The Torah: A Mechanical Translation
By Jeff A. Benner
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LABOR (עמל / a-mal) To exert one's power of body or mind, especially with painful or strenuous effort. A labor that causes grief, pain or weariness. A laborer as one who toils. | Strong's: #5999, #6001

LACE (masc. שרוך / se'rokh) A cord or string used to draw the edges of shoes or a garment together, as twisted around the foot for attaching sandals. | Strong's: #8288

LACKING (masc. מחסור / mahh'sor) Being without; not having; wanting. | Strong's: #4270

LADDER (masc. סולם / su'lam) Used to raise up. A structure for climbing up or down. | Strong's: #5551

La'eyl(Name) (masc. לאל / la'eyl) MT: to~MIGHTY.ONE RMT: Belonging to the Mighty One | Strong's: #3815

LAME (masc. פיסח / piy'sey'ahh) As one who hops one leg. | Strong's: #6455

Lamekh(Name) (masc. למך / la'mekh) MT: DESPAIRING RMT: Despairing (Can also mean "suffering." ) | Strong's: #3929

LAMENT(Verb) (ספד / s.p.d) To mourn aloud; wail. | Strong's: #5594

LAMENTING (masc. מספד / mis'peyd) The act of mourning. | Strong's: #4553

LAMP (masc. נר / ner) A container for an inflammable liquid, as oil, which is burned at a wick as a means of illumination. | Strong's: #5216

LAMPSTAND (fem. מנורה / me'no'rah) A platform, sometimes elevated, for holding a lamp. | Strong's: #4501

LAND (fem. ארץ / e'rets) The solid part of the earth's surface. The whole of the earth or a region. | Strong's: #0776

LAPIS.LAZULI (masc. ספיר / sa'phir) Probably the Lapis Lazuli which is similar to the color of the Sapphire. While the Hebrew word is saphiyr, the origin of the word Sapphire, the Sapphire was unknown until the Roman period. | Strong's: #5601

LAST (masc. אחרון / a'hha'ron fem. אחרונה / a'hha'ro'nah) In, to or toward the back. To be in back of, at the rear or following after something. | Alt. Trans.: after | Strong's: #0314

LAST.NIGHT (masc. אמש / e'mesh) The previous night or a time past. | Strong's: #0570

LATE (masc. אפיל / a'phil) The latter part of the day, in the sense of night as being dark. The latter part of a season. At or near the end. | Strong's: #0648

LATE.RAIN (masc. מלקוש / mal'qush) A late rain that causes a latter growth of crops. | Strong's: #4456

LAUDANUM (masc. לוט / lot) An aromatic gum resin obtained from a tree and having a bitter slightly pungent taste. | Strong's: #3910

LAUGH(Verb) (צחק / ts.hh.q) To show mirth, joy, or scorn with a smile and chuckle or explosive sound. | Alt. Trans.: mock (when written in the piel [active intensive] form) | Strong's: #6711

LAUGHTER (masc. צחוק / tse'hhoq) The sound of mirth, joy, or scorn with a smile and chuckle or explosive sound. | Strong's: #6712

Lavan(Name) (masc. לבן / la'van) MT: WHITE RMT: White | Strong's: #3837

LAW (fem. דת / dat) A decree or edict. | Strong's: #1881

LAWFUL (masc. דותן / do'to) Pertaining to the law. (A word of uncertain meaning, but closely related in meaning to the parent root) | Strong's: [Found in names only]

LAY.IN.WAIT(Verb) (צדה / ts.d.h) To hide in ambush. | Strong's: #6658

LAY.WASTE(Verb) (בלק / b.l.q) To devestate, destroy or ruin. | Strong's: #1110

LEAD (fem. עופרת / o'phe'ret) A very heavy metal that is commonly melted and poured into casts to make statues or other objects. | Strong's: #5777

LEAD(Verb) (נהל / n.h.l) To guide on a way, especially by going in advance. The flock directed to the pasture at the end of the journey. | Strong's: #5095

LEADER (fem. אציל / a'tsil) One who is in charge or in command of others. | Strong's: #0678

LEAF (masc. עלה / a'leh) Foliage of a tree or plant. As high in the tree. | Strong's: #5929

