The Torah: A Mechanical Translation
By Jeff A. Benner
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Ba'al(Name) (masc. בעל / ba'al) MT: MASTER RMT: Master | Strong's: #1168

Ba'al-Hhanan(Name) (masc. בעל-חנן / ba'al hha'nan) MT: MASTER~&~BEAUTY RMT: Master of beauty (Can also mean Ba'al is Beauty.) | Strong's: #1177

Ba'al-Me'on(Name) (masc. בעל-מעון / ba'al me'on) MT: MASTER~&~HABITATION RMT: Master of the habitation | Strong's: #1186

Ba'al-Pe'or(Name) (masc. בעל-פעור / ba'al pe'or) MT: MASTER~&~OPENED.WIDE RMT: Master of the wide open | Strong's: #1187

Ba'al-Tsephon(Name) (masc. בעל-צפון / ba'al tse'phon) MT: MASTER~&~NORTH RMT: Master of the north | Strong's: #1189

BABIES (masc. טף / taph) Adolescent offspring of the parent or descendents of a patron. More than one child. | Strong's: #2945

BACK (masc. אחור / a'hhor) The part of the body that is behind. To be in the rear of or behind something. | Strong's: #0268

BACK.OF.THE.NECK (masc. צואר / tsa'war) The nape between the shoulders and the head. | Strong's: #6677

BACKBONE (masc. עציון / e'tsi'on) | Strong's: [Found in names only]

BACKWARD (fem. אחורנית / a'hho'ra'niyt) With the back foremost; in a reverse or contrary way; i.e. To walk backward in the sense of being after oneself. | Strong's: #0322

BADGER (masc. תחש / ta'hhash) An unknown species of mammal, possibly the badger. | Strong's: #8476

BAG (masc. כיס / kiys) | Strong's: #3599

BAKE(Verb) (אפה / a.p.h) To cook using dry heat, especially in an oven. | Strong's: #0644

BAKED (masc. מאפה / ma'a'pheh) What is cooked in a dry heat such as an oven. | Strong's: #3989

BAKED.BREAD (masc. עוג / og fem. עוגה / u'gah) A circular loaf of dough that has been baked on hot stones. | Strong's: #5692

BALANCE (masc. מואזן / mo'zeyn) A pair of scales used on a balance to weigh an object. | Strong's: #3976

Balaq(Name) (masc. בלק / ba'laq) MT: he~did~LAY.WASTE(Verb) RMT: He laid waste | Strong's: #1111

BALD (masc. קרח / qey'rey'ahh) | Strong's: #7142

BALD.SPOT (fem. קרחה / קרחא / קרחת / qar'hhah / qar'ha / qa'ra'hhat) | Strong's: #7144, #7146

BALDING (masc. קורח / qo'rahh) The top of the head void of any hair. | Strong's: [Found in names only]

BALM (masc. צרי / tse'ri) An aromatic preparation for a healing ointment. A salve rubbed and pressed into the skin. | Strong's: #6875

BALSAM (בשם / B.S.M) A sweet smelling spice. | Strong's: #1313

Bamot(Name) (masc. במות / ba'mot) MT: PLATFORM~s RMT: Platforms | Strong's: #1120

BAND (masc. גדוד / ge'dud) A gathering of men for attacking or raiding. | Strong's: #1416

BAND(Verb) (גדד / g.d.d) To gather or assemble together as a group for attacking or raiding. | Strong's: #1413

BANKS (masc. אשד / e'shed) The banks of a river as a channel for the water. | Strong's: #0793

BANNER (masc. דגל / de'gel) An ensign of cloth hung from a pole bearing the emblem of the family. | Strong's: #1714

BANQUET (masc. משתה / mish'teh) An elaborate meal often accompanied by a ceremony. | Strong's: #4960

BAR (masc. מוט / mot) The bent bar of the yoke that goes around the neck, also a branch that is used as pole. A slipping or wavering of the foot. | Strong's: #4132

BARE.ONE (masc. ערן / ey'ran) | Strong's: [Found in names only]

BARE.PLACE (masc. שפי / sh'phiy) A barren location. | Strong's: #8205

BARE.SKIN (masc. ער / ar) | Strong's: [Found in names only]

BARE.SPOT (masc. גבח / gi'bey'ahh fem. גבחת / ga'ba'hhat) A lack of hair on the front part of the head. | Strong's: #1371, #1372

BARK(Verb) (נבח / n.b.hh) The sound made by a dog. | Strong's: #5024

BARLEY (fem. שעורה / se'o'rah) A grain, identified by its hairs, used as food, and for determining the month of Aviv. | Strong's: #8184

BARN (masc. אסם / a'sam) | Strong's: #0618

Barneya(Name) (masc. ברנע / bar'ney'a) MT: GRAIN~&~RATTLE RMT: Grain rattles | Strong's: #6947

BARREN (masc. ערירי / a'ri'ri) Incapable of bearing children; childless. | Strong's: #6185

BARRENNESS (masc. און / a'wen) Action or thought that is vain or for an improper purpose. | Strong's: #0205

BARTER(Verb) (ערב / ah.r.b) To exchange an item or service for another. | Strong's: #6148(x2)

BASE (masc. כן / keyn) The bottom or foundation which provides support. A person's home or family as being a base. A species of gnat. | Strong's: #3653

