ka'rah) A remembering and action based on a past event. | Strong's: #0234

MEMORY (masc. זכר / zey'kher) A remembering based on a past event often through an annual festival. | Strong's: #2143

MEN (masc. זכור / za'khur) Male persons. | Strong's: #2138

Menasheh(Name) (masc. מנשה / me'na'sheh) MT: CAUSING.TO.OVERLOOK RMT: Causing to overlook | Strong's: #4519

Merari(Name) (masc. מררי / me'ra'ri) MT: BITTERNESS~me RMT: My bitterness | Strong's: #4847

MERCHANDISE (masc. ממכר / mim'kar fem. ממכרת / mim'ke'ret) | Strong's: #4465, #4466

Meriyvah(Name) (fem. מריבה / me'ri'vah) MT: CONTENTION RMT: Contention | Strong's: #4809

Mesha(Name) (masc. משא / mey'sha) MT: TUMULTUOUS RMT: Tumultuous | Strong's: #4852

Meshek(Name) (masc. משך / me'shek) MT: ACQUIRING RMT: Acquiring | Strong's: #4902

MESSENGER (masc. מלאך / mal'akh) One who bears a message or runs an errand. Walks for another. | Strong's: #4397

METAL.PLATING (masc. צפוי / tsi'phu'i) Thin layers of metals used to cover materials to give the look of metal. A hammered out sheet of gold used to overlay something. | Strong's: #6826

METROPOLIS (fem. קריה / qir'yah) A large populace of people; a town or village. A place of meeting and gathering. | Strong's: #7151

Metusha'el(Name) (masc. מתושאל / me'tu'sha'eyl) MT: DEATH~him~&~he~did~ENQUIRE(Verb) RMT: His death he enquired (Can also mean "Their death asks.") | Strong's: #4967

Metushelahh(Name) (masc. מתושלח / me'tu'sha'lahh) MT: DEATH~him~&~he~did~SEND(Verb) RMT: His death sends (Can also be "Their death sends.") | Strong's: #4968

Meydad(Name) (masc. מידד / mey'dad) MT: THROWING RMT: Throwing | Strong's: #4312

Meydva(Name) (masc. מידבא / meyd'va) MT: WATER~&~TOUGHNESS RMT: Water of demise | Strong's: #4311

Mey-Zahav(Name) (masc. מי-זהב / mey za'hav) MT: WATER~s2GOLD RMT: Waters of God | Strong's: #4314

MIDDLEMOST (masc. תיכון / ti'khon) The absolute center. | Strong's: #8484

MIDSECTION (fem. ירך / ya'rey'akh) The lower abdomen and back. | Strong's: #3409

MIDST (masc. תוך / ta'wek) The center or middle of the whole. | Alt. Trans.: middle | Strong's: #8432

Mid'yan(Name) (masc. מידין / mid'yan) MT: QUARREL RMT: Quarrel | Strong's: #4080

Migdal-Eyder(Name) (masc. מגדל-עדר / mig'dal ey'der) MT: TOWER~&~DROVE RMT: Tower of the drove | Strong's: #4029

Migdol(Name) (masc. מגדול / mig'dol) MT: TOWER RMT: Tower | Strong's: #4024

MIGHTY.ONE (masc. אל / el) One who holds authority over others, such as a judge, chief or god. | Strong's: #0410

MIGRATION (fem. סלכה / sal'kah) | Strong's: [Found in names only]

Mika'eyl(Name) (masc. מיכאל / mi'ka'eyl) MT: WHO~&~like~MIGHTY.ONE RMT: Who is like the mighty one | Strong's: #4317

MILDEW (masc. ירקון / yey'ra'qon) As a thin green film. | Strong's: #3420

Milkah(Name) (fem. מלכה / mil'kah) MT: QUEEN RMT: Queen | Strong's: #4435

MILLSTONE (masc. רחה / re'hheh) A large circular stone that is revolved on top of another stone to grind grain into flour. | Strong's: #7347

MIMIC(Verb) (לוץ / l.w.ts) To imitate another person's speech as an interpretation or in scorn. | Alt. Trans.: interpret (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form) | Strong's: #3887

MINISTER(Verb) (שרת / sh.r.t) To give aid or service; to be in service to another. | Alt. Trans.: administer | Strong's: #8334

