About the Mechanical Translation Downloads

The Mechanical Translation of the Torah is a work in progress and each of the volumes are in a state of revision until the final completion of the project. Some of the volumes are near complete, while others are not. Even though the volumes are not complete, they are still a very useful tool in studying the Torah.

As our goal is to make this translation available to everyone, we are not charging a fee to access these volumes, but we are suggesting a donation of $30 for downloading the volumes. Those who are unable to afford this, may donate less and those who can afford more, may do so. Once you have downloaded the files, feel free to return at any time to download current revisions.

Printing and using binders

The Mechanical Translation of the Torah files are PDF files that are formatted as 8 1/2" x 11" so that they can be printed and put into binders. We also have templates for the binder covers and spines (available in MS Word format).

On-line Reporting for comments and suggestions

As you use the Mechanical Translation of the Torah, you can be a part of the project by assisting us by using our on-line reporting form to identify errors, make improvements, provide format suggestions or give us any other recommendations you may have for the project.

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