The Torah: A Mechanical Translation
By Jeff A. Benner
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HABITATION (masc. מעון / מעין / ma'on / ma'iyn fem. מעונה / m'o'nah) The dwelling place of a god (temple), man (home) or animal (den). Also a retreat. | Strong's: #4583, #4585

Hadad(Name) (masc. הדד / ha'dad) MT: the~TEAT RMT: The teat | Strong's: #1908

Hadar(Name) (masc. הדר / ha'dar) MT: HONOR RMT: Swell | Strong's: #1924

Hadoram(Name) (masc. הדורם / ha'do'ram) MT: HONOR~them(m) RMT: Their selling | Strong's: #1913

Hagar(Name) (masc. הגר / ha'gar) MT: the~IMMIGRANT RMT: The immigrant | Strong's: #1904

HAILSTONES (masc. ברד / ba'rad) A precipitation in the form of irregular pellets or balls of ice. | Strong's: #1259

HAIR (masc. שער / sey'ar fem. שערה / sa'ra) The covering of filaments on a human head or the body of an animal. | Strong's: #8163(x2), #8181, #8185

HAIR.FELL.OUT(Verb) (מרט / m.r.t) A plucking or falling out of the hair on the head. | Strong's: #4803

HAIRY.GOAT (masc. שעיר / sa'ir fem. שעiרה / se'o'rah) A breed of goat with an unusual amount of hair. | Strong's: #8163(x2), #8166

HALF (masc. חצי / hha'tsi) An equal part of something divided into two pieces. | Alt. Trans.: middle | Strong's: #2677

HALF.THE.SPOILS (fem. מחצה / me'hhe'tsat) | Strong's: #4275

HALTER (masc. רסן / re'sen) A device used for leading an animal. | Strong's: #7448

Ham(Name) (masc. הם / ham) MT: ROARING RMT: Roaring (From a root meaning the roar of the sea.) | Strong's: #1990

HAMMER(Verb) (רקע / r.q.ah) To beat a malleable metal with a hammer to make thin sheets. | Strong's: #7554

HAND (fem. יד / yad) The terminal, functional part of the forelimb. Hand with the ability to work, throw and give thanks. Also euphemistically for the arm. (Written as יך in error in 1 Samuel 4:13) | Strong's: #3027, #3197

HAND.OVER(Verb) (ירט / y.r.t) | Strong's: #3399

HAND.SPAN (masc. טפח / te'phahh) A linear standard of measure that is equal to the span of the fingers of the hand. | Strong's: #2947

HANDFUL (masc. קומץ / qo'mets) As much of or as many as the hand can grasp. | Strong's: #7062

HANG(Verb) (תלה / תלא / t.l.h / t.l.a) To suspend with no support from below. | Strong's: #8511, #8518

HAPPINESS (masc. אושר / o'sher) A state of well-being and contentment. One who is happy is one whose life is lived straightly. | Strong's: #0837

HAPPY (masc. אשר / a'sheyr) A feeling of joy or satisfaction. | Strong's: #0835

HAPPY(Verb) (אשר / Enjoying well-being and contentment. One who is happy is one whose life is lived straightly. | Strong's: #0833

Haran(Name) (masc. הרן / ha'ran) MT: HILL.COUNTRY RMT: Hill country | Strong's: #2039

HARASS(Verb) (צוק / ts.w.q) To press into a tight place, an oppression. | Strong's: #6693

HARD (fem. קשה / qa'sheh) Not easily penetrated; resistant to stress; firm; lacking in responsiveness. | Strong's: #7186

HARDSHIP (masc. עיצבון / i'tsa'von) Privation; suffering; something that causes or entails suffering or privation. | Strong's: #6093

HARE (masc. ארנבת / ar'ne'vet) | Strong's: #0768

HARM (masc. אסון / a'son) Physical or mental damage; injury. The pain from the thorn. | Strong's: #0611

HARNESS (שיריון / shir-yon) A piece of armor made from tightly wound cords of leather. | Strong's: #5630, #8302

HARP (masc. כינור / ki'nor) A stringed musical instrument that is plucked. | Strong's: #3658

