The Torah: A Mechanical Translation
By Jeff A. Benner
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EAGLE (masc. נשר / ne'sher) An unknown bird, but probably a hawk or eagle. | Strong's: #5404

EAR (fem. אוזן / o'zen) The organ of hearing on each side of the head. | Strong's: #0241

EAR.OF.GRAIN (masc. שיבול / שיבולת / סבלת / shi'bol / si'bo'let / si'bo'let fem. שיבולת / si'bo'let) The cluster of seeds found on grass crops. | Strong's: #5451, #7641

EARED.OWL (masc. ינשוף / yan'shuph) An unknown bird. | Strong's: #3244

EARRING (masc. עגיל / a'giyl) A circular ornament worn on or hanging from the lobe of the ear. | Strong's: #5694

EARTHENWARE (masc. כיר / kiyr) A hollow box formed out of brick or clay for cooking. | Strong's: #3600

EAST (masc. קדם / qe'dem) The general direction of sunrise. As in front when facing the rising sun. Also, the ancient past. | Strong's: #6924

EAST.WIND (masc. קדים / qa'dim) The wind that comes from the east. Toward the east as the origin of the east wind. | Strong's: #6921

EASTERN (masc. קדמון / qad'mon) In the direction toward the rising sun. | Strong's: #6930

EASTWARD (fem. קידמה / qid'mah) Toward the east. Before another space or time; as the east is in front when facing the rising sun. | Strong's: #6926

EAT(Verb) (אכל / a.k.l) To consume food; to destroy. A devouring of a fire. | Strong's: #0398

Eden(Name) (masc. עדן / e'den) MT: PLEASURE RMT: Pleasure | Strong's: #5731

EDGE (fem. פאה / pey'ah) The border or boundary of an object or a region. The thin cutting edge of a blade. | Strong's: #6285

EDGING (fem. גבלות / gav'lut) Furnished with a border or trim. Added to a garment for ornamentation. | Strong's: #1383

Edom(Name) (masc. אדום / e'dom) MT: RED RMT: Red | Strong's: #0123, #0130

Ed're'i(Name) (masc. אדרעי / ed're'i) MT: ENERGY~me RMT: My energy | Strong's: #0154

EGG (fem. ביצה / bey'tsah) The roundish reproductive body produced by the female bird. | Strong's: #1000

Ehyeh(Name) (masc. אהיה / eh'yeh) MT: I~will~EXIST(Verb) RMT: I exist (Used only once, Exodus 3:14, where it is used as a proper name.) | Strong's: #1961

EIGHT (masc. שמונה / she'mo'nah fem. שמונה / she'mo'neh) A cardinal number eight. May represent fullness from its connection to root meaning fat or rich. | Alt. Trans.: eighty (when in the plural form) | Strong's: #8083, #8084

EIGHTH (masc. שמיני / she'mi'ni) An ordinal number. | Strong's: #8066

Elaley(Name) (masc. אלעלא / el'a'ley) MT: MIGHTY.ONE~&~>~GO.UP(Verb) RMT: The might one goes up | Strong's: #0500

Elam(Name) (masc. עילם / עולם / e'lam / o'lam) MT: ANCIENT RMT: Ancient | Strong's: #5867

Elasar(Name) (masc. אלסר / el'la'sar) MT: MIGHTY.ONE~&~NOBLE RMT: El of the noble (Can also mean "Mighty one is chastiser" or "Revolting from mighty one.") | Strong's: #0495

Elazar(Name) (masc. אלעזר / el'a'zar) MT: MIGHTY.ONE~&~he~did~HELP(Verb) RMT: El helps | Strong's: #0499

El-Beyt-El(Name) (masc. אל-בית-אל / eyl beyt eyl) MT: MIGHTY.ONE~&~HOUSE~&~MIGHTY.ONE RMT: El of Beyt El | Strong's: #0416

Elda'ah(Name) (masc. אלדעה / el'da'ah) MT: MIGHTY.ONE~&~he~did~KNOW(Verb) RMT: El knows | Strong's: #0420

Eldad(Name) (masc. אלדד / el'dad) MT: MIGHTY.ONE~&~TEAT RMT: The mighty one is a teat | Strong's: #0419