Bashan(Name) (masc. בשן / ba'shan) MT: SHAME RMT: Shame | Strong's: #1316

BASIN (masc. סף / saph) A vessel for holding water or other liquid. By extension, the lip of the bason and from this, the lip, or threshold, of a door. | Strong's: #5592

Basmat(Name) (fem. בסמת / bas'mat) MT: FRAGRANCE RMT: Fragrance | Strong's: #1315

BASTARD (masc. ממזר / mam'zer) A person born of unmarried parents; an illegitimate child. | Strong's: #4464

BAT (masc. עטלף / a'a'leyph) | Strong's: #5847

BATHE(Verb) (רחץ / r.hh.ts) To cleanse by being immersed in, or washing with, water. | Strong's: #7364

BATTERING.RAM (masc. מחי / m'hhiy) An engine of war for battering down walls. | Strong's: #4239

BATTLE (fem. מלחמה / mil'hha'mah) A hostile encounter or engagement between opposing military forces. | Strong's: #4421

Bavel(Name) (masc. בבל / ba'vel) MT: MIXED.UP RMT: Mixed up (From a root meaning "to mix up.") | Strong's: #0894

BE.A.HARLOT(Verb) (זנה / z.n.h) A woman who practices promiscuous sexual behavior, especially for hire. | Strong's: #2181

BE.ABLE(Verb) (יכל / y.k.l) To successfully prevail, overcome or endure. | Strong's: #3201

BE.ABUNDANT(Verb) (עצם / ah.ts.m) To be strong in might or numbers. From the abundant number of bones in the body. | Strong's: #6105

BE.AFRAID(Verb) (יגר / y.g.r) Having the feeling fear; filled with apprehension. | Strong's: #3025

BE.ALMOND.SHAPED(Verb) (שקד / sh.q.d) An object that is in the form of an almond. | Strong's: #8246

BE.AMAZED(Verb) (חדה / hh.d.h) To be overwhelmed with surprise or sudden wonder; astonished greatly. | Strong's: #2302

BE.AN.IN-LAW(Verb) (חתן / hh.t.n) To have a relationship with another through marriage. | Strong's: #2859

BE.ANGRY(Verb) (כעס / k.ah.s) A strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence aroused by a wrong. | Strong's: #3707

BE.ASHAMED(Verb) (בוש / Feeling shame, guilt or disgrace; to be dried up with shame. | Alt. Trans.: refrained (when written in the piel [active intensive] form) | Strong's: #0954

BE.BITTER(Verb) (מרר / m.r.r) Having a harsh, disagreeably acrid taste. One of the four basic taste sensations. | Alt. Trans.: provoke (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form) | Strong's: #4843

BE.BOLD(Verb) (עוז / ah.w.z) To be fearless and daring; courageous. | Alt. Trans.: seek refuge (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form) | Strong's: #5756

BE.BRIGHT(Verb) (יפע / y.p.ah) | Alt. Trans.: shone (when written in the hiphil [causative] form) | Strong's: #3313

BE.CHILDLESS(Verb) (שכל / sh.k.l) To be without children through miscarriage, barrenness or loss of children. | Alt. Trans.: miscarry (when written in the piel [active intensive] form) | Strong's: #7921

BE.CLEAN(Verb) (טהר / t.h.r) Free from dirt, pollution or immorality; unadulterated, pure. | Alt. Trans.: declare clean (when written in the piel [active intensive] form) | Strong's: #2891

BE.CRAFTY(Verb) (נכל / n.k.l) The doing of a thing slyly or cunningly. | Strong's: #5230

BE.DELIGHTFUL(Verb) (נעם / n.ah.m) One of the four basic taste sensations | Strong's: #5276

BE.DIRTY(Verb) (טמא / t.m.a) Physically or morally impure; polluted, filthy. | Strong's: #2930, #2933

BE.DISTINCT(Verb) (פלה / p.l.h) To be clearly distinguished. To have a marked difference. To be prominent; separated out completely. | Strong's: #6395

BE.DOUBLE(Verb) (תאם / t.a.m) To have two identical pieces placed together. Also to bear twins as doubles. | Strong's: #8382

BE.DRUNK(Verb) (שכר / sh.k.r) To be filled with intoxicating drink. | Strong's: #7937

BE.DYSFUNCTIONAL(Verb) (רעע / r.ah.ah) Impaired or abnormal filling of purpose; to act wrongly by injuring or doing an evil action. | Strong's: #4827, #7489

BE.EMINENT(Verb) (אדר / a.d.r) To be large in size or stature. | Strong's: #0142

BE.FACE.TO.FACE(Verb) (נגד / n.g.d) To face another. | Alt. Trans.: tell (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form) | Strong's: #5046

BE.FAR(Verb) (רחק / r.hh.q) To be distant, a long way off. | Strong's: #7368

BE.FILTHY(Verb) (חנף / hh.n.p) To be polluted or dirty. Usually in the sense of immorality. | Strong's: #2610

BE.FIRSTBORN(Verb) (בכר / b.k.r) To give birth to the first out of the womb or the first produce of the crops. | Strong's: #1069

BE.FRUITFUL(Verb) (פרא / p.r.a) Abundantly productive. | Strong's: #6500

BE.GUILTY(Verb) (אשם / To commit an offense, especially consciously. | Strong's: #0816