HARSH (masc. מרירי / m'riy'riy) A bitter action. | Strong's: #4815

HARVEST (masc. קציר / qa'tsir) The season for gathering agricultural crops. Time when the plants are severed from their roots to be used for seed or food. | Strong's: #7105

HASTE (masc. חיפזון / hhi'pha'zon) A swift movement or action. | Strong's: #2649

HASTEN(Verb) (חפז / hh.p.z) To be in a hurry to move or act. | Strong's: #2648

HASTILY (masc. חושם / hho'shem) | Strong's: [Found in names only]

HASTY (masc. חוש / hhush) | Strong's: [Found in names only]

HATE (fem. שנאה / sin'ah) | Strong's: #8135

HATE(Verb) (שנא / s.n.a) Intense hostility and aversion, usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury; extreme dislike or antipathy. | Strong's: #8130

HATED (fem. שניאה / sa'niy'ah) | Strong's: #8146

HAVE.COMPASSION(Verb) (רחם / r.hh.m) Literally to cradle in ones arms to protect or cherish. By extension to have or show sympathy or sorrow. | Strong's: #7355

HAVE.HORNS(Verb) (קרן / q.r.n) One of a pair of bony processes that arise from the head of many animals, sometimes used as a wind instrument. The horn-shaped protrusions of the altar or a musical instrument. | Strong's: #7160

HAVING.AN.EYE (masc. עינן / ey'nan) | Strong's: [Found in names only]

HAWK (fem. איה / a'yah) A bird of prey, probably the hawk, but possibly a kite or vulture. | Strong's: #0344

HAZEL (masc. לוז / luz) A light brown to strong yellowish brown color; small trees or shrubs bearing nuts enclosed in a leafy involucres. | Strong's: #3869

HE (masc. הוא / hu) The male who is neither speaker nor hearer. | Alt. Trans.: it; that; this; they (when being used in conjunction with the singular noun PEOPLE) | Strong's: #1931(x2)

HE.GOAT (masc. תיש / ta'yish) A male goat. | Strong's: #8495

HEAD (masc. ראש / ריש / rosh / riysh) The top of the body. A person in authority or role of leader. | Alt. Trans.: top; beginning; first; chief; best | Strong's: #7218, #7389

HEAD.OF.WHEAT (fem. מלילה / m'liy'lah) A conglomeration of grain seeds together. | Strong's: #4425

HEADDRESS (fem. מגביעת / mig'ba'at) A bowl shaped covering for the head. A covering for protection. | Strong's: #4021

HEADREST (fem. מראשה / me'ra'a'shah) A support for the head. Place where the head is laid. | Strong's: #4763

HEAL(Verb) (רפא / רפה / r.p.a / r.p.h) To restore to health or wholeness. | Strong's: #7495

HEAP (masc. נד / neyd) A large pile dirt or rubbish. | Strong's: #5067

HEAR(Verb) (שמע / sh.m.ah) To perceive or apprehend by the ear; to listen to with attention. To obey. | Alt. Trans.: listen (when followed by the preposition TO" or the prefix "to~") | Strong's: #8085

HEARER (masc. שימעון / shi'mon) One who listens. The one who acts upon what he has heard. | Strong's: [Found in names only]

HEARING (masc. מישמע / miysh'mah) | Strong's: #4926

HEART (masc. לב / לבב / leyv / ley'vav fem. לבה / liy'bah) Literally, the vital organ which pumps blood, but, also seen as the seat of thought; the mind. | Strong's: #3820, #3824, #3826

HEAT(Verb) (יחם / y.hh.m) Natural body warmth, as well as the time of estrous when animals mate. Conception from an animal's mating or through the heat of passion. | Strong's: #3179

HEAVINESS (fem. כבדות / ke'vey'dut) A physical or spiritual weight. A sadness or burden. | Strong's: #3517

HEAVY (fem. כבד / ka'ved) Having great weight. Something that is weighty. May also be grief or sadness in the sense of heaviness. Also, the liver as the heaviest of the organs. | Alt. Trans.: heaviness; liver (as the heaviest organ in the body); many | Strong's: #3515, #3516

HEAVY.BURDEN (masc. טורח / to'rahh) | Strong's: #2960

HEEL (masc. עקב / e'qev) What is restrained when taking a step forward. | Strong's: #6119, #6120