Le'ah(Name) (fem. לאה / ley'ah) MT: IMPATIENT RMT: Weary | Strong's: #3812

LEAN (masc. רזה / ra'zeh) | Strong's: #7330

LEAN(Verb) (שען / sh.ah.n) To cast one's weight to one side for support. Lean on something for rest or support. | Strong's: #8172

LEAP(Verb) (נתר / n.t.r) To spring forward from one position to another. | Strong's: #5425

LEAPING.LOCUST (masc. חרגול / hhar'gol) | Strong's: #2728

LEARN(Verb) (למד / l.m.d) To acquire knowledge or skill through instruction from one who is experienced. | Alt. Trans.: teach (when written in the piel [active intensive] form) | Strong's: #3925

LEARNING (masc. לקח / le'qahh) Teachings and instructions that are received. | Strong's: #3948

LEAVE.ALONE(Verb) (נטש / To be left behind by those who leave. | Strong's: #5203

LEAVE.BEHIND(Verb) (יתר / y.t.r) To set aside; to retain or hold over to a future time or place; to leave a remainder. | Strong's: #3498

LEAVE.IN.PLACE(Verb) (יצג / y.ts.g) To put or place something in a specific location. | Alt. Trans.: present (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form) | Strong's: #3322

LEAVE(Verb) (עזב / ah.z.b) To go away from; to neglect. | Strong's: #5800, #5805

LEAVEN (masc. שאור / se'or) The element that causes bread to rise, such as salt or yeast. | Strong's: #7603

LEAVENED.BREAD (masc. חמץ / hha'mets) Dough that has had leaven added to make a sour bread. | Strong's: #2557

LEFT.HAND (שמאל / שמאלי / שמואל / s.m.a) To choose the left hand or path. | Strong's: #8040, #8041, #8042

LEG (fem. כרע / ka'ra) The appendage from the ankle to the hip and bends at the knee. | Strong's: #3767

Lehav(Name) (masc. להב / le'hav) MT: GLIMMER RMT: Glimmer | Strong's: #3853

LENGTH (masc. אורך / o'rekh) A measured distance or dimension. | Strong's: #0753

LENTIL (fem. עדש / a'dash) A leguminous plant with flattened edible seeds. | Strong's: #5742

LEOPARD (masc. נמר / na'mer fem. נמרה / nam'rah) A species of felines. | Strong's: #5246

Lesha(Name) (masc. לשע / le'sha) MT: CRACK.OPEN RMT: Crack open | Strong's: #3962

Letush(Name) (masc. לטוש / le'tush) MT: SHARPENED RMT: Sharpened | Strong's: #3912

Le'um(Name) (masc. לאום / le'um) MT: COMMUNITY RMT: Community | Strong's: #3817

Levanon(Name) (masc. לבנון / le'va'non) MT: WHITE.ONE RMT: White one | Strong's: #3844

LEVEL.VALLEY (fem. ביקעה / biq'a) A depression in the earth's surface between ranges of mountains. Wide level valley as a division between mountains ranges. | Strong's: #1237

Lewi(Name) (masc. לוי / le'wi) MT: JOINING~me RMT: My joining | Strong's: #3878, #3881

LICK(Verb) (לחך / לקק / l.hh.q / l.q.q) | Strong's: #3897, #3952

LID (fem. כפורת / ka'po'ret) The cover of a box or other container. | Strong's: #3727

LIE (masc. כזב / ka'zav) An untruth. | Strong's: #3577

LIE.DOWN(Verb) (שכב / sh.k.b) To give up; to lie down for copulation, rest or sleep. | Strong's: #7901

LIE(Verb) (כזב / k.z.b) To give a spoken word to deceive, cause failure or disappoint; Not functioning within its intended capacity | Strong's: #3576

LIEUTENANT (masc. שליש / שלוש / sha'lish / sha'losh) A leader who is responsible for a group of thirty. | Strong's: #7991(x2)

LIFT.HIGH(Verb) (שגב / s.g.b) To be raised up in height; to be exalted. | Strong's: #7682

LIFT.UP(Verb) (נסא / נשא / n.s.a) To raise a burden or load and carry it; to break camp and begin a journey; to forgive in the sense of removing the offense. | Strong's: #4984, #5375

LIFT(Verb) (רמם / r.m.m) | Strong's: #7426, #7318

LIFTED (masc. רהם / ra'ham) Raised up in position or in exaltation. | Strong's: [Found in names only]