BE.HARD(Verb) (קשה / To be difficult; not easily penetrated; not easily yielding to pressure. | Strong's: #7185

BE.HEAVY(Verb) (כבד / k.b.d) To be great in weight, wealth or importance. | Alt. Trans.: honor (when written in the piel [active intensive] form) | Strong's: #3513

BE.HIGH(Verb) (גבה / g.b.h) To lift up to a greater elevation or stature. | Strong's: #1361

BE.HUNGRY(Verb) (רעב / r.ah.b) To have an urgent craving for food; famished. | Strong's: #7456

BE.IMPATIENT(Verb) (לאה / l.a.h) Exhausted in strength, endurance, vigor or freshness. | Strong's: #3811

BE.IN.MISERY(Verb) (כאב / k.a.b) A state of suffering and want due to poverty or affliction. | Strong's: #3510

BE.LAVISH(Verb) (זול / z.w.l) To use or give in great amounts. | Strong's: #2107

BE.LESS(Verb) (מעט / m.ah.t) To be fewer or diminished in size or amount. | Strong's: #4591

BE.LOW(Verb) (מוך / m.w.k) To be brought down low in poverty. | Strong's: #4134

BE.NUMB(Verb) (פוג / p.w.g) Devoid of sensation or emotion. | Strong's: #6313

BE.OLD(Verb) (זקן / z.q.n) To be of an advanced age. | Strong's: #2204

BE.OUT.OF.SIGHT(Verb) (עלם / ah.l.m) To be hidden or obscured from vision; to be beyond the horizon; to be covered or unknown. | Strong's: #5956

BE.OVERSHADOWED(Verb) (צלל / ts.l.l) To be sunk down into a dark depth. | Strong's: #6749, #6750, #6751

BE.RED(Verb) (אדם / a.d.m) To be ruddy. To have a dark reddish color. | Strong's: #0119

BE.RICH(Verb) (עשר / To have a large accumulation of resources, means, or funds. To be wealthy. | Strong's: #6238

BE.SAD(Verb) (זעף / z.ah.p) To be in a state of depression. | Strong's: #2196

BE.SATISFIED(Verb) (שבע / sh.b.ah) To be filled full or to overflowing; to have a complete amount. | Strong's: #7646

BE.SHARP.SIGHTED(Verb) (עקן / ah.q.n) | Strong's: [Found in names only]

BE.SHATTERED(Verb) (חתת / hh.t.t) To be broken into pieces; to fear; to be in terror. | Strong's: #2865

BE.SICK(Verb) (חלה / hh.l.h) To be twisted through pain. | Strong's: #2470

BE.SILENT (דמם / d.m.m) To come to a standstill in speech or deed. To be quiet; refrain from speech or action. | Strong's: #1826

BE.SKILLED(Verb) (חכם / hh.k.m) To be able to decide or discern between good and bad, right and wrong; to act correctly in thought and action. | Strong's: #2449

BE.SMALL(Verb) (קטן / q.t.n) To have little size or slight dimensions; insignificant. | Strong's: #6994

BE.SOFT(Verb) (רכך / r.k.k) To be soft. | Strong's: #7401

BE.SOUR(Verb) (חמץ / hh.m.ts) To be fermented by adding leaven to bread. Also, sour in taste, thought or action. | Alt. Trans.: leaven (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form) | Strong's: #2556

BE.SQUARE(Verb) (רבע / r.b.ah) Any four sided object. Also, to go down on the hands and knees, to be on all fours. | Strong's: #7250, #7251

BE.STEADFAST(Verb) (צדק / ts.d.q) To walk on the right path without losing the way. | Strong's: #6663

BE.STRAIGHT(Verb) (ישר / To be in a direct or correct line, path or thought. | Strong's: #3474

BE.STRANGE(Verb) (זור / z.w.r) To be separated out from others; to be scattered abroad. | Strong's: #2114

BE.STRONG(Verb) (אמץ / a.m.ts) To be mentally astute, firm, obstinate or courageous. Having or marked by great physical, moral or intellectual power. | Strong's: #0553

BE.STUBBORN(Verb) (סרר / שרר / s.r.r) To turn away from the correct path toward another direction. | Strong's: #5637, #7786

BE.SUPERFLUOUS(Verb) (שרע / s.r.ah) | Strong's: #8311

BE.TERRIFIED(Verb) (ערץ / ah.r.ts) | Strong's: #6206

BE.THICK(Verb) (עבה / ah.b.h) To be thick. Thick. | Strong's: #5666

BE.THREEFOLD(Verb) (שלש / Being three times as great or as many. | Strong's: #8027

BE.UNMINDFUL(Verb) (שיה / sh.y.h) | Strong's: #7876

BE.WARM(Verb) (חמם / hh.m.m) To glow; project extreme heat. To be heated, either internally or externally, such as from the sun or a fire. | Strong's: #2552

BE.WHOLE(Verb) (תמם / t.m.m) To be free of wound or injury, defect or impairment, disease or deformity; physically and mentally sound. | Strong's: #8552

BE.ZEALOUS(Verb) (קנא / q.n.a) To be filled with eagerness and ardent interest in pursuit of something. | Alt. Trans.: envious (when written in the piel [active intensive] form) | Strong's: #7065