HEIFER (fem. עגלה / eg'lah) A young cow, especially one that has not had a calf. | Strong's: #5697

HEIGHT (fem. קומה / qo'mah) The highest part or most advanced point; the condition of being tall or high. | Strong's: #6967

HEIR (masc. נין / niyn) The continuation of a lineage through the son. | Strong's: #5209

HELP (masc. עזר / e'zer fem. עזרה / עזרת / ez'rah / ez'rat) Providing assistance or relief to another. One who comes to assist with a trouble or burden. | Strong's: #5828, #5833

HELP(Verb) (עזר / ah.z.r) To give assistance or support to. | Strong's: #5826

HELPLESS (masc. דל / dal fem. דלה / dal) Unable to care or provide for one's self; one who is weak, sick or poor. | Strong's: #1800, #1803

HEM (masc. שול / shul) The outer edge of a garment. | Strong's: #7757

HEMLOCK (fem. לענה / la'a'nah) An unknown bitter plant. | Strong's: #3939

HERB (fem. עשב / ey'sev) The grasses and plants of the field used for their medicinal, savory, or aromatic qualities. | Strong's: #6211, #6212

HERBAGE (masc. חציר / hha'tsiyr) A plant used as food for men and animals as grown in the yard. | Strong's: #2682

HERE (masc. פו / פא / פה / po) In or at this place. | Strong's: #6311

HERITAGE (fem. ירושה / y'ru'shah) | Strong's: #3425

HERON (fem. אנפה / a'na'phah) A bird with a large beak (nose). Probably the heron. | Strong's: #0601

Hevel(Name) (masc. הבל / he'vel) MT: VANITY RMT: Vanity | Strong's: #1893

HEW(Verb) (חצב / hh.ts.b) | Strong's: #2672

HEWN.ONE (masc. גדעון / gid'on) What has been brough down by slicing, hacking or chopping. | Strong's: [Found in names only]

HEWN.STONE (fem. גזית / ga'zit) Rocks that are sheered or chipped to form flat sides or an object. | Strong's: #1496

Heymam(Name) (masc. הימם / hey'mam) MT: CONFUSED RMT: Confused | Strong's: #1967

Hhadad(Name) (masc. חדד / hha'dad) MT: he~did~PARTRIDGE RMT: He entered the chamber | Strong's: #2316

Hhagi(Name) (masc. חגי / hha'gi) MT: FEAST~me RMT: My feast | Strong's: #2291

Hhaglah(Name) (fem. חגלה / hhag'lah) MT: PARTRIDGE RMT: Partridge | Strong's: #2295

Hham(Name) (masc. חם / hham) MT: FATHER-IN-LAW RMT: Father in law | Strong's: #2526

Hhamat(Name) (masc. חמת / hha'mat) MT: SKIN.BAG RMT: Skin bag (Can also mean heat, anger or wall.) | Strong's: #2574, #2575, #2577

Hhamor(Name) (masc. חמור / hha'mor) MT: DONKEY RMT: Donkey | Strong's: #2544

Hhamul(Name) (masc. חמול / hha'mul) MT: PITIED RMT: Pitied | Strong's: #2538, #2539

Hhani'eyl(Name) (masc. חניאל / hha'ni'eyl) MT: BEAUTY~of~&~MIGHTY.ONE RMT: Beauty of the mighty one | Strong's: #2592

Hhanokh(Name) (masc. חנוך / hha'nokh) MT: DEVOTED RMT: Devoted | Strong's: #2585

Hharadah(Name) (fem. חרדה / hha'ra'dah) MT: TREMBLING RMT: Trembling | Strong's: #2732

Hharan(Name) (masc. חרן / hha'ran) MT: FLAMING.WRATH RMT: Burning wrath | Strong's: #2771

Hharmah(Name) (fem. חרמה / hhar'mah) MT: ASSIGNED RMT: Perforated | Strong's: #2767

Hhashmonah(Name) (fem. חשמונה / hhash'mo'nah) MT: WEALTHY RMT: Wealthy | Strong's: #2832

Hhatsar-Adar(Name) (masc. חצר אדר / hha'tsar a'dar) MT: COURTYARD~&~he~did~BE.EMINENT(Verb) RMT: Courtyard of Adar | Strong's: #2692