El-Elohey-Yisra'eyl(Name) (masc. אל-אלהי-יסראל / eyl e'lo'hey yis'ra'eyl) MT: MIGHTY.ONE~&~POWER~s~&~he~will~TURN.ASIDE(Verb)~&~MIGHTY.ONE RMT: El of Elohiym of Yisra'el | Strong's: #0415

ELEVATED (fem. ראומה / ra'u'mah) | Strong's: [Found in names only]

ELEVATION (fem. שאת / se'eyt) The height to which something is raised. | Strong's: #7613

Eli'av(Name) (masc. אליאב / e'li'av) MT: MIGHTY.ONE~&~FATHER RMT: The mighty one is father | Strong's: #0446

Elidad(Name) (masc. אלידד / e'li'dad) MT: MIGHTY.ONE~me~&~TEAT RMT: My mighty one is a teat | Strong's: #0449

Eli'ezer(Name) (masc. אליעזר / e'li'e'zer) MT: MIGHTY.ONE~me~&~he~did~HELP(Verb) RMT: My El helps (Can also mean "Mighty one of help.") | Strong's: #0461

Eliphaz(Name) (masc. אליפז / e'li'phaz) MT: MIGHTY.ONE~me~&~PURE.GOLD RMT: My El is pure gold | Strong's: #0464

Elishah(Name) (masc. אלישה / e'li'shah) MT: MIGHTY.ONE~me~&~EQUATED RMT: My El resembles (Meaning of the word "shah" is uncertain.) | Strong's: #0473

Elishama(Name) (masc. אלישמע / e'li'sha'ma) MT: MIGHTY.ONE~me~&~he~did~HEAR(Verb) RMT: My mighty one heard | Strong's: #0476

Elitsaphan(Name) (masc. אליצפן / e'li'tsa'phan) MT: MIGHTY.ONE~me~&~he~did~CONCEAL(Verb) RMT: My mighty one concealed | Strong's: #0469

Elitsur(Name) (masc. אליצור / e'li'tsur) MT: MIGHTY.ONE~me~&~BOULDER RMT: My mighty one is a boulder | Strong's: #0468

Eliysheva(Name) (fem. אלישבע / e'li'she'va) MT: MIGHTY.ONE~me~&~he~did~SWEAR(Verb) RMT: My El swears | Strong's: #0472

Elohiym(Name) (masc. אלוהים / e'lo'him) MT: POWER~s RMT: Powers | Strong's: #0430

Elqanah(Name) (masc. אלקנה / el'qa'nah) MT: MIGHTY.ONE~&~he~did~PURCHASE(Verb) RMT: El purchased | Strong's: #0511

El-Ra'iy(Name) (masc. אל-ראי / el ra'iy) MT: MIGHTY.ONE~&~he~did~SEE(Verb)~me RMT: El sees me | Strong's: #0410 & #7200

El'tsaphan(Name) (masc. אלצפן / el'tsa'phan) MT: MIGHTY.ONE~&~he~did~CONCEAL(Verb) RMT: El conceals | Strong's: #0469

Elyasaph(Name) (masc. אליסף / el'ya'saph) MT: MIGHTY.ONE~&~he~did~ADD(Verb) RMT: The mighty one added | Strong's: #0460

Elyon(Name) (masc. עליון / el'yon) MT: UPPER RMT: Upper | Strong's: #5945(x2)

EMBER (masc. גחל / ge'hhel fem. גחלת / ga'hhe'let) A small live piece of coal, wood, etc., as in a dying fire. | Strong's: #1513

EMBRACE(Verb) (חבק / hh.b.q) To clasp in the arms; to cherish or love; to take in or include in a larger group or whole. | Strong's: #2263

EMBROIDER(Verb) (רקם / r.q.m) To decorate with ornamental and colorful needlework. | Strong's: #7551

EMBROIDERY (masc. רקם / re'qem fem. ריקמה / riyq'mah) A decorative work of colorful needlework. | Strong's: #7553

EMERALD (fem. ברקת / ba're'qet) "Possibly the Emerald, a green variety of Beryl. The Hebrew word is from a root meaning to flash or shimmer, while the Septuagint uses Smaragdos meaning a green stone. Other possible translations are Beryl or Quartz. " | Strong's: #1304

EMINENT (masc. אדיר / a'dir) What exerts power and status. Someone or something that is wide in authority or majesty. | Strong's: #0117, #0155