BE(Verb) (הוה / h.w.h) To exist or have breath. That which exists has breath. In Hebrew thought the breath is the character of someone or something. Just as a man has character, so do objects. | Strong's: #1933

BEARD (masc. זקן / za'qeyn) The hair that grows on a man's face. A long and gray beard as a sign of old age and wisdom. An elder as a bearded one. | Alt. Trans.: elder (as one with a long beard) | Strong's: #2205, #2206

BEARDED.VULTURE (masc. פרס / pe'res) An unknown bird of prey. | Strong's: #6538

BEAST (fem. בהמה / be'hey'mah) An animal as distinguished from man or a plant. A tall or large creature. Also representative of wealth, as one who is exalted. | Strong's: #0929, #0930

BEAT.OUT(Verb) (דפק / d.p.q) To strike something with a sharp blow. | Strong's: #1849

BEAT.SMALL(Verb) (דקק / d.q.q) To crush or pound something into thin or small particles. | Strong's: #1854

BEAT(Verb) (פעם / p.ah.m) To strike repeatedly in a rhythm such as a drum. | Strong's: #6470

BEATEN.GRAIN (masc. גרש / ge'res) Wheat, rye or other seeds that are crushed to make meal. | Strong's: #1643

BEATEN.WORK (fem. מקשה / miq'shah) To be shaped into a specific form by an outside force such as a hammer. | Strong's: #4749

BEATING (masc. סבתכא / sav'ta'ka) | Strong's: [Found in names only]

BEAUTIFUL (masc. יפה / ya'pheh) Generally pleasing. Possessing the qualities of loveliness or functionality. | Strong's: #3303, #3304

BEAUTY (masc. חן / hheyn) A person, place or thing that is graceful and precious; what is worth protecting. | Strong's: #2580

BED (fem. מטה / mit'tah) A place for sleeping. Spread out sheet for sleeping. | Strong's: #4296

Bedad(Name) (masc. בדד / be'dad) MT: ALONE RMT: Alone | Strong's: #0911

BEE (fem. דבורה / d'vo'rah) An insect that lives in an ordered colony and produces honey. | Strong's: #1682

Be'eri(Name) (masc. בארי / be'ey'ri) MT: WELL~me RMT: My well | Strong's: #0882

Be'er-Lahhiy-Ro'iy(Name) (masc. באר-לחי-רואי / be'eyr la'hhai ro'iy) MT: WELL~&~to~LIVING~&~SEE(Verb)~ing(ms)~me RMT: I see a well for life | Strong's: #0883

BEFORE (masc. טרם / te'rem) What precedes another event. | Alt. Trans.: not yet | Strong's: #2962

BEHEAD(Verb) (ערף / ah.r.p) To sever the neck from the body. Also, to break the neck. | Strong's: #6202

BEING.LOW (masc. מכי / ma'khi) | Strong's: [Found in names only]

Bekher(Name) (masc. בכר / be'kher) MT: YOUNG.CAMEL RMT: Young camel | Strong's: #1071

Bela(Name) (fem. בלע / be'la) MT: SWALLOWED RMT: Swallowed | Strong's: #1106

BELITTLE(Verb) (קלל / q.l.l) To regard or portray as less impressive or important; to be light in weight; to curse or despise in the sense of making light. | Strong's: #7043

Beli'ya'al(Name) (masc. בליעל / be'li'ya'al) MT: UNAWARE~&~he~will~Gain(Verb) RMT: The unaware will gain | Strong's: #1100

BELL (masc. פעמן / pa'a'mon) An instrument used to call to attention or to a warning. From its rhythmic ringing. | Strong's: #6472

BELLY (masc. גחון / ga'hhon) The undersurface of an animal; the stomach and other digestive organs. | Strong's: #1512

BELONGING (masc. פוט / put) To acquire ownership or authority over, something or someone owned by another. | Strong's: [Found in names only]

BELONGING.TO.NAT (masc. אסנת / as'nat) | Strong's: [Found in names only]

Ben-Amiy(Name) (masc. בן-עמי / ben a'miy) MT: SON~&~PEOPLE~me RMT: Son of my people | Strong's: #1151

BEND.DOWN(Verb) (שחה / sh.hh.h) To pay homage to another one by bowing low or getting on the knees with the face to the ground. | Strong's: #7812

BEND.THE.KNEE (masc. אברך / av'reykh) A kneeling down, often as a sign of respect to another. | Strong's: #0086

BENEATH (masc. מטה / mat'tah) Below; in a lower place, position or state. As under a stretched out sheet. | Alt. Trans.: bottom; low | Strong's: #4295

BENEFIT(Verb) (סכן / s.k.n) To be of use, service or profit in order that one may benefit from it. | Alt. Trans.: in the habit (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form) | Strong's: #5532, #5533

Ben-Oni(Name) (masc. בן-אוני / ben o'niy) MT: SON~&~VIGOR~me RMT: Son of my vigor | Strong's: #1126

Be'on(Name) (masc. בעון / be'on) MT: in~COHABITATION RMT: In cohabitation | Strong's: #1194

Be'or(Name) (masc. בעור / be'or) MT: IGNITING RMT: Igniting | Strong's: #1160

BEQA (masc. בקע / be'qa) A dry weight measure equal to one-half shekel weight. | Strong's: #1235