Hhatsar-Eynan(Name) (masc. חצר עינן / hha'tsar ey'nan) MT: COURTYARD~&~HAVING.AN.EYE RMT: Courtyard of Having an eye (or "Courtyard of Eynan") | Strong's: #2704

Hhatsariym(Name) (masc. חצרים / hha'tsa'riym) MT: COURTYARD~s RMT: Courtyards | Strong's: #2699

Hhatsarmawet(Name) (masc. חצרמות / hha'tsa'ma'wet) MT: COURTYARD~&~DEATH RMT: Yard of death | Strong's: #2700

Hhatsarot(Name) (masc. חצרות / hha'tsa'rot) MT: COURTYARD~s RMT: Courtyards | Strong's: #2698

Hhats'tson-Tamar(Name) (masc. חצצון-תמר / hhats'tson ta'mar) MT: DIVIDING~&~DATE.PALM RMT: Dividing the date palm | Strong's: #2688

Hhawah(Name) (fem. חוה / hha'wah) MT: TOWN RMT: Town | Strong's: #2332

Hhawilah(Name) (fem. חוילה / hha'wi'lah) MT: TWIST.AROUND RMT: Twist around (May have the meaning of "suffers pain" from the idea of twisting.) | Strong's: #2341

Hhawot(Name) (fem. חות / hha'wot) MT: TOWN~s RMT: Towns | Strong's: #2334

Hhazo(Name) (masc. חזו / hha'zo) MT: LOOK.INTO~him RMT: Look into him | Strong's: #2375

Hheleq(Name) (masc. חלק / hhe'leq) MT: DISTRIBUTION RMT: Portion | Strong's: #2507, #2516

Hhemdan(Name) (masc. חמדן / hhem'dan) MT: DESIRED RMT: Desired | Strong's: #2533

Hhermon(Name) (masc. חרמון / hher'mon) MT: PERFORATED.ONE RMT: Perforated one | Strong's: #2768

Hheshbon(Name) (masc. חשבון / hhesh'bon) MT: REASON RMT: Reason | Strong's: #2809

Hhet(Name) (masc. חת / hhet) MT: TREMBLING.IN.FEAR RMT: Trembling in fear | Strong's: #2845, #2850

Hhetsron(Name) (masc. חצרון / hhets'ron) MT: SURROUNDED.BY.A.WALL RMT: Surrounded by a wall | Strong's: #2696

Hhever(Name) (masc. חבר / hhe'ver) MT: COUPLE RMT: Couple | Strong's: #2268

Hhevron(Name) (masc. חברון / hhev'ron) MT: ASSOCIATION RMT: Association | Strong's: #2275, #2276

Hheylon(Name) (masc. חלון / hhey'lon) MT: WINDOW RMT: Window | Strong's: #2497

Hheypher(Name) (masc. חפר / hhey'pher) MT: DUG.OUT.WELL RMT: Dug out well | Strong's: #2660

Hhideqel(Name) (masc. חידקל / hhi'de'qel) MT: RAPID RMT: Rapid | Strong's: #2313

Hhirot(Name) (fem. חירות / hhi'rot) MT: CISTERN~s RMT: Cisterns | Strong's: #6367

Hhiw(Name) (masc. חיו / hhiw) MT: TOWN RMT: Town | Strong's: #2340

Hhiyrah(Name) (masc. חירה / hhi'rah) MT: NOBILITY RMT: Nobility | Strong's: #2437

HHOMER (masc. חומר / hho'mer) A dry standard of measurement equal to 65 Imperial gallons. | Strong's: #2563(x2)

Hhor(Name) (masc. חור / hhor) MT: PALE RMT: Pale | Strong's: #2752

Hhorev(Name) (masc. חורב / hho'rev) MT: PARCHING.HEAT RMT: Parching heat | Strong's: #2722

Hhor-Hagidgad(Name) (masc. חור הגדגד / hhor ha'gid'gad) MT: PALE~&~the~FORTUNES RMT: Pale of the fortunes (or "Hhor of Hagidgad") | Strong's: #2735

Hhoriy(Name) (masc. חורי / hho'ri) MT: PALENESS RMT: Paleness | Strong's: #2753

Hhovah(Name) (fem. חובה / hho'vah) MT: WITHDRAWING RMT: Hiding place (From a root meaning bosom as a place of refuge.) | Strong's: #2327