MINISTRY (masc. שרת / sh'reyt) | Strong's: #8335

MIRE (masc. יון / ya'weyn) A swamp, bog or marsh. | Strong's: #3121

Mir'yam(Name) (fem. מירים / mir'yam) MT: BITTER~&~SEA RMT: Bitter sea (Can also mean "rebellion.") | Strong's: #4813

MISCHIEF (fem. זמה / zam'mah) An annoying action resulting in grief, harm or evil. | Strong's: #2154

MISCHIEVOUS (masc. זמזום / zam'zum) Maliciously or playfully annoying. | Strong's: [Found in names only]

MISERY (masc. מכאוב / makh'ov) An agony of the heart. | Strong's: #4341

Mishma(Name) (masc. משמע / mish'ma) MT: HEARING RMT: Hearing | Strong's: #4927

MIST (masc. אד / ad) A vapor or fine spray. | Strong's: #0108

MISTAKE (fem. משגה / mish'geh) An error in calculation or understanding. | Strong's: #4870

Mitqah(Name) (fem. מתקה / mit'qah) MT: SWEETNESS RMT: Sweetness | Strong's: #4989

Mitspah(Name) (masc. מצפה / mits'pah) MT: WATCHTOWER RMT: Watchtower | Strong's: #4708, #4709

Mits'rayim(Name) (fem. מצרים / mits'ra'yim) MT: STRAIT~s2 RMT: Two straits (A double plural name) | Strong's: #4713, #4714

Mivsam(Name) (masc. מבסם / miv'sam) MT: SPICE.PLACE RMT: Spice place | Strong's: #4017

Mivtsar(Name) (masc. מבצר / miv'tsar) MT: FORTIFICATION RMT: Fortification | Strong's: #4014

MIX(Verb) (בלל / b.l.l) To combine in one mass; to mingle together. | Strong's: #1101

MIXED.MULTITUDE (masc. אספסוף / a'saph'suph) A gathering of people. | Strong's: #0628

MIXED.UP (masc. בבל / ba'val) To be put together indiscriminately or confusedly. | Strong's: [Found in names only]

MIXTURE (masc. ערב / ey'rev) Two or more elements to create one new element. Also the woof in weaving from its mixing of colors. | Strong's: #6154

Miysha'eyl(Name) (masc. מישאל / mi'sha'eyl) MT: WHO~&~he~did~ENQUIRE(Verb) RMT: Who enquired | Strong's: #4332

Miz'zah(Name) (masc. מזה / miz'zah) MT: EXHAUSTED RMT: Burnt (Or may mean fear.) | Strong's: #4199

Mo'av(Name) (masc. מואב / mo'av) MT: THAT.ONE~&~FATHER RMT: That one is father | Strong's: #4124

MODERATE(Verb) (דין / דון / d.y.n / d.w.n) To rule over quarrels or other conflicts. | Strong's: #1777

MODERATOR (masc. דן / dan) A judge. One who presides over a dispute. | Strong's: [Found in names only]

MOIST (masc. לח / lahh) Slightly or moderately wet. | Strong's: #3892, #3893

MOLD(Verb) (יצר / y.ts.r) To give shape to; to press or squeeze, as when pressing clay into a shape to form a vessel. | Alt. Trans.: distress | Strong's: #3334, #3335

MOLDING (masc. זר / zeyr) Material used to encompass an area or to enhance or beautify. Spread or scattered over a large area. | Strong's: #2213

Molekh(Name) (masc. מולך / mo'lekh) MT: REIGN(Verb)~ing(ms) RMT: Reigning | Strong's: #4432

MOMENT (masc. רגע / re'ga) A single point in time. A wink of the eye. | Strong's: #7281, #7282

MONUMENT (fem. מצבה / ma'tsey'vah) A lasting evidence, reminder, or example of someone or something. As standing tall and firm. | Strong's: #4676

MOON (masc. ירח / ye'rey'ahh) The second brightest object in the sky which reflects the sun's light. Also, a month by counting its cycles. | Strong's: #3391, #3394

Moreh(Name) (masc. מורה / mo'reh) MT: THROW(Verb)~ing(ms) RMT: Teacher (Can also mean rain.) | Strong's: #4176

