The Torah: A Mechanical Translation
By Jeff A. Benner
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ABDOMEN (masc. מעה / ma'ah) The gut, the internal organs of the lower torso, the seat of the unconscious mind. | Strong's: #4578

ABHOR(Verb) (תעב / t.ah.b) To hate something that is disgusting. | Strong's: #8581

ABIDE(Verb) (נוה / n.w.h) To dwell restfully and peacefully. | Strong's: #5115

ABODE (masc. נוה / na'weh) The dwelling place of man (home), god (mountain) or animal (pasture or stable). | Strong's: #5116

ABODE.OF.NINUS (masc. נינוה / niyn'wah) | Strong's: [Found in names only]

ABOUNDING (masc. שפע / she'pha) | Strong's: #8228

ABUNDANCE (masc. רוב / rov) An ample quantity of number (many) or plentiful supply of strength (great). | Alt. Trans.: many | Strong's: #7230

ABUNDANT (masc. רב / rav fem. רבה / ra'bah) Great plenty or supply of numbers (many) or strength (great). One who is abundant in authority such as a master or teacher. Also, an archer as one abundant with arrows. | Strong's: #7227, #7228

ABUNDANT.ONE (masc. עצמון / ats'mon) | Strong's: [Found in names only]

ACACIA (fem. שטה / shit'tah) A thorny tree commonly found in the Near East. In its plural form can mean wood or boards from the tree. | Strong's: #7848

ACCEPT(Verb) (רצה / r.ts.h) To receive from the messenger what is given as a message. | Strong's: #7521

ACCUMULATE(Verb) (רכש / To gather or pile up, especially little by little. | Strong's: #7408

ACQUIRED (fem. מקנה / miq'nah) What is obtained as one's own. Often used in the context of purchasing. | Strong's: #4736

ACQUIRING (masc. משך / me'shek) | Strong's: #4901

ACQUISITION (masc. משק / me'sheq) Something gained by purchase or exchange. | Strong's: #4943

ACQUIT(Verb) (נקה / n.q.h) To declare one innocent of a crime or oath. | Strong's: #5352

Adah(Name) (masc. עדה / a'dah) MT: ADORNMENT RMT: Adornment | Strong's: #5711

Adbe'el(Name) (masc. אדבאל / ad'be'eyl) MT: MIST~&~in~MIGHTY.ONE RMT: Mist in El | Strong's: #0110

ADD(Verb) (יסף / y.s.p) To augment something by increasing it in amount or supply. | Alt. Trans.: more (when written in the participle form); again (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form) | Strong's: #3254

ADDER (masc. שפיפון / she'phi'phon) An unknown species of viper, possibly an adder. | Strong's: #8207

ADHERE(Verb) (דבק / d.b.q) To join or stick to someone or something. | Strong's: #1692

Admah(Name) (fem. אדמה / ad'mah) MT: GROUND RMT: Ground (Or Adamah,) | Strong's: #0126, #0128

ADMINISTRATION (fem. כהונה / ke'hu'nah) The collective members from the tribe of Levi who administrate over the tent of meeting or the temple. | Strong's: #3550

ADMINISTRATOR (masc. כוהן / ko'heyn) One who manages the affairs and activities of an organization. The administrators (often translated as "priest") of Israel are Levites who manage the Tent of Meeting, and later the Temple, as well as teach the people the teachings and directions of YHWH, and perform other duties, such as the inspection of people and structures for disease. | Strong's: #3548

Adonai(Name) (masc. אדוני / a'do'ni) MT: LORD~s~me RMT: My lords | Strong's: #0136

ADORATION (fem. תהילה / te'hi'lah) To praise or to be boastful. | Strong's: #8416

ADORN(Verb) (כהן / k.h.n) To put on special ornaments or garments for a special office or event. (see Isaiah 61:10). | Strong's: #3547

ADORNMENT (masc. עדה / od) | Strong's: [Found in names only]

Adulam(Name) (masc. עדולם / a'du'lam) MT: WITNESS~&~and~SHEPHERD.STAFF RMT: Witness and a shepherd staff | Strong's: #5725, #5726

ADVANCE(Verb) (עתק / ah.t.q) To bring or move forward; to raise to a higher rank; to make progress. | Strong's: #6275