LIGHT (אור / or) The illumination from the sun, moon, stars, fire, candle or other source. | Strong's: #0216, #0217

LIGHT.BRINGER (masc. אהרון / a'ha'ron) One who carries light into the darkness. | Strong's: [Found in names only]

LIGHT(Verb) (אור / a.w.r) To shine with an intense light; be or give off light; to be bright. | Alt. Trans.: shine | Strong's: #0215

LIGHTWEIGHT (masc. קלוקל / q'lo'qeyl) Something that is light in weight or position (worthless). | Strong's: #7052

LIKENESS (fem. דמות / da'mut) Copy; resemblance. The quality or state of being like something or someone else. | Strong's: #1823

LIME (masc. שיד / s.y.d) A chalky white powder used for making plaster. | Strong's: #7875

LIMP(Verb) (צלע / ts.l.ah) To walk lamely, especially favoring one leg; to go unsteadily; to proceed with difficulty or slowly. From damage to the ridge of the hip. | Strong's: #6760

LINEN (masc. שש / ששי / sheysh / shey'shiy) Fabric made of flax and noted for its strength, coolness and luster. A white cloth. Also, marble from its whiteness. | Strong's: #7893, #8336

LINGER (מהה / m.h.h) To be slow in parting or in quitting something. | Strong's: #4102

LINSEY-WOOLSEY (masc. שעטנז / sha'at'neyz) | Strong's: #8162

LINTEL (masc. משקוף / mash'qoph) A horizontal architectural member supporting the weight above an opening, as a window or a door. | Strong's: #4947

LION (masc. אריה / ארי / ar'yeyh / a'riy) A large carnivorous chiefly nocturnal cat. A feared animal. | Strong's: #0738

LION.LIKE (masc. ארירך / ar'okh) | Strong's: #0746

LIONESS (fem. לביא / la'vi) A female lion. | Strong's: #3833

LIP (fem. שפה / sa'phah) The rim or edge of the mouth or other opening. Language, as spoken from the lips. | Alt. Trans.: edge | Strong's: #8193

LIQUOR (masc. שכר / shey'khar) An intoxicating drink. | Strong's: #7941

LITTLE.ONE (masc. צעיר / צעור / זעיר / tsa'ir / tsa'ur / za'iyr) Small in size or extent. Something or someone that is smaller, younger or less significant. | Strong's: #2191, #6810

LITTLE.OWL (fem. כוס / kos) An unknown species of bird. | Strong's: #3563(x2)

LIVE(Verb) (חיה / hh.y.h) To be alive and continue alive. Have life within. The revival of life gained from food or other necessity. | Alt. Trans.: keep alive (when written in the piel [active intensive] form) | Strong's: #2421, #2425

LIVELY (masc. חיה / hhay'eh) Having the vigor of life. | Strong's: #2422

LIVESTOCK (masc. מקנה / miq'neh) Animals kept or raised for use or pleasure. What is purchased or possessed. | Strong's: #4735

LIVING (masc. חי / hhai fem. חיה / hhai'ah) The quality that distinguishes a vital and functional being from a dead body; life. Literally the stomach. Used idiomatically of living creatures, especially in conjunction with land, ground or field. | Alt. Trans.: life (when in the plural form); creature (as a living one) | Strong's: #2416

Livnah(Name) (fem. לבנה / liv'nah) MT: BRICK RMT: Bruick (May also mean "White" or "Moon.") | Strong's: #3841

Liyvniy(Name) (masc. ליבני / liv'ni) MT: WHITE~me RMT: My white | Strong's: #3845

LIZARD (fem. לטאה / l'ta'ah) From the camouflaging capability of the lizard to hide. | Strong's: #3911

LO (masc. הא / hey) To draw attention to something important. | Strong's: #1887

LOAD (masc. משא / ma'sa) Something that is lifted up and carried. The lifting up of the voice in song. | Strong's: #4853

LOAD(Verb) (עמש / ah.m.s) That which is put on a person or pack animal to be carried. | Strong's: #6006

LOAN (masc. משה / fem. משאה / ma'sha'ah) | Strong's: #4859, #4874

LOATHE(Verb) (קוץ / q.w.ts) To dislike greatly and often with disgust. To be sickened as if pierced by a thorn. | Strong's: #6973

