A new and unique method of translation that brings you a literal and faithful word for word translation of the Hebrew text through the English language.

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Torah Commentary - Living Being (07-16-17)

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The Mechanical Translation of the Book of Genesis

Mr. Benner's book is available for free as a PDF and/or ePub file. This book will provide the reader with a close up look of the Hebrew text of Genesis without having to know Hebrew and will open up the text in a new and unique way.

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Mr. Benner's Virtual Office

Welcome and thank you for visiting our little corner on the web. Let me introduce myself and my family and tell you a little about what led me to my interest in the Ancient Hebrew language and culture. My wife Denise and I have five children, Kristina, Dallas, Josiah, Jeremiah and Jedediah. We purchased property in Mississippi where we and our children are building our log home.

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