Emor(Name) (masc. אמור / e'mor) MT: SAYER RMT: Sayer | Strong's: #0567

EMPIRE (fem. מלכות / mal'kut) The area under the control of a king; a kingdom. | Strong's: #4438

EMPTINESS (masc. ריקם / rey'qam) Lack of contents which should be present. Void of contents or purpose. | Strong's: #7387

EMPTY (masc. ריק / riyq) The lack of intelligence or significance in an action. An action or thought with no positive results. To empty by pouring out. | Strong's: #7385, #7386

EMPTY.OUT(Verb) (בקק / b.q.q) To be drained away. | Strong's: #1238

ENCIRCLE(Verb) (נקף / n.q.p) To go around to enclose or go about. | Strong's: #5362

ENCOMPASS(Verb) (ענק / ah.n.q) | Strong's: #6059

ENCOUNTER (masc. פגע / pe'ga) A chance meeting. | Strong's: #6294

ENCOUNTER(Verb) (פגש / To meet or come in contact with another person. A meeting between two hostile factions; to engage in conflict with. | Strong's: #6298

END (fem. אחרית / a'hha'rit) A final point that marks the extent of something. The latter time as coming after everything else. | Strong's: #0319

ENDOW(Verb) (זבד / z.b.d) To furnish with a dower or payment for a bride. Pay the price for a bride. Give a natural gift. | Strong's: #2064

ENEMY (masc. ער / ar) | Strong's: #6145

ENERGY (fem. אזרע / ez'ra) A power. | Strong's: [Found in names only]

ENGRAVE(Verb) (חרת / hh.r.t) To mark, scratch, or scrape. To chisel or cut figures, letters, or devices on stone or metal. | Strong's: #2801

ENGRAVER (masc. חרש / hhe'resh) A sculptor or carver who engraves wood, stone or metal. | Strong's: #2791, #2796

ENGRAVING (fem. חרושת / hha'ro'shet) A scratching or carving in stone, metal or wood. | Strong's: #2799

ENGRAVING.TOOL (masc. חרט / hhe'ret) A tool making markings or inscriptions by carving on stone, metal or wood. A stylus for inscribing a clay tablet. | Strong's: #2747

Enosh(Name) (masc. אנוש / e'nosh) MT: MAN RMT: Man | Strong's: #0583

ENRAGE(Verb) (זעם / z.ah.m) To be extremely angry; to be indignant. | Strong's: #2194

ENSNARE(Verb) (נקש / | Strong's: #5367

ENTANGLED(Verb) (בוך / b.w.k) Twisted together or interwoven in a confused manner. Involved. | Strong's: #0943

ENTIRELY (masc. כליל / ka'lil) A state of being complete. All of it. No missing parts; complete by including everything. | Strong's: #3632

ENTRANCE (masc. מבוא / ma'vo) A place of entering. Once (Zechariah 8:7) used for the west as the place where the sun enters the underworld. | Strong's: #3996

ENTRYWAY (masc. זוז / zuz) A passage for affording entrance. (A word of undertain meaning) | Strong's: [Found in names only]

ENTWINE(Verb) (פתל / p.t.l) To twist together or around; to become twisted. | Strong's: #6617

ENWRAP(Verb) (עטה / ah.t.h) To tightly wrap something up. | Strong's: #5844

Epher(Name) (masc. עפר / e'pher) MT: DIRT RMT: Powder | Strong's: #6081

EPHOD (masc. אפוד / e'phod fem. אפודה / e'phu'dah) An apron-like vestment having two shoulder straps and ornamental attachments for securing the breastplate, worn with a waistband by the high priest. | Strong's: #0642, #0646

Ephod(Name) (masc. אפוד / e'phod) MT: EPHOD RMT: Ephod | Strong's: #0641

Ephrat(Name) (masc. אפרת / eph'rat) MT: I~will~INTERPRET(Verb) RMT: I will interpret | Strong's: #0672

Ephrayim(Name) (masc. אפרים / eph'ra'yim) MT: ASH~s2 RMT: Ashes (Can also mean "fruitful" or "double fruit.") | Strong's: #0669

Ephron(Name) (masc. עפרון / eph'ron) MT: POWDERY RMT: Powdery | Strong's: #6085

EPIDEMIC (masc. דבר / de'ver) A wide spread disease effecting man or animal. A pestilence. | Strong's: #1698

EQUAL (masc. שוה / shuh) | Strong's: [Found in names only]