LOBE (fem. יותרת / yo'te'ret) The extended point of the liver. | Strong's: #3508

LOCUST (masc. סלעם / sal'am) From its high jumping. | Strong's: #5556

LOFT (fem. עליה / a'liy'yah) A room on top of the house used during hot days of summer. | Strong's: #5944

LOG (masc. לג / lag) A standard of measure. | Strong's: #3849

LOIN.WRAP (fem. חגורה / hha'go'rah) A sash or belt that encircles the waist. | Strong's: #2290

LOINS (fem. חרץ / hha'rats) The pubic region; the generative organs. | Strong's: #2504

LONG.GARMENT (masc. מד / mad) A piece of clothing of unusual length. | Strong's: #4055

LONG.HAIR (masc. פרע / p'ra) Hair of an unusual length. | Strong's: #6545

LONG.WINGED (masc. אבר / ey'ver) A large appendage of a bird used for flight. | Strong's: #0083

LOOK (masc. הינה / hi'ney) To ascertain by the use of one's eyes. | Alt. Trans.: here; saw | Strong's: #2009

LOOK.DOWN(Verb) (שקף / sh.q.p) To look out and down as through a window. | Strong's: #8259

LOOK.FORTH (סכה / s.k.h) | Strong's: [Found in names only]

LOOK.INTO (fem. חז / hhaz) To peer toward. | Strong's: [Found in names only]

LOOK.UPON(Verb) (שור / sh.w.r) | Strong's: #7789

LOOK.WITH.RESPECT(Verb) (שעה / sh.ah.h) To look upon with high regard. | Strong's: #8159

LOOP (fem. לולאה / lu'lah) A circular object that is open in the middle. | Strong's: #3924

LOOSE(Verb) (פרע / p.r.ah) To uncover, remove or let go. Such as to make naked by removing clothing. To uncover the head. | Strong's: #6544

LOOSEN(Verb) (זחח / z.hh.hh) To make less tight; slacken or relax. To untie or remove. | Strong's: #2118

LORD (masc. אדון / a'don) The ruler as the foundation to the community or family. | Strong's: #0113

LOST (masc. רשע / re'sha) Departed from the correct path or way, either out of ignorance or revolt. | Strong's: #7562, #7563

LOST.THING (fem. אבדה / a'vey'dah) An object that is missing or misplaced. | Strong's: #0009

LOT (masc. גורל / go'ral) Colored stones that are thrown and read to determine a course of action or to make a decision. | Strong's: #1486

Lot(Name) (masc. לוט / lot) MT: TIGHTLY.WRAPPED RMT: Tightly wrapped | Strong's: #3876

Lotan(Name) (masc. לוטן / lo'tan) MT: WRAPPER RMT: Wrapper | Strong's: #3877

LOUD.NOISE (masc. רוע / rey'a) A loud, confused, constant noise or sound | Strong's: #7452

LOVE(Verb) (אהב / a.h.b) To provide and protect that which is given as a privilege. An intimacy of action and emotion. Strong affection for another arising from personal ties. | Strong's: #0157

LOW (masc. שפל / sha'phal fem. שפלה / shaph'lah) | Strong's: #8216, #8217

LOW.COUNTRY (masc. דדן / de'dan) A land that is below the general area. | Strong's: [Found in names only]

LOWER.PART (masc. תחתי / tahh'ti) The part beneath. A low place. | Strong's: #8482

LOWER(Verb) (כנע / k.n.ah) To be brought down low in humility or submission. | Strong's: #3665

LOWERED (masc. כנען / ke'na'an) | Strong's: [Found in names only]

LOWLAND (fem. שפלה / sh'phey'lah) A low place. | Strong's: #8219

Lud(Name) (masc. לוד / lud) MT: NATIVITY RMT: Nativity (Can also mean nativity or generation.) | Strong's: #3865, #3866

LUMINARY (masc. מאור / ma'or) That which gives off light. | Strong's: #3974

Luz(Name) (masc. לוז / luz) MT: HAZEL RMT: Hazel | Strong's: #3870

LYING.DOWN (fem. שכבה / she'kha'vah) A laying with another in copulation. Something spread out. | Strong's: #7902

LYING.PLACE (masc. משכב / mish'kav) The location one reclines for rest or sleep. | Strong's: #4904

LYRE (masc. כרן / ka'ran) | Strong's: [Found in names only]