ADVICE (masc. עוץ / uts) | Strong's: [Found in names only]

AFFECTION (fem. אהבה / a'ha'vah) A moderate feeling or emotion. A tender attachment or fondness. | Strong's: #0160

AFFLICT(Verb) (ענה / ah.n.h) To oppress severely so as to cause persistent suffering or anguish in the sense of making dark; to be or make humbled. | Strong's: #6031

AFFLICTION (masc. עני / a'ni) The cause of persistent suffering, pain or distress. | Strong's: #6040, #6041

AFRAID (masc. יגור / ya'gor) The feeling fear; filled with apprehension. | Strong's: #3016

AFTER (masc. אחר / אחרי / a'hhar / a'hhar'iy) A time to come beyond another event. | Alt. Trans.: afterward; behind; follow | Strong's: #0310

AFTER.GROWTH (masc. ספיח / sa'phiy'ahh) What spreads out by itself rather than sown. | Strong's: #5599

Agag(Name) (masc. אגג / a'gag) MT: I~will~OVERTOP RMT: I will be overtop | Strong's: #0090

AGATE (fem. שבו / she'vo) Probably the Agate, a variety of quartz that may be gray, light blue, orange, red or black in color. The Septuagint uses achates meaning Agate. | Strong's: #7618

AGE (masc. זוקן / zo'qen) The part of existence extending from the beginning to any given time; a period of time marked by a central figure or prominent feature. | Strong's: #2207

AGITATED (masc. גתר / ga'tar) In a state of excitement or disturbance. (A word of uncertain meaning.) | Strong's: [Found in names only]

AGITATION (fem. זועה / זעוה / z'wa'ah) An object of terror that causes trembling. | Strong's: #2113, #2189

AGONY (masc. חיל / hhil fem. חילה / hhi'lah) A state of being in emotional or physical turmoil or pain. | Strong's: #2427

AGREE(Verb) (אות / a.w.t) Two parties to be in concert or concurrence. | Strong's: #0225

Ahalivamah(Name) (masc. אהליבמה / a'ha'li'va'mah) MT: TENT~of~&~PLATFORM RMT: Tent of the platform | Strong's: #0173

Ahaliyav(Name) (masc. אהליאב / a'ha'li'av) MT: TENT~of~&~FATHER RMT: Tent of father | Strong's: #0171

Aharon(Name) (masc. אהרון / a'ha'ron) MT: LIGHT.BRINGER RMT: Light bringer (Uncertain meaning but related to the word for light.) | Strong's: #0175

Ahhi'ezer(Name) (masc. אחיעזר / a'hhi'e'zer) MT: BROTHER~me~&~HELP RMT: My brother is help | Strong's: #0295

Ahhihud(Name) (masc. אחיהוד / a'hhi'hud) MT: BROTHER~me~&~SPLENDOR RMT: My brother is splendor | Strong's: #0282

Ahhiman(Name) (masc. אחימן / a'hhi'man) MT: BROTHER~me~&~SHARE RMT: My brother shares | Strong's: #0289

Ahhira(Name) (masc. אחירע / a'hhi'ra) MT: BROTHER~me~&~DYSFUNCTIONAL RMT: My brother is dysfunctional | Strong's: #0299

Ahhiram(Name) (masc. אחירם / a'hhi'ram) MT: BROTHER~me~&~RAISED RMT: My brother raised | Strong's: #0297, #0298

Ahhiysamahh(Name) (masc. אחיסמך / a'hhi'sa'mak) MT: BROTHER~me~&~he~did~SUPPORT(Verb) RMT: My brother supports (May also mean "My brother of support.") | Strong's: #0294

Ahhuzat(Name) (masc. אחוזת / a'hhu'zat) MT: HOLDINGS RMT: Holdings | Strong's: #0276

Akad(Name) (masc. אכד / a'kad) MT: DELICATE RMT: Delicate (Can also mean spark.) | Strong's: #0390

Akhbor(Name) (masc. עכבור / akh'bor) MT: MOUSE RMT: Mouse | Strong's: #5907

Akhran(Name) (masc. עכרן / akh'ran) MT: DISTURBED.ONE RMT: Disturbed one | Strong's: #5918