B'er(Name) (masc. באר / b'er) MT: WELL RMT: Well | Strong's: #0876

Bera(Name) (masc. ברע / be'ra) MT: in~DYSFUNCTIONAL RMT: In dysfunction (Can also mean "With shouting", "Son of evil", "A well" or "Declaring.") | Strong's: #1298

Bered(Name) (masc. ברד / be'red) MT: HAILSTONES RMT: Hailstones | Strong's: #1260

Beri'ah(Name) (masc. בריעה / be'ri'ah) MT: in~COMPANION RMT: With a companion | Strong's: #1283

B'er-Sheva(Name) (masc. באר-שבע / be'er she'va) MT: WELL~&~SEVEN RMT: Seven wells | Strong's: #0884

BESIDE (masc. אצל / e'tsel) Being next to something. | Strong's: #0681

BEST (masc. מיטב / may'tav) Excelling all others; most, largest; most productive or good, utility or satisfaction. | Strong's: #4315

BETROTH(Verb) (ארש / A promise or contract of impending marriage. To request a woman for marriage. | Strong's: #0781

Betsaleyl(Name) (masc. בצלאל / be'tsa'leyl) MT: in~SHADOW~&~MIGHTY.ONE RMT: In the shadow of El | Strong's: #1212

Betser(Name) (masc. בצר / be'tser) MT: PRECIOUS.METAL RMT: Precious metal | Strong's: #1221

Betu'el(Name) (masc. בתואל / be'tu'eyl) MT: HOUSE~them(m)~&~MIGHTY.ONE RMT: Their house is El | Strong's: #1328

BETWEEN (masc. בין / beyn) In the time, space or interval that separates. | Strong's: #0996, #1143

Beyt-El(Name) (masc. בית-אל / beyt eyl) MT: HOUSE~&~MIGHTY.ONE RMT: House of El | Strong's: #1008

Beyt-Haran(Name) (masc. בית-הרן / beyt ha'ran) MT: HOUSE~&~HILL.COUNTRY RMT: House of the Hill country | Strong's: #1028

Beyt-Hayishmot(Name) (masc. בית הישמות / beyt ha'yish'mot) MT: HOUSE~&~THERE.IS~&~DEATH RMT: House of There is death (or "House of Hayishmot") | Strong's: #1020

Beyt-Lehhem(Name) (masc. בית-לחם / beyt le'hhem) MT: HOUSE~&~BREAD RMT: House of bread | Strong's: #1035

Beyt-Nimrah(Name) (fem. בית-נמרה / beyt nimrah) MT: HOUSE~&~LEOPARD RMT: House of the leopard | Strong's: #1039

Beyt-Pe'or(Name) (masc. בית-פעור / beyt pe'or) MT: HOUSE~&~OPENED.WIDE RMT: House of the opened wide one (or "house of Pe'or") | Strong's: #1047

Bilam(Name) (masc. בילעם / bil'am) MT: NONE~&~PEOPLE RMT: None of the people | Strong's: #1109

Bilhah(Name) (fem. בילהה / bil'hah) MT: DISMAY RMT: Dismay | Strong's: #1090

Bilhan(Name) (masc. בילהן / bil'han) MT: DISMAY~them(f) RMT: Their dismay | Strong's: #1092

BIND.UP(Verb) (אלם / a.l.m) To tie something. The tying of the tongue, silence. | Strong's: #0481

BIND(Verb) (עקד / ah.q.d) To make secure by tying; to confine, restrain or restrict as if with bonds. bind with a cord. | Strong's: #6123

BINDER (masc. חשוק / hha'shuq) Attached around something. | Strong's: #2838

Binyamin(Name) (masc. בינימין / bin'ya'min) MT: SON~&~RIGHT.HAND RMT: Son of the right hand | Strong's: #1144

BIRD (fem. ציפור / tsi'por) A creature distinguished by a body covering of feathers and wings as forelimbs. | Strong's: #6833

BIRD.OF.PREY (masc. עיט / a'yit) A carnivorous bird that feeds on carrion or meat taken by hunting. | Strong's: #5861

Birsha(Name) (masc. ברשע / bir'sha) MT: in~LOST RMT: With the lost | Strong's: #1306

BIRTH (fem. שגר / she'ger) What is brought forth from the womb. | Strong's: #7698

BIRTHED (masc. ילוד / yi'lud) What is given birth to; a baby human or animal that is brought from the womb into the open world. | Strong's: #3209

BIRTHING (fem. תולדה / tol'dah) The act or process of bringing forth offspring from the womb. Total of the children born within an era. | Strong's: #8435

BIRTHRIGHT (fem. בכורה / be'kho'rah) Rights, privileges or possessions to which a person is entitled by birth. The rights of the firstborn son (see Deut. 21:17). Also meaning the firstborn. | Strong's: #1062

BITE(Verb) (נשך / To seize especially with teeth or jaws; to sting, wound or pierce as with a fang. To give usury in the sense of a biting. | Strong's: #5391

BITTER (masc. מר / mar fem. מרה / ma'rah) A difficult taste or experience. | Strong's: #4751, #4752

BITTER.HERBS (masc. ממרור / mam'ror) Edible plants, that when eaten brings tears to the eyes. | Strong's: #4472

BITTERNESS (masc. מרר / ma'rar) Having a harsh, disagreeably acrid taste. | Strong's: [Found in names only]