Hhovav(Name) (masc. חובב / hho'vav) MT: CHERISH(Verb)~ing(ms) RMT: Cherishing | Strong's: #2246

Hhul(Name) (masc. חול / hhul) MT: SAND RMT: Sand | Strong's: #2343

Hhupham(Name) (masc. חופם / hhu'pham) MT: SHORE~them(m) RMT: Their shore | Strong's: #2349

Hhupim(Name) (masc. חופים / hhu'pim) MT: SHORE~s RMT: Shores | Strong's: #2650

Hhur(Name) (masc. חור / hhur) MT: PALE RMT: Pale | Strong's: #2354

Hhush(Name) (masc. חוש / hhush) MT: HASTY RMT: Hasty | Strong's: #2366

Hhusham(Name) (masc. חושם / hhu'sham) MT: HASTILY RMT: Hastily | Strong's: #2367

Hhutsot(Name) (masc. חוצות / hhu'tsot) MT: OUTSIDE~s RMT: Outsides | Strong's: #7155

HIDE(Verb) (סתר / שתר / s.t.r) To put out of sight; to conceal from view; to keep secret. Hide or conceal. | Strong's: #5641, #8368

HIDING (masc. שתר / se'ter fem. שיתרה / sit'rah) A shelter or other place of hiding. | Strong's: #5643

HIGH (masc. גבוה / ga'vo'ah) Advanced in height such as a wall or hill. | Strong's: #1364

HIGH.LAND (masc. אררט / a'ra'rat) | Strong's: #0780

HIGH.ONE (masc. סיון / si'on) | Strong's: [Found in names only]

HIGH.PLACE (fem. תקומה / te'qu'mah) An elevated area as a place of defense. | Strong's: #8617

HIGHWAY (masc. מסלול / fem. מסילה / m'siy'lah) A road constructed above the surrounding area. | Strong's: #4546, #4547

HILL (masc. הר / הרר / har / harar) An elevation of land such as a hill or mountain. | Strong's: #2022

HILL.COUNTRY (masc. הרן / har) A region dominated by hills. | Strong's: [Found in names only]

HIP (masc. כסל / סכל / ke'sel / se'kel) The seat of confidence. In a foolish or proper manner. | Strong's: #3689, #5529, #5530

HIRE(Verb) (שכר / sh.k.r) Payment for labor or personal services; to engage the personal service of another. | Strong's: #7936

HIRELING (masc. שכיר / se'khir) One who is hired for service and receives compensation. | Strong's: #7916

HIT(Verb) (נכה / n.k.h) To deliver a blow by action; to strike with the hand; to clap, kill or harm. | Alt. Trans.: Beat (when written in the pual [passive intensive] form); attack (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form) | Strong's: #5221

HITTING (fem. מכה / mak'kah) A striking with a force that destroys or deforms. Also a plague. | Strong's: #4347

HIYN (masc. הין / hin) A liquid measure equal to about 5 quarts (6 liters). | Strong's: #1969

HOARFROST (masc. כפור / ke'phor) A covering of small ice crystals, formed from frozen water vapor. | Strong's: #3713

HOLD.A.FEAST(Verb) (חגג / hh.g.g) To commemorate a special event with dancing, rejoicing, and sharing of food.The act of performing a celebration. | Strong's: #2287

HOLD.A.GRUDGE(Verb) (שטם / s.t.m) Be unwilling to give in or admit to. | Strong's: #7852

HOLD.BACK(Verb) (אפק / a.p.q) To hinder the progress or achievement of; restrain, as the banks of a river hold back the water. | Strong's: #0662

HOLD.UP(Verb) (סעד / s.ah.d) To continue in the same condition without failing or losing effectiveness or force. Be a support or aid for strength or rest. | Strong's: #5582

HOLDINGS (fem. אחוזה / a'hhu'zah) Property that is held or owned. | Strong's: #0272

HOLLOW.OUT(Verb) (קבב / q.b.b) To pierce through creating a cavity. | Strong's: #6895

HONEY (masc. דבש / d'vash) A sweet material elaborated out of the nectar of flowers in the honey sac of various bees. Also, dates as a thick, sticky and sweet food. | Strong's: #1706