ALL (masc. כול / kol) The whole of a group. | Alt. Trans.: any; every; among (when followed by the prefix "to~") | Strong's: #3605

ALL.AROUND (masc. סביב / sa'viv fem. סביבה / se'vi'vah) On all sides; enclose so as to surround; in rotation or succession. A circling or bordering about the edge. | Strong's: #5439

ALLIED (masc. קהת / qe'hat) To be a joined to another in contract. | Strong's: [Found in names only]

Almodad(Name) (masc. אלמודד / al'mo'dad) MT: MIGHTY.ONE~&~MEASURING RMT: El of measuring (The origins of "modad" is uncertain.) | Strong's: #0486

ALMOND (masc. שקד / sha'qeyd) The nut or the tree. From the nut's shape like an open eye. | Strong's: #8247

Almon-Divlatayim(Name) (masc. עלמון דבלתימה / al'mon Divlatayim) MT: OUT.OF.SIGHT~&~CAKE~s2~unto RMT: unto the out of sight of two cakes | Strong's: #5963

ALOE (masc. אהל / a'hal fem. אהלה / a'ha'lah) Any chiefly shrub belonging to the genus Aloe, of the lily family. The oils or the shrub. | Strong's: #0174

Alon-Bakhut(Name) (masc. אלון-בכות / a'lon ba'khut) MT: GREAT.TREE~&~WEEPING RMT: Great tree of weeping | Strong's: #0439

ALONE (masc. בדד / ba'dad) One who is separated from the group; solitary; desolate. | Strong's: #0910

ALONGSIDE (fem. עומת / u'mat) To stand with, or next to, someone or something. | Strong's: #5980

ALSO (masc. גם / gam) In addition to. The idea of a gathering of objects or ideas. | Alt. Trans.: and; both; even; should; since | Strong's: #1571

ALTAR (masc. מזבח / miz'bey'ahh) The place of sacrifice. | Strong's: #4196

Alush(Name) (masc. אלוש / a'lush) MT: I~will~KNEAD(Verb) RMT: I will knead | Strong's: #0442

Alwah(Name) (masc. עלוה / al'wah) MT: WICKEDNESS RMT: Wickedness | Strong's: #5933

Alwan(Name) (masc. עלון / al'wan) MT: LOFT RMT: Loft | Strong's: #5935

Amaleq(Name) (masc. עמלק / a'me'leq) MT: PEOPLE~&~GATHERED.UP RMT: People gathered up | Strong's: #6002, #6003

AMBER (masc. בדולח / be'du'lahh) A fossil gum resin. | Strong's: #0916

AMBUSH (fem. צדיה / tse'diy'yah) A laying down in wait for the purpose of attacking. | Strong's: #6660

AMBUSH(Verb) (ארב / a.r.b) To lay in wait of another to capture or do harm or injury. | Strong's: #0693

AMETHYST (fem. אחלמה / ahh'la'mah) Probably the Amethyst, a violet form of quartz. (The Septuagint uses Amethystos.) | Strong's: #0306

Ami'eyl(Name) (masc. עמיאל / a'mi'eyl) MT: PEOPLE~of~&~MIGHTY.ONE RMT: Peaple of the mighty one | Strong's: #5988

Amihud(Name) (masc. עמיהוד / a'mi'hud) MT: PEOPLE~of~&~SPLENDOR RMT: Peaple of splendor | Strong's: #5989

Amishaddai(Name) (masc. עמישדי / a'mi'sha'dai) MT: PEOPLE~of~&~BREAST~s~me RMT: People of my breasts | Strong's: #5996

Amiynadav(Name) (masc. עמינדב / a'mi'na'dav) MT: PEOPLE~me~&~OFFERED.WILLINGLY RMT: My people offered willingly | Strong's: #5992

Amon(Name) (masc. עמון / a'mon) MT: TRIBAL RMT: Tribal | Strong's: #5983, #5984, #5985

AMPLIFY(Verb) (דגה / d.g.h) To expand, multiply or increase. | Strong's: #1711

Amram(Name) (masc. עמרם / am'ram) MT: PEOPLE~&~RAISED RMT: People raised | Strong's: #6019