BLACK (masc. חום / hhum) A dark or darkened color; charcoal color. | Strong's: #2345

BLACKISH (masc. כוש / kush) | Strong's: [Found in names only]

BLANKET(Verb) (חפף / hh.p.p) To cover over. | Strong's: #2653

BLAST(Verb) (שדף / sh.d.p) To blow heavily. | Strong's: #7710

BLASTING (fem. שדפה / sh'dey'phah) A strong devastating wind. | Strong's: #7711(x2)

BLAZE(Verb) (להט / l.h.t) | Strong's: #3857

BLAZING (masc. להט / la'hat) To burn, flash or shine brightly. Also used for the magic of magicians. | Strong's: #3858

BLEMISH (masc. מום / m'um) | Strong's: #3971

BLIND (masc. עור / i'weyr) A darkness of the eye. | Strong's: #5787

BLIND(Verb) (עור / ah.w.r) To become dark of site through blindness or the putting out of the eyes. | Strong's: #5786

BLINDNESS (masc. עורון / ey'wa'ron fem. עורת / a'we'ret) | Strong's: #5788

BLOOD (masc. דם / dam) The red fluid that circulates through the body. | Alt. Trans.: bloodshed (when in the plural form) | Strong's: #1818

BLOOM(Verb) (צוץ / ts.w.ts) | Strong's: #6692

BLOSSOM (masc. ציץ / tsits fem. ציצה / tsi'tsah) The flower of a plant, especially of one producing an edible fruit. | Strong's: #6731, #6733

BLOW.AWAY(Verb) (פאה / p.a.h) To scatter something by blowing. | Strong's: #6284

BLOW(Verb) (נשף / To expel air from the mouth. | Strong's: #5398

BLOWN (masc. פואה / po'ah) | Strong's: [Found in names only]

BLUE (fem. תכלת / te'khey'let) A color that is created with the use of a dye. | Strong's: #8504

B'ney-Ya'aqan(Name) (masc. בני יעקן / be'ney ya'a'qan) MT: SON~s2~&~he~will~BE.SHARP.SIGHTED(VERB) RMT: sons of he will be sharp sighted (or "sons of Ya'aqatan") | Strong's: #1142

BOARD (masc. קרש / qe'resh) A plank of wood often used to wall off an area or restrict access. | Strong's: #7175

BOARDED.UP(Verb) (ספן / שפן / s.p.n) To cover as a ceiling or to hide. | Strong's: #5603, #8226

BODY (fem. גויה / ge'vi'yah) The physical form of a person or animal, either alive or dead; a corpse. | Strong's: #1472

BOIL(Verb) (בשל / To generate bubbles of vapor when heated; to cook a meat in water; to soften by boiling or ripening. | Alt. Trans.: ripen (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form) | Strong's: #1310

BOILED (masc. בשל / ba'sheyl) Meat or other edible that is cooked in water over a fire. | Strong's: #1311

BOILING.POT (fem. מרחשת / mar'hha'shet) | Strong's: #4802

BOILS (masc. שחין / she'hhin) A festering under the skin. Pits in the skin from disease. | Strong's: #7822

BOLDNESS (masc. עוז / oz) Knowing one's position or authority and standing in it. Strengthened and protected from danger. | Strong's: #5797

BOND (masc. איסר / iy'sar) | Strong's: #0632

BONDWOMAN (fem. אמה / a'mah) A female slave. One who is bound to another. | Strong's: #0519

BONE (masc. עצם / e'tsem) The hard tissue of which the skeleton is chiefly composed. As a numerous amount. | Strong's: #6106

BONNET (masc. פאר / pe'eyr) A piece of cloth that is wound around the head as a decoration. | Strong's: #6287

BOOTH (fem. סוכה / su'kah) A temporary shelter; a small enclosure; dwelling place. | Strong's: #5521

BOOTY (masc. מלקוח / mal'qo'ahh) As tongs for taking food. What is taken | Strong's: #4455

BORDER (masc. גבול / ge'vul) The outer edge of a region. Also the area within the borders. | Strong's: #1366

BORE.OUT(Verb) (נבב / n.b.b) To form by making something hollow. | Strong's: #5014

BORE.THROUGH(Verb) (רצע / r.ts.ah) To pierce with a sharp object. | Strong's: #7527

BORN (masc. יליד / ya'liyid) Brought forth, as if by birth. | Strong's: #3211

BOSOM (masc. חיק / חוק / חק / hheyq / hhuq / hheyq) The human chest, especially the front side. | Strong's: #2436

Botsrah(Name) (masc. בוצרה / bots'rah) MT: SHEEP.PEN RMT: Sheep pen | Strong's: #1224

BOTTOM (masc. קרקע / qar'qa) | Strong's: #7172

BOTTOM.BASE (masc. יסוד / ye'sod fem. יסודה / ye'so'dah) A supporting and level base of a building or structure which lies on or in the ground. | Strong's: #3246, #3247, #3248, #4328

BOUGH (masc. ענף / a'naph) | Strong's: #6057, #6058

BOULDER (masc. צור / tsur) A large rock used as a weapon or a rock cliff used as a place of defense. Also flint, a very hard rock that when fractured forms a razor sharp edge and used for knives, spears or arrowheads. | Strong's: #6697