HONOR (masc. הדר / ha'dar) Someone or something that has been enlarged in size, pride or majesty. | Strong's: #1925, #1926

HOOD (masc. מסוה / mas'weh) A covering of the entire head and face. | Strong's: #4533

HOOF (fem. פרסה / par'sah) The hard covering of an animal's foot. | Strong's: #6541

HOOK (masc. קרס / qe'res) A straight piece of wood or metal that is bent at one end. | Strong's: #7165

HOP(Verb) (פסח / p.s.hh) To jump from one position to another. Also, to be lame, as one who hops on one leg. | Strong's: #6452

HOPPING (masc. פסח / pe'sahh) The feast celebrating the "hopping" (usually called "Passover" but more literally means "hop over"). | Strong's: [Found in names only]

Hor(Name) (masc. הור / hor) MT: HILL RMT: Hill | Strong's: #2023

HORDE (masc. ערוב / a'rov) A large swarm of insects. Also used for a large group of people. | Strong's: #6157

HORN (fem. קרן / qe'ren) One of a pair of bony processes that arise from the head of many animals and used as a wind instrument. The horns of an animal or a musical instrument in the shape of a horn. | Strong's: #7161

HORNET (fem. צירעה / tsir'ah) A flying insect with a stinger that is capable of causing serious injury or death to one that is stung. | Strong's: #6880

HORSE (masc. סוס / sus) A domesticated animal used as a beast of burden, a draft animal or for riding. | Strong's: #5483

HORSEMAN (masc. פרש / pa'rash) One that rides a horse. | Strong's: #6571

Hosheya(Name) (masc. הושע / ho'shey'a) MT: !(ms)~make~RESCUE(Verb) RMT: Rescue | Strong's: #1954

HOSTILITY (fem. איבה / ey'vah) Conflict, opposition, or resistance; overt acts of warfare. | Strong's: #0342

HOT (masc. חום / חם / hhom / hham) Having a relatively high temperature; eager; passionate. | Strong's: #2525, #2527

HOT.SPRING (masc. ימים / yeymim) A spring with water above body temperature. | Strong's: #3222

HOUSE (masc. בית / beyt) The structure or the family, as a household that resides within the house. A housing. Within. | Alt. Trans.: inside | Strong's: #1004

HOW (masc. איככה / איכוה / איך / eykh, eykhah, eykhakhah) In what way or manner; by what means. | Strong's: #0349

HOW.LONG (masc. מתי / ma'tai) An unknown duration of time. | Strong's: #4970

HOWL(Verb) (יבב / y.b.b) To utter a loud, prolonged, mournful cry. | Strong's: #2980

HOWLING (masc. ילל / y'leyl) | Strong's: #3214

HUMAN (masc. אדם / a'dam) Of, relating to, or characteristic of man. The first man. All of mankind as the descendants of the first man. (Derived from a root meaning "blood" and "of reddish color.") | Strong's: #0120

HUNCHBACK (masc. גיבן / giy'veyn) A large lump of the back causing one to be bent over. | Strong's: #1384

HUNDRED (fem. מאיה / mey'ah) A specific number but also a large amount without any reference to a specific number. | Strong's: #3967

HUNGER (masc. רעב / ra'eyv) A craving or urgent need for food. | Strong's: #7457, #7458

HUNT(Verb) (צוד / ts.w.d) To attempt to find something with the intent to capture. Hunt in the sense of laying in ambush. | Strong's: #6679

HUNTER (masc. ציד / tsa'yad) One who searches for something. Lays in ambush. | Strong's: #6719

HUNTING (masc. צידון / tsa'yid) The act of stalking and killing game for the purpose of providing food and skins. | Strong's: [Found in names only]

HURL(Verb) (טחה / t.hh.h) To shoot, throw or cast to a great distance. | Strong's: #2909

HURRY(Verb) (מהר / m.h.r) To carry or cause to go with haste. | Strong's: #4116, #4117

HUT (fem. קובה / qu'bah) As a cavity. | Strong's: #6898

HYSSOP (masc. אזוב / ey'zov) An aromatic herb whose twigs were used in ceremonial sprinkling. | Strong's: #0231