Amraphel(Name) (masc. אמרפל / am'ra'phel) MT: SAYERFALL RMT: Sayer of the fall (Can also mean "One that speaks of secrets", "Sayer of darkness" or "Fall of the sayer.") | Strong's: #0569

Anah(Name) (masc. ענה / a'nah) MT: ANSWERED RMT: Answered | Strong's: #6034

Anam(Name) (masc. ענם / a'nam) MT: AFFLICTION~&~WATER~s2 RMT: Affliction of waters | Strong's: #6047

Anaq(Name) (masc. ענק / a'naq) MT: NECK.BAND RMT: Neck band | Strong's: #6061, #6062

ANCIENT (masc. עילם / iy'lam) | Strong's: [Found in names only]

Aner(Name) (masc. ענר / a'ner) MT: YOUNG.BOY RMT: Young boy (Meaning and origin are uncertain.) | Strong's: #6063

ANGER (masc. כעס / ka'as) | Strong's: #3708

ANNOUNCE(Verb) (נבא / n.b.a) To utter the words or instructions of Elohiym received through a vision or dream. | Strong's: #5012

ANNOUNCER (masc. נביא / na'vi fem. נביאה / na'vi'ah) One who utters the words or instructions of Elohiym that are received through a vision or dream. One gifted with more than ordinary spiritual and moral insight. | Strong's: #5030, #5031

ANNOYANCE (fem. קללה / qe'la'lah) The act of disturbing or irritating. Something that is light in stature; considered worthless as compared with something of much greater value or importance. | Strong's: #7045

ANSWER(Verb) (ענה / ah.n.h) Something written or spoken in reply to a question. | Strong's: #6030

ANSWERED (masc. ענה / a'nah) | Strong's: [Found in names only]

ANTELOPE (masc. דישון / diy'shon) An unknown species of clean animal. | Strong's: #1788

ANYTHING (fem. מאומה / me'u'mah) An indeterminate amount or thing. | Strong's: #3972

APART.FROM (masc. בילעדי / bil'a'dey) At a little distance; away from in space or time; holding different opinions. | Strong's: #1107

APPAREL (fem. שימלה / sim'lah) Something that clothes or adorns. As forming to the image of the body. | Strong's: #8071

APPEARANCE (masc. מראה / mar'e) What is seen or is in sight. | Strong's: #4758

APPOINT(Verb) (יעד / y.ah.d) To arrange, fix or set in place, to determine a set place or time to meet. | Strong's: #3259

APPOINTED (masc. מועד / mo'eyd) A person, place, thing or time that is fixed in place or time; an officially set time or place. | Alt. Trans.: appointment | Strong's: #4150, #4151

APPOINTED.TIME (fem. עת / eyt) A fixed or officially set event, occasion or date. | Strong's: #6256

APPROACH(Verb) (אנה / a.n.h) To come near or nearer to. | Alt. Trans.: delivers (when written in the piel [active intensive] form) | Strong's: #0579

Aqabariym(Name) (masc. עקברים / aq'ra'biym) MT: SCORPION~s RMT: Scorpions | Strong's: #4610

Aqan(Name) (masc. עקן / a'qan) MT: SHARP.SIGHTED RMT: Sharp sighted | Strong's: #6130

Ar(Name) (masc. ער / ar) MT: ENEMY RMT: Enemy (May also mean "city.") | Strong's: #6144

Arad(Name) (masc. ערד / a'rad) MT: WILD.DONKEY RMT: Wild donkey | Strong's: #6166

Aram(Name) (masc. ארם / a'ram) MT: PALACE RMT: Palace (From a root meaning a high place such as used for building palaces and forts.) | Strong's: #0758

Aram-Nahara'im(Name) (masc. ארם-נהרים / a'ram na'ha'ra'yim) MT: PALACE~&~RIVER~s2 RMT: Palace of two rivers | Strong's: #0763

Aran(Name) (masc. ארן / a'ran) MT: I~will~SHOUT.ALOUD(Verb) RMT: I will shout aloud | Strong's: #0765