BOUND.SHEAF (masc. אלום / a'lum) Stalks and ears of a cereal grass bound together. A sheaf of grain that is bound. | Strong's: #0485

BOUND.UP(Verb) (קוה / q.w.h) To be confined or hedged in together; to wait or to be held back. | Strong's: #6960

BOUND(Verb) (גבל / g.b.l) To be defined by a border. | Strong's: #1379

BOUNDARY (fem. מגבלה / mig'be'let) Marks the outer edge, the end, of a definite area or region. Idiomatically used for an entire region. | Strong's: #4020

BOUNTY (fem. תנובה / t'nu'vah) | Strong's: #8570

BOVINE (masc. אלף / e'leph) An adult male of the bovine family. (In Judges 6:15 this word is used for "family") | Strong's: #0504

BOW (fem. קשת / qe'shet) A weapon made from a stiff branch to shoots arrows. A bow-shaped object such as a rainbow. | Strong's: #7198, #7199

BOW.THE.HEAD(Verb) (קדד / q.d.d) To lower the head as a sign of respect. | Strong's: #6915

BOWELS (masc. רחם / re'hhem) The belly; the lower portion of the torso. | Alt. Trans.: tenderness | Strong's: #7356, #7358

BOWL (masc. גביע / ga'vi'a) A concave vessel especially for holding liquids. As with high sides. | Strong's: #1375

BOX (masc. ארון / a'ron) A rigid rectangular receptacle often with a cover. Any box-shaped object. | Strong's: #0727

BOY (masc. ילד / ye'led) A male child from birth to puberty. | Strong's: #3206

BRACELET (masc. צמיד / tsa'mid) An ornamental band or chain worn around the wrist. As the ends joined together. | Strong's: #6781

BRAID(Verb) (ארג / a.r.g) To twist, entwine or weave several pieces together in parallel to become one. | Strong's: #0707

BRAIDED.WORK (masc. שרד / se'red) Articles of clothing made by weaving together fibers. | Strong's: #8278, #8279

BRAMBLE (masc. קוץ / qots) A rough, prickly vine or shrub. Thorn. | Strong's: #6975

BRAMBLE.THORN (masc. אטד / a'tad) A bush with thorns. | Strong's: #0329

BRANCH (masc. מטה / ma'teh) A branch used as a staff. Also, a tribe as a branch of the family. | Strong's: #4294

BRASS (masc. נחוש / na'hhush fem. נחושה / na'hhu'shah) From its shine. | Strong's: #5153, #5154

BRAVERY (fem. גבורה / ge'vo'rah) An act of defending one's property, convictions or beliefs. Control through physical strength. | Strong's: #1369

BRAWN (masc. עוצם / o'tsem fem. עצומה / a'tsu'mah) From the strength of the bones. | Strong's: #6108, #6110

BREACH (masc. פרץ / pe'rets) A broken, ruptured or torn condition or area; a gap as in a wall made by battering. | Strong's: #6556

BREAD (masc. לחם / le'hhem) Baked and leavened bread primarily made of flour or meal. Also food in general. | Strong's: #3899, #3901

BREAD.MEAL (fem. עריסה / a'riy'sah) Meaning dubious. | Strong's: #6182

BREAK.DOWN(Verb) (נתץ / n.t.ts) To demolish an elevated object; to tear down. | Strong's: #5422

BREAK.OUT(Verb) (פרץ / p.r.ts) To be spread out wide or widespread. | Strong's: #6555

BREAK(Verb) (פרר / p.r.r) To throw something on the ground and break it by trampling. | Strong's: #6565

BREAST (masc. שד / shad) Milk-producing glandular organs situated on the chest in the female; the fore part of the body between the neck and the abdomen. Also a goat-idol from the teats of the goat. | Strong's: #7699, #7700

BREASTPLATE (masc. חושן / hho'shen) An ornamental plate worn by the High Priest that held stones representing the twelve tribes of Israel and the Urim and Thummim. | Strong's: #2833

BREATH (fem. נשמה / ne'shey'mah) Air inhaled or exhaled. The breath of man or god. The essence of life. | Strong's: #5397

BREATHE.DEEPLY(Verb) (נפש / To relax and breath in deeply to refresh oneself. To take a breather. | Strong's: #5314

BRIBE (masc. שחד / sha'hhad) To buy a favor or service that would be otherwise out of reach. | Strong's: #7810

BRICK (fem. לבנה / le'vey'nah) A building material typically whitish in color, rectangular and made of moist clay hardened by heat. | Strong's: #3840, #3843

BRIDE.PRICE (masc. מוהר / mo'har) A payment given by or in behalf of a prospective husband to the bride's family. | Strong's: #4119

BRIGHT (masc. שפר / she'pher) A radiating or reflective light. As cheerful. | Strong's: #8233

BRIGHT.SPOT (fem. בהרת / ba'he'ret) A thin sac or cyst on the skin, containing watery matter or serum, as from a burn or other injury; a possible sign of leprosy. | Strong's: #0934

BRIGHTNESS (fem. שיפרה / shiph'rah) Harmonized and in balance. Cheerful. | Strong's: #8235

BRIMSTONE (fem. גפרית / gaph'rit) A rock of sulfur that burns. | Strong's: #1614

BRING.FORTH(Verb) (ילד / y.l.d) To issue out; to bring forth children, either by the woman who bears them or the man who fathers them. | Alt. Trans.: act as midwife (when written in the piel [active intensive] form) | Strong's: #3205