EQUATE(Verb) (שוה / sh.w.h) To make something like something else, or to compare it to something else. | Strong's: #7737, #7738

EQUATED (masc. שה / shah) | Strong's: [Found in names only]

Erekh(Name) (masc. ארך / e'rekh) MT: SLOW RMT: Slow | Strong's: #0751

ERR(Verb) (שגג / sh.g.g) To make a mistake in calculation or understanding. | Strong's: #7683

ERROR (fem. שגגה / sh'ga'gah) A mistake in calculation or understanding. | Strong's: #7684

ERUPTION (masc. נתק / ne'teq) A disease of the skin which breaks open drawing out liquid. | Strong's: #5424

Esaw(Name) (masc. עסו / e'saw) MT: DOING RMT: Doing | Strong's: #6215

ESCAPED (masc. פליט / pa'lit fem. פליטה / pe'ley'tah) A getting away, especially from confinement. A person or animal that has gotten away. | Strong's: #6412, #6413

ESCAPING (masc. פלט / pa'let) | Strong's: #6405

Eseq(Name) (masc. עסק / e'seq) MT: STRIFE RMT: Strife | Strong's: #6230

Eshban(Name) (masc. אשבן / esh'ban) MT: I~will~GROW RMT: I will grow | Strong's: #0790

Eshkol(Name) (masc. אשכול / esh'kol) MT: CLUSTER RMT: Cluster | Strong's: #0812

ESTIMATE(Verb) (כסס / k.s.s) To make an approximate count or reckoning. | Strong's: #3699

Etsbon(Name) (masc. אצבון / ets'bon) MT: WORKING RMT: Working | Strong's: #0675

Etsi'on-Gaver(Name) (masc. עציון גבר / e'tsi'on ga'ver) MT: BACKBONE~&~WARRIOR RMT: Backbone of the warrior | Strong's: #6100

EUNUCH (masc. סריס / sa'ris) A castrated man. As eunuchs were used as officers, may also mean an officer. | Strong's: #5631

EVENING (masc. ערב / e'rev) The latter part and close of the day and the early part of the night. Dark of the evening or dark-skinned people. | Strong's: #6153

EVENT (masc. קרה / qa'reh) | Strong's: #7137

Ever(Name) (masc. עבר / e'ver) MT: OTHER.SIDE RMT: Other side | Strong's: #5677, #5680, #5681, #5682

EVICTED (masc. גרשון / ger'shon) To be removed or thrown from with force. To dispossess, exile, dismiss. | Strong's: [Found in names only]

EVIDENCE (fem. עדות / ey'dut) That which proves or disproves something; something that makes plain or clear; an indication or sign. | Strong's: #5715

Evronah(Name) (fem. עברונה / ev'ro'nah) MT: CROSSING.ONE RMT: Crossing one | Strong's: #5684

EWE (fem. רחל / ra'hheyl) A female sheep. | Strong's: #7353

Ewi(Name) (masc. אוי / e'wi) MT: YEARN~me RMT: My yearning | Strong's: #0189

EXAMINE(Verb) (חקר / hh.q.r) To intently search or seek for details. | Strong's: #2713

EXCEED(Verb) (עדף / ah.d.p) Running over, filled beyond capacity. | Strong's: #5736

EXCEPT (masc. בילתי / bil'ti) With the exclusion of from the whole. The whole with the exception of one or more. | Alt. Trans.: none; not | Strong's: #1115

EXCHANGE (fem. תמורה / t'mu'rah) | Strong's: #8545

EXCHANGE(Verb) (שבר / sh.b.r) The act of giving or taking one thing in return for another. To buy or sell produce, usually grain. Bartering. | Strong's: #7666

EXHALE(Verb) (נפח / n.p.hh) To give out a breath. To blow on a fire or the boiling water in a pot as an exhale. | Strong's: #5301

EXHAUSTED (masc. מזה / ma'zeh) Drained of strength and energy; fatigued. | Strong's: #4198

EXIST(Verb) (היה / h.y.h) To have real being whether material or spiritual; to have breath. | Alt. Trans.: come to pass; is; what is needed (when used in the infinitive form and prefixed with "from~") | Strong's: #1961

EXISTING (masc. יה / yah) | Strong's: [Found in names only]

EXPEL(Verb) (הדף / h.d.p) To drive or force out or away; discharge or eject. | Strong's: #1920