Araq(Name) (masc. ערק / a'raq) MT: GNAWED RMT: Gnawed | Strong's: #6208

Ararat(Name) (masc. אררט / a'ra'rat) MT: HIGH.LAND RMT: High land (Meaning uncertain, of foreign origin) | Strong's: #0780

ARCH (גב / גף / gav / gaph) A curved object. The bowing of the back as when digging. Also any high arched or convex thing such as the eyebrow or the rim of a wheel. | Strong's: #1354, #1610

Ard(Name) (masc. ארד / ard) MT: I~will~GO.DOWN(Verb) RMT: I will go down (Can also mean "I go down.") | Strong's: #0714

AREA (masc. מקום / ma'qom) An indefinite region or expanse; a particular part of a surface or body. A place. | Strong's: #4725

Areliy(Name) (masc. אראלי / ar'ey'li) MT: LION~&~MIGHTY.ONE~me RMT: Lion of my El | Strong's: #0692

Argov(Name) (masc. ארגוב / ar'gov) MT: I~will~CLOD RMT: I will clod | Strong's: #0709

ARM (fem. זרוע / ze'ro'a) The human upper limb; associated with and representing power. | Strong's: #2220

ARM.BAND (masc. כומז / ku'maz) An insignia or emblem showing loyalty or ownership. | Strong's: #3558

ARM.FOR.BATTLE (חמש / To grab weapons in preparation for battle. | Strong's: #2571

ARMAMENT (masc. כבוד / ka'vod) The arms and equipment of a soldier or military unit. From a root meaning "heavy" and often paralleled with other weapons. Figurative for power. | Strong's: #3519

ARMLET (fem. אצעדה / ets'a'dah) An ornament worn on the ankle or wrist that jingles when walking. | Strong's: #0685

ARMY (fem. צבא / tse'va) A large organized group mustered together and armed for war or service. | Strong's: #6635

Arnon(Name) (masc. ארנון / ar'non) MT: I~will~SHOUT.ALOUD(Verb) RMT: I will shout aloud | Strong's: #0769

Arodiy(Name) (masc. ארודי / a'ro'di) MT: ROAMING~me RMT: My roaming | Strong's: #0722

Aro'eyr(Name) (masc. ערוער / ar'o'eyr) MT: UNPROTECTED RMT: Unprotected | Strong's: #6177

AROMA (fem. ריח / ri'ahh) A distinctive pervasive and usually pleasant or savory smell or odor. | Strong's: #7381

AROMATIC.SPICE (masc. סם / sam) A spice that is pleasing to the nose. | Strong's: #5561

AROUND.THE.CORNER (masc. פינון / piy'non) | Strong's: [Found in names only]

Arpakhshad(Name) (masc. ארפכשד / ar'pakh'shad) MT: I~will~DECLINE~&~BREAST RMT: I declined the breast | Strong's: #0775

ARRANGE(Verb) (ערך / ah.r.k) To set something in order or into a correct or suitable configuration, sequence or adjustment. | Alt. Trans.: value, as in arranging a price (when written in the hiphil [active causative] form [see Leviticus 27]) | Strong's: #6186

ARRANGEMENT (masc. ערך / ey'rekh) Set in a row or in order according to rank or age. In parallel. Arranged items in juxtaposition. | Alt. Trans.: valuation (when used in context with make~ARRANGE [see Leviticus 27]) | Strong's: #6187

ARRIVE(Verb) (אתה / a.t.h) To come to or bring to a destination. | Strong's: #0857

ARROGANCE (masc. זדון / za'dun) Feeling pleasure or satisfaction over something regarded as highly honorable or creditable to oneself | Strong's: #2087

ARROW (masc. חץ / hheyts) A missile weapon shot from a bow having a pointed head, slender shaft and feathers at the butt. | Strong's: #2671

Arwad(Name) (masc. ארוד / ar'wad) MT: ROAMING RMT: Roaming | Strong's: #0719, #0721

Aryokh(Name) (masc. אריוך / a'ri'okh) MT: LION.LIKE RMT: Lion like (From a root meaning long.) | Strong's: #0746

ASCENSION.OFFERING (fem. עולה / גולה / o'lah / go'lah) An offering that is "brought up" or "lifted up." Also a burnt offering from the rising smoke of the offering. | Strong's: #1473, #5930