BRING(Verb) (יבל / y.b.l) To cause to come by carrying, leading or dragging. | Strong's: #2986

BROKEN (masc. דכא / da'kah) Something that is struck into fragments. | Strong's: #1793

BROODING (masc. דאבון / de'a'von) A pining or fainting over something desired or lost. | Strong's: #1671

BROTHER (masc. אח / ahh) A male who has the same parents as another or shares one parent with another. One who stands between the enemy and the family, a protector. | Strong's: #0251, #1889(x2)

BROTHER-IN-LAW (masc. יבם / ya'vam) A male sibling of one's spouse. | Strong's: #2993

BROUGHT.OUT (masc. גרש / ge'resh) Driven away, expelled, or thrust away. | Strong's: #1645

BRUISER (masc. כית / kiyt) | Strong's: [Found in names only]

BUCK (masc. איל / a'yil) The large males of a flock of sheep or heard of deer. By extension, anything of strength including a chief, pillar (as the strong support of a building), or oak tree (one of the strongest of the woods). | Strong's: #0352, #0353, #0354

BUCKET (masc. דלי / de'liy) A deep, cylindrical vessel, usually of wood or skin, for collecting, carrying, or holding water; pail. | Strong's: #1805

BUD (masc. פרח / pe'rahh) The beginning of a flower that bursts from the plant. | Strong's: #6525

BUDDING (masc. גיבעול / giv'ol) To sprout flowers or blooms. To come into a fullness. | Strong's: #1392

BUILD.UP(Verb) (סלל / s.l.l) To raise the elevation of the bank of a river or a highway. To raise one up higher than others. | Strong's: #5549

BUILD(Verb) (בנה / b.n.h) To construct a building or home with wood, stone or other material or a family with sons. | Strong's: #1129

BULK (fem. תועפה / to'a'phah) Being immense in size. | Strong's: #8443

BULL (masc. פר / par) A large male un-castrated bovine. | Strong's: #6499

BULLOCK (masc. עגל / ey'gel) A young bull. Also, insinuating strength. | Strong's: #5695

BULRUSH (masc. גומא / go'me) A reed that grows in, or on the edge of, a pond or river. | Strong's: #1573

BUNCH (fem. אגודה / a'gu'dah) A group of men or things bound together. | Strong's: #0092

BUNDLE(Verb) (עמר / ah.m.r) | Strong's: #6014

Buqi(Name) (masc. בוקי / bu'qi) MT: VACANT RMT: Vacant | Strong's: #1231

BURDEN (fem. סבלה / se'va'lah) The heavy load carried in bondage. | Strong's: #5450

BURIAL.PLACE (fem. קבורה / qe'vu'rah) The place of interment or deposit of a deceased body. | Strong's: #6900

BURN.BLACK(Verb) (כמר / k.m.r) To char wood in a fire. A passion that burns for another. | Strong's: #3648

BURN.INCENSE(Verb) (קטר / q.t.r) To light a sacrifice or aromatic plant on fire creating smoke, often aromatic. | Strong's: #6999, #7000

BURN(Verb) (בער / b.ah.r) To undergo rapid combustion or consume fuel in such a way as to give off heat, gases, and, usually, light; be on fire; have fierce anger | Alt. Trans.: ignite (when written in the piel [active intensive] form) | Strong's: #1197

BURNING (fem. בערה / be'ey'rah) Something that is aflame with fire. | Strong's: #1200

BURNING.FLAME (masc. חרחור / hhar'hhur) An inflammation. | Strong's: #2746

BURNT (masc. גחם / ga'hham) Something that has been burned. | Strong's: [Found in names only]

BURNT.VALLEY (masc. געתם / ga'tam) | Strong's: [Found in names only]

BURST.OUT(Verb) (פרח / p.r.hh) To be larger, fuller, or more crowded; to break out or break forth as a blooming flower or the wings of a bird. | Strong's: #6524

BURSTING (masc. פטר / pe'ter fem. פיטרה / piyt'rah) A sudden and forceful release or issuing out. | Strong's: #6363

BURSTING.FORTH (masc. גיחון / giy'hhon) To break, break open, or fly apart with sudden violence. | Strong's: [Found in names only]

BURY(Verb) (קבר / q.b.r) To dispose of by depositing in the ground. | Strong's: #6912

BUSINESS (fem. מלאכה / me'la'khah) The principal occupation of one's life. A service. | Strong's: #4399

BUT (אולם / u-lam) On the contrary; an outcome desired. | Strong's: #0199

BUTCHER(Verb) (טבח / t.b.hh) One who slaughters animals or dresses their flesh. | Strong's: #2873

BUTTOCKS (masc. שתה / shey'tah) The posterier part of the body where one sits. | Strong's: #8357

BUTTRESS (masc. מקצוע / miq'tso'a) A support or prop. Wall or abutment built to support another wall on the outside, when very high or loaded with a heavy structure. | Strong's: #4740

Buz(Name) (masc. בוז / buz) MT: DESPISED RMT: Despised | Strong's: #0938

BY (masc. עימד / i'mad) In proximity to. | Alt. Trans.: with | Strong's: #5978