EXPERIENCED (masc. חניך / hha'nikh) Direct observation of or participation in events as a basis of knowledge. Something that is personally encountered, undergone or lived through in its use. | Strong's: #2593

EXPIRE(Verb) (גוע / g.w.ah) To breathe one's last breath; the last breath of death. | Strong's: #1478

EXPLAIN(Verb) (באר / b.a.r) To provide a meaning. | Strong's: #0874

EXPOSE (masc. מחשוף / mahh'soph) To cause to be visible or open to public view. | Strong's: #4286

EXTEND(Verb) (נטה / n.t.h) To set up camp by stretching out the cover of the tent; to extend or stretch in length. | Alt. Trans.: turn away from (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form) | Strong's: #5186

EXTRACT(Verb) (חלץ / hh.l.ts) To pull out or toward. To draw weapons for battle. | Alt. Trans.: arm, in the sense of drawing weapons (when written in the niphil [passive] or the passive participle form) | Strong's: #2502

EXTREME.OLD.AGE (masc. זקון / za'qun) A full and long life. | Strong's: #2208

EXTREMITY (masc. קצה / qa'tseh fem. קצה / qa'tsah) The most distant end of a place or time; the end, corner or edge. | Strong's: #7097, #7098

EXUBERANT (masc. זרד / ze'red) Abounding in vitality; extremely joyful and vigorous. | Strong's: [Found in names only]

EYE (fem. עין / a'yin) The organ of sight or vision that tears when a person weeps. Also a spring that weeps water out of the ground. | Strong's: #5869

Eyhhiy(Name) (masc. אחי / a'hhi) MT: BROTHER~me RMT: My brother | Strong's: #0278

Eylah(Name) (masc. אלה / ey'lah) MT: OAK RMT: Oak | Strong's: #0425

Eyliym(Name) (masc. אילים / ey'lim) MT: BUCK~s RMT: Bucks | Strong's: #0362

Eylon(Name) (masc. אילון / ey'lon) MT: GREAT.TREE RMT: Great tree | Strong's: #0356

Eylot(Name) (fem. אילות / ey'lot) MT: DOE~s RMT: Does | Strong's: #0359

Eyl-Paran(Name) (masc. איל-פארן / eyl pa'ran) MT: BUCK~&~DECORATED RMT: Decorated Buck (The word Eyl can also mean ram, hart, tree, lintel, oak, mighty or strength.) | Strong's: #0364

Eym(Name) (masc. אים / eym) MT: TERROR RMT: Terror | Strong's: #0368

Eynan(Name) (masc. עינן / ey'nan) MT: HAVING.AN.EYE RMT: Having an eye | Strong's: #5851

Eynayim(Name) (masc. עינים / ey'na'yim) MT: EYE~s2 RMT: Two eyes | Strong's: #5879

Eyn-Mishpat(Name) (masc. עין-משפט / eyn mish'pat) MT: EYE~&~DECISION RMT: Eye of decision (Can also mean "Spring of judgement.") | Strong's: #5880

EYPHAH (fem. איפה / ey'phah) A dry standard of measure equal to 3 se'ahs or 10 omers. The same as the liquid measure bath which is about 9 imperial gallons or 40 liters. | Strong's: #0374

Eyphah(Name) (masc. עיפה / ey'phah) MT: MURKINESS RMT: Murkiness | Strong's: #5891

Eyr(Name) (masc. ער / eyr) MT: BARE.SKIN RMT: Bare skin | Strong's: #6147

Eyran(Name) (masc. ערן / ey'ran) MT: BARE.ONE RMT: Bare one (May also mean "enemy" or "city.") | Strong's: #6197

Eyriy(Name) (masc. ערי / ey'ri) MT: BARE.SKIN~me RMT: My bare skin | Strong's: #6179, #6180

Eyshdat(Name) (masc. אשדת / eysh'dat) MT: FIRE~&~LAW RMT: Fire Law | Strong's: #0799+#1881

Eytam(Name) (masc. אתם / ey'tam) MT: PLOWSHARE~them(m) RMT: Their plowshare | Strong's: #0864

Eytser(Name) (masc. אצר / ey'tser) MT: he~did~STORE.UP(Verb) RMT: He stored up | Strong's: #0687

Eyval(Name) (masc. עיבל / ey'val) MT: ROUND.STONE RMT: Round stone | Strong's: #5858