ASCENT (masc. מעלה / ma'a'leh) A place of straight or stepped incline. | Strong's: #4608

ASH (masc. אפר / a'phar) The solid residue left when material is thoroughly burned. | Strong's: #0665, #0666

Ashbeyl(Name) (masc. אשבל / ash'beyl) MT: I~will~EXCHANGE(Verb) RMT: I will exchange (Can also mean Fire of Bel.) | Strong's: #0788

Asher(Name) (masc. אשר / a'sher) MT: HAPPY RMT: Happy | Strong's: #0836

Ashkanaz(Name) (masc. אשכנז / ash'ke'naz) MT: FIRE~&~SPRINKLED RMT: Fire sprinkled | Strong's: #0813

Ashterot(Name) (masc. עשתרות / ash'te'rot) MT: YOUNG.SHEEP~s RMT: young sheep | Strong's: #6252

Ashterot-Qar'nayim(Name) (masc. עשתרות-קרנים / ash'te'rot qar'na'yim) MT: YOUNG.SHEEP~s~&~HORN~s2 RMT: Horns of young sheep | Strong's: #6255

Ashur(Name) (masc. אשור / a'shur) MT: HAPPY RMT: Happy | Strong's: #0804

Asiyr(Name) (masc. אסיר / a'sir) MT: PRISONER RMT: Prisoner | Strong's: #0617

Asnat(Name) (masc. אסנת / as'nat) MT: BELONGING.TO.NAT RMT: Belonging to Nat (Of Egyptian origin) | Strong's: #0621

ASP (masc. פתן / pe'ten) An unknown serpent, from its open mouth. | Strong's: #6620

Asri'eyl(Name) (masc. אסריאל / as'ri'eyl) MT: HAPPY(Verb)~me~&~MIGHTY.ONE RMT: My happiness is the mighty one | Strong's: #0844, #0845

ASSEMBLE(Verb) (קהל / q.h.l) To gather together a flock, herd or group of people. | Strong's: #6950, #7035

ASSEMBLY (masc. קהל / qa'hal fem. קהלה / qa'ha'lah) A large group, as a gathering of the flock of sheep to the shepherd. | Strong's: #6951, #3862, #6952

ASSIGN(Verb) (חרם / hh.r.m) To be devoted to something special, either for devotion or destruction. | Strong's: #2763(x2)

ASSIGNED (masc. חרם / hhey'rem) What is to be devoted to something special, either for devotion or destruction. | Strong's: #2764(x2)

ASSOCIATION (masc. חברון / hhev'ron) A relationship between two persons, places or objects that connects them together. | Strong's: [Found in names only]

ASTONISHMENT (masc. תימהון / tiy'ma'hon) An overwhelming feeling. | Strong's: #8541

AT (masc. את / et) A function word to indicate presence or occurrence, a goal of an implied or indicated action, etc. Commonly used as a grammatical tool to identify the direct object of a verb. | Alt. Trans.: by; for; to; upon; with | Strong's: #0853, #0854

AT.THAT.TIME (masc. אז / az) A specified moment or time. | Strong's: #0227

AT.THIS.POINT (masc. הלום / ha'lom) To indicate a specific moment or place in time. | Strong's: #1988

Atariym(Name) (masc. אתרים / a'ta'riym) MT: SITE~s RMT: Site | Strong's: #0871

Atarot(Name) (masc. עטרות / a'ta'rot) MT: WREATH~s RMT: Wreaths | Strong's: #5852

ATONEMENT (masc. כיפור / ki'pur) An act of paying the price to release the debt or person. A covering over of transgression. | Strong's: #3725

Atsmon(Name) (masc. עצמון / ats'mon) MT: ABUNDANT.ONE RMT: Abundant one | Strong's: #6111

ATTACH(Verb) (חשק / To bring one's self into an association with another. To have an attachment to another. | Strong's: #2836

ATTACK.THE.REAR(Verb) (זנב / z.n.b) To slap or strike the part in the back or behind. | Strong's: #2179

ATTACK(Verb) (איב / a.y.b) To be antagonistic or unfriendly to another. An action taken by an enemy. | Strong's: #0340, #0341