MOREOVER (אף / aph) In addition to what has been said. | Strong's: #0637

Moriyah(Name) (masc. מוריה / mo'ri'yah) MT: THROW(Verb)~ing(ms)~me~&~EXISTING RMT: Yah is my teacher (Can also mean seen of Yah, chosen of Yah, seeing Yah) | Strong's: #4179

MORNING (masc. בוקר / bo'qer) The time from sunrise to noon. Breaking of daylight. | Strong's: #1242

MORROW (fem. מחרת / ma'hha'ret) The next day. At a time following. | Alt. Trans.: the next day (when prefixed with "from~") | Strong's: #4283

MORTAL.MAN (masc. מת / mat) Subject to death. As mortal. | Strong's: #4962

MORTAR (masc. חומר / hho'mer) A thick and slimy soil used to join bricks or for making bricks. | Strong's: #2563(x2)

MORTAR.AND.PESTLE (fem. מדוכה / m'do'khah) | Strong's: #4085

Moseyrah(Name) (fem. מוסרה / mo'sey'rah) MT: STRAP~s RMT: Strap | Strong's: #4149(x2)

Moseyrot(Name) (fem. מוסרות / mo'sey'rot) MT: STRAP~s RMT: Straps | Strong's: #4149(x2)

Mosheh(Name) (masc. מושה / mo'sheh) MT: PLUCKED.OUT RMT: Plucked out | Strong's: #4872

MOTHER (fem. אם / eym) A female parent. Maternal tenderness or affection. One who fulfills the role of a mother. | Strong's: #0517

MOUND (masc. גל / gal) An artificial hill or bank of earth or stones. A pile of rocks or soil. A spring gushing out of the ground. | Strong's: #1530

MOUNT (masc. הרר / ha'rar) To increase in amount or extent; to get up on something above the level of the ground. | Strong's: #2042

MOUNTAIN-SHEEP (masc. זמר / ze'mer) An clean unknown species of animal. | Strong's: #2169

MOUNTAINSIDE (masc. צדד / ze'dad) The side or slope of a mountain. | Strong's: [Found in names only]

MOURN(Verb) (אבל / a.b.l) To feel or express grief or sorrow. | Strong's: #0056

MOURNING (אבל / a-veyl) A flowing of tears. Also, a meadow as a weeping ground. | Strong's: #0057, #0058, #0060

MOUSE (masc. עכבר / akh'bar) A small rodent. | Strong's: #5909

MOUTH (masc. פה / peh) The opening through which food enters the body. Any opening. | Alt. Trans.: opening, according to | Strong's: #6310

MOVE.AWAY(Verb) (מוש / To pass from one place or position to another. | Strong's: #4185

MOVING (masc. מוש / mush) What has passed from one place to another. | Strong's: [Found in names only]

MULTITUDE (masc. המון / ha'mon) A great number of people. A loud group. | Strong's: #1995

Mupim(Name) (masc. מופים / mu'qim) MT: SNAKE~s RMT: Snakes | Strong's: #4649

MURDER(Verb) (רצח / r.ts.hh) A killing committed with malice aforethought, characterized by deliberation or premeditation. | Strong's: #7523

MURKINESS (fem. עיפה / ey'phah) | Strong's: #5890

MURMUR(Verb) (לון / l.w.n) To make a low or indistinct sound, esp. Continuously. To complain in a low tone, usually in private. | Strong's: #3885(x2)

MURMURING (fem. תלונה / te'lu'nah) A continuously low or indistinct sound. A complaining in low tones, usually in private. | Strong's: #8519

Mushiy(Name) (masc. מושי / mu'shi) MT: MOVING~me RMT: My moving | Strong's: #4187

MUSIC (fem. זימרת / zim'rat) An art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color. | Strong's: #2176

MUSICIAN (masc. זימרן / zim'rah) | Strong's: [Found in names only]

MUSTER(Verb) (צבא / ts.b.a) To gather together a group for service, work or war. | Strong's: #6633

MUTE (masc. אילם / i'leym) Inability to speak. A bound up tongue. | Strong's: #0483

MUZZLE(Verb) (חסם / hh.s.m) | Strong's: #2629

MYRIAD (fem. רבבה / re'va'vah) A great abundance in numbers. | Strong's: #7233

MYRRH (masc. מור / mor) A sweet smelling spice. Used as an exchange due to its monetary value. | Strong's: #4753