AUNT (fem. דודה / do'dah) The sister of one's father or mother. One who is loved. | Strong's: #1733

AVENGE(Verb) (נקם / n.q.m) To take vengeance for or on behalf of another; to gain satisfaction for a wrong by punishing the wrongdoer; to pursue and kill one who has murdered. | Strong's: #5358

Aveyl-Hashit'tim(Name) (masc. אבל השטים / a'veyl ha'shiyt'tiym) MT: MOURNING~&~the~ACACIA~s2 RMT: Mourning of the acacias (or "Mourning of Hashit'tim") | Strong's: #0063

Aveyl-Mitsrayim(Name) (masc. אבל-מצרים / a'veyl mits'ra'yim) MT: MOURNING~&~STRAIT~s2 RMT: Mourning of two straits (or "Mourning of Mitsrayim") | Strong's: #0067

Avida(Name) (masc. אבידע / a'viy'da) MT: FATHER~me~&~he~did~KNOW(Verb) RMT: My father knows | Strong's: #0028

Avidan(Name) (masc. אבידן / a'vi'dan) MT: FATHER~me~&~MODERATOR RMT: My father is a moderator (May also mean "father of a moderator," "father of Dan," or "My father is Dan.") | Strong's: #0027

Avihha'il(Name) (masc. אביחיל / a'vi'hha'yil) MT: FATHER~me~&~FORCE RMT: My father is a force | Strong's: #0032

Aviram(Name) (masc. אבירם / a'vi'ram) MT: FATHER~me~&~RAISED RMT: My father is raised | Strong's: #0048

Aviyasaph(Name) (masc. אביאסף / a'vi'a'saph) MT: FATHER~me~&~he~did~GATHER(Verb) RMT: My father gathers | Strong's: #0023

Aviyhu(Name) (masc. אביהוא / a'vi'hu) MT: FATHER~me~&~HE RMT: He is my father | Strong's: #0030

Aviyma'el(Name) (masc. אבימאל / a'vi'ma'eyl) MT: FATHER~me~&~from~MIGHTY.ONE RMT: My father is from El | Strong's: #0039

Aviymelekh(Name) (masc. אבימלך / a'viy'me'lekh) MT: FATHER~me~&~KING RMT: My father is king (Can also mean "Father of the king.") | Strong's: #0040

Avraham(Name) (masc. אברהם / av'ra'ham) MT: FATHER~&~LIFTED RMT: Father lifted | Strong's: #0085

Avram(Name) (masc. אברם / av'ram) MT: FATHER~&~RAISED RMT: Father raised | Strong's: #0087

AWAKE(Verb) (יקץ / y.q.ts) To bring sleep to an end; to not be in a state of sleeping. | Strong's: #3364

AWE (masc. פחד / pa'hhad) As shaking when in the presence of an awesome sight. | Strong's: #6343, #6344

Awi(Name) (masc. עוי / a'wi) MT: TWIST RMT: Twist | Strong's: #5757, #5761

Awit(Name) (masc. עיות / a'wit) MT: RUINED.HEAP~s RMT: Ruined heaps | Strong's: #5762

AWL (masc. מרצע / mar'tsey'a) A sharp pointed tool for piercing holes in leather or the skin. | Strong's: #4836

AX (masc. גרזן / gar'zen) An instrument with a bladed head on a handle or helve, used for hewing, cleaving, chopping, etc. | Strong's: #1631

Ay(Name) (masc. עי / ai) MT: RUINED.HEAP RMT: Ruined heap | Strong's: #5857

Ayah(Name) (masc. איה / ai'yah) MT: HAWK RMT: Hawk | Strong's: #0345

Ayin(Name) (masc. עין / a'yin) MT: EYE RMT: Eye | Strong's: #5871

Azan(Name) (masc. עזן / a'zan) MT: STRONG.ONE RMT: Strong one | Strong's: #5821

Azazeyl(Name) (masc. עזאזל / a'za'zeyl) MT: STRONG~&~>~WAVER(Verb) RMT: Strong waver | Strong's: #5799

Azni(Name) (masc. אזני / az'ni) MT: EAR~me RMT: My ear | Strong's: #